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3 Basic Factors Of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Basic Factors Of Search Engine Optimization

Google is always looking for the best search engine results (SERPs) for users. Definitely! They want users to find the most relevant results and valuable content. They know that users do not want to see a link that has an almost absolute bounce rate. Or wait more than 15 seconds to …

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5 short tips to write a blog post like Neil Patel

write a blog post like Neil Patel

Today, Neil Patel is one of the world’s leading marketers / digital marketers. According to the similarweb, Neil’s blog recorded over 6.5 million monthly hits. The majority of readers are looking for a guide to using website analysis tools and learning about marketing. What makes Neil’s blog so engaging? In …

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Improve Conversions: The Simple Mistakes That Kill Your Response Rates

Improve Conversions

In Content Marketing, anyone desires to create content that has sky-high conversion rates and brings maximum revenue to the business. However, many people have been swept away by the whirlwind and made fatal mistakes that made the content become disastrous and disrespectful to customers! So what are you facing? What are your …

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What is an Authority affiliate site & Why Should You Care?

Authority Site

Authority Site – A new concept with newcomers to MMO or affiliate marketing in particular. However, it is not strange to those who made money with Amazon Affiliate many years ago. In a nutshell, the authority site is a website about a certain area that is built and developed in a …

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The best ways to make money online in 2018 for newbies

make money online in 2018

Making money online is a trend that generates extremely popular income streams today. You may not see your neighbor or your acquaintance go to work but they still have money to spend. Who knows what they do on the internet? The more technology developed, the more form of making money online. The freedom, comfort, opportunity …

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3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in 2018

Why You Should Start a Blog

The first few days of the year will usually be days for me, you and all of us to spend time preparing the plans for the coming 12 months! So… These days, I get a lot of questions like: Is blogging still available in 2018? If I start writing a blog now, …

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Free Ways to Promote Your Blog and Increase Traffic

Increase Blog Traffic

Promoting your new blog to many people and attracting audience is not an easy task. The first time you build your blog, it’s true that no one will care and nobody reads your blog. And you will be frustrated when looking at traffic with only few people every day. But do not …

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