Email Marketing using GetResponse – Your Step-By-Step Guide

To get all the basic knowledge and operations of GetResponse, watch the Complete Step-by-step Tutorial video below!

In this article I will summarize the necessary things to get started with getresponse.

Getresponse is a very popular Email Marketing service that is used by many people.

Although I transferred my email marketing system to the Active Campaign, I had used Getresponse for about 2 years before, so I knew the features of Getresponse very well.

The cost of using this email marketing service is not too expensive, it depends on your business growth. However, you will be free to use for the first 30 days.

Here are some basic operations when you use it!

getresponse guide

1. Register for Getresponse

Note when creating a password:

  • At least 6 characters
  • Must have lowercase letters in combination with capital letters
  • Must have both numbers and letters
  • Must have special characters (eg!, @, #, …)

After registering the account you need:

  • Validate registration via email
  • Provide all required information
  • Verify phone number

2. Add another email to your account

You can add multiple emails to the same account, for various email marketing campaigns.

For example, I sometimes want to send an email from [email protected] but sometimes I will send it from [email protected]

So I will add all the emails I will use in Manage Account => Email Address

After each successful adding of an email address, go to the mail box of that email address to confirm the request.

It is recommended to use the email address in your own domain name, or in other words, the custom domain email address that is linked to your website.


3. Create new email lists on Getresponse

When using email marketing, you will have to create multiple email lists for different purposes, such as:

  • List customers who have ever purchased your product
  • List of people who subscribe to receive newsletters
  • List of ebook recipients

You can create unlimited lists in Lists section

4. Change the default settings in each list

When successfully creating the email list, you can change its default settings:

You may consider customizing the following sections:

  • Notifications: Getresponse will send an email to notify you whenever someone subscribes to your list. You can turn this feature on if you like, but later when your email list becomes bigger, turn it off to avoid inconvenience.
  • Show Postal Address: If you enable this feature, your address will be displayed in every email you send to the customer. If you turn it off, it will not show up.
  • Personal settings (optional): You can add information such as campaign name, directory, description, logo.
  • Required additional confirmation: You should turn on all, so that anyone who wants to join your email list will have to confirm their email (So you will get a quality email from people who really want to join your email list)
  • Confirmation page: Enter your thank you page URL – the customer will be redirected to this page after subscribing to the list.
  • Confirmation Message: You should edit the Subject Line – the title of the email the customer receives after subscribing to the list

Later, when you create a new list and want to copy all the settings from the old list, just select the list you want to copy the settings to in the Copy existing list settings.

5. Add customer email to the list

To add an email to the list, go to Contacts => Add Contacts. You can add each contact or upload the file that contain multiple contacts.

Note: Contacts you own must know you & they have agreed to receive emails from you. These are emails you collect using forms, social networks or moving from other email services.

Absolutely do not buy, download or request email lists from others. This will make your email easy to marked as spam by spam filters, and negatively affects your brand.

You can also copy & paste multiple emails into the Paste from file

For details about this process, you can see more in video at the beginning of this article.

6. Create a Signup Form with Getresponse

Getresponse allows you to create Signup Forms to collect emails. These forms are already designed & you can customize them again.

You can drag and drop predifined fields and elements into the form.

After installation & publishing, you can:

  • Embed the form in your website
  • Create a direct link to the form
  • Use WordPress plugins to link to the form.

Here are some popular WordPress plugins that you can use to integrate with Getresponse:

  • WPForms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Gravity Forms
  • Thrive Lead (Mình dùng plugin này)
  • Bloom
  • OptinMonster
  • Optin Panda

For example, you can create forms like this:


Dedicated WordPress plugins can help you customize with hundreds of forms available, suitable for your marketing purposes.

7. Create and send email to customers

Getresponse has a lot of email templates with nice templates available.

But according to my experience, you should only compose a simple email, because the more sophisticated the email, the higher it is going to the Promotion tab. Which users rarely check this Promotion tab.

8. Create a survey with Getresponse

Although I still mentioned this feature in the article, I felt it was quite redundant. If you want to do a survey, use Google Form.

9. Create a landing page with Getresponse

You can create landing pages with Getresponse’s drag and drop feature. With hundreds of landing page templates available, you just need to edit the content & publish.

However, you should use more advanced landing page tools such as:

Related post: 3 things to consider when creating a new landing page

10. Automate your Email Marketing

You can create separate scripts for your email campaign. Such as:

  • As soon as the user subscribes to the email list, the system sends them an ebook or first message
  • 6 hours later, send them a second email
  • 24 hours later, send them a 3rd email

Getresponse’s Autoresponders feature will help you set this up for each list:


Getresponse is a relatively good quality email marketing service. Because they focus on so many things like landing pages, webinars, CRM,… so their specific features are not as perfect as other more specialized services.

With this guide, I believe you will be proficient in using getresponse for your business.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, I’ll reply as soon as possible!

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