CPA Marketing for Beginners – How to make money with CPA in 2019

In general, affiliate marketing with cpa marketing is almost the same. When you promote your money link, If a user takes a specific action through that link, you will earn money. These actions include purchasing, filling out a form, signing up, downloading, etc.

However, if you are a beginner to making money online, you should start with affiliate marketing rather than CPA. The world famous CPA network is currently quite strict of registering, if you have not had previous product promotion experience, it is difficult for you to be accepted.

In this article, I will talk through some basic knowledge you need to know when making money with CPA. Because CPA Networks have a lot of attractive offers. About the images in this article, I will take the detailed examples on a quite famous network about this model, that is Peerfly.


What Is CPA Marketing?

CPA (Cost Per Action) is a form of advertising that advertisers pay for each action received (such as making a purchase, filling out a form, installing applications, registering an account, etc.).

Compared to CPC (Cost Per Click), CPA ensures ad performance for advertisers, when advertisers only spend money when and only when conversion occurs. So CPA has become a popular marketing form from recent years.

There are many network CPAs growing, and individuals like me & you can make money with those networks, so from here we can call it “making money with CPA Marketing”.

With CPA, you absolutely can make money with other products / services. Each product / service is called offer, each offer will have different characteristics such as:

  • Conversion Point: this is a requirement that advertisers give you if you want to receive commissions, which means they must receive a certain action from your customers
  • Commission: The money you receive when the conversion occurs.
  • Traffic source: That is the requirement for your promotion, including the country

You can use and experience many different methods to bring quality traffic like SEO, Facebook Ads, Bing ads, Adwords, etc. to get the most effective and effective method for your offers.

Principle of making money with CPA

This is quite similar to affiliate marketing, monetization with CPA suitable for everyone, anyone can do it, because you will not need a product / service to promote. You are free to work like other MMO methods.

When you have completed registration with a CPA Network, you will be able to choose thousands of different offers to promote, each offer will have a separate link (We temporarily call it affiliate link)

When you conduct the promotion of these links and have certain customers perform the required actions via your link, the most popular is making a purchase & filling out the form, you will receive a commission.

Join the CPA Network

CPA Networks are the mediators of making money with CPA marketing. They work with advertisers to bring more attractive offers for you to promote. So you don’t have to find and work directly with advertisers.

You can search for the most popular CPA networks on Google easily, some of the popular networks I am interested in are:

  • PeerFly
  • CPALead
  • MaxBounty

The current CPA Network registration is much harder than in the past. The CPA Network will require quite a bit of you.

They will ask for a review of your website, asking about your advertising methods. They even require you to have certain commissions from another CPA Network before joining their network.

For example, when you register for a Peerfly account, there will be an entire section asking your marketing:

Similar to Maxbounty, they will ask about your affiliate marketing experience:

About the tricks to join CPA Network more easily, you can read the following instructions (Or you can search for many other methods on Google):

Most CPA Networks want to know details about you as well as the way you promote because they want to make sure that you send potential customers to their advertisers. So make sure you show that you have experienced affiliate before.


  • Call them directly after signing up and talk about how you promote! Sure your account will be verified.
  • Each CPA Network usually has separate offer types, so I recommend joining about 3-5 networks. You will have a variety of offers, which will easily select the offer that best suits you.

Some examples of Offer

I will show you some examples of offer so you can easily imagine with the two most common offers: CPS (Cost Per Sale) and CPL (Cost Per Lead).

The first is CPS, which means you will receive a commission when a customer purchases, pays using your affiliate link. I am taking the example offer on, they will pay commission when someone successful booking through your affiliate link.

The commission for this offer at Peerfly is quite high, $14.25 per successful booking.

The second example is CPL, which means you will receive a commission when someone fills out a form via your affiliate link. Offer Starbuck Gift Card at Peefly pays $ 0.4 when anyone clicks on your affiliate link, fill in some information to receive a Starbuck gift card.

This is an easy offer (Users do not need to download or pay for anything).

The third example continues to be CPL, although the requirement is harder but the commission is higher. Customers will click through your affiliate link, enter registration information to become Uber driver, but only when that customer is approved as a driver will you receive a commission of $30.

The last example is CPS, Nutri O2 pays you commissions up to $48 when customers buy their products through your affiliate link.

Basic information about offer

There will be offers that you can take the affiliate link and promote immediately, but there will be offers that require you to present your promotion. If you are accepted then they will create an affiliate link for you.

They will ask you to fill out the form as follows:

After you are confirmed, you will be able to get an affiliate link. In the description, there will be full information as well as tools for you. For example: Banner, allowed countries, allowed methods, etc.

Here are Some information you need to consider when choosing an offer:

EPC (Earnings Per Click)

CR (Conversion rate): for example, 100 clicks with 5 conversions, CR is 5%

Payout: Your earnings every time someone completes the offer. Depending on how you promote, you can choose offers with high or low payouts.

For example, if you use paid traffic like Adwords or Facebook Ads to promote, you can’t choose offers with low payout because the money you earn will not be enough for you to spend on advertising.

Landing Page: The advertiser’s landing page must look nice or acceptable. Please check it before choosing. Put yourself in the customer’s position. They will not want to register or make a purchase if the sales page is too sketchy or aesthetic and lacks information

Mass Market: You should be concerned about who you will promote to. If you are a beginner, I recommend that you choose free offers that can be widely promoted such as subscribing to Ipad gifts, free Iphone, coupon, gift card, free food, etc. to begin. Because with these free offer, you will have a big market so you can promote. Anyone can subscribe to offers like this.

Because with these free offer, you will have a big market so you can promote. Anyone can subscribe to offers like this. When you have more experience, you can choose more offers with a narrower market with higher commissions.

For example, if you advertise for a handbag design website, your target will be narrowed down to women who care about fashion.

Allowed Countries: Only when people in these countríe complete your offer through the link will you receive commissions.

There are offers that require you to target one or several countries. There are also offers that allow you to promote worldwide.

Don’t forget this, if you navigate to the wrong countries, you are wasting effort, you will not receive commissions from those offers.

Allowed And Not Allowed Method: Usually, the offers will have a provision that regulates allowed and not allowed promotion methods. Pay attention if you do not want your account to be banned because of improper promotion.

SOI Offers (Single Opt-in Offer): With some offers, just if customers fill their email on the first page to receive something for free, you will have money, it will be easier for you.

Many other offers require your customers to complete the full registration (Complete Register) or email authentication (Double Opt-in), or CPS as I said above… they will be more difficult. Consider your level to choose offers that are reasonable difficulty.

Some effective advertising methods.

Promote with your own website: To promote a product, you should know how to make your own website. For example, do a blog review of the product, do an advertising landing page.

You can refer to this guide about Building a WordPress Website

Promote with landing page: If you find that there is a certain offer with good product quality, good service, but the landing page is not clear, not specific or the aesthetics are not good. You can make a landing page for that offer. I encourage you to use Thrive Landing Page to build your landing page.

SEO: This is the best and most effective way for people with less capital to make money with affiliate or CPA.

Check my SEO guide here!

Paid Traffic: If you have a large budget, choose high-commission offers to run ads, try Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, or separate ads networks for a specific field.

There will not be a single formula to run ads effectively. It also depends on what your offer is, what ads you do, how you do A / B testing to find out the best plan, how about your method to increase ROI, reduce costs, etc.

Email marketing: I often use Getresponse or ActiveCampaign for email marketing campaigns. In some separate areas, I build my own customer list, build relationships with them. And then the promotion of products via email is very effective.

Note: I advise you not to use blackhat, fake info methods to register yourself through your affiliate link to make money. The tracking system of CPA Network is very smart and you can be blocked at any time.

Commission Payout

Depending on the CPA Network, there will be different forms of payment, but usually they accept the two most popular payment types that are Paypal and Payoneer.

There are also Bankwire and Check. I recommend that you choose Payoneer because it’s simple, low cost and fast. There is a Edit Payment Info section after the account on your network is confirmed.

So when will you get paid?

Depending on CPA Network or offer, you will be paid by week, or on the 15th and 30th of each month. Networks usually require you to reach a minimum amount to be paid. Please find the FAQ section of each network for specific instructions.

For example, at Peerfly, the minimum balance required to pay is $ 50, and I choose Payoneer to pay. Peerfly also accepts payments via Bitcoin.


Here are some of the most basic information about CPA, now you can start looking for CPA Networks and register an account.

For newbies, I always recommend to learn about making money with affiliate marketing first, although generally it is no different from CPA, but there will be many affiliate networks that are easy to join, there are many products / services that are easier to promote with new people.

If you have any questions about making money with CPA Marketing, ask questions under the comment section.

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