5 Ways to Create Videos That Are More Engaging for Marketing

Create engaging videos

Are your marketing videos not quite engaging enough? Do people rarely seem to comment or share them, and often stop watching long before the end?

Engagement is a factor that can make or break any videos, and that is especially the case for marketing videos. If viewers don’t find your marketing videos engaging it is unlikely to be able to fulfill its goal.

Although there is no secret ingredient to create more engaging marketing videos, there are a few ways you can make sure your video is better able to engage viewers:

Every single marketing video that you create should have a single goal, and a message that is designed to allow it to attain that goal. If you focus on that single message and how to deliver it, viewers will be similarly focused and more likely to feel engaged.

Marketing videos that have multiple messages aren’t able to pull that off, and more often than not viewers end up distracted. The more messages in your video the more unfocused it will be, and the less likely it is to engage viewers.

  • Keep your videos short

Marketing videos that are too long have a great deal of difficulty retaining viewers, and that leads to lower engagement levels. Because of that if you want your videos to engage viewers you should try to keep them short, direct, and razor-focused on the topic that you’ve selected.

Although there are no hard and fast rules regarding the duration of videos, you may want to try keeping all marketing videos under 2 minutes. On social media you will probably find that it is best to keep them significantly shorter than that, and may want to try anything between 15 to 60 seconds.

  • Place a strong hook at the start of the video

Try to dedicate the first 8 to 10 seconds of your video to hook viewers and convince them to continue to watch. Most viewers take about that long to decide whether to keep watching or not, so it is important that you make them lean towards the former.

A good way to do that is by immediately outlining what the video is about and then letting them know how it will help or benefit them. The stronger and more compelling the benefit is, the stronger your marketing video’s hook will be.

  • Optimize the video for mobile devices

Keep in mind that a good chunk of the viewers watching your marketing videos will be on mobile devices, as mobile viewership exceeds desktop nowadays. Due to that fact you need to optimize your videos for mobile devices, and make sure they look just as good on smaller screens.

Mainly you should try to ensure that none of the important elements in your video are too small that they can’t be seen on a smaller screen. If it is you’d need to find some way to show it, maybe even by reframing the scene to make it larger.

  • Get viewers to feel any emotion after watching

If viewers that watch your marketing video feel surprised, tickled, shocked, inspired, or any other emotion – they’re more likely to want to comment, share, and react to it. That should come as no surprise as at the emotional impact that videos can have on viewers is considerable.

The psychology that drives emotional reactions to videos can be complicated, but if you want your videos to truly engage viewers enough that it provokes them into taking action – you should definitely try to incorporate emotional triggers in your video.

It is worth noting that while these methods should help you to improve your videos and make them more engaging – they are far from the only ones. At the end of the day there are lots of other areas that could affect the engagement levels of your videos, including its quality, structure, topic, timing, and much more.

In short you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and try new things when creating videos. After all you probably already have a video camera, so all you really need is a decent editor and you should be good to go. An example of one that you can use is Movavi Video Editor, as it is essentially the closest to a Windows version of iMovie that you’ll find.


As you experiment with the videos that you create, be sure to track their performance and monitor how effectively they’re able to engage viewers. The data that you gather will help you to learn from the videos that you publish, and identify what your target audience seems to respond to. Over time that will prove invaluable, and allow you to create more and more engaging videos bit by bit.

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