Keyword Research Definitions And How To Do Keyword Research


Before you conduct keyword research, you need to understand the most basic concepts, as well as the most overview of a process to select the potential keywords to start developing a website. So what are keywords and keyword research? What steps do you have to take? The answer will be …

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5 Steps To Make Money With Your Blog – Making Money Blogging


Before you start building your blog, or if you have a new blog, read this article first! Because almost every blogger I know has done, is doing and continues to follow this basic formula so that they turn readers into customers, make customers use their services and purchase through their affiliate …

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What Are Permalinks in WordPress? How To Optimize Them For SEO

wordpress permalinks guide

In this article, we will discuss about permalink and how to optimize search engine friendly permalink for wordpress sites. Why is the default permalink of WordPress so unfriendly to SEO? First, go into the concept. What is a permalink? Permalink is a link of any post, or page, or directory of …

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10 Reasons Why People Fail to Make Money Online


Many people are excited when they first learn about making money online. They started working, but after a while, even after a few days, they gave up. There are many reasons for their failure. I will list the main causes in this article. Related post: The best ways to make money online in …

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