5 goals to make the first $500 with affiliate marketing

Getting $ 500 first with affiliate marketing is not easy, but it is not difficult. There are many people who reach $ 1000-2000 / month, some even more than that.

Of course, it will be a relatively long journey for you to reach the first $ 500. There is no common formula for success, but there are many different ways to reach it. There are many tactics and methods of making money with affiliate marketing. Maybe this method is suitable for many people, but not suitable for you, and vice versa.

For example, my forte is content marketing & SEO, but the forte of many others is Paid traffic.

So, the experience I share below will answer to you the question: “To earn first $500 with affiliate marketing, specifically with a website and SEO, what goals do you need to achieve?”

make money with affiliate marketing

Goal #1: Not just profit

The first time I set a goal is to achieve $ xxx / month, however this goal is only a motivation for a very short time. It is a double-edged sword, until I do not achieve the desired result it will bring certain negativity, from thought to action.

Then I understood the nature of the problem, I thought a little further, the ultimate goal is to make money, but I have to ask: “What will you have to do to earn affiliate marketing money?”, from there you will find the core goal.

Now imagine the form of making money with affiliate marketing! You get your affiliate links and promote them, where does the money you earn come from? Do the affiliate networks pay for you? Not at all, your income will come from customers, and the vendors will only share the profits with you.

When a customer buys a product or uses a service through your affiliate link, you have a commission. So, it’s not that you simply get affiliate links to post many places, make a sketchy website and post lots of articles, then you will get more customers.

If it is simply that, then everyone can do it simply, if there is some success, it will only depend on luck. Look further!

So the first core goal here is to focus on the source of money, which is the customer. You have to solve problems for customers:

  • Find out their needs => Offer appropriate products / services
  • There are many different types of products / services => Help them choose according to their needs (Price / brand)
  • Issues related to the use of products / services

Become an affiliate marketer, ie you are an intermediary. In addition to helping the vendors get customers, you must help customers choose the right service / product.

Temporarily put profits goal aside, even if it is still the main purpose.

Goal #2: Reach customers properly

In affiliate marketing, when you help others, the results you get are not only profitable but include:

  • Customer trust & Google trust ==> traffic increased
  • Your skills in separate areas improve ==> Work efficiency increased
  • Can expand into other related fields ==> Potential Profits increased

However, assuming you have identified your first goal, you have come up with content that you think can help someone to buy goods and use services more effectively. So what do you do with these content?

Post to facebook? No one will read, and if they read, they will only read it because at that time they have no need to buy or use the products / services in the fields you are talking about.

Email a list of thousands of people you download or buy online? They don’t know who you are, they won’t trust and read your emails? Even the Gmail system does not trust this and most of your emails will be placed in SPAM.

The best way for someone to trust your content is to let them actively find you. For this reason, I choose to make a website, build quality content on website & SEO.

When your keyword has a high ranking, there are many people who will find your own content & read it.

There is a faster way but will cost, that’s Adword, I use Adword pretty much. However, this is only a form for those with a lot of budgets.

In short, In order to achieve a high conversion rate, customers must actively find your own content.

Goal #3: Must be quite good in a niche market.

After reaching out to customers, you need to make them trust in you. The key is content. If you want to write good content, you must have enough knowledge.

If you can create great content on your own, that’s a good thing. If not, you can hire someone else to do it for you.

However, you must make a list of entries for the writer. However, you must make a list of entries for the writer. For example, you need to specify the content mentioned in each part of the article, how to analyze it,…

The more detailed and the more clarifying the problem, the better. To do this, you must be knowledgeable about the field you are doing. If you are just starting out, you should research in the niche market first. This will require time.

  • Start with a small field. The requirement is that the field must have products to sell & commissions of those products must be quite good as well as the need to purchase these products must be good.
  • If you do not know what to start with, go to google search with the keyword “Niche List for affiliate”, you will find a lot of options. Choose the one you like best or feel like doing the most. Further reading: 5 Blog Niches That Get Good Traffic In 2019
  • Playing as a buyer in the field you choose, go to google to see how famous affiliate marketers are doing (From content, knowledge to presentation, how they promote products)
  • Refer to knowledge from famous affiliate marketing blogs, such as: Smart Passive Income Blog, John Chow, shoemoney, Matthew Woodward, etc.

Goal #4: Your website must be stable with a friendly interface

If you are a newcomer to making a WordPress website & want to find hosting to make a website, deploy in order from easy to difficult as follows:

WordPress Managed Hosting => Shared hosting with Cpanel => VPS.

When you start, just choose the easiest thing to do, if you choose WordPress Managed Hosting, you have more time to do other important things such as improving knowledge, writing content, SEO,…

If you choose to start with VPS, you will have to spend a lot of time. At the first stage you do not need to learn much about techniques.

Anyone can build a website, but to make that website effective and professional, requires you to invest a lot of time and effort.

The first goal is that when readers go to your website, they will see an easy-to-see interface, the articles are presented neatly, divided into easy-to-follow sections, so that is enough. You will take an extra week to get acquainted with WordPress.

Goal #5: making the site rank high on search results

Let me summarize the content of the previous sections:

  • You determine the core goal is to help customers choose the right product / service
  • You must identify approaches to potential customers. Like I chose SEO, or Adwords if I have a bigger budget.
  • You must study to improve your knowledge, or be knowledgeable about the niche you are doing.
  • You have to make a complete website, where you post content to reach customers

And now, to reach customers, that requires your article to rank high on search results. I do not recommend you just wait by posting on Facebook, spamming in groups or sending rampant email to seek luck.

Instead, I want you to achieve passive income goals. That is, there are customers who come to your website to buy products / services through your link everyday.

There are 2 ways to achieve high position on search results: SEO and Adword.

Adword is very expensive and not all products can use this form (Stricter than Facebook). In addition, there are very few products with high commissions enough to cover the cost of advertising with adword.

I always recommend you learn about SEO for long-term goals. Think about how you know my blog and why you read this article? All from Google search. Through SEO, I have linked this article to you.

To achieve good results with SEO, you need:

  • You need to research keywords carefully before writing content, buyer keywords is always the first choice.
  • Your content should be of good quality and convincing. Content must solve the problem of the keyword the customer searches.
  • You need to set up good internal linking to navigate customers, in order to reduce bounce rate and increase time on site.

However, this is only the first step, Reaching the top 5 positions on search results, it is even more difficult. It requires:

  • Knowledge: You must always be at the forefront of your field, create forms of content that other blogs do not have.
  • Link building: You need to create backlinks from other reputable sources linking back. Those resources must also have good traffic every day with high clickthrough rates to your site.
  • Content Promotion: You can combine with other broadcast channels such as social networks, build email list. In some specific fields, you can also build your own community, … to increase the amount of interaction between you and your readers. Always make old readers come back to your website.
  • Refresh Content: Always refreshing content that has the potential to achieve high rankings on search results

If you choose to follow content marketing and SEO, the amount of money you earn with affiliate marketing will increase over time as the trend of online shopping is growing and your website is growing too. Unless you build poor quality content or use blackhat SEO methods.

Remember, Focus on quality! A website with 4-5 quality articles is more valuable than a website with dozens of articles copied from elsewhere.

And learn from reputable blogs such as Backlinko & Ahrefs Blog!


These are the 5 main goals that you need to try to achieve if you want to make the first $500 with affiliate marketing. When you earn that income, you’ll know how to earn $ 1000 – $ 2000 per month.

Among the main goals there are many other small goals that when you experience it you will need to know what to do next.

Hopefully this article will help you know what to do next among a lot of widespread information on the internet.

The information technology era has brought you a lot of opportunities and facilitated you to live a more comfortable life. Whether or not you seize those opportunities depends very much on your efforts.

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