How to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2019 (Even when you are a newbie)

I often mention the importance of investing in content quality and optimizing the user experience. This plays a very important role when you deploy SEO.

Focus on users. That’s the rule when playing with any platform, and Google is no exception.

In addition to quality content & good onpage SEO implementation, the power of backlinks to improve rankings is a lasting trend, undeniable or underestimated.

But the tendency to build backlinks has changed for a long time. Now, what you need to aim for is quality, not quantity.

In this article, I will sum up 9 ways to get really quality backlinks. You can consult and apply these methods right after reading this article.


Keep your content better than your competitors!

Always start by spy on competitors and do better than them. At first, consider whether your competitor’s content is not good enough. That is, the content readers need but not yet exploited by your competitor.

Choose it then make your own version!

Further, you need to excel in your competitors’ strengths, not just their weaknesses. Don’t think that your starting point behind is a disadvantage, because google always likes freshness in content.

The fact that you create better content than your competitors is the foundation to get quality backlinks. Because if your content is nothing special, no website will want to link to your site.

So, focus on solving the following problems:

  • Content Length
  • Does your content solve user problems?
  • In-depth content
  • Visual Content
  • Is the content presentation method clear or not?

Fact: Video appearance is extremely important in presenting content!

When you have created excellent content that is superior to the competition, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Google prioritizes ranking for websites with fresh content.
  • Other bloggers will want to link to your website
  • Users are inclined to share your content on social networks or with friends

Add validated data and infographic to the article

The article has proven data and numbers always create a sense of absolute trust from readers. This leads to an extremely important benefit, which is to encourage users to share your content.

For important content, infographic will help you have an advantage that competitors can hardly get. For example:

There are 2 ways to create infographic:

  • You can create your own infographic with tools like canva, Piktochart, Venngage, etc. Often these tools will provide you with templates, just insert your content.
  • The second way is that you hire a designer. This way will cost more, but will be suitable for those who do not have much knowledge about design and graphic skills.

Then insert your logo or watermark into infographic. In many cases, if your infographic is good, there will be many webmasters asking you to be used on their website. And of course they will add backlink to source – your website!

Post unique content on Medium, LinkedIn, Slideshare

“Standing on the shoulders of giants” has never been an outdated strategy.

In recent times, I especially noticed the strong signal coming from utilizing traffic and backlinks from: Medium, LinkedIn, Slideshare.

These are reputable platforms that allow users to register for an account and share content for free. These domains all have extremely high trust and authority levels for Google’s quality rating scale.

It is not unusual for you to see the top positions of search results coming from these platforms. When you post on these websites, do not forget to link to your website. These backlinks have high potential in giving you more traffic.


  • Do not insert too many backlinks in each article. I think having 2 ~ 3 links in a post are reasonable.
  • You should use the content created by yourself. Do not spin content from other websites.
  • In case you want to quote content from elsewhere, add the source to the article.

Spy on your competitor’s backlinks

One of the fastest ways to get quality backlinks is to learn from competitors.

To Spy on your competitor’s backlinks, The most powerful tool I want to introduce to you is Ahrefs. This is an indispensable tool for any SEOer or webmaster. Consider it an FBI agent in your online business. 😀

This tool allows you to get most SEO related parameters from your website as well as your competitor’s. And what I want to mention here is the Backlink Checker feature.

This feature helps you analyze competitors’ backlinks. All details about:

  • Anchor texts
  • Monthly traffic from each backlink
  • Domain Rating, URL Rating (The URL quality)
  • A filter with full features

What you need to do is enter the Link/URL/website you want to check and this tool will give you the results. Then consider whether you can imitate them to create those backlinks for yourself.

Link building outreach

Building backlinks by outreach bloggers or other website owners in the same field as your website with related content is one of the most powerful link building methods of white hat SEO.

This approach has been widely popular and is the main tactic of many SEO experts. I will guide you 2 main forms of this method.

The first way. You will establish relationships with bloggers or webmasters of the websites with content related to your site. Then check to see which sites they link to in their article.

The next step is that you have to prove that your content will be better and very useful for those articles, then convince them to add your link into their posts.

This requires you to create truly quality articles with substantially better content than the old links they use in the article.

The second way  is easier. You will outreach to ask for permission to rewrite, implement content and refresh old posts on other people’s websites.

You can use any way to find the websites  and the articles you want to add your link to. However, those articles must meet the following criteria:

  • The content must have traffic
  • That content is still sketchy or old, has not been updated for a long time.

Or you can use Buzzsumo to check the content by keywords.

Please contact them by email or social network, presenting you want to re-write the content for them for free. In return they will allow you to put your link in the article.

That’s a win-win situation! They will get more quality content, and you get backlink. Sometimes they won’t let you put the link inside the article, but the link from the author bio is also not a bad option.

In general, Link building outreach has a few disadvantages:

  • You have to spend a lot of time and effort to get results
  • There will be a lot of people who will not allow you to put links on their website. You have to get used to it.

Guest Blogging

This is a familiar method to get quality backlinks from sending guest posts to blogs or websites. There are many websites that have a contact section for guest posting with specific conditions from the website owner.

The first thing you will want to do is find guest post opportunities. When looking for places to guest post, your main goal is to find sites relevant to your niche or industry.

There are both free and paid website that allow you to guest post. However most of them have their own guest posting guidelines, before contacting the blog owner, you should read the guest posting guidelines, if applicable, and follow them closely.

You can refer to this article about Guest Posting Guide!

This method will give you extremely quality backlinks, but requires you to have a good budget.

News sites and newspapers with high traffic always have an advertising section. You can search on Google for advertisement information and quotes. You can contact them directly or through intermediary advertising services.

This approach requires a large budget, but along with that, your backlink is extremely quality because it comes from websites with large traffic and high domain authority. This is an absolutely worthwhile investment option if you have a stable source of revenue from your site.

Check your mentioned brand name

When your website becomes useful with lots of interesting content, there will be many times your website brand name is mentioned on the internet, on other websites.

It could be citation articles, quotes from your articles, infographic or images, videos, but for some reason the author just mention and not links to your website. You should contact us now to remind them to add your link.

Buzzsumo’s Brand Mentions feature allows you to check and receive the latest announcements about your brand’s mentions and extracts… along with the information of the place that refers to your brand, so you can easily contact & ask them to add your link.

Connect with the influencers in your field

2019 became more vibrant than ever thanks to the outstanding development of using Kol marketing in brand promotion and product.

In any field there will be individuals called Influencers. Those are highly qualified, reliable people, with a large fan base willing to respond and interact with what they share.

Once you have a relationship with these Influencers, you can invite them to appear in your content as interviews or podcasts.

After you publish the content, ask them to share it to the community, or mention it via a backlink on their website.

This method requires you to be really professional, because KOLs are not easy to reach. The fact that KOL wants to appear in your posts because they want to spread fans, so you should only choose this method when your website has a stable amount of traffic.


So through this article, I have introduced you to 9 ways to build quality backlinks, with orientation to specific ways and recommendations.

Please read the article carefully, choose the method that best suits your financial and business conditions! Choose the easiest methods to implement!

However, as I said, the most important thing is still the user. And your task is to create truly quality and useful content for them!

Refer to this article about 7 Top Content Marketing Trends in 2019!

In your opinion, what other methods to build quality backlinks? Let me know in the comment section below?!

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