Several of the outcomes I achieved via online marketing are displayed on this page. Due to two factors:

  1. To prove to you that I am capable of producing outcomes and that I am knowledgeable
  2. To give you a sense of the kind of outcomes you may anticipate — if you put in the work — within a few months of launching your online business.

These are by no means my highest earnings, but I wanted to provide some examples to demonstrate the possibility of making a respectable, steady income with online marketing.

You don't have to concur with all I have to say, but you can't dispute the outcomes.

Below, you'll discover more evidence of the results.

An Example Of Results Attained

Watch Out For False Screenshots, Etc.

Let's be honest: It is really difficult to tell who is just talking big and who is actually able to create tangible results everywhere, but especially online.

There are just too many shady characters to count in the internet marketing, business opportunity, "making money from home," and "make money online" (MMO) categories.

I'm referring to outright liars who frequently operate under false names and create subpar, useless goods.

Absolute crap!

After experiencing a few disappointments, you undoubtedly want to identify the people who are genuinely living what they preach and not simply pretending to...

Who works day in and day out in the trenches like you... Also, a trustworthy person.

This page's main objective is to demonstrate my ability to provide outcomes for both myself and my clients. Exactly that.

The purpose of this page is not to boast or be arrogant.

I'm just giving you a sample of some of the outcomes and successes I was able to achieve after putting in some effort.

Several words about myself

You can read my about page here to get the whole story.

Personally, I didn't come from a business-oriented family.

Actually, the exact opposite.

Additionally, when I first began out, I didn't personally know any successful affiliate marketers.

And I was never "the cool kid in school running a lemonade stand at the age of 6," sorry to disappoint you.

I wasn't the type of student who became an early entrepreneur.

Once more, the reality is quite the reverse.

The narrative you hear from so many "entrepreneurs" these days, you know.

Nope. In no way.

I was quite typical. In fact, if there was ever someone who embodied average, it was me.

After completing my a-levels at age 20, I worked in three different professions for the next 10 years before being forced to make some significant life decisions.

Through some serious struggles and disappointments, I persevered.

Even now, I wouldn't declare to somebody that "I've made it," but I feel rather secure in my capacity to overcome any obstacles in my path.

Additionally, I have a very positive outlook on the future and am confident that I will move up the rankings and affiliate leaderboards...

I'm really appreciative that I can now support myself thanks to my internet affiliate earnings!

Knowing oneself

When it comes to Internet marketing and making money online, I am aware of what strategies I should use and avoid.

I understand how to launch and expand profitable web enterprises.

I understand how to efficiently purchase online advertising placements and media buying. I also understand how to generate traffic to my websites, funnels, and links.

In addition, I am skilled at list building, lead nurturing, email marketing, funnel creation, and other lead generation techniques.

I am aware of ways to enhance my outcomes if something doesn't work right away, which is uncommon.

I understand how to test, test again, pivot, move on, and persist. I also understand when and how to test.

I now recognize the value of marketing in business.

(Fact: Your business is marketing!)

I am aware of the significance of offering the market value first.

I recognize the significance of acting and entering the execution loop.

More importantly, I know how to move forward and keep moving in the right direction even in challenging situations and in the face of frequent setbacks.

When things are difficult, the tough push through.

This is crucial and maybe the most useful skill you can acquire, develop, and apply in your life to succeed and get the outcomes you desire.

Does that imply that I'm a perfect robot, an inhuman machine devoid of flaws and failures?

Not at all, no.

Every day I make a lot of mistakes, and the more I study, the more I see how little I actually know.

But I am perfectly aware of what I must do in order to generate and attain specific results.

That's extremely potent, too!

It puts you in control of your life and creates a difficult to express delightful quiet, a subtle, incredibly pleasurable silence.

Even in trying situations, it allows you room to reflect, relax, and take decisive action.

What You Can Do With This Page.

Most likely, if you're reading this, you can't yet support yourself solely on affiliate commissions.

Either you earn nothing online or not enough.

Yet is the key word here.

Because it's likely that you already know how to scale things up.

That's exactly what I do, and that's what I want to do to assist you with.

You can do it, just like I did!

Actually, that's the main point I'm attempting to make with this.

Regardless of whether you take any of my advice or not.

You're headed in the right way and will see results soon enough if you're prepared to put in the effort and act on what you learn here.

It's up to you whether or not you use this page as inspiration.

These are just a few of the outcomes that can be anticipated after starting your very own internet affiliate marketing business in a few months.

Just that.

A Cautionary Note.

Unfortunately, nowadays almost anything can be falsified, manipulated, and photo-shopped.

Text, news releases, websites, blogs, and boasting are standard fare.

Screenshots and reports are frequently and easily falsified.

Even what you see on video could be entirely stolen from another source, completely phony, or taken out of context.

So I'd advise you to think twice before believing any "evidence of success" provided by a guru or online marketing expert.

What Specifically Do These Results Mean?

The key to earning money online is...

  • attracting potential customers' attention (traffic generation)
  • turning those visitors into leads (lead generation or list building),
  • developing a relationship of trust with that list,
  • making sales and proposing offers (affiliate commissions).

I only display these items above because of this.

I included a few sales figures because I know how much you enjoy seeing precise PayPal numbers.

But keep in mind that these figures are largely meaningless on their own.


Because gurus can generate high sales figures that are - at first seem - impressive by just spending a lot of money on advertisements, even if they frequently lose money up front.

Naturally, nobody would be aware of or even suspect it...

The fact is, it's just revenue.

We are unable to determine the genuine profit margins until we are aware of the costs (both monetary and time-wise) associated with advertising, media buying, and other traffic-generating strategies.

Additionally, by just moving money back and forth, account numbers for PayPal and other services might be fully falsified. or other foolish actions.

Again, these numbers are somewhat opaque on their own, but I think they at least demonstrate that I know what I'm talking about.

Reminder: In today's world, especially online, anything can be counterfeited or stolen from somewhere else.

As a result, I only provide you with data that you can expect to see within a few months after launching your internet business.

The techniques and tactics I outline on my website work for me in producing outcomes.

All I'm attempting to demonstrate here is that.

Final Thoughts

Don't make the error of dismissing my material as "not worth it" because I don't display the most absurd figures here as so many other phony gurus do.

I run an online business and I make a living doing this.

My primary source of revenue is affiliate commissions.

I don't like to boast or act arrogant, so I don't list my entire range of earnings here.

To demonstrate to yourself that you can succeed, all you should be concentrating on right now is getting started and earning your first affiliate commissions online as soon as you can.

It is legitimate, functioning, scalable, reliable, repeatable, and a lot of fun. It is also possible (generally) for you.

Internet marketing is quite lucrative and is accessible from anywhere.

But I assume you are already aware of that.

I am an affiliate marketer that works full-time at my web company.

At the same time, I don't understand the point of braggadocio, renting Lamborghinis, or incurring other foolish costs in an effort to impress beginners or con anyone into purchasing meaningless items.

I have a lot of freedom, which makes my life fantastic.

If I were to purchase a villa with a sizable garage and fill it with bookcases and rental vehicles while talking about knowledge, that wouldn't be conceivable.

I sincerely hope you can identify it.

You're speaking with the wrong person if you want to grow your business from $20k in affiliate commissions per month to $100k per month.

I don't teach that because I haven't done it myself yet.

However, if you haven't yet earned your first few thousand dollars in online commissions and you're hoping to make a respectable, reliable living online, mostly from internet marketing, then I'm your man.

Hope this is a big help! 🙂

I appreciate you reading, and be wonderful.