What is SEO / How To Make Money Today With SEO?

what is seo?

I started making money online with internet marketing in 2010. But by 2015 I have a very serious look and consider it as a major career.

In that process SEO plays a very important role.

Not only affiliate marketing, but also in the business, sales, make money with blogging, adsense, service providing, personal branding, business … SEO is an indispensable part.

Now you may not know what SEO is, but after reading this article, you may have a clear view of this form, how it can help you profit. And should you learn about it or not?

I will share with you why SEO and making money online can be viewed as a couple on the road to develop the career of Digital Marketing of each individual.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. (searchengineland)

The main purpose of this work is to help your website to top Google. Meaning that when someone searches for a certain keyword, your optimized web site will be at the top.

And those successful SEOers will get a fair amount of traffic, they have customers and earn money with that free traffic.

Maybe now you do not do business or make money online, but just try to imagine. You are doing e-reader business for example. Total search volume around this product is over 90500 per month.

What is SEO

Your website appears in the first place search. Are you going to have a super-large number of customers without running ads?

Google has 4 results of advertising, but to run Google Ads you have to spend quite a lot of money so individuals / businesses who do not have much budget they prefer SEO.

Not only to sell products, but also to promote any service.

Simply put, when you have a need to buy something, what information you need, you go to google search with that keyword and the website appears at first become your trustworthy address.

Then, the website in the top search results are successful SEO sites, simply.

SEO is the work you do on the computer, you will also work with the website, and use a lot of data, resources from the usefulness of the internet.

And, one thing is extremely important: in addition to the business advantage, you will absolutely make a lot of money online if you develop right, and properly apply your own SEO knowledge.

So SEO is not as boring as you think about SEOers sitting on chairs for 8 hours a day in private rooms

SEO gives you more stuff than that, especially when you know how to make money online (MMO) from your own SEO capabilities.


If you do not have the financial or human resources to do business, you can make money online in other ways.

MMO (Short for Make Money Online) – From the name of it, you can imagine this is the form of working online to make money. These are the jobs that you just need to have a computer connected to the internet, with a creative head, eagerness, persistence, … that is enough to make money online.

MMO is known in the form has been very popular and prestigious such as:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Make Money With Google Adsense
  • Make Money With Youtube Partner
  • Make Money with Blogging
  • Earn money by becoming a freelancer

For example, here’s a picture of one of my little successes with MMOs when it comes to SEO:

What is SEO

The world on the Internet is unlimited. It’s not hard for you to create your own self-made making money online forms

MMO is very interesting because it does not limit your ability as well as your intellect.

I know and observe that many professional in online marketing & MMO are derived from SEO in the early days of MMO.

Maybe you are wondering why people usually start from SEO but not any other form such as running ads or using chatbot, email marketing, etc?

I give you a very simple answer:

SEO is the starting point for training you many things, such as skills and mindset. The cost to do SEO is very little or even cost nothing at the beginning.

More importantly, it makes you to be persistent & patient –  very important elements if you want to succeed with MMOs.

Some of the key skills a SEOer will need to take are:

Create a website: I recommend using WordPress => Making a website with WordPress is really easy, you can learn through the online tutorials like here or here

Keyword research: You need to find out what keywords should focus on to do SEO for your field. You can refer to here or here!

Content marketing: You need to provide good and useful content to the user. You can refer to these articles:

SEO Onpage: You need to make your site search friendly. Refer to here!

UI / UX Optimization: Optimize user interface and experience

Link building: You need to take action to get quality backlinks to your website

As you understand and do well these six steps, you can confidently earn 4~5 figures per month thanks to the MMO. However, to master and be good at all 6 steps is not an easy task.


  • Affiliate Marketing

I am referring to Affiliate Marketing first and not in any other way.

In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing is the way to make money online sustainable, and very suitable for newcomers. Not only SEO, you will learn quite a lot with this job

This form contributes to 40% of Amazon’s revenue and is already familiar to many people. However, if you are new to this form, please refer to this article: What is affiliate marketing?

Understandably, you will market other people’s products to get commissions in a variety of ways:

  • Make review blog
  • Make review video
  • Run Ads Adword, Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Or any other creative way you can think of …

In the above affiliate marketing methods, creating review blog / website is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to get started with MMO and most relevant to SEO.

Why is it related to SEO?

Very easy to understand, related to the definition of SEO at this time, when you have a website review for a product, you need google users to find your website and buy products through your link… then you can earn commissions.

As such, you need SEO.

For example, the keyword “GoPro Hero 5 review” has more than 10,000 searches per month, the peak month has more than 40k, this is a product with a lot of people interested.

What is SEO

When you search for this keyword on Google, you may see some top pages:

What is SEO

You can go check out these sites, they have affiliate link, when customers click through this link purchase, the site owner will receive the commission:


  • Make Money With Google Adsense.

To make money with GA, you also need to create a website and build exclusive, useful content for that website. Google reviews and allows you to place Google ads on your site, when visitors visit and click on ads on your site, you will be paid.

To make money with GA you will also need a website with a large amount of traffic. When there are search queries related to the content of the website, if your site is in the top search results, you will have traffic. And from there you will earn money with Google ads.

So, you need to know how to do SEO for your website.

  • Blogging

When you have good skills and knowledge in a certain field, you can completely write blogs to make money.

There will be many readers interested in your share, visit your blog regularly. And the high possibility is that they will become loyal customers and fans with your product / service as well as your blog.

For the simple reason: you solve their problems.

Related post: 5 Reasons Bloggers Should Start Affiliate Marketing Immediately

You can also make a blog with the same enthusiasm of yourself, from the interface easy to see, useful content. And especially you want other people to know you have to know how to promote. Then you need SEO knowledge.

Internet users are increasingly demanding in terms of value and interactivity, so the form of blogging is very potential now and in the future.

There are many ways you can make money with blogs: affiliate marketing, adsense, or promoting your products / services.

And if you have good SEO knowledge, and have good writing skills to bring value, you will earn a lot.

  • Becoming a SEO freelancer

Companies, businesses need SEO-er a lot. SEO was not just a skill, it became a career. There are many professional companies that have departments specializing in SEO.


  • Promoting your products / services 

You can make a lot of money from the knowledge you have strengths. All work done online, you are completely active, flexible on time.

If you are good at SEO and like the nature of MMO work, you do not necessarily have to do SEO jobs for companies or businesses.

Be creative a bit. You can create your own product or business that you like.


You may be saying that you can promote your product or website by running Facebook ads, Google Adwords, email marketing … SEO is not necessarily.

I do not deny this, any form of marketing can work if you do well. If you have more money then paid traffic will be the quick option to have immediate customers.

However, I assure you that over 70% of beginners are experiencing tight budgets.

Most of the newcomers are having a lot of budget troubles. It would be impossible to spend hundreds /thousands $ to run ads.

On the other hand, running ads does not mean you will earn money. You need time and capital to test and run more to find effective advertising

So maybe SEO is not the right method for all of niches, but I believe that SEO is the best place to start with you to take the next step on the way to make money online.


Here are some very interesting things that make me think that SEO is very friendly and useful to newbie.

  • You will know how to optimize the Website.

Now with the powerful and extremely useful support of the WordPress platform, it is not difficult to create your own website.

In addition, your website must be optimized for form and content to make it friendly with the user and google crawler. When doing SEO, you will know how to do optimization.

  • Improve your writing skills, expand your knowledge

You are doing SEO, not just a writer. However, by understanding SEO knowledge, SEO content and attracting users, your writing ability has also improved.

In addition, if you do SEO for a certain field, you will have the opportunity to learn, expand more knowledge about the field you are doing.

  • Perfect marketing skills

One of the reasons I enjoy SEO is because of this. You need to understand correctly that doing SEO is no longer a spamming links and then you are at top.

By meeting the needs of Google users, you have to be skillful in a lot of steps. And it will improve you better with marketing.

  • SEO gives you perseverance, patience.

Nowadays, To do effective SEO there is no “spam to the top” as 4-5 years ago.

By investing well in the work I’ve outlined above, you need to persevere to see your website improving rankings one by one.

Over time, you will understand how persistent this is.


By this article I believe that you will understand what SEO is and imagine the ability to help you make money with this job.

For those of you who are new to business or make money online, I hope you will have the right direction for your development.

Ask me at the comment section if there is something you do not understand about SEO!

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