What is affiliate marketing and some tips to help you make money with affiliate effectively

Affiliate marketing is something I’ve been doing ever since I started my first business online on this website—promoting a third party company’s software/training course along with my own tips and tricks to make money online and digital marketing.

In this article, I will help you “brainstorm” some basic issues that help you shape the best if you want to follow the path of affiliate marketing, including:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • What are the potential of affiliate marketing so many people do?
  • How to make money with this form?
  • How to make an affiliate effective?

1. What is Affiliate Marketing

According to wikipedia, Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

According to me, Affiliate Marketing is a form of online business almost like a collaborator model. With this form, you can find distributors who support affiliate products, sign up and promote their products, you will receive commissions.

For example, if you want to become an affiliate for Amazon.com, you must register with them through Amazon Associates. Once approved, you will be able to promote any product on Amazon and when your customers buy through your link. (Called affiliate link), you will receive a commission. Commission can range from 4-8%, up to 10% in some special categories if you sell well.

Affiliate marketing

You can create affiliate links for any product or directory on Amazon and make sure to get customers to click through your affiliate link to buy. It may not sound simple, but the number of people who make affiliate programs for Amazon is quite large, earning a few hundred to a thousand dollars a month is normal.

I reveal for you that the affiliate model accounted for 40% of total revenue for amazon. So let’s imagine how awesome the affiliate marketing is. And in addition to amazon, there are thousands of other businesses, networks deploying this model and you can start on anywhere.

It’s about physical product, and with digital products, the commission can be up to 50-100%. For example, you can go to Muncheye to see the product coming out. You can choose products there to promote.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has been formed and developed rapidly in developed countries such as USA, UK, Japan, Then, with so many success stories revolving around affiliate marketing and the ability to bring in ultra-high revenue from this business model, affiliate marketing gradually enters into other countries.

2. Benefits of Affiliate Marketing.

The first and most important benefit of affiliate marketing is that you can make money without the effort of creating your own product or having your own product. There are many networks available with tens of thousands of products available for you to choose from. For example, Commission Junction is the number one affiliate network in the world today.

Affiliate marketing

The second benefit is the ability to make money with affiliate marketing is extremely high. In the United States or in many European countries, there are many people earning more than $ 100k per month, some affiliate blogger millionaires you can follow like Pat Flyn, Harsh Agrawal, Chris Lee, … and many more.

If you want to find out how to make affiliate with website, Chris Lee’s RankXL is an English blog you can not ignore, There are a lot of tutorials for both new and advanced people.

Affiliate marketing

The other dominant advantage when you do affiliate marketing is that:

  • You can work anywhere like other forms of making online money, with just one computer connected to the internet.
  • No need to care customer (or very little), no need to worry about shipping, delivery of products to customers. These jobs are undertaken by the creator of the product.
  • It is possible to start with a low cost, even with a few tens of dollars, that you can invest time and effort into finding out and start earning money with affiliate marketing.
  • Diversification Options: There are many affiliate networks and they are the ones who bring popular affiliate marketing, referral to shop owners, reseller … So you will have many products to choose from in many various niches, including short and long term. When making an affiliate through the network, all payment problems, performance statistics will always be transparent.
  • When you make an affiliate and know how to make money, the more you improve your skills, then you can replicate what you do, hire a management team, so you can earn passive income.

3. Steps to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

There are many different ways to make money with Affiliate, depending on the field and the products. However, I will say the first four steps to make money with affiliate:

a. Define the promotional product

Currently there are many different affiliate networks, popular & famous like:

  • Physical products: Amazon Associates, CJ, Shareasale, Linkshare,…
  • Digital Products: Clickbank, Jvzoo, WarriorPlus,…
  • CPA Network: Peerfly, MaxBounty, CPALead,…

b. Analyze & plan your promotion

This must be an important step that most of you are just sketchy. You sell the other people’s products and receive commissions, but you have to look at it as your product that helps you make money, so you have to thoroughly analyze the following:

  • Products with high or low commission?
  • The product will sell to whom, what their needs?
  • Drawing out the customer portrait (avatars), the buyer journey (buyer journey).
  • The product is good or not, there are many users or not?
  • Affiliate competition is high or not?
  • The main way to earn customers
  • If you build a website and do SEO, what keywords do you have to choose?
  • If you run ads, then you need to target to whom?

From what you analyze, you will have a specific direction and promote in the direction set. For example, low commission physical products can not run ads with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, it is best to choose the direction of budget savings as SEO (search engine)

Read more: 16 Link Building Resources That’ll Increase Your Search Rankings

c. Act as planned

If you build a blog to make money from affiliate, then start the first set, like learning how to make a website with WordPress, how to research keywords & build content.

If you choose to advertise by running ads, take a look at Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads, … or other great ad networks.

For example, Faucetmag.com is a blog specializing in faucets, water tanks. And they earn very well with affiliate marketing for amazon

Affiliate marketing

d. Optimization, measurement, replication, management.

This step only occurs when the 3 steps above are executed successfully. With Affiliate, if you already know the formula to make money, you can completely expand, optimize the results to bring you more profit.

When you have a lot of capital, you can out source some steps to shorten working time as well as give you passive income.

4. Promoting Affiliate Marketing – SEO or Ads?

In Section 3 you can see I have talked about SEO or Ads, and here are two main directions for affiliate marketing (of course there are many other ways but I just talk about two main directions).

  • SEO: You will make a blog, and optimize your website to rank high on the search results, mainly Google.
  • You choose the network that allows ads to run and conduct your ads on that network (For example, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, …)

So which is better?

There is no answer to this question because choosing a promotion mothod depends on a number of factors, including product type, product price, commission and your understanding of the product. I have the following examples:

  • You can not carry a $ 100 physical item on Amazon, 5% commission to promote on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, .. because you will certainly lose compared to the cost spent. With physical products, it’s best to choose SEO and niche site blogging, authority site.
  • With digital products at Clickbank, you can choose SEO or Ads because the commission is very high, but SEO will be very competitive at the present time.
  • With affiliate T-shirts on Sunfrogshirts, you can not select Google Ads because of this very high bid, and SEO is very difficult, but Facebook Ads is the right choice.

So choosing SEO or Ads depends on your knowledge. You can study from what your “rivals” are doing to promote the product and then follow.

5. Thinking and attitude when doing Affiliate Marketing

Failure is what most affiliate newcomers encounter, I’m no exception. It’s not only one failure but comes to me so many times.

When you have succeeded, it does not mean that you will continue to succeed, but always have the first setbacks for the new direction. Success will come to you when you fail n times. This number value depends on your thinking and attitude plus a little luck when doing affiliate marketing.

Doing affiliate marketing is that you are building a serious online business for yourself, but with business online and offline, the risks are unavoidable and the risk always goes with losing money.

Affiliate marketing is a form of making money online that’s not difficult nor easy. If successful, you will get the results you deserve, so think hard in order to get started.

6. Personalized trends in Affiliate Marketing.

When customers are learning about the purchase of certain products, they are likely to believe in those who have used the product, reviewers, experts, etc. in their specialty rather than in advertising. Of the product on the official website.

This feature will allow affiliate development to follow the “personalized” trend, meaning that you will “play” a specialist in a certain field, who has extensive knowledge in that field and promotes Spread the product wisely.

You will make a blog that covers your feelings about the products, compare products, the buying guide, and provide tips in the field. You are doing (tutorials, tips and tricks, ..) with a common feature that is: You write in personal writing. For example:

Affiliate marketing

As I am writing this blog Flashreviewz is also writing in my personal style, according to my feelings and knowledge, and I think you also like and trust blogs like this than the general form of information website.

However, not everyone has enough knowledge about the array they are doing to develop websites, blogs or social profiles in this form because wanting to be an expert then you have to be knowledgeable. So you will have to “invest in knowledge” first. You have to understand the market you are doing, the benefits, the benefits, the pros and cons of the types of products you intend to do so that you can develop in the direction of “personalization”.

This “personalized” form is difficult and does not have much documentation, but its potential is extremely large. If you do well, the customer will come back to your site and make a purchase many more times. This is also a trend from 2015 back with the appearance of many “personal” blogs and naturally they become a specialist in some field, and is a destination of many customers. They spend a great deal of time researching everything that is relevant to their field (this is the time to study and cultivate knowledge), then they will share their knowledge for everyone, And people trust them, the more knowledge they have, the more trusting they are.

Jon Loomer is a blogger specializing in Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing. His blog is a place where I go regularly to study and update new knowledge. And it is inevitable that I have ever bought some of the tools related to Facebook Ads that he promoted through email.

Affiliate marketing

And many other forms such as health, travel, beauty, aquaculture, … are appearing experts and they can all make money with affiliate.

Personalization is a trend to make money with affiliate marketing that will continue to be popular in the future, and you can also turn your blog, your website into a personal style rather than a page of news

7. You will lag behind when you just promote

From 2015 until now, Google is much smarter. Google knows what you are doing with your website / blog. For example, your blog is only for the purpose of making money instead of bringing useful knowledge to the reader, Google will not appreciate. The goal of Google is to: Push website has useful knowledge for readers, pull the site of high self-interest or nonsense down.

So if you just review, evaluate, compare products and affiliate link, your website will not be well appreciated, even stick to “thin content” and disappear. The solution here is that in addition to reviewing, evaluating, comparing, then you build other content that brings knowledge related to your field of development such as tips, instructions, knowledge,…

You can see the nichesite on the top of the top with items like this:

Affiliate marketing

And besides, over the years, customers also become smarter. They know you are an affiliate and they will decide who they buy through. If you just say good product, they will discover you are a blogger who is chewing  and they will choose a different blog to read.

All products have advantages and disadvantages, let’s analyze them carefully and review the most honest way for customers, customers will choose their own thoughts + add your suggestions. You should not always say that every product is good, then tell them buy one.

8. Do you dare to accept the challenge?

Affiliate is not difficult, not easy, and we can deny that there are many people who have good thinking, success and high income with affiliate marketing everyday, and maybe you will achieve success with this field in the future.

With a market of over $ 6.8 billion in 2016, and this number keeps growing year by year, affiliate marketing is always a potential path if you have the key in hand.

When doing affiliate marketing, you have to accept many initial challenges, and you also have to consider a lot of things as a newbie. Every field has its own trap. And the most important is your passion. If you want to make money or earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing, your mission must overcome these challenges. There are many people who will share the knowledge available to you, but no one will be able to help you make money. You have to do it for yourself, do not expect anything.

9. Continuous innovation

As you learn about the forms and directions I mentioned above, you will definitely see directions from previous folks on the internet and you can follow this direction. However, there are times when you find some ways to promote affiliate is very strange and few people do, let me take some examples will make you more understandable:

  • Smartpassiveincome is an “Expert Model” site, where Pat Flyn shares his knowledge, his path of success and revenue every month. The Page Resource Page of the website has brought about huge affiliate marketing revenue per month

Affiliate marketing

  • Promoting Affiliate Marketing through “free ebook”: There are many experts in some fields, they write ebooks that provide useful knowledge to customers. The ebook will recommend a number of products and of course there are affiliate links inside.

In short, the key to your success is Knowledge & Competence. And you will always have to start with the easiest knowledge and forms, materials on internet. When you have a foundation available, you can associate, create other forms your way, this is also a gold mine you can exploit with your own potential.

10. Conclusion

Although you are promoting other people’s products, however, if you decide to make money with affiliate marketing, you must always have the same attitude and actions as you are promoting your own product. And at some point, the way you promote gives you a lot of profit, you can consider selling your product, your service instead of promoting the affiliate.

Hopefully through this article, you have got more knowledge about affiliate marketing. If you do not understand, think about it or ask me a question under the comment section.

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