How to Make Money Online With Your Blog – The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging, making money online with personal websites seem now no stranger to many people. Many people have their own website, blog for a long time, just to post the story they like, save videos, write diaries / travel diaries, review movies / stories, make game guides,.. Every person has his own specialty.

With the development of technology, making a website or blogging has become easy. An elementary school kid can also set up a blog for himself, creating a professional website no longer requires you to know code skills. At present, anyone can create a website, blog easily.

Everybody who makes a website or blog has a purpose. Blogs bring a lot of real value to writers as well as to the online community. In this article we will explore the practical benefits that blogs can bring as well as a topic a lot of people are interested in: make money with blogs, websites.


What are blogs and websites?

Maybe I do not need to explain then everyone knows these two concepts:

  • Blog: An online diary created by an individual or a group of people with one or more topics, the main content of which is the personal opinion of the writer. For example flashreviewz is a blog specializing in making money online.
  • Website: created by one or a group of people for their own purposes. Website content can be blogs, news, services, product sales,…

In the era of technology flourishing as the current online business becomes popular, anyone ignoring the online sales channel, not invest website will lose compared to competitors… because of the amount of potential customers coming through Google, Facebook is huge.

Now you can easily imagine making money with website is building website promoting your product. Yes, but it does not stop there. How can you make money with your website / blog? Where should you start? Before answering these questions, let’s take a look at the benefits of this.

Benefits of Building a website / Blogging

Benefits of Blogging

  • Your technology skills are improved.

Of course, blogging, especially when you build a website, you will be exposed to many things related to computers, networks. For example if you make a wordpress website with your own hosting, you will know how / where to buy domain, hosting, how to install theme, add features,…

All the things you are doing will bring a lot of knowledge to you. As you write articles, you will find other sites to find out, aggregate information, you will also know many sites, blogs are useful for yourself.

  • Your writing skill is improved

Undeniably, what you do more and more every day, weekly will bring a lot of experience. If you do not have good writing skills, the first few days of blogging can be quite difficult for you when you have no idea, do not know how to implement the content, do not grasp the use of words,…

But do not worry, if you write regularly, a few months after developing your website, blog, read your first post, you will find it funny. And you will realize that your writing level has improved a lot.

Increasingly, you will be publishing better articles, better expressions, more useful knowledge for your readers, and you will be happier.

  • You will learn more things

When you blog, create a website, meaning you accept reviews from other people and the internet community as they read your posts or visit your website.

So I believe that every time you write something, especially when you present your personal views, you have to research and refer from a variety of sources. This brings a lot of useful knowledge you did not know before.

  • Help you express yourself and be trusted, appreciated

This is obvious. If your post is good, it will be appreciated by many people, they will give you practical comments or you will become more reputable. If you have any services then blogging will be able to bring customers to you, because they will trust you after reading your blog.

  • Get a job easier, have higher promotion opportunities.

If you have a personal blog posting your knowledge, do not be embarrassed to include it in your resume, and you will definitely be more appreciative of the knowledge you share on the blog.

Or if you are an employee and you have a blog that shares your thoughts, as well as your knowledge regarding the field of the company, ensure you will be appreciated from your boss.

  • You will be more confident and live more meaningfully

Building a website & Blogging will help you diversify your language, add more knowledge. And this is a great thing when you apply in your real life.

Blogging will help you feel confident in your life, You will be more mature in your thinking. From there you will discover many interesting things in life, you are less selfish and like to share more.

  • You will help many people

Do not hesitate to share your knowledge on the blog. Many people need your knowledge to apply to something. You will receive many thanks and gratitude.

  • Connection

In the process of building a website / blogging, you will get to know many other bloggers, website developers, and they will likely bring you great collaboration opportunities that you can not miss.

  • Develop your business

If you have a product or service, blogging and website will bring you potential customers. If you are a fashion designer, write a blog about beauty, how to wear – coordinates,… If you are a designer, write about website design, photoshop,…

  • You can make money from it

Of course, this is an important benefit, you can make money from a lot of things from the blog, read the following section to know why you can make money from blog.

How to make money with blog / website

Ever questioned how writers get compensated? Or perhaps you want to know how to make money from your blog and you have one? Or perhaps you want to boost your blogging income but are unsure on how to do it?

If so, this article is for you! Continue reading to get the response to that crucial query: How do bloggers generate revenue?

If I had a pound for every time someone asked me, “How do blogs earn money?” (or a dollar, or a euro, or anything!) I would be a wealthy lady! The discussion proceeds as follows…

  • New Relationship: What do you do then?
  • Me: I run a business as a blogger.
  • New acquaintance (who appears a little perplexed): However, how do you earn money?

Since I’ve been asked this so frequently over the years, I no longer find it mildly annoying (let’s face it, it’s an odd question to ask someone you’ve just met – we Brits are typically known for our reluctance to talk about money and income, but not when it comes to blogging, it would seem!). Instead, I now find it amusing.

The number of bloggers who DO NOT generate money from their blogs, though, makes me unhappy. There are many people who just want blogging to be a pastime and have no desire to make any money at all, and that is certainly OK. If you DON’T WANT to generate money from your blog, then that’s great.

But what really saddens me are all the bloggers who sincerely desire financial success with their blogs, who sincerely desire to give up their day jobs in order to blog full-time, and who sincerely desire to establish their blogs as a full-time enterprise, but who nevertheless do not achieve these goals.

Having a business attitude is what I am confident makes all the difference. If you don’t handle your blog like a company and establish goals for yourself to achieve, it’s difficult to make money from it. And the desire (need!) to make money is one of the main objectives shared by those of us who want our blogs to be our places of employment.\

You shouldn’t be embarrassed by that aim since, let’s face it, we all need to eat. It doesn’t indicate you are greedy; rather, it shows that you mean business.

But how do you actually go about doing it? How do bloggers generate revenue?

Ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts, products, and services are the major ways that bloggers can earn money.

Anyone who has ever gotten to know about mmo must know about the benefits of having a website in making money online. Many people build a website not simply for fun but they earn a very large income. So here I will briefly tell you about ways to make money online with blog, website.

How to make money with blog

Promote your own products / services

If you are in business, or have any product for sale, then Creating a website / blog for promotion is something you can not ignore.

Most stores and services now own at least one website. If you do not have it then you will lag behind the competition, because the amount of potential customers on the internet is a lot if you know how to promote well.

The creation of goods that you can offer to your followers via your website is another excellent technique to earn money. This might be a real, tangible item (be warned, this is not generally the easiest route).

However, most bloggers choose to sell digital goods like printables, ebooks, courses, and applications through their websites.

Services are the last remaining means of income for bloggers.

Offering virtual assistant services, social media management, freelance writing for other websites and magazines, coaching and consulting services, or more specialized services like providing personal training, legal services, or tax advice (obviously only if you have the necessary qualifications for these things!) are all examples of this.

Make money with affiliate marketing

Do not worry if you do not have your own product, as you can still sell other people’s products and get commissions. Especially commissions when selling digital products is very high. There are many people shopping online so you can earn a lot of money.

Advertising can take the form of affiliate links. You sign up for an affiliate program and include a unique link in your blog post. You will receive a small compensation if someone clicks on that link and purchases the item.

A very popular method is to create a website to evaluate products, compare products. Then you do the SEO work to make customers search for relevant keywords on google will find your site. They read and then buy.

Amazon Affiliates is among the most well-known affiliate programs. Your unique Amazon affiliate link, which will go to the product page on Amazon’s website, can be included in posts you write on certain Amazon products.

You will receive a share of the sale price if your reader clicks the link and then purchases the item. In the case of Amazon, it often ranges from 3 to 10 percent.

However, there are a ton of affiliate programs out there, so it’s important to check to see if a business has one before recommending its goods or services.

There are many great and popular websites (amazon, clickbank, jvzoo, commissison junction, …) that allow you to register as affiliate and promote their products.

Make money with advertising

Probably the most well-known method of monetization for bloggers is this. Let’s face it, it’s quite clear if you have advertising, isn’t it?

If you have a high traffic website or a specialized website, I do not think you need to find a partner, they will actively contact you to cooperate to place ads.

  • For example, if your website is about cuisine, food assessment, etc, it will attract advertising partners which is restaurant, eateries.
  • Website specializing in fashion, beauty will attract the spa, shop
  • For the Websites about tourism, there will be hotels want to contact for ads

In terms of price, usually you should bid higher than the price that Google Adsense or other network ads pay.

It consists of the display advertisements that you see in the sidebar, as a popup at the end of the post, and inside the text itself. You are compensated based on how many people view your advertisements; depending on the ad network, you may be paid more if they click on them or proceed to make a purchase.

Google adsense is very famous then. This is a program developed by Google that is the bridge between the people who want to place ads and the advertisers.

Google adsense allows advertisers (who have web pages with traffic, content that’s useful for users) to place ads (including banner text, images, videos …) on their website. They will be paid for each time a user clicks on the ad.

Google Adsense has many terms you need to adhere to to be able to register and maintain. I will have a separate guide on these terms.

Google Adsense is not the only option, there are many other Advertising networks in the world that you can choose. That depends on the content of your site.

These are another covert kind of advertising, also known as collaborative posts or brand collaborations, when a brand contacts you (or you can pitch the brand) and requests that you mention their brand in a blog post in exchange for payment.

So, for instance, a food company might get in touch with me and request that I use their product in a new dish on my food blog, in exchange for a fixed payment.

The brand will often anticipate having their product mentioned, reviewed, and featured in the images, as well as a link to their website.

(Please note that these links should always be set to “no follow” in order to comply with Google guidelines. If you don’t do this, you run the danger of having your website’s ranking in Google searches drop.

A brand may also need other services, such video development, in addition to wanting you to share your piece on social media. Therefore, be sure to include this in the rate you charge.

Some topics that you can use to start making money blogging

Choose the topics that you feel most familiar with to start blogging, here are some suggestions for you:

  • WordPress tips
  • SEO tricks
  • Marketing tips
  • Design, photoshop skills
  • Make money online / offline, …
  • Guide to learning foreign languages
  • Share discount code
  • Review of domain name, hosting, VPS, …
  • Blog about writing skills guide
  • Blog about the kind of animals you know
  • Blog about the process of self development
  • Health, fitness, fitness, jogging …
  • Family, love
  • Communication skills
  • Technology (computer, phone, tablet, …)
  • Blog about cars, motorcycles
  • Sports
  • Music (guitar, piano, etc.)
  • Women
  • Gaming Guide
  • Review movie
  • Food blog
  • Travel
  • Communication skills, social knowledge
  • Review books, stories
  • Blog sharing your design, image,… if you are a photographer
  • Share the lessons you learned in life

In general, spend about 4-5 hours a week or so writing blogs about the topics you are most familiar with. After selecting the topic, you can proceed to create a free blog page. If you have money available, you can invest in a professional blog / website for yourself.


When every home has internet access, online business and online advertising will become very popular. If you do not have any products / services to sell, do not worry… because you can choose affiliate marketing.

Or simply if you want to develop yourself, improve your skills, want to share a lot of information & useful tips to everyone, connect with the community,… do not hesitate, Build a website and blogging today!

Do not complicate matters of experience and technology, you can do it yourself!’

Your personality, goals, specialty, and skills will all influence how you decide to monetize your blog. The best advice I can give you is to try to vary your revenue stream by striving to make money in at least two or three of these areas.

There are blogs out there that are making good money via all of these different methods. Your eggs aren’t all in one basket because of this, so if one money stream falters or goes through a rough patch, you still have other cash streams to fall back on.

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