How to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate?


Have you ever heard of conversion rates? If you’ve heard it and have a definite understanding of it, that’s fine! In this article, I will help you to have more knowledge about it.

If you have never heard of it, but want to learn more, you really need to read this article.

Why would I recommend this? I will give reasons for you to understand by the actual situation as follows:

  • There are many SEOer moaning at me about the fact that they are not getting sales, the percentage of customers buying too low even though their site is at the top of the search results.
  • They told me that they optimized onpage / offpage very well, but somehow the bounce rate has increased over time.
  • Competitors have occupied the top positions on the search results, it is impossible to pass them…

If you still have these questions, these views, then your mindset is not quite right!

Online business in general and making money online with website development in particular now does not stop with the optimization of keywords to make it the top of the search results.

You need to turn that traffic into your customer. And once they’ve become your customers, you need to keep them coming back to your site.

Then and only then, you are truly successful with your online business!

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What is Conversion Rate?

First, take a look at the image below for a conversion rate formula:

And This is the definition of Conversion Rate Optimization from Wikipedia:

I will provide the following simple definition for you to understand: Conversion Rate, or CR, is the percentage of visitors who have taken certain actions (that you want them to do it) on total site visitors.

The actions they take when visiting your site are called conversions… And this conversion is usually a purchase, filling out a form, or completing a survey for you to get customer information.

If you still feel a bit confusing, imagine using a specific example like this:

Today your website has 200 hits. At the end of the day you check that 5 people have purchased through your website.

Then you take the number of people doing the action (purchase) divided by the total traffic and multiply by 100%, then you get the conversion rate.

In this case CR = (5/200) x 100 = 2.5%. And you have to find ways to make this number as high as possible.

Why should you care about increasing your conversion rate?

Through the definition and examples above it is clear that you understand why we need to pay attention to increasing the conversion rate for your website.

That leads to the obvious thing that a high ranking site on the search results may have fewer customers than the site beneath it. You simply can not stop at putting your website on the top of the search results, it’s only half way.

It’s important to keep your users stay when they visit your site. In particular, make them absolutely trust and make them take the final act: make a purchase.

Optimizing and increasing conversion rates on your site will make a difference, help you become a reliable address with a high percentage of buyers.

This also helps you convert non-potential customers into potential customers with higher purchase rates.

Also, if you keep customers staying longer on your website, and make them click on other categories / articles to read and find out more, google also appreciate that. This is one of the important criteria in ranking on the search results.

Increasing / optimizing conversion rate is a very broad topic. There are many experts in this field and they almost treat it as a science specialty called Conversion Science.

So I can not say all about this subject in an article… As it is a process that is tested repeatedly based on the techniques that have been guided and combined with reasonable tools.

And you need to understand that there will not be a definite formula to increase conversion rate for you. Why? Because every item, every product you sell has different properties and different customer database.

For example, a website selling clothes is definitely a website that sells lawn mowers.

But of course there will be general knowledge, general rules that everyone should know. This article will help you get the first visualization of simple ways to increase conversion rates on your site.

Here are some basic steps you need to take in increasing the conversion rate.

1. Optimizing website interface

Website interface is a very important thing as it is the first thing customers see when they visit your website.

With more and more products and services, customers will have more choices, and They will become more strict in choosing the seller.

Website interface becomes a top factor for them to feel the professionalism of you. For example, you are a customer who is looking for a product or service.

Between a website with a nice and professional interface / theme vs a website with a sloppy interface, who would you rather sympathize with?

In addition, optimizing your site’s interface will also help you reduce bounce rates. For example: the pageview of my website has increased by 30% after making some edits in the interface.

So optimizing the site interface is very necessary that you need to consider first if you want to increase the conversion rate. As I said, if you create the first impression when your customers visit your site, it will increase the customer purchase rate.

2. Do A/B Testing

This A/B Testing technique is truly a very specialized, very scientific category of topics that optimize conversion rates. In this article, I will introduce you the simplest way to understand and apply to your website.

Please try to read carefully, because this topic is highly technical so you need to really pay attention!

Assuming the total traffic to your site is 100%, you divide that traffic into two, let’s call traffic group A and traffic group B.

For each traffic group, the same factor, you test in two different versions to see which version, which brings the conversion rate (traffic performing your desired action) more effective.

So you have to test many times with each element on your website to find the optimal solution to bring the highest efficiency.

You can test out broadly with other factors like: Headlines, Call to actions buttons, color, font size, layout, Optin place,…

Important Notes for Implementing A/B Testing

  • Note one – At the same time, you only select one element of the site to perform the test.

Why is that so? For example, you want to test whether the red or green CTA button is clicked more by the users. At the same time you can only have A / B Testing with these two buttons.

You can not do the You have not tested more with font size, layout, Optin place,… at this time. Because if you do that, you will not be able to determine the outcome depending on the CTA button or on other factors.

  • Note 2: You conduct A/B Testing if and only if your website has a certain amount of traffic

This is very simple. Because if your site has too little traffic, the results will not reflect correctly because there is not enough data.

  • Note 3: You need to do A/B testing for a long time

At least 1 week, if after 1 week the results are not much difference, you should consider increasing the time to do A/B Testing.

3. Focus on content marketing

When users visit your website, the most urgent is to provide solutions to their problems… Make them focus and learn more information right on your website, not hit the back button and go into another website.

That is, you have to make them quickly find answers to their needs and interests right on your site, not let them have to find answers at other sites. To be able to say, content marketing techniques in sales are to convey the following message to customers:

  • The reason they want to buy from you
  • What is your value?
  • Why do they have to trust you?

As you begin to work out, you’ll discover that there are a number of factors that you can optimize to meet these needs.

  • Headline
  • Subtitle
  • Bullet Point (Especially with review sites, you need to use more bullet points. This helps users save time and helps them focus on useful content.)
  • Images
  • Social proof
  • Testimonial

The above are special factors to be noted. I think it will not be too hard for you to add and edit these elements so convincingly.

4. Learn how to use Call-To-Action properly.

There are two main types of calls to action:

  • CTA Buttons (with colors, graphic designs,…)
  • CTA Text (These are phrases that attract the user to click on and lead to another page. Landing page, salepage, etc.)

I am sure you have seen many CTAs such as “Limited Time“, “Limited Edition” and countdown timer on Salepage. Have you ever wondered why people use these calls to action?

The answer is urgency!

This urge leads people to take action if they do not want to lose the opportunity to make good purchases.

You will use forms such as text, images, buttons, … to convey the content as follows:

  • “TODAY 30% OFF”
  • “3 DAYS LEFT FOR $47.5”

These are the things you can use to create CTAs text or buttons.

The next step is to learn verbs that are call-to-action and cheerful, such as “Get INSTANT access right now”. Or when displaying an optin form, users will see two options: “YES, I want it” & “NO, maybe later” .

You can see that I emphasized the above messages by capitalizing on the letters. You can also apply this when designing call to action buttons.

The last thing we need to care about is color. Actually colors are not so important if you are not agencies or big companies. Here I will talk about the color of the Call To Action buttons.

Just follow these simple rules:

  • The color of the button should stand out against the background color of the website
  • The color of text on the button needs to stand out from the background color of the button

Conversion rate optimization is required whether you sell your own product or sell other people’s products with affiliate marketing.

If you make money with affiliate marketing then just optimize to make the customer click on your affiliate link as much as possible while optimizing sales page is the task of the vendor.

But if you sell your own products, you need to do yourself all the steps.


Through this article, you get to know the concept of conversion rates and the importance of optimizing conversion rates.

The ultimate goal of online entrepreneurs like us is making sale…. So this is a very necessary knowledge for you!

However, in this article, I only provide background and basic knowledge only. If you go deep into research you will find there are many complicated steps that need to be taken. There is also a need to use more paid tools.

I will share more in upcoming articles, do not forget to come back here!

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