16 Link Building Resources That’ll Increase Your Search Rankings


“Content Is King – Link Is Queen”

If you do SEO then this sentence must be too familiar to you. We can say the backlink will help the site live on the search engine (Google). Backlink building is not easy when you just have to spend time searching, building, to select backlink source, waiting for google to index the backlink,… It requires a great effort and patience to get your website high rankings on Google. Today I will share with you some reliable websites that allow you to create high quality backlinks to your website completely free and easy.

1. Google +

It’s no secret. When engineers built Google+, they constructed an SEO juggernaut to dominate search results above all other social platforms. Although Facebook and Twitter are essential to marketing efforts, both restrict Google from accessing much of their data. This limits their SEO effectiveness. Not so with Google+.

2. Yahoo answers & Google answers

Answering the questions on Yahoo and Google is one of the best ways to help your website / blogs have more natural traffic. Although those are no-follow backlinks, but will be extremely high quality if you create traffic on the website through the textlink you set.

3. Imgur

This is a great image sharing website, to get backlinks from Imgur you just create an account then share photos related to your website / blog, and in the photo description, you create the links to your website.

4. Youtube

I am pretty sure everyone knows this website. It is easy to get backlinks from youtube. All you have to do is upload your video, then put your links in the video description.

5. Pinterest

A very famous website, where people share and pin images, videos. You will get backlinks nofollow from Pinterest but you will be surprised if you use Pinterest effectively.

6. Technorati

This is a Website directory that allows you to submit your website, there are many websites of this type but Technorati backlink is very good quality. After submitting your website, you have to wait up to 2 days to see if your website is approved.

7. Mozilla

This is a very good Dofollow backlink. You only need to sign up for a Mozilla Addson developer account and then add your link.

8. BlogTopList

Another quality website directory again, but unlike Technorati, when you submit your website to Blogtoplist you will no need to wait.

9. Opera

You only need to sign up for the account and go to profile settings then add your site.

10. Bloglog

If you want a backlink from Bloglog then just do the same with BlogTopList and Technorati

11. Flickr

This is a free image hosting website, a product of Yahoo. How to get backlink from Flickr is that you just need to comment on the images and add links on your website.

12. Bizsugar

A free blogging site, backlink you get from BizSugar is backlink profile and it also allows you to submit link. A very good backlink to help you increase your website rank quickly.

13. TopOfBlogs

Another quality website directory again to submit your website.

14. Reddit

This is a website that allows you to submit link and share your link for free. I noticed that the links submitted to reddit have backlinks very fast and quality.

15. Eventbrite

You will get backlink dofollow by inserting html in the introduction yourself. You should only insert 3 links to avoid deleting your account. The trick with type of this link: to get google index fast you can fake ip then manually click on that backlink.

16. Msdn channel

Sign up for an account here and insert your textlink. It is a dofollow link and is one of the best backlinks, the fastest index I’ve ever made.


Here are some resources to help you get more quality backlinks. There are some websites that allow nofollow links but if you create traffic from those links then it will become a quality backlink. In your backlink building strategy you should not overemphasize the backlink dofollow but ignore the nofollow link because it is also a part to help google rank your website. In the near future I will write more guides to build backlink again, Don’t forget to come back my blog!

Good luck !!!


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