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Have you ever heard of “Earn Money Freelancing” from someone? It may be unfamiliar to you but in fact this is a job familiar to many people, even many people have been doing it every day.

Who are freelancers? What jobs do they do? What will you get when working as a freelancer? Where should you register as a Freelancer? The following article will specifically answer these issues.


Introducing Make Money Freelancing Online

Freelancer definition

According to wikipedia, A freelancer or freelance worker, is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.

As you can see, freelancers are actually working for others, but working in comfort, without any pressure from the opponent for you, all agreed from the beginning.

How do I start as a freelancer?

In addition to an internet-connected computer, the most important thing when you want to be a Freelancer on the internet is that you need to have a “unique skill”. Because only when you have to be skilled then people hire you. So where do you get these skills? Of course you have to go through the process of learning & real experience

Current popular freelance jobs

  • Translation
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Making video (intro, PR, …)
  • SEO services (backlink, content, …)
  • Make websites, blogs
  • Programming
  • Online marketing
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Fanpage management
  • Increasing views of Youtube, Videos, music plays, …
  • Increasing facebook/fanpage like
  • Any job you can do…

How to get these skills?

To become a freelancer, you need your own skills, these skills are rooted in…

  • Learning: Web design, graphic design, translation, programming, etc. for example.
  • Good tricks are formed from your research and practice: increasing traffic, increasing like, increasing youtube view,…
  • Your experience: Writing, making video, design …

The advantages of being a freelancer

Potential to earn money, even a lot of money.

There are a lot of freelancers working as an extra job. But there are also many people who choose the freelance jobs as their full time job. That means they spend all their time as a freelancer, the reason is that they get a lot of orders and make a lot of money.

There are also a number of people who make a freelancer team. In which each person takes on a different role to work better and diversify services.

Work whenever you want

You do not have to bear any pressure on working time. Many people work during the day, but many people like to work at night, so during the day they can go out and participate in other activities.

You can comfortably arrange a time for your life, just make sure you complete the project time that you and your tenant agree on.

You can work anywhere

When you become a freelancer, you don’t need to go to the office or the company. You can work anywhere you want, such as at home, cafe, library … wherever you feel comfortable.

You can even work while traveling. Freelance job allows you to freely choose where to work

Your skills are enhanced over time

When you start freelancing, you will optimize your capabilities. From this project to other projects, the more you practice, the more advanced your skills are, the more effective and effective methods and methods of working. You will collect or get more tips and methods to work better and more effectively.

From there you will complete the next projects faster, get more new projects, develop more related jobs.

Nobody controls you

You are free to do your work as long as you complete the work for the customer on time, no one urges or scolds you.

Unlike an office worker, you can say you are your own boss. You control your working time, work place, work progress, you are responsible for the projects yourself.

There are many opportunities for cooperation and career development

Talking about opportunities when you are a freelancer, you have many: Opportunities to earn a lot of money, opportunities to work freely on location / time, opportunities to improve kills / experience,…

But apart from these opportunities, there is another very important opportunity that is an opportunity for cooperation.

In the time you are a freelancer, you will surely meet with many people in many different fields, maybe they are also doing the field you like and the two sides want to cooperate with each other, each side takes on separate roles.

These opportunities are important because it may mark a new development for your life and career, and you should take advantage of this.

The Disadvantages of being a freelancer

Starting hard for new people, not everyone can do it

To become a freelancer you need to have a certain skill, so it is very difficult for many new people who are still unfamiliar with online marketing, making money online.

So, if you are also new, you need to learn more, practice your own skills to be able to do this job. If you don’t have any skills or abilities, you can’t do freelancing.

Competition at a high level

Competition is a problem that happens in any field, same as Freelancing. If your job is as simple as increasing likes, translation, design … then you have a lot of competitors who are also freelancers like you.

Even their service is better at a more affordable price than your service, so you have to work hard to find “unique” services and jobs that people rarely have. Then you can make a difference, attract more customers as well as make long term.

Income may be irregular

Only when someone orders, do you have income. There will be times when the number of orders is large, otherwise there will be many times when the number of orders will be small so your income will be uneven. Unless your order is very special and you have high reputation.

But for sure, if competition is getting higher and you don’t have a plan to improve your service, then your income will go down.

The secrets that bring success when you work as a freelancer

Prepare a professional development plan

No matter what field you are making money, you should have a development plan and goals. In freelancing, You should define the beginning of the following items:

  • What you can do?
  • What services you will provide?
  • Where to promote your services?
  • How to attract more people to your service?
  • How will you deploy professionally?

Create your own “business plan” and carefully examine each step.

In addition to the overall plan, you should also have separate plans for each week, including a plan for distribution of working time, thinking of ways to please customers, customer bonuses, service improvement,…

Choose a workplace that you feel most comfortable with

Take advantage of being a freelancer. You can choose your own workplace, usually at home, arrange the corner to work according to your preferences. Or every time you want to change the atmosphere for comfort, you can bring your laptop to a quiet cafe to work, or wherever you feel comfortable.

When you have comfort, you will work better, and may have more ideas for your project.

Always honest with customers

Always be honest with customers, ensure the quantity and quality of the service, never flatter your service so that when you hand over the work, customers will be disappointed about your service.

If they are easy-going, they won’t say anything but next time they won’t choose you, or if they’re fastidious, they’ll even ask you to do exactly what you’ve committed. Only when you complete your work, they will pay you.

Or in case you have received many orders but don’t have enough time to do more, you should refuse or make an appointment at another time. Do not be greedy to take too many jobs at once because it affects the progress of your work, causing delays in delivery, reducing service quality.

Moreover, if you refuse, customers will think that your service is quality, there are many people ordering your service so you are not available at this time, so they will wait to get your service order.

Professionalize your service

  • Service information: Must be clear, fully describe the benefits of customers when ordering through you, what you can do, how you commit.
  • Professional Profile: On websites that allow you to do freelancing always have your own introduction section. Please complete this section in detail, write a good profile, clarify your own experience because a lot of customers visit there to check your personal information.
  • Choose an eye-catching logo / banner: I believe that professionalism is an important factor that determines which service customers will choose. If you have an eye-catching logo or / and banner, you will get more attention from customers. You can create it yourself or hire an designer.
  • Create a website/blog to share your knowledge of what you’re doing: Usually, I find almost freelancers only post on intermediate websites to find customers, few people have their own websites. But this is quite important, it not only brings professionalism, helps customers know more about your services, and even if you do good SEO, it will help you earn a lot of customers from google via your website. If you already have a website, don’t forget to update the content regularly so that customers know you’re still active. In addition there are many marketing ways for your service through the website.

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Use tools and software to shorten working time

In any freelance job, there are a lot of be support softwares, free or paid that help you optimize your working time instead of doing it manually. Take advantage of them to save time and effort!

There are many jobs that take you hours to complete, while with support software, you only need to set up for the first time, the next time you can let it run automatically.

Customers will love free gifts from you

  • Give gifts to customers: In addition to what you have committed in the order, it is strongly recommended to give customers something unexpected. For example, if customers order you 5000 likes on facebook, you should give them 500 to 1000 likes more. Or if customers hire you to make a website, add an additional feature that makes their marketing more convenient. Or simply give them a discount for that order, or for another the next order.
  • Give gifts to website visitors: If you have a website that has good traffic, you should use email marketing tools to give gifts to visitors, then introduce your services. Everyone, when you give them something for free, they always feel sympathetic to you.

In general, “Treat every customer as if they’re our only customer “

Analyze your pros and cons, optimize your services

Take the time to review your competitors’ services, see what they have over you, and you must optimize your service. If you can’t overcome your opponent, you have to have something special.

In addition, you must constantly train your skills, think of new things. It is imperative for you to maintain and develop your career

Usually on freelance sites, customers have the right to leave review and feedback on your service after every order. Try to look at these feedback to see what you are missing, what your weaknesses are… to improve your service even better.

Always be creative

Creation is always the key to success in all areas of life in general and in online marketing in particular. So after every working day, think about how you can improve your work to be more optimal, or find new breakthrough ideas.

If you think of something good, I suggest you note it in the notebook or on the phone, because these ideas are only fleeting for a moment, maybe the next day you’ll forget.


In the process of doing freelancing, you will meet and know some other freelancers, or there will be times when you need to hire a freelancer. Or you will have the opportunity to work with a number of partners in your field of interest.

If you have the opportunity to cooperate with them to increase your income, develop your career and mutual benefits, don’t be afraid to ask! Maybe you will have the opportunity to work with an exciting new project.

Learn how to manage finance

Making money freelancing online is a job of “gathering wind into a storm”. Because most orders are of small value, so you need to attract more customers to get a stable source of income.

However, if you do not know how to spend it properly, this small amount can be difficult to become a large amount of money, even lost. So you have to learn how to manage finance, just invest in buying more tools and software that are really necessary for your job. Make reasonable payments, save money for more important things.

Top Freelance Websites to Find Work

Usually the Freelance Websites will mediate for you and your customers, all transactions will be through intermediaries. When the customer orders your service, the money will be kept by the intermediate website. You hand over the results to the customer, after receiving confirmation from the customer, the intermediate website will pay you.

  • Many people choose this site because of its simplicity. And also a lot of customers order on fiverr every day because of cheap prices. You can post a service with a starting price of $ 5. When the customer orders, you will receive $ 4 and fiverr will get $ 1. You can also create additional services for orders.
  • This is almost the biggest freelancer network today, with 1.6 million customers. Upwork is the place to connect you and your customers. You can find customers quickly because every day there are many upwork customers posting to find freelancers according to their wishes. You can bid, send CV, provide the information that customers need to order, you can work to be paid by hour or per project depending on your agreement and customers.
  • This is one of the biggest freelance websites. In addition to providing millions of projects, also often creates a number of contests to help good freelancers increase their competitiveness. If you are confident in your expertise, you can rely on these competitions to gain credibility. Definitely with high reputation rated by, you will have a lot of orders
  • You can write a good introduction about your work skills and upload your profile to Guru, because this information is very much noticed by the Guru’s customers. The advanced features of Guru will also help you access many good opportunities, for example the Guru Work Room feature will make it easier for you to manage your work.
  • 99designs: If you’re a designer, 99designs is the best choice. This is a freelancer platform dedicated to design, you can register as a freelancer, post your job as well as participate in contest to show your skill level.

In addition, there are many other websites: Elance, Toptal, Craigslist, Peopleperhour, Freelance Writing Gigs, Demand Media, College Recruiter, GetACoder, iFreelance, Project4hire, SimplyHired,… You can refer to this article about 72 Best Freelance Jobs Websites.


In my opinion, Freelancer is a good job if you want to use your own advantage to make money, increase skills. Each freelancer should also have a job to make money online for himself.

Being a freelancer means you are working for others, but if your order is too much, you can even hire another freelancer to handle those orders.

Hopefully after reading this article, you can find your own forte and promote that forte to make money. If you’re a beginner, get in touch with the internet world for a while and constantly learn, find your passion and choose the right direction.

Wish you success! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, I will reply as soon as possible!

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