7 Top Content Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019


Digital marketing is an area that changes over time. Looking back over the past year, you will see a lot of new trends coming out and lots of new knowledge to update. If your approach becomes obsolete, its effectiveness will be reduced

Whether you are a website owner or social media marketer, content marketing plays a huge role in determining your ranking ability and conversion rate. This is a good time to start learning and catching up with core content marketing trends in 2019.

I will review the potential content marketing methods that will be fully exploited, and help you with certain preparation & more ideas for the new year.

Content Marketing Trends

Landing Page & Pre-Lander

Landing Page is a way of transferring content that brings a much higher conversion rate than a regular website.

You can refer to these 2 articles for more information:

The Pre-lander is a page of conversion support content that customers will approach before going to the main landing page.

Pre-lander has another name as a pre-landing page.


Note: Only implement this method if you have enough specialized knowledge & can do it professionally.

You can understand simply Podcasts as a radio series for your brand. Users can both listen and do housework, exercise, driving,…

Currently, the owners of websites developing Podcast content are very popular. But not everyone really invests professionally.

Content trends for the future are content that is “portable” – That is, people will easily receive and analyze such content in many different circumstances in life.

If they have free time, they can read, but if they need more details, they need video. Or if their hands, feet, eyes are busy, they can still access content in the form of listening.

Podcast has gradually become popular in brands from individuals to international businesses with many contents such as:

  • Interviewing Influencers
  • Share, give views on updates in certain areas
  • Tell about case studies from customers, partners, …

This method is commonly used in Digital Marketing industry. However, it can still be applied well in many other product niche, even for any brand that wants to enhance professionalism.

For example: Shane Melaugh, founder of ThriveThemes has successfully applied Podcasts on his ActiveGrowth Blog

Content Marketing Trends


If possible, invest heavily in building videos alongside text content. In addition to publishing on major social platforms, you should also embed videos into your website to increase content competitiveness.

Many people still feel that building video is something very difficult, my advice is to start with simple videos like this:

Content Marketing Trends

Then, even more powerful method is Livestream. If you can’t sell yet, please live video, share, create a minigame to attract audience.

After you have a lot of knowledge, experience & good resources, You can deploy a professional video channel to the niche you are trading.

Photo realistic & infographic

Visual Content will be a key factor to assert your competition against rivals. Your images & infographic on your website or social media will be the things you need to deploy.

You can see a lot of companies and business individuals willing to spend big money to hire KOL to take product lookbooks, testimonial.

Content Marketing Trends

The images on the sales website are invested professionally, increasing the decision rate according to customers’ feelings:

Content Marketing Trends

And this trend continues to grow, those who cannot deploy will go backwards behind you.

With the infographic, the content of inspiring and highly viral content will still be strongly deployed on the website, social media platform.

Content Marketing Trends

Through infographic, you can easily introduce your brand to users, or products that you are selling


Personalized content will continue to have a positive impact on readers and create a good purchase effect.

Most people are easy to believe in ordinary people around, who have experienced the problems they are having.

From there, build stories that connect with them and warm up the buying process or lead to a certain service.

Content Marketing Trends

Content upgrade Strategy (Locked content)

This is a way to create a feeling that encourages readers to do something according to your wishes so that they can read the content they are curious about.

Content Marketing Trends

Content upgrade is a method that helps you easily achieve 3 goals:

  • Build list of emails, chatbot: You share content in the form of unfinished posts, or articles with very attractive titles / intro… making curious readers have to watch next step by submitting an email or joining chatbot.
  • Free content viral: You can make your content viral by asking readers to share on social networks to continue reading.
  • Easily retarget potential customers: You can redirect readers to pre-landing or salepage sales & retarget them with GDN or Facebook Ads by attaching Facebook Pixel & classification.

Promote content with chatbot

In my opinion, Facebook chatbot is currently an effective online marketing tool, easy to implement & can be applied in every business niche.

Especially, for those who have difficulties in implementing email marketing, chatbot is a perfect alternative.

Content Marketing Trends


So I have summed up 7 content marketing trends that you can apply very well in 2019. Even if you only follow 2-3 methods, it will bring positive results for your business.

To overcome the competition, you should be the one who catches the opportunity & always changes to match the trend instead of watching others do and then begin to follow.

If there is any information in the article that you do not understand, please comment below this article!

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