Why keyword research should be the first Important step for SEO?


For me, before making the website to make money online, the first step will always be keyword research. If your site’s operating mode is based on SEO to get traffic from Google, then keyword research can determine the success or failure of a website.

SEO is becoming more and more competitive, so in order to overcome the competition, you need to have a proper strategy right from the start.

Your first goal should always be to have a good set of keywords to implement both the content and direction of website development properly.

Keyword research also gives us many different benefits. In this article I will outline 5 key benefits of keyword research that can help your website outperform the competition.

This article will only point to the benefits of keyword research, practical guidelines and keyword research tips that will be covered in other articles in the keyword research section in the shortest possible time. .

1. You will select the right set of keywords to get started.

a. Keyword sets relate to the field of the website you are doing and the product you are selling.

For example, if you are building a niche site to promote amazon products, your keyword set should always have:

  • A group of buyer keywords that target the people who are in need of purchase. This is the main keyword group for you to find many customers. This group of keywords will focus on content in the form of introductory articles, reviews, product comparisons, product selection guides, etc.
  • A group of informational keywords targeted to those who need information. This is a sub-group of keywords to google to evaluate your website is useful to users or not. This group of keywords will focus on content in the form of the tips, tutorials on the field that the website refers to.

Depending on the type of website you can divide the different groups of keywords, but the two groups of keywords mentioned above are the two most popular keyword groups.

There is another type of keyword group that is Tire Kicker Keywords. With this group of keywords, customers will find to download, or download something for free on the internet.

b. Keyword sets with a reasonable number of searches per month

You do not have to choose keywords that have tens of thousands of searches every month, such keywords are very difficult for your SEO.

You can use a combination of the longtail keyword and the medium tail keyword to get a set of keywords that have a reasonable search volume to begin with.

In the beginning you can research keywords by tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Tool IO, Longtail Pro, etc… combined with some tips and tricks to get the keywords set with search total number of thousands. From there you will grow out later.

This depends on your scale of development, human resources as well as your budget.

If you do not research keywords, you will not have a set of keywords that fully meet the elements to get you started. This will hinder the direction of your website development.

2. You will know how to build content.

After you have collected enough keywords, you will be able to determine the direction of content development. At the present time and certainly in the future, the content is still the main factor influencing google’s ranking results.

Your content must always focus on the needs of the user.

Content development is easier when you have a set of keywords. You should focus on building content around important keywords with high search volume and potentially profitable for you.

Usually with important keywords, it is best to build the content fully, in detail, must be 2000 words or more, preferably over 3000 words.

With the sub-content, tips, the process will be easier for you. However you should not write too short, preferably over 1000 words per article.

In addition, you can build some additional content around the main content of the keyword, then point the internal links to the main content.

This will bring good effects to seo and also help you navigate the customer to read more main articles, which can lead to purchase action.

3. You will better understand the needs of customers

In the keyword research process, you will know some keywords that customers are interested in. From this feature you can develop better content and better understand customer psychology. These keywords you may not have thought of before.

Depending on the needs and psychology of your customers, you can improve your product or service better to meet the their standards.

Or you can write content that focuses on the needs of the customer more, this is also you are optimizing the conversion rate (CRO)

Many customers are interested in the minutiae you do not care about. You will discover these in the keyword research process.

4. You will identify your main competitors.

Once you identify a keyword that matches your strategy. You can search it on google and learn more about your competitors. You analyze, evaluate them and then give your judgment.

Competitor analysis is also an important element in marketing. If you find that the top 10 search results come from strong competitors that you simply can not get past, you should look for another keyword.

Sensory evaluation may be inaccurate. By looking through their website you can only gauge the overall professionalism, scale and content development. So there are a number of tools to help you make more detailed assessments of SEO-related factors, such as Longtail Pro, Ahrefs, Link Explorer,…

These tools will give you more SEO metrics such as: SEO Onpage, PA, DA, Backlink, Link Juice,…

5. You can miss a lot of opportunities if you do not research keywords.

Sometimes you will find a very profitable gold keyword when doing keyword research. So do not skip this step!

Choosing keywords randomly for content development will be of no benefit to your site. Also if you choose the wrong keywords to develop website, you will spend a lot of effort, time, money, … but your website is not in the top 10 search results.

The reason is so simple. You choose the high Competition Keywords, The competitors start before you and they do better than you.

In general, if you want to focus on SEO to make your website appear in Google’s top search results, keyword research is something that you can not ignore.

This is a key step to your success, that’s making you money, so spend time investing in it.

In the near future, in other articles on keyword research, I will provide more knowledge as well as step-by-step instructions and more keyword research methods to help you get stated better.

See you soon!

Image credits: Alexa Blog, Whizsky.

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