Developing Your Mindset Before Making Content In Marketing

Developing Your Mindset Before Doing Content Marketing

After 3 years starting to participate in internet marketing, today I remember the times I was brainstorming for the topic of my article. Successful content is also many, failure is not less.

I realize that the prerequisite to creating good content … is the right mindset before making your content.

Rush is the reason why your content creation project fails. Setting your mind before doing content eliminates more than 70% of the problem, the right mindset helps you on the road to victory.

The right mindset is the first brick that determines whether the content you have generated is successful or not. So we need to set the right thinking before, during and after content.

Within this article, I will only talk about the need for thinking before creating content:

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Mindset before doing content

What do you have?

Is your product / service different from your competitors, what’s your advantage over your competitors?

If the answer is yes, then the content creation will be easy, just describe your product, which is enough to make customers pay attention and desire your product.

If the answer is no then the problem becomes more complex and difficult.

If the product is not different then make your content different. Learn Coca Cola or Heineken, their product is nothing new over the years, but their advertising is always new and exciting.


How is the market? What are your competitors doing?

Is the market fierce competition, or is there still room for your product?

If the market is still open, you make content easy. If you are competing fiercely, you need to see what your competitors are doing.

If your competitors are executing a strong price reduction strategy, you as a small business will not be able to lower prices as much as they do.

Then you need to find another solution!

What kind of product do customers want? And what do they want in that product?

The most obvious thing is that customers want cheap. But they also want someone to understand them, understand the problems they are encountered.

If you understand their problem and come up with a solution in your content, they will appreciate it. Emotions for your brand will multiply. If you help them solve their problems, they will love your brand.

For example: in the beauty industry, competitors can reduce the price to compete, they can do quality products or services dropped to the possible price.

They can also promote, but when the guests come, they try to row to buy more products and services. This makes some customers uncomfortable and doubtful of the truth when they see a discount somewhere.

If you understand this fear of the customer and say it in your content, this will help customers trust you more.


What do you – the content maker have?

Your skills, your strengths are important factors when creating content. Content is a product. The content you create will have to compete with the content of the competitors. You will win if you exploit your strengths, you will lose when using your weakness against the strength of the competitors.

If you are a good copywriter in telling stories then tell stories, good at analysis then analyze, good description, describe, good at insight, exploit the insight.

If you are not confident about your ability to express, just list it, just write as you say it enough, do not imitate others using complex words!

Just answer the four questions above before doing the content, you will remove many obstacles and get closer to the way of winning in content creation!

Image credit: finsquared, pixabay

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