The best ways to make money online in 2019 for newbies

Making money online is a trend that generates extremely popular income streams today. You may not see your neighbor or your acquaintance go to work but they still have money to spend. Who knows what they do on the internet?

make money online in 2018

The more technology developed, the more form of making money online. The freedom, comfort, opportunity and potential have made many people consider making money online become a main job of them. Many individuals make steady income streams by making money online. $5000, $10000 or even more per month. If you do not believe it, it’s because you’ve never met such people. However, if you have stepped into the field, you will meet experts regularly in the community.

There will be people who make a lot of money, some people earn less. Mainly based on strength, determination plus luck. However, the opposite is also many people headache with it because they can not earn a penny! Why is that?

There are many ways, or methods of making money online. Along with that there are many forms of prestige, high potential but also many forms of fraud, profiteering, taking advantage of the trust of new people. Phishers are mostly those who have little knowledge of technology, and are not familiar with online marketing.

Many people put much effort to do but not much revenue, when they asked to pay their account is locked for no reason. With the experience of over 3 years making money online, I can direct the right way to make money online and absolute prestige, nature long. At the same time I can guide you to build a sustainable work online with high potential passive income. All will be listed in this article, (Any newbie can learn and follow).

Note: In this article, I present only the concepts of methods of making money online prestige, not go into specific and instruct you where to start and how. However, for each method, I cited the source so that you can learn more.

Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing 

Appearing in the world many years ago, affiliate marketing can be viewed as a form of making money online is easy to reach for new people when you do not need to own products to sell. You also do not need to concern about the process of product delivery and customer support.

When you make affiliate marketing, you will be given separate links for each product, if the customer purchases through your link, you will receive the corresponding commissions from the beginning.

making money online

Making money online with affiliate marketing has tremendous potential as this is a channel that delivers very high performance compared to other forms of marketing. Big and small businesses around the world will deploy affiliate programs more and more. That will create more opportunities.

In order to earn money through affiliate marketing, it requires people to have knowledge about the forms of promoting the product. The more effective the way people advertise, the higher the probability of earning money. Some basic skills that you can apply are:

  • Create websites with WordPress
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Advertising (Facebook, Google Adword)
  • Social Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • …And many more

It may sound difficult, but if you are a beginner you can learn one by one, because this is not a form that will help you make money immediately, but it can bring you passive income and it is one of the most reputable and sustainable online ways. I myself have spent 6 months just to learn and practice to get the first income from affiliate.

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Make Money With Trade Cryptocurrency

Talking about Crypto Curency, you may be thinking of investing in Bitcoin or other types of altcoins. Or buy a machine to dig these types. However, there is one form that does not require much capital and many people participate, which is Trading Coin. This is the purchase and sale of Crypto Curency in a certain period of time to take profits, rather than long-term storage.


For example, the price of BNB (Binance Coin) last week was $ 10, you would buy, this week it’s up to $ 15 and you sell, so you would profit $ 5 on each BNB. Many sellers in large numbers, such as 1000, 2000 BNB then they will earn huge profits. However, if the price is down, if you sell it, you lose. So when you buy you have to study and calculate carefully. There are 3 common methods:

  • Technical Analysis (You can learn more here)
  • Buy the Rumor and Sell the News (Detail)
  • Follow the signals of the experts (You even have to put money to buy signals)

But keep in mind that no method is absolute. And each person will have their own trading coin trick, hard to share widely. Starting with a small amount of money, do not be greedy is the first advice you give yourself if you want to enter the world of Crypto Currency.

Make Money online with T-shirt Business

Talking about T-shirt you will think that selling a shirt will not be very profitable. And there are not many buyers, or you can not afford to create and operate a production process and sell t-shirts.

But you will have to think again if:

  • You do not need to produce t-shirts
  • You do not need to ship the shirt to the customer
  • You do not need customer support
  • Profits ranging from $ 15- $ 20 per shirt
  • You only need a computer connected to the internet to work.

In fact, for many years, selling T-shirts is a form of making money online, which has helped many people earn extremely high incomes in the short term, from a few hundred, several thousand to several tens of thousands of dollars a month. To start approaching this form, you need to thoroughly understand the operational patterns of the sales platforms and understand what steps you need to take.


In addition, T-shirt business is also known for two forms of making money online famous are:

  • Create a store with Shopify: You will create a store using the shopify platform, and use the built-in application, link to the printing and shipping company. When customers purchase through your website, orders will automatically be sent to these third party companies, the money will be automatically divided into your account and partners.
  • Merch by Amazon: Appear at the end of 2015, Merch by Amazon is the # 1 choice for the designers. Many good designers can earn a few thousand dollars a month just by designing and uploading to Merch Amazon. Amazon is a huge e-commerce site and the number of customers looking for products on it or on Google is also great every day. Thanks to that you have the potential to sell a lot of clothing without having to promote. However you have to know the optimum technique so that when customers find the keywords will see your shirt.

Shopify will not be suitable for newbies because of the many skills required, newbies should sell through platforms (Teespring and some other options). Merch Amazon is increasingly competitive, sellers dumping a lot and stealing each other’s ideas is a painful problem. But this is also a fertile soil if you know how to do it.

Make money online with PPC Networks

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. This means that when your site or video links to an ad network, they will pay you for having users from your website / video click on the ad. This form of making money online is known with two famous forms that are make money with Youtube and make money with Google Adsense. Speaking of PPC you probably will not be able to imagine it, but if it comes to Youtube and Adsense then most of us have heard, because around us people make money with it a lot.

  • Youtube: Find topics, create channels, create video content => attract viewers to a certain level will enable ads and links to Adsense account to make money.
  • Adsense: Find topics, create a website, create content for the web, sign up for an Adsense content account (or buy an account) and add ads to your site. Then find ways to increase traffic to make money.

In addition, Facebook also allows you to make money with this method, called Facebook Audience Network, because not many people do and Facebook only allows ads in Instant Articles so I have not mentioned much, you can find out yourself.

Fulfillment By Amazon và Dropshipping

These are two forms of making money online I do not participate in, but many people are doing & I will give you a brief overview of general content.

Dropshipping is a form of intermediary sales. Your job is to find customers on e-commerce sites (for example, you are a seller on amazon, ebay, …) or you create your own website to promote products, and you do not have goods available. When you have a customer, you will ship this order to a wholesaler or dealer who will send the item to the customer. Then you get a profit margin.

With Dropshipping, you will not have to worry about backlog issues. You can sell the price higher than the amount you paid to the distributor of the product even 2 or 3 times and be active on the payment (you will receive money directly from the customers). As you can see Dropship is a form that can require a little capital, even if you do not have the capital, you do not need to import. The FBA, on the contrary, we learn together.

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon –  is an Amazon service that allows you to build a warehouse at Amazon, and Amazon will help you preserve, manage and ship goods to your customers. But this is not a form for people with little capital, because you have to have new goods listed in the amazon store. And want to have the goods you have to buy money, the cost is not limited, you have much to buy more, less to buy less, and depending on your item.

Get paid when making money online

Many people are new to making money online and ask: “How are they going to pay us?”

Currently with the development of technology, many payment gateway is born. It is quite easy to transfer money internationally, you only need to make some necessary accounts and cards.

get paid


MMO is very diverse, so besides the ways I mentioned there are also other forms that you can apply to make money online. For example, if you have a little skill, you can make money by freelance is also a good way.

Making money online is not easy at all, but the above is the kind of advice I recommend you pursue because you can easily recognize the potential for income, long-term sustainability. No need to rush, you can slowly learn and choose the form that suits yourself based on your inherent strengths.

Images credit: Pixabay, Google Image.

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