Keyword Research Definitions And How To Do Keyword Research


Before you conduct keyword research, you need to understand the most basic concepts, as well as the most overview of a process to select the potential keywords to start developing a website.

So what are keywords and keyword research? What steps do you have to take? The answer will be in this article.

Keywords and keyword research

SEO is increasingly competitive. The later you start, the more disadvantage you will encounter. However, many started after, but they soon surpassed their opponents. Because they have a reasonable and scientific strategy to develop website from the beginning.

And keyword research is an important step in their strategy. First let’s find out what the keyword is.

A keyword is a word or phrase that users type in the Google search bar to search for something on the internet they are interested in to find out more information, to buy, to download into their computer.

NOTE: The above concept applies only in the SEO. In other fields, the keyword will have a different definition.

On average, there are about over 40,000 search queries per second on Google. This is a huge number, potential for those who make blogs, make money websites, develop services on the website.

If you make the most of this, your website will have plenty of traffic every day.

People will look for what they care about on google. The keywords they search for have different characteristics for the number of words, the competition, the search volume per month, the intention of the customer. Keyword research is based on these characteristics.

Keyword research is the process by which you use the tools and techniques to find a set of keywords that are reasonable for your website. Based on this set of keywords you will build content and this is the core of your website.

You – the website developer must find the right keywords for the purpose of website development.

If you want people to find something on google that your site shows up on the top, then you have to optimize the website with the search engines. Keyword research is the first step in many other stages of SEO.

Why keyword research is important?

If you build a website, then randomly select a certain keyword to start Onpage Optimization and writing content then you may go in the wrong direction. This will cost you a lot of work, time, even money.

Because you can not know how many searches you will have with each keyword you choose. You will not know how competitive that keyword is, as well as its potential.

If you do not perform this step carefully with tools like Google Keyword Planner, you will probably miss out on many other potential keywords that this software does not display.

Keyword research gives you a lot of important benefits, it will give you the right direction right from the start. It will give you the background to build content, help you to better understand your customers.

It will also help you know what your opponents are doing, whether you can beat them or not

How To Do Keyword Research

For many newbies, keyword research is difficult because there are no precise guidelines. The keyword research will depend on the field, the purpose and the way of website development, product type, service,…

However, basically, it will have the following main steps:

1. Determine the field of website development.

This step is relatively easy because you can develop your website in any field. If you have your own product or service, it’s easier to get started, because you know what you sell, who your customers are from the beginning.

If you do not own any products or services to sell, you can choose the following:

This stage is also called niche research. Here you will have to research and decide which field to develop your website. Sometimes it is also necessary to combine your talents and interests to make the final decision.

2. Identify the seed keywords.

This is the easiest step in keyword research. You just have to think about what users search on google to find to your site. Then select a few keywords, each word has about 2 ~ 3 letters.

For example if your website’s topic is weight loss then you can choose the keyword seeds such as: weight loss blog, weight loss diet, weight loss bill, weight loss programs, weight loss foods, etc.

The purpose of finding the keyword seed is that we are using the “niching down” technique in analyzing niche and keyword. It means that from a large niche, we will dissect it into micro-niche (smaller niche).

Then we continue to analyze and research these keywords and start building our website.

3. Research in depth and measure how competitive the keyword is

Once you’ve made the easiest step, it’s going to be the hardest step in keyword research. In fact It is not difficult if you are already skilled.

This step will include:

  • Examining sub keywords / keywords related to the seed keyword mentioned above.
  • Measuring the monthly search volume of keywords
  • Determining the number of letters in each keyword
  • Measuring relevance to the target keyword
  • Considering keyword competition

4. Select and group keywords

From the factors considered in step 3, you will be able to select many of the desired keywords. Usually you should choose long or medium keywords, you should not choose short keywords with around 2-3 letters because the level of competition is very high.

Once you have chosen the keywords you want, you must categorize your keywords so that you can build the best content. There will be three main groups of keywords:

  • Buyer Keyword: Users find these keywords to find out about the item and tend to spend money to purchase, use the service.
  • Information keywords: Users searching for these keywords to find information, knowledge about the field of your website.
  • Tire Kicker Keywords: Users looking for these keywords to get or get something for free on the internet.

Depending on the purpose of your website development, you will categorize these keyword groups. For example:

  • Buyer Keywords: Best food for Weight loss, Weight loss Pack, weight loss pills, best weight loss pill, weight loss clinic, weight loss dvd, weight loss medicine,…
  • Information keywords: How to lose weight effectively, tips to lose weight, How to lose weight fast, Weight loss without dieting, vegetarian weight loss, quick weight loss tips…
  • Tire Kicker Keywords: weight loss ebook, free weight loss program, weight loss software, Weight loss program voucher, Weight loss coupon,…

5. Focus on developing for each group

You should focus on the three types of keywords mentioned above, for the purpose of developing that website is to attract as many traffic as possible.

This means that the more people who visit your site, the more likely you are to earn money.

But if your resources are limited, then I recommend you to focus on the Buyer Keywords and build the content on the information keywords.

The keyword research process will end here and you will move on to another very difficult but equally interesting process: content marketing.


Keyword research is a process that every website builder must do, it will not be difficult if you work hard.

Having a good set of keywords will not only help you get a lot of hits from Google, but it can also lead to a better business for you, so you can make more money with your site.

I will continue to update my knowledge of keyword research in subsequent articles.

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