Making money online is hard or easy? How hard is making money online?

Make Money Online Is Hard Or Easy? How much can you earn per month with it? How much time should you use? … are the questions that I receive the most, but there is a fact that:

  • I do not know if you are passionate about making money online?
  • I do not know if you do your best?
  • I do not know about your level of computer skills?
  • I do not know about your ability to absorb the  knowledge in this field?
  • I do not know how persevering you are?

In this article, I will outline my own views on this topic… from the perspective of newbies.

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Three types of people when starting to make money online

Making money online is hard or easy? Can we make a lot of money from it? Actually I have no general answer, because each person’s circumstances when start is not the same. However I will be divided in three basic types:

  • Type 1: Intelligent, gifted, potential with MMO

Those of this type make money online very quickly because they have many talents such as good computer skills, good English, intelligent, quick thinking, good thinking. The people of this kind will achieve high achievement and success from early.

However, there are cases of failure, which is what I will say in the following article.

  • Type 2: Ordinary people with just enough of the ability to acquire knowledge

I am also in this style type. Not too good at knowledge and skills, but I can also start making money online as normal people. People of this type can try to nurture passion for making money online.

They have to constantly learn and especially have to practice a lot and get results. Their level will progress gradually over the years. After earning $1 from the MMO, you will know how to replicate to earn $ 10, $ 100, $ 1000 … and even more.

However, like the type 1 above, there are many people of this type failed to make money online.

  • Type 3: People who have no or very little knowledge and skill

This type of people is very slow development, they make money online very difficult and encountered many obstacles. The dropout rate is very high.

However, there are people who are very passionate about making money online. They persevere, learn and remain successful. They received the perfect result worthy of the dedication.

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How can you know what type you are?

If you are new, you certainly do not realize what kind of yourself above. There is only one way to find out is try it!

  • If you are passionate about MMO
  • If You want to make money without relying on others.
  • You want to take care of your own life
  • You do not want a headache for work at the company
  • You want to have money to care for your family

… You have to try out ways you can earn money that you love, enjoy it, MMO is a typical example.

After a period of learning and practice, you will recognize what you are. Most people will be of type 2, but there are also many of you type 1 (prodigy) and type 3 (not suitable for MMO).


Note: I do not encourage you to pursue MMO to the end if you do not have passion for it. Look for a job that you like, Because only passion in the work can help you get the joy in life. If you do not like sitting for hours on the computer, do not choose to make money online

I am sure most of you will have difficulty to earn the first money with MMO. But when you get it, you have your own recipe. You would think of a way to scale and optimize or how to speed things up, do more or think in a different direction.

Now you have reached a new level, which means that the initial challenges will not be difficult for you anymore

If you are really passionate and want to make money online, take the time to learn and practice.

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How much time should you devote to MMO?

If you are planning to make money online with 30 minutes or 1 hour per day, I advise you not to do, because it only cost you time and effort wasted. And you will quit early, because that time is too little! And really, those who are passionate about making money online never spend so little time on their passion.

The minimum requirement is that you have to spend at least 3 hours a day to start going to learn and start practicing making money online. For many, such time is not enough. So try to allocate as much time as possible!

Shorten your time on social networks, watching movies, listening to music,… You shouldn’t spend too much time on things that do not to bring the result to you in the future.

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