5 Reasons Bloggers Should Start Affiliate Marketing Immediately

It’s a fact that almost 100% of bloggers around the world are starting to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Personally I am no exception, the first money I earn from the internet is from affiliate marketing and so far affiliate marketing is still a top method that I apply on this blog itself.


Is it because affiliate marketing means you do not have to own the product, you do not need delivery, you still get attractive commissions? Not at all.

There are many more compelling reasons that I have found. It’s more than money, it’s value, it’s a process of cultivation, experience … In this article I will answer by giving 5 reasons to show you that any blogger should start with Affiliate Marketing immediately from the first day intending to build a blog.

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1. When you start a blog, the first time you will not have anything to sell, so you will have to start with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate with blog

As you all know, affiliate marketing means that you will promote other people’s products and receive commissions, which is a method that almost all bloggers in the world and even me apply.

I think that in the first six months, very few bloggers have their own products for sale, so they all start with affiliate marketing (ie they sell other people’s products and receive commissions), and this is the main reason.

2. If you do affiliate marketing on a blog then you will know What Your Audience Want

Because when you first start make money with affiliate marketing on your blog,  you sell other people’s products and in the process, you are still learning what your audience wants and needs, what products they are interested in buying, what price points they buy at, or what is the best way to sell to them.

For example:

  • If you start with a travel blog, you will usually advertise tours, hotel reservations or products related to tourism activities such as umbrellas, suitcases, …
  • But in the promotion of these products you will find that the ratio of people booking a hotel room is higher, the percentage of people buying airfare more, but the proportion of buyers of physical products such as parachute , Suitcases,… to serve the tourism is very little.
  • So you will know that the digital products for travel, travel such as booking air tickets, hotel reservations are good products. So you will know what products you are promoting that your customers, audiences will care about and buy the most.

That is the second reason: In the process you promote the product whether it is someone else’s but you still know that your audiences are interested in what type of product, what product they buy the most.

3. You are still learning what products you need to create and sell for customers

That means when you do affiliate marketing, you will find out your customers are very interested in products A, product B, product C,…

So when your blog grows you will know that the demand of most you audiences s are interested in is that these products A, B and C and you will develop similar products. So when you roll out your own products, there will be more people interested.

 Affiliate with blog

4. When you start with affiliate marketing you will learn a lot to develop yourself and your career

I emphasize that you will learn a lot of things and especially you will learn the knowledge of Internet Marketing. Because affiliate marketing is all about having to use the internet, you have to use internet marketing techniques to promote other people’s products.

You can not distribute flyers, nor can direct sales like direct business models, because the nature of affiliate marketing is marketing for customers to buy through your link on a website, Blog, internet. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn about Internet Marketing.

That is, you will learn the techniques of creating content, marketing techniques to promote that content through methods like SEO on Google, paid traffic on social networks by running ads. You will need to use the knowledge of funnel, email marketing, … all these activities are Internet Marketing. Therefore, in order to succeed with affiliate marketing you will have to learn that knowledge.

So is that knowledge good for you in the blogging job or not, I completely assert that it is extremely good? When you have your own product, when you develop your blog, all that knowledge applies to your work, because it is Internet Marketing.

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5. The final reason: The opportunity for you to make money will be faster, easier than other forms.

If you start with Google Adsense ads, I am sure to sign up for a Google Adsense account you will need at least 3 months, maybe 6 months or more than 6 months.

If you register your account successfully, then it is a long process so that you can earn the first money with Google Adsense. But if you start with affiliate marketing then the chances of you getting commissions will be higher and faster. From which you will have capital.

When you have the capital, you will realize that you have earned the first money on the internet so you will have the motivation to continue to develop your blogging work. So what is the capital for? That is, you will use it backwards to invest for the costs associated with the job. For example: blogs have costs such as hosting, domain, theme, plugin and other tools to do Internet Marketing. That is what you earn from affiliate marketing and then back again to invest in your blogging work, to make your blog look professional, your tools work more stable, better.

Then your blog will operate as a atm machine and you will easily increase your readership, develop content, collect email lists, and more. From there, you can build relationships with other bloggers that help interact with each other to develop your blog as an online business.

Affiliate with blog

I will summarize the following 5 reasons:

  • The first time because you have nothing to sell, you will have to sell other people’s products to receive commissions.
  • In the process of working with affiliate marketing you will know what your audiences are interested in and what they want to buy
  • Third, by evaluating what your customers are interested in so that when you start thinking of developing your own product, you will know what you need to create to meet the needs of your customers and target the reader’s interests
  • That will help you learn more about internet marketing knowledge
  • And finally, you will easily earn more money than other forms, from which you will have the capital to reinvest, to motivate yourself to continue the work of blogging, blog development into a successful online business – a job that requires a lot of time, effort and perseverance. Therefore, you will need to see income and you have the motivation to keep working.

This is the 5 reasons I want to share with you in this article. This is the experience, the lessons that I have realized during the development of online money making blog on the internet recently. And I would like to receive your opinions, share and experiences on these 5 reasons.

If you have any questions or share you can comment on in this article, I hope through these sharing we will discover more reasons, other benefits related to Start with affiliate marketing. I will try to respond to your comments within 24 hours. Thank you for reading this article!

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