What is Email Marketing? Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing

Whether you are an individual or a business promoting a product or service on the internet, collecting customer email is a core element that needs to be addressed at the present time.

In this article I will introduce the concept of email marketing, how to do email marketing properly, How do not bring trouble to customers, make customers happy, make your brand, products, services are more popular. I will also introduce tools for effective email marketing as well as tips to help you reach more customers through email.


What is email marketing?

The name says it all, it is marketing, promoting services via email (Mostly now people often use email as gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail… There are also some other customers who use strange email services or use email at their own domain name)

The purpose of this is to…

  • Make customers know your product or service (in a clever way)
  • Bring useful information to customers, aim to thank customers
  • Build your relationship with the customers so that they can trust and use your products, services
  • Take surveys, collect customer feedback to improve the quality of service / product.

Nowadays, the use of email has become very popular. Email appears in almost all areas of life, from business, health, education to entertainment, information, …

This leads to many people taking advantage of email marketing to spam searching customers. If you have not already done so, I advise you not to do it, which reduces your credibility, branding, and trust in your service. If you have spam then stop, that does not bring much effect, but the harm is very much.

Tips for Effective Email Marketing

How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

This blog specializes in making money online. I am an affiliate marketer who has many websites and blogs that bring in income for me… From the website selling amazon products, websites on services, health products, digital products, …

Making money with affiliate marketing is very beneficial that you do not need products, no customer care, very high commission,… If you want to find out about this topic, you can refer to the content on this blog.

And email marketing gives me very good income, and I never scan or buy email on the internet to conduct email marketing, here are three main reasons:

  • Cause lack of professionalism for your product or service
  • This is annoying for email readers, everyone hates SPAM
  • Your email will be filtered to the spam box. Nowadays most people use gmail. This tool has very accurate spam filters

I know a lot of people are doing it this way, and they have not achieved anything positive. So how to use email marketing effectively?

Step 1: Navigate your visitors to your website / blog / application

You navigate the visitor to your service website. You can SEO the main keywords on your service to top Google, people searching on google see your service and if they are interested in they will click on. Alternatively, you can also write articles related to the services, products that you are promoting.

This type of content will work very well if you do well. People go to your site to read the post, they will be very interested in your service, and you also make a good impression for them.

Or you can run ads google ads, facebook ads, banner, … to attract website visitors. But be sure that: these website visitors must be potential customers, that means they have the need and can afford to use your products / services.

Increase your traffic selectively, do not use traffic-boosting services or use autosuft tools to increase traffic ineffectively.

Some individuals, companies also use email marketing on the App, computer game, phone.

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Step 2: When potential customers read the content on your website, insert an Email Sign-Up Form there

For example:

  • Sign up for 30% discount when shopping (applicable to store website)
  • Sign up for a free gift, bonus, ebook, coupon,…
  • Enter your email and your name to register for a free trial

Do all the things that make customers feel excited to leave their email, then they will be impressed with your products, services more than a lot.

As you can see this site specializes in online money making guides. Look at the right column, there is place to Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you like, you can enter your email into it. That’s how I collect user email.

Step 3: When your customers trust you and leave their email, your next job is to keep your promise.

Next you have to fulfill your promise as committed in the email input field.

  • You must email the coupon to the customer
  • You must send the latest article updates to them
  • You must let customers try the products/services

You have to do what you promised!

Step 4: Impress the customer

You should not promote your product or service as soon as the customer just subscribes to your email, but give them a good impression of your product or service first.

Assuming you are a customer, you will know what they need from you. You can give your customers other offers, news, useful articles, or other quality trial services. If you do well, there will be a high percentage of customers who will definitely use your service.

Step 5: Introduce your products or services

Introduce your product or service as cleverly as possible to customers. I believe those customers who have received your pre-trial offers will buy your product or service soon.

Note that email marketing, content marketing, … are just tools. Pay special attention to the quality of your products, services and customer care.

Step 6: Customer care by email.

This is also an important step. If you want customers to continue to support you or introduce to their friends, quality of your service / product is a factor, another important factor is that your customer care must be really good.

Please email the customer the instructions so they can use your services and products in the best way. Provide bonuses to customers. Always thank customers for using the your service, product.

Step 7: Continue promoting your other products / services

Customers are interested in and use your service / product, will definitely be interested in related services / products. If you offer these products or services, let them know more about it.

If your previous service is good, with great support, they will not hesitate to continue to support you.

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Step 8: Get customer surveys, improve the quality of products and services

Customers always want your products, services better, more fully meet their needs. They will not hesitate to offer reviews or surveys to help your product or service improve.

Of course, after recording the measured input, you must improve your product / service as best as you can, So your product / service will grow sustainably.

Here below are 8 steps to email marketing in a standard process. Depending on the specific characteristics of the product or service, the process can be reduced or added.


Is email marketing difficult?

The answer is no. It’s easy because there are now many tools that help you optimize the process. You can do it easily without knowing, the email marketing system is completely automated, You just have to do some setup.

In the next articles I will guide you step by step to start effective email marketing campaign. The budget is not big, about a few tens of dollars a month is enough for you to maintain very effective.

Again, let’s say no to spam emails. Do email marketing in the best way, build the trust and your best relationship with customers through email marketing.

If you have any questions about this article please comment below, I will reply as soon as possible.

I wish you a good working day.

My personal recommendation: I know a lot of people are doing it this way, and they have not achieved anything positive. So how to use email marketing effectively?

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