5 steps to make money online at home and quit your 9-5 day job


Make money online full time at home! Sure you’ve heard it & you’ve probably already been skeptical about it! You even listen to make money while you sleep and you think it is … crazy or scam! So today I am here to prove to you that it is all real and possible. After nearly 2 years of blogging, now is the time for me to prove that with you: With a computer connected to the internet you can work at home, you can even help your wife quit the boring job! (If your wife wants to!)

If you are feeling trapped in the sensation of waking up at 6am, rush out to the street in a hurry, arrive at work with laziness and try to finish work at 5pm. The following 5 steps below are likely to be a solution for you.

Let’s start learning about making money online and consider this as a secondary project at the present time but will be the main in the future. Actually, I’m sure most people who start learning about making money online have a formal job (unless you’re a student or unemployed like I used to).

5 steps to make money online

Let’s start to find out about:

  • What is Making Money Online?
  • How many ways to make money online?
  • Which way is most sustainable?
  • How to generate passive income from the internet?
  • How to build an online business?

This is exactly the 5-step route you need to do!

Step 1: You need to understand and believe that making money online is real

There are so many articles about making money online but the simplest definition is: you use the internet to generate income! That means you can work online, with just a computer connected to the internet. This job does not require you to work on time, you can work from home, work while people are sleeping or even you can work on travel.

However, understanding is not enough, you have to believe that making money online is real, is really potential job if you do right and is very interesting job! Why do you need to believe? Because if you do not believe in making money online, you will not commit to this job, you can give up early because you have not seen the results in a short time. But the question now is that how to believe?

It is very hard to believe while you read or see the results of others. I bet you only believe (and believe it!) When you earn the first money from the internet! Even so, two years ago when I started learning about making money online, I saw a lot of people show great income! But honestly I did not believe it, and only when I earned $80 first from the internet then officially I really believe. So how to earn the first money from the internet??

Step 2: Identify a form of making money online and pursue to the end!

Many people can not earn their first earnings from the internet because they pursue many forms at the same time. Today they found an article about making money with Google Adsense that they started to work, but not long after they found that making money with Youtube seems more attractive so they switched to create video channel. Then they find that affiliate marketing has more potential, so they are turning to affiliate marketing.

In this way, they try all the way to the other, but they do not get the results and eventually they lose faith in the job and… give up! So to avoid this situation, I recommend you to learn the most popular ways to make money online, then consider and choose the one that best suits you.

However, you should remember that there are many popular ways to make money online, but choosing the right one for yourself is not easy. The goal is to make money online full time at home and step away from 8-5 job, so you need to determine a method of making money online guaranteed two factors:

  • Most popular
  • Most sustainable (You take the initiative & It has the ability to help you generate passive income)

For example: Is Making money with Youtube a popular form? Definitely Yes? an it help you generate passive income? But Is making money with Youtube 100% sustainable? I’m afraid no! Because making money with Youtube is a way to make money that you use the social platform Youtube to generate income. When you rely on any platform, you are always dependent on the policy of the platform. You can not decide for yourself the “fate” as well as your work. If that platform works well, you can even make money from it. But if it stops working (or changes the policy), you risk losing it! Saying so is not that I advise you not to make money with Youtube. You can still do it but you need to have a sustainable planning strategy with the next roadmap. Saying so is not that I advise you not to make money with Youtube. You can still do it but you need to have a sustainable planning strategy with the next roadmap.

Step 3: Build your brand and become an expert in your chosen field

Continue with the example of making money with Youtube above, if you just concentrate on making money you will probably make a lot of money from Youtube. But that does not mean you earn money forever and forever. As I mentioned Youtube can change policies, even shut down (if they want, or because their business fails). So what is a sustainable strategy to not be 100% dependent on Youtube? That is buiding your own brand and become an expert in your chosen field!

Build your brand

The easiest way to do this is building a personal blog where you can share your own experiences and knowledge. You can guide people how to build and develop a youtube channel, how to create an engaging video, how to generate income from Youtube. All of these will gradually make you to be an expert in the field you are pursuing. And even if YouTube is closed, you are still well-known, trusting as a person who is capable of making videos and making money from those videos. And just as you become an expert in the eyes of everyone, you have the opportunity, you still have ways to generate income from the internet.

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In short, in any form of online monetization, if you want to generate sustainable income, the formula to remember is: Work hard to create results + Build a brand & become an expert = Make money sustainably!

Step 4: Create passive income from the internet

There is a famous saying: “If you can not earn money while you are sleeping, you will have to work to the end of your life!” The same When you are in the business of making money online, if you can not create a model that can bring in passive income, then you probably will have to work with computers until the end of your life!

So what is passive income from the internet? You simply need to create an online business model that can bring in revenue even when you are not working. This model can replace you to work and generate income, ie you do not need to trade time to generate income. Can this be done? Definitely have! And a lot of people have done it successfully. How?

This is simple. The final goal is to know how to create your own product or service. Then you use the tool to operate sales of products and services automatically. That means you take advantage of the internet to be able to sell for you 24/7/365 days.

Just when you wake up in the morning, you check your account and see the money rise last night, then you can officially declare that: I made a passive income! If you have not done this yet, do not rush to make sustainable online money and you should not leave your 9-5 job even if it’s boring!

Step 5: Expand the online business model to have more than one source of passive income

In step 4 you already own at least one passive income source. Now it is time to expand or scale up your online business model to create more than one source of income from the internet. Personally I have quite a lot of experience in this matter, in the early time when I first joined making money from the internet I almost focused entirely on generating income from affiliate marketing.

But over time I realize that any online monetization model can not last forever, even affiliate marketing too. Because advertisers (owners of products / services) may stop cooperating with you, affiliate marketing networks may also shut down at any time. So you should never rely entirely on any online monetization model if you want to achieve financial freedom and be able to work full time at home. Expand your business model by finding other potential markets, creating your own products / services to reduce dependency, and applying multiple ways to earn more than one source of income.

For example: If you own a pet-themed blog, you need to be an expert in this field so that you can create products / services (ebooks, consulting, training, etc.) to sell to your customers. You can also think of Google Adsense to create a source of income from the blog, create a video channel where can share tips tips, training … to make money with Youtube Partner program. That is how to maximize your income from the internet!


Being able to make money online full time is not easy because you will need to learn, experiment, fail, and rework many times. And more importantly, it takes you a long time to generate a passive income stream! Nowadays, the job of earning money online is paid for by many people who pursue and pursue but the number of people who can work full time is not much. So I hope this article has provided you with a basic roadmap to help you have a clearer mindset.

In short, if you really want to pursue a full time job online in the future:

  • Find and identify the most appropriate form, pursue it to prove to people that you are successful.
  • Become an expert or stay on top in the field you are pursuing, continue to share your experiences on a personal blog to build credibility and brand. Then launch your own products / services.
  • Finally, do not forget to automate the online business process and expand the model to create more than a passive income stream.

What do you think about this 5-Step Roadmap and what step are you in? I would love to hear more from you!

Images source: OnlineWorkUS.com, jefflenney.com, Elegant Themes

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