What is an Authority affiliate site & Why Should You Care?

Authority Site – A new concept with newcomers to MMO or affiliate marketing in particular. However, it is not strange to those who made money with Amazon Affiliate many years ago. In a nutshell, the authority site is a website about a certain area that is built and developed in a single process from year to year and generates a sustainable profit from it. If you do Affiliate Marketing or Google Adsense then these Authority Site will usually be developed in the form of blog.

An Authority Site is also known as a Nichesite, which is developed on a larger scale. Its content not only revolves around topics in a small niche but that will cover all the small topics in a large field. Cloudliving.com, for example, is also an authority blog in the field of making money online, online marketing.

Authority Site

What is an authority site?

Authority site: A website you create is developed under a relatively broad topic. For example, health, sports, animals, fashion, beauty,… You develop quality content daily, monthly, yearly… So after a while your website will be strong enough and can be called an Authority Site.

You can make money with the Authority Site in different ways such as: Affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, selling personal products, business services, create personal brand,… And the Authority site was developed to make money with affiliate marketing called the Authority Affiliate Site.

The concept is simple. You will make a blog site, direct the way to make money initially and build quality content for this website. From there you will earn income from affiliate marketing. Some affiliate networks that you can register like: Accesstrade, Amazon, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Commission Junction, Shareasale,…

To be more specific, I will give you some examples:

  • Cozyhome101: Authority site for home furnishings
  • Switchbacktravel: Authority Site for travel
  • Soundguys: Authority on audio equipment

Authority Site vs. Nichesite: Which is more difficult?

What is an Authority affiliate site

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If you have ever known to make money with Nichesite Affiliate then you can see it almost like the authority site. Also develop a blog site under a topic that is enough to make money with affiliate marketing. But the key difference is that nichesite is a niche development with the promotion of a number of mainstream products, while the authority site is a large market.

In terms of difficulty, of course a little niche will be easier, both in understanding knowledge and implementing content. However, in the long run, a big market will be extremely profitable in terms of profit.

You can also say nichesite as a “mini model” of the authority site. This means that an authority site could be developed from a rising nichesite. When you have a nichesite  that generates income, you can grow it a little, share more knowledge, more directories (But must be the same market), after a while it becomes the authority site.

As such, the authority site is a little overwhelmed with newcomers in many ways: knowledge, time, resources & especially capital. However, it does bring in quite a good income, so it attracts many MMOers to learn about deployment. I know quite a lot of people earn $5000 a month or more in this form. (More than 50% use the Authority Site to make money with Amazon affiliate program.)

If you want to start, I always recommend building a website for a small niche first, then grow to the authority site later. Note the name of the website or domain name must be brand name, not a niche name.

Advantages & Potential when making money with Authority site

Along with Nichesite, the authority site is always the first choice for affiliate marketing enthusiasts as well as the developers of the website today. Especially those who already have an affiliate knowledge base, and have good resources & finance. Here are the main reasons why the authority affiliate site is always a sustainable path for anyone.

  • Long-term stability

Any website or blog authority you build if you are passionate about building good content for it, long-term development, having good SEO plans, many top keywords appearing in the top Google, will attract more visitors per day.

As such, the higher the number of visits, the more likely customers are to buy your product. (Of course you have to research the keyword from the beginning). And when your site has grown, you can not do anything everyday but still earn money from affiliate. And you will have an income not only large but also passive.

  • Resell site for high prices

Once you have developed the Authority site for a while and profit from it. If you want to sell it to develope another site, you can sell it for x10, x20 or more than the profit it brings monthly. You can visit on Flippa, there are many Authority sites that are sold at very high prices, which can be up to $ 500k or in millions.

The reason is quite simple. Many individuals, teams or companies have large financial resources and they hunt and purchase authority sites for continued development and optimization. They look for built-in, content-rich sites that have made a lot of money and deployed multiple methods to maximize their monthly profits.

  • You do not have to create your own product

This is a specialty from affiliate marketing, you just promote the product to others for profit. For customer care, shipping or support, you do not need to care.

  • Enhance personal experience

To do a complete authority site you have to go through a lot of different steps such as building a website, keyword research, content building, web site layout, SEO keywords, optimize profits,… If you are really passionate and serious about your job, your marketing skills and affiliate marketing experience will grow rapidly over time. Not just about affiliate marketing, you can apply the skills you have in the traditional business or any other form.

  • Earn money from Adsense or PPC Network

If you build a website with good traffic. Apart from affiliate marketing, Google Adsense or other PPC Network is also a good way to get more money for website development. Especially international sites, the click advertising will bring you very good sales. No need to place Google Adsense ads, you can choose any PPC Network which brings better profit. Since there are many niche ad networks created, niche content sites will bring in better profits, up to a few dollars per click for highly competitive niches.

  • Passive Income & Freedom

What do you think if one day you do not work anymore to travel or do other things, your website still brings income every day? Nowadays, many young people retire early because they have a lot of stable authority sites that bring in high income. Or they still work, but they are free both in space and time. They can work anywhere, whenever they want, or become a “Digital Nomad“.

What is an Authority affiliate site

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IT skills & passion

After reading all of the above, I assert that many of you are fond of the authority site, would love to find out and get started on some niche, build nichesite and then grow to the authority site. However, I assert, only a very small percentage can do to the end. Left will give up, the two main reasons are:

+ Not enough patience, passion to pursue

+ Computer skills are too weak

  • Passion

Passion is a very important thing when you do any work, including MMO or building Authority site too. If you are tired of sitting on the computer, feeling tired of the process is too complicated, I recommend leaving the dream of making money online because you will belong to the masses of people who fail. If you do not have passion from the beginning but you think for your career, learn to love these jobs!

Failure will come to you not once, but many times. If you do not have passion and love in the workplace, your will will collapse. Building an Authority Site, it is a process. You can not do a few months and expect it to generate sustainable income for you. If you have some income in the first few months, is it just unsustainable income and a fortune. For better results, you need to be persistent. The persistence and seriousness will come from your passion.

  • IT skills

It is very difficult to do everything online when your computer skills are weak. Many people still do not know how to use basic Word or Excel. Even the registration of a certain page account is difficult for them. Not to mention later they also have to use a lot of tools and softwares.

So if you want to step into the field, at least learn how to use the computer proficiency, as fast as possible. Also, you need to have self-learning skills when faced with any sort of operational handicaps, almost all of which are available online, do not depend on anyone.

Steps to build an Authority Site

Authority Site requires you to have a lot of initial capital. In addition to buying hosting, domain names, article rentals, … about $200 to $500, you still need a minimum of $200 to maintain each month.

This means that in addition to the original content for the site, you need to add a variety of different content types to the site each month. And a lot of paid tools and services help you to quickly get top on the search engines. When and only if your site is on the top search engines, you can earn revenue.

You can do it faster with more money & effort to invest more articles. Your website can start to bring about the first revenue around 5-6 months. However, breakeven may take up to a year or more. Once you have the income then you can optimize it to make it easier x2, x3 income. The affiliate authority site development is long term so you do not need to hurry, and if you want to make money right away with this method you can not.

Here I will give a brief overview of the process of building an Authority Affiliate Site for you:

  • Step 1: Prepare mindset
  • Step 2: Research the market, niche, website topic
  • Step 3: Research Affiliate Networks, choose which network affiliate is best for your website
  • Step 4: Research the keywords related to the site topic
  • Step 5: Choose the products related to the website topic that you intend to promote
  • Step 6: Buy domain hosting, prepare to build a website
  • Step 7: Hire content maker for website
  • Step 8: Make the website more friendly to Google (SEO Onpage)
  • Step 9: Build quality backlinks, promote your content (SEO Offpage)
  • Step 10: Repeat step 6,7,8 every week, every month
  • Step 11: Optimize your website, optimize your income

What is an Authority affiliate site


Within this article, I will not be able to share the details to you step by step. However, you can find the basic guidelines on the internet. But keep in mind that no one will show you all. You have to rely on your background knowledge. And creativity is the key to breakthroughs.

Building an Authority Site process will be a collection of different skills. So you can explore these individual skills through Google. With each skill you do well, it will be a solid brick to build your website strong.

My blog has a lot of knowledge, but marketing knowledge is huge. Please refer to the various sources of any skill, take time to learn & practice a lot. You will progress over time!

Finally, if the Authority Site is overpowered with you. Do not rush it, start with Nichesite to get first.

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