Content writing trends that will increase conversion rates in 2019

Content writing trends

Years ago, the friendly SEO content and dedication to each article to create the conversion rates is often forgotten. Simply because it costs a lot of effort and money. On the other hand, shortcut tactics bring about rapid results so many people jump into the shortcut and lose in the market changing day by day.

But in 2018 and surely in 2019, the trend of writing content to increase conversion rates will be more attention than ever. The wrongdoers began to realize and flinched back to the orthodox way.

So what will be special about the trend of writing content to increase conversion rates in 2019? What do you need to prepare for the Dothraki fight? Let’s get started!

Users need real value

Content writing trends next year will surely grab the user’s satisfaction as the focus of development. Following the evolution of the 4.0 revolution, access to official and high-quality sources of user data has grown. Therefore, the level of demand and ability to evaluate the quality of each content for them increasingly higher.

So if you keep the old fashioned way of over-flattering your product or service and drawing in front of them the unrealistic things, you’ll be like a clown in their eyes.

What users need is knowledge from the experts, values that fit their circumstances and their actual needs. Even the content that denigrates the product itself has created a sky-high conversion rate. Can you believe it?

So in 2019, if you want to develop a Content Marketing strategy, spend over 70% of your effort on the user. Just under 30% left for optimum techniques is enough. Remember, our ultimate goal is to make our own conversion, where the person who decides the conversion efficiency is the user. Never Google!

Title and description are the keys to every problem

Remember! Before a user visits your site, the first thing they see are Title and Meta Description. Therefore, the trend of writing content increases the conversion rate in 2019 and many years later will focus on these two factors first.

Title and description

About title

A title that helps you increase your conversion rate will converge on the following factors:

  • Length of <70 characters
  • Contains the main keyword of the article, the keyword as close to the beginning as possible
  • Contains positive elements to attract readers as well, unique, cheap, reputed …
  • Contains characters as prominent titles such as square brackets, bold, capital letters from categories such as TOP, TIPS, TRICKS…
  • Absolutely do not indiscriminately write capitals in title

Meta Description

The description will be the place to summarize the entire content of the article and this is the very little attention paid to doing well. A description of the increase in conversion rates will meet the requirements:

  • Length of <160 characters
  • Contains primary keyword
  • Use open question and call to click

Using Thin Content is suicide

How will a page be judged as thin content? Here I’m just sharing the perceptions of the user so we know why the conversion rate is down. On the search engine, you will not be able to bypass algorithms.

Here are some of the recognition factors that you should be aware of:

  • The content is too short and monotonous, focusing only on product / service promotion
  • A website that focuses solely on sales and does not have real content that benefits the user is also vulnerable to thin content. Although users have to visit this site, they also have no sympathy for the purchase
  • Make too many links to links or ad pages. At this time though the article is good, the sympathy and experience of the user has also lost
  • Poor image, video, unrelated topic, ugly, irregular size

So how to increase the conversion rate for pages that are labeled Thin Content?

  • Add as many articles on How to, Tips, Trick, Top list, Buying Guide … as possible
  • Increase the length of all posts, describe the product up to 300 words and create SEO structure
  • Reduce the number of link out per page and turn off popup frames
  • Sync the image size, compress the image, select the media that’s related to the topic


The above is my share of the content writing trend to increase conversion rates in 2019. And you see that, this is a journey with no shortcuts. Only the thorny road takes you to the peak of success!

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