Google AdSense vs. Affiliate Marketing: Which one is better for you?


You want to make a website for the purpose of making money… it can be a blog sharing your experience, or a blog guiding something, or a news site,… You are in the process of finding ways to make money with your website.

One problem is that you do not have anything to sell on your website. You learn and know there are two popular and potential forms of making money online on website without the product to sell… that is making money with Google Adsense ads, and make money with the promotion of people’s products – affiliate marketing.

Are you wondering what method to make money with your blog, or choose both? The article below will help you to choose the appropriate method with ease.

1. Concepts of Affiliate marketing and Google Adsense

There are many articles on the internet that clearly explain the two forms, so in this article I will not represent all the details.

You can refer to these articles about affiliate marketing and google adsense.

Google Adsense

This is the form that you will register with Google, confirming to Google that you have a blog, website, and webiste that qualifies and can serve ads from Google Adwords. If you are approved by google, ads (with different sizes) will show up on your site. Each time the visitor clicks on the ad, you will receive the money.

Affiliate marketing

You will promote the products of other people, companies to share the profits with them. This form is popular all over the world, especially in developed countries. You do not need products, no customer care, no need to hand over products to customers, your only job is to promote products to receive commissions.

2. Your blog content determines the choice of monetization.

As I said, there are many forms of making money with websites, it also depends on your ability and knowledge.

For example, if you are a complete newbie then you can not build a blog about WordPress or a blog on SEO and promote with affiliate marketing. Since you have no knowledge to share, readers will not trust you.

You need to spend a lot of time learning and practicing. Only when you have enough knowledge then you can start writing.

Topics related to technology, online marketing or making money online are difficult topics, requiring you to have experienced before then you can make a blog about them. So if you are new to MMO then you should not choose these topics for your blog.

But you can be an expert in another field. There are many fields that need a short time to learn and can develop blogs such as mindset development,… or many fileds you are good at… for example: foreign languages, gymnastics, etc.

If you feel you are not good or knowledgeable about anything, news blogs, funny blogs, funny clips, .. are topics that anyone can do.

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Choosing affiliate marketing or google adsense to start making money also depends mainly on the content of your blog, I will sort out now.

3. Make money with blogs that are capable of attracting a lot of traffic

Every day when you visit Facebook, you can see a lot of sites, blogs like these. These are mainly news blogs that provide sensational news. In general, they are informative and entertaining, while others are online newspapers, or blogs from different sources.

And it’s easy to see that nobody is going to promote affiliate products or even personal products on these blogs, but most of them will place Google ads or ads from other networks.

Why? Here are the main reasons:

  • News and entertainment blogs do not focus on a particular topic, whereas customers who buy affiliate products mostly rely solely on sites that focus on the topic of the product they are buying.
  • Visitors to these websites also come from a variety of sources, not focused on a specific audience
  • Sites such as this are for entertainment purposes and provide no credibility to create conversions (purchase behavior). With affiliate marketing, when customers buy, they need 1 (or a group of experts) to introduce the product, not from the newspaper like this.

So, Google Adsense is a great choice for news and entertainment blogs, because they often attract more visitors. With Google Adsense, the more visitors you have the more money. Visitors come to the website, read the news, see the ad and click on it, you will receive money.

In this case, affiliate marketing will not be appropriate. The reason I mentioned above. I have not seen any news sites that promote affiliate products. If so, they may be new or their site has not been approved by Google Adsense and they are trying to find a form of monetization other than Google adsense.

4. Are you a blog expert about a certain field?

You are good at SEO, you are good at WordPress, you are good at Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Designer, you are a specialist in running, fitness, beauty, cuisine, … and you are writing a blog to guide, share your knowledge for everyone?

At this point you should think of making money with affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing is now popular for almost all fields. Although you can still make money with google adsense but in my opinion, affiliate marketing will be more potential and will bring you better income.

In addition, you can create your own product or service to market. However, in this article I am just comparing between affiliate marketing and adsense so I will not say more about creating and selling our products and services.

Why You Should Choose Affiliate Marketing? Here is the answer:

First, focus on building a blog about a particular niche, usually blogs share knowledge, learning, experience … and these blogs do not attract as much traffic as the news sites or e. So making money with google adsense is not potential.

While these types of sites have low traffic, there is a trait that readers come to your blog because of the need for knowledge, not entertainment. And you can completely rely on their need to make money. They can read your articles, trust what you recommend to serve their needs in the field they are inquiring about.

For example, your blog is a travel blog, a high possibility that readers are travelling or are about to travel. You can register as an affiliate for the hotel, or book airline tickets, tours,…

Or if your blog is in the field of sharing site building tips and WordPress tips, you can completely register as an affiliate for hosting / domains / premium themes and plugins providers.

Second, Google Adsense ads are misleading, many people do not work in the field as they are so they do not know which ads are displayed by Google or your referrals.

And if you build a blog on a certain topic and your website has a steady traffic, if you put ads of google adsense, you will be targeted ads of some services in the field that you are doing. Because google adword has a target function to display ads by website content.

If you are building your personal brand, do not put google adsense ads at all. Since many of the adsense ads on your website are products, services are not really good or the ads from your competitors. So you have accidentally PR products or websites for others under your credibility. It is okay for people who know it is from google, but most people who do not work in the field will not know.

You can also see personal branding blogs, with quality content that will never put google adsense. Almost they choose affiliate marketing or sell their products, services, PR for their brand.

5. Besides Google Adsense, you should choose affiliate marketing to make money

There is no denying that Google Adsense is a method of making money online that is extremely prestigious, long lasting, can bring you large amounts of passive income. However, if you only choose Google Adsense to do then you are ignoring a huge treasure from affiliate marketing.

If you are a newcomer then getting accepted from Google Adsense is very difficult, so you should also consider starting with affiliate marketing while building content and wait for approval from Google Adsense.

Here are some of the most basic reasons why I recommend you.

  • New people are not easy to sign up for Google Adsense.

If you are new to MMO, if you want to get a Google adsense account to earn money, you need a website. Website content must be useful to the user and be sure to meet the requirements of Google.

It is not easy for a newbie to get a complete website and meet all the criteria.

  • With affiliate marketing, you have many options – with Adsense, you will depend on Google.

Building a website is becoming easier and more popular. Everything to make money will become increasingly competitive. SEO or Google Adsense will also change with new algorithms.

Moreover, the unfair competition in the field of Google Adsense quite popular. Someone even writes tools to click on the ad of the opponent, making Google mistakenly thinking you are deliberately clicking on your own ads to receive money.

And if one day, your Google Adsense account is banned, then there is nothing strange. Your earnings are stagnant, it takes days for you to have another adsense account and it costs you a lot of money, so it’s no different than your earnings are being dependent on by Google.

At this point you should think of another way to make money, affiliate marketing will be a good choice next. And with affiliate, there are countless networks or affiliate marketing programs that you can choose from.

In every niche, there will be a lot of products from different affiliate programs for you to promote, you do not have to depend solely on a single program.

  • Affiliate marketing can help you get better at something.

The rule of affiliate marketing is that the better you are, the more knowledge you have about the field you are doing, then you will be trusted and more customers will buy products through your affiliate link.

For example if you choose to do affiliate marketing for the WordPress source field, you need to find out about WordPress, so that you can give your tutorials, reviews and experiences to everyone.

As a process, your knowledge will improve over time. And once you are a specialist in a certain field, you will realize you can absolutely earn a lot of money from that field.

Google Adsense also helps you better, especially the skills of SEO or traffic navigation from social networks. However, if you look at the potential opportunities to improve yourself, develop specialized skills, marketing skills then I would advise to choose affiliate marketing.

Because when you come minto play of affiliate marketing, it is as you are selling your products, you have to find ways to get customers.

6. You will earn more money with Google Adsense or Affilate Marketing

There will be no exact answer to this question, as there are people making more money with google adsense than earning money with affiliate marketing, and vice versa…

This feature not only exists between google adsense or affiliate marketing but it is also a common feature for making money online, and even in the real world. Each person is born gifted, characteristics, strengths so a person may not fit in this field but good in another field, it is normal.

Maybe you like google adsense but not suitable for it, you can not earn money then you should try with another form. May be affiliate marketing or ecommerce.

But to make money online, you also need to do your best for a long time to achieve results. Then you know if that form is right for you. MMO is a long journey requires you to constantly learn and try.

7. Conclusion

Make money with Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing are all forms of online money that is reputable and long term. If you have good thinking and rational development strategies, these two forms are the gold mine for you to exploit.

Google Adsense will be suitable for sites that attract large hits, affiliate marketing is suitable for specialized sites.

Leave your questions, comments on Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing in the comment section below, I will reply very soon.

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