Improve Conversions: The Simple Mistakes That Kill Your Response Rates

Improve Conversions

In Content Marketing, anyone desires to create content that has sky-high conversion rates and brings maximum revenue to the business. However, many people have been swept away by the whirlwind and made fatal mistakes that made the content become disastrous and disrespectful to customers!

So what are you facing? What are your mistakes in Content Strategy? Let’s find out the article below!


Most of us are eagerly awaiting the gains and revenue growth. This is both a driving force and a destructive agent if you let it control the direction. If you want the content you create can increase your conversion rate, please note the following:

  • Do not rush to write. Every day millions of content is updated on the Internet. However, very few of them are True – Fun – Interesting. Especially the True factor. If you hurry to talk about what you do not know, nobody dares to trust you. And of course conversion rate is always low.
  • Do not rush to promise. Customers are becoming more and more intelligent and underestimate the promising content. Demonstrate quality and evidence of these. When trust is enough then conversion will surely arise
  • Do not hurry to sell. Many people create content that focuses on the product but forget about the user’s needs. Although you write 100 articles to introduce product specifications, but lack of sharing of functions, usage, use notes, tips,… then the effect will be extremely poor.


The trends of writing Content to increase conversion rates in 2019 will be based on the writer’s greed! Many people write articles in a greedy way and in the end does not work for webssite / blog at all. If you are trying to do the following two things, then relax and see what works after you have done as expected.

  • Stuffed too much information rampant in the article. This is an extremely common mistake nowadays. Writers often lead the reader to a round the earth and return to the beginning. As a result, the problem is not resolved. If you write about a topic, dig deep down the subject. Do not try to add unrelated stuff and turn the article into a mess.
  • Stuffed too much CTA. Call to action plays a key role in increasing the conversion rate for an article. But if you greedy and spam so much CTAs in content then that would be a dumping ground. And how the conversion rate will be, you know it!

Improve Conversions

  • You too desire information from customers. Imagine if you go to a website and constantly pop up and Contact Form jump in front. You can not reach the content comfortably, will you buy it there?


Sincerity in the article is a prerequisite for increasing your conversion rate. This is a very simple rule but perhaps we are too interested in the sublime stuff that forgets it. When the reader feels the sincerity, you have 70% success!

But god! How to convey sincerity when superficial. Write blindly and without direction to the user? Have you ever gone through the stages of writing just to have your website / blog post without knowing who the reader will be, what readers will receive or not have the target audience?

That is superficial and lack of sincerity!

You are like a clown in the middle of the crowd and keep saying clacking, making a jumble. Someone will see you but they do not care. As a result, the conversion rate goes down steeply over time. Your brand will gradually fade in the minds of customers

In 2019, if you want your content to increase the conversion rate, then look at yourself and find the mistakes you are making. Do not let your desires become rudder and control you to make mistakes.


Conversion rate is a legitimate desire of all of us, who do online marketing in general and online business in particular. But do not let that make you mad and greedy.

Finally, remember to return to the essence and basic task of the person doing Content Marketing is to spend over 70% effort to direct users. Just under 30% left for optimum techniques is enough.

Remember, our ultimate goal is to make our own conversion, where the person who decides the conversion efficiency is the user. Never Google!

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