10 Reasons Why People Fail to Make Money Online

Many people are excited when they first learn about making money online. They started working, but after a while, even after a few days, they gave up. There are many reasons for their failure. I will list the main causes in this article.

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1. No passion

In previous articles, I have mentioned many times about passion. Actually if you do not have passion, you will not be able to make money online. You will feel uncomfortable sitting on the computer for long periods of time.

The frustrating, the boredom will make you quickly discouraged. You will not have the best state to work effectively.

Many people think that money is passion. If you have that thought, the first time you have not earned money, over 2-3 times you will certainly be discouraged. Because here you are passionate about money, not passionate work.

I know the main purpose of MMO is to make money, however you do not have the passion to do things to make money, you will soon find yourself a different path.


2. The time and space to work

Actually so far, there are many who still believe that there are online enrichment recipes that take only tens of minutes each day from online courses, from offers. They do not know that they are just money making tools for others.

If you are passionate about this field, but have too little time to work on your passions, let’s hang out, try to sort out the bindings in your life before you start.

You must arrange at least 2-3 hours a day to work. Especially the start time, it takes a lot of time to learn and do the preparation work.

Spending too little time each day will make your work out of nothing. Your mind is affected by other factors. Lead to you will not be able to have good results and gradually lose faith in the MMO.

About workspaces, you can’t work when there’s too much noise around, or disturbed by others. Just as you do your homework when you’re a student, people who make money online need a high concentration of work.

If your apartment or room is too noisy, consider moving the workspace to another location, eg another office, cafe shop, library, etc.

In short, Make sure you have the best working environment. You can find out on google about the impact of space and work environment to your work results.


3. Capital

You have $ 50 and you choose nichesite to start. You spend tens of $ to buy a host, you buy a domain and hire the writer for 1~2 posts. You will make a website without content. Since you have no money to invest in more articles and SEO.

This is the result of wrong choice of direction. My advice is: Do not rush, think twice before you start.

If you have a little money, do not think of methods that require high capital, but focus on the ones that do not need capital or need less capital.


4. Do not find out thoroughly, think making money online is easy

You see many people earn thousands of dollars every month by selling T-shirts. You think it’s easy and you start to do it. You do not learn thoroughly, you research sketchy and then post a few simple samples. The cost to run the ads up to thousands of dollars but you can not even sell 10 shirts.

You can not blame anyone but you. I emphasize that there are no sustainable MMO methods that are easy. All success goes through an arduous process, learning from the smallest things.

Determining from the beginning of making money online is very difficult. Not just MMO, there is no easy way to make money. So study your knowledge thoroughly at the start, and do everything as carefully as possible.

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5. Scammed

There are three common types of scams:

  • Type 1

Many beginners choose easy forms like PTC (click ads), offer, survey, type capcha,… However, once you are done you are not paid for by the service sites. They lock your account for no reason. You get depressed and give up without knowing what making money online really is.

  • Type 2

You have earned an amount thanks to the MMO but is currently being stored in accounts on the network. Since you are afraid to make the money transfer operation to your bank account, you contact a stranger and sell that amount online. Unfortunately, he then disappeared and completely cut off contact with you.

This type of scam usually does not lead you to give up on making money online, but only exasperates you and makes you lose confidence in others. This is a lesson that will help you be more careful in every situation

  • Type 3

Overwhelmed by making money online courses.

You read on a site about making money with Youtube, they promise that you will earn thousands usd per month, then you spend money to learn that course. They just teach you the basics, tell you to practice things you can easily find online, and promise untrue prospects.

They commit a refund if you do what you are taught but can not make money. But you really can not follow exactly what they are guiding or they will come up with many reasons not to refund you.

So you spend a lot of money but still not get results. The dream of earning thousands of dollars a month melts away.

This is one of the main reasons why people give up when they start making money online… Because they often lose a large amount of money without getting results, they lose confidence in making money online


6. Quickly give up – Fear of failure

This is not just a mere failure of MMO, it is a failure of your will. There are many people who give up on making money online early in the first few failures. Maybe they lost faith in the MMO or maybe they no longer believe in their abilities and lead to give up.

They are afraid that if they continue to do they will waste money in vain. They are afraid of not having the results they desire.

At this point, you may think that online money experts are already good at it or they are taught by someone else. But you do not know how hard their training, study and practice are. Their results are completely worth the value they have spent.

Consider the failure, I recommend you find out the following information:

  • How many times did 7Up fail?
  • How many times has the founder of KFC’s chicken recipe been rejected?
  • How many times has Sylvester Stallone being rejected with Rocky script?
  • How many times did Thomas Edison fail to create an electric light bulb?


7. Lazy

You want to earn money like everyone else but you are still playing games, still sleeping whenever you want, still listening to music,…? You want to make money but you do not work, failure is certain.

Lazy here also means in another category that is lazy to learn. Whenever you are having a hard time at work, you immediately go for the help of someone else. And you fully believe in their solution.

If the advice from others is correct then everything is fine, but if the advice is wrong then I think you have also guessed the outcome.

I always encourage you to learn everything yourself. Remember that Google is your best friend! Google is always a treasure of knowledge. Ask Google before asking anyone else. And do this habit when you encounter any situation you do not know.

Finding out the problem yourself will also help you remember information longer.


8. No investment, afraid to waste money.

This is not a problem of capital, many people have the capital to make money online but they are afraid to invest in something that is not clear about the results.

They always ask the question like: The investment in the cost of buying the host, buying domain is profitable for me? etc.

This failure is a failure of the mindset, you just set the goal is to earn money, so you fear that will spend a lot of money in vain.

You do not know that there is something more important than earning money is knowledge. Once you have the knowledge, you will make money very easily.

You should think investing money is to gain valuable knowledge and lessons. Then you will no longer fear that you will not earn money anymore.

When and only when you consider knowledge and experience to be a top priority, you will feel happy and work hard every day.


9. No plan

This is also a common cause for people who fail to make money online. These people are characterized by the fact that they work very arbitrarily. They only work when they feel like.

Although making money online does not specify the time but does not mean you do not need to have a plan every day.

If you want to succeed you have to set specific goals and plan clearly every day. Try to keep this as a habit, it will be very helpful to you!


10. Too dependent on the courses

Dependence on courses will make you rely on it. You will assume that all knowledge has been shared within the course. This leads you not to actively learn new knowledge.

Actually most of the courses on the internet only share the basic knowledge for you. You need to apply them creatively to get good results.

Or maybe you choose the wrong person to learn, that person only knows the basics in the field you do. They are just good at talking, they do not even earn money in the field you do but they can sell courses to teach you basic knowledge.

Of course, those people can not train you to make money online. They even blamed you for not being persistent or you did not follow their instructions, etc.


Here are 10 common reasons that lead to failure when making money online. If you have been in one or more of these 10 cases, hopefully you will make some changes to your making money online journey.

If you are a completely newbie then study these causes carefully and make a plan for making money online. From there you will be synthesized for yourself the factors leading to the success of MMO.

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