What Should You Do When Your Keywords Goes Down?

While you do SEO, you will probably lose your keyword and you still do not understand why the keyword is down. Often, there are a number of reasons for your keyword dropping and making sure that your website is downsized, it is lower than the competitor’s website for links and content. In this article I will give you the solutions to help you improve the situation

increase keywords ranking

1. Review content and internal links

Please review the content immediately and you should refresh the content if you can, because then you will be more appreciated by Google and users if your content is really good. Also navigate the user through internal links so that Google and its users have a better time to experience your website to optimize onpage SEO.

2. Review the backlink

Please immediately review the quality of links and quality of backlinks, you can know if your opponents give you bad links, then you should deal immediately to avoid penalty by the google algorithm. In case the cause is your backlinks, you should review the quality of links to your website. If your opponent’s site is strong then you must try harder to overcome them.

3. Speed ​​up your website

Let increase the speed of the website for Google to appreciate and users will have a better experience on your website. Do something such as: Leverage browser caching, Enable compression, Optimize images, Choose the good web hosting provider,…  and that is a good solution for your website.

What Should You Do When Your Keywords Goes Down?

4. Refresh the content of the page

This is probably the simplest way and also the most effective way because websites with fresh content will be more appreciated by Google. So just write many useful articles for users to be able to get much more beneficial in doing SEO.

5. Increase the CTR rate

Click-through rate (CTR) is a measure of the percentage of clicks advertisers receive out of total ad impressions. “Impressions” refers to the number of times your ad is viewed. If your ad has a log of impressions but no clicks, you will have a low CTR, which generally reduces the effectiveness of your campaigns. We all know that having high ad CTR is beneficial for many reasons, including increased site traffic (and hopefully increased conversions), increased quality scores (CTR is one of the main factors that affects quality score), and reduced cost-per-click (the higher your quality score, the less you pay). Basically, improving your CTR has a long list of beautiful benefits.

6. Increase traffic on social networks

Increasing traffic from social networks is pretty simple. You can increase traffic to your website by sharing on social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter,… They can bring you quality traffic and unexpected effects.

7. Conclusion

Many of you have complained to me about the keyword being dropped for unknown reasons and look forward to be shared how to improve rankings again, hopefully with some tips in this article, you will grasp the most basic ways to improve your rankings. Please let me know in the comments if you have other questions about doing SEO! 🙂


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