Should I Start a Blog Or a YouTube Channel in 2022?

Do you have second thoughts about starting a blog or YouTube channel this year? You’re not alone, though; it can be a difficult choice. Here is my advice on deciding whether to launch a blog or a YouTube channel in order to accomplish your goals right away.

If you want to make money online, should you launch a blog or a YouTube channel—or expand your already successful company? Here’s your guide for today: YouTube vs. Blog.

It’s not always simple to provide a response to that query. Both offer unique advantages—as well as unique difficulties.

Both blogs and YouTube channels are excellent content marketing tools that can help you significantly expand your online business. However, certain companies (and some audiences) will be more suited for blogs than for YouTube – and vice versa.

You could be undecided and decide to launch a blog and a YouTube channel simultaneously. However, that might make it twice as difficult to acquire any traction. You should really choose one of those to start with, even if you later want to establish a blog and YouTube channel.

So where do you start? How do you determine what will work for you—so that you don’t lose a lot of time or money heading in the wrong direction?

Should You Launch a YouTube Channel or a Blog? Quick Response:

The easiest way to choose whether you should launch a blog or a YouTube channel is to consider what kind of content creation you enjoy doing the most.

Blogging is a better choice if you enjoy writing more than speaking into a camera. Starting a YouTube channel, however, can be your best course of action if it feels simpler (or more enjoyable) to simply turn on a camera and talk about the topics in your preferred area.

Whether you launch a blog or a YouTube channel, you’ll find your audience (and they’ll discover you) thanks to the hundreds of millions of daily active users on both Google and YouTube.

Let’s get started with our guidance on deciding whether to launch a blog this year vs launching a YouTube channel (or, if you prefer, “blog vs vlog”).

Blog vs YouTube Channel

What Distinguishes a Blog from a YouTube Channel?

Let’s first examine how (and why) blogs and YouTube channels vary before delving into their advantages.

A blog and a YouTube channel are very different from one another in that a blog is mostly written, however it may also have embedded videos. YouTube videos are, obviously, videos. You could, however, put a spoken soundtrack over a still image.

However, viewers would find it less fascinating. Some companies have YouTube channels as well as blogs.

A blog is a website with frequently updated blog postings (written content). These articles will frequently be educational ones, but they may also contain news pieces or even something more imaginative like flash fiction.

While some blogs are more like personal diaries or journals that may bring their authors little to no money, many blogs are created to promote or grow a business. You’ll need a domain name and a web hosting account in order to launch a blog.

You can have your own on-demand TV show with a YouTube channel (also known as a vlog or video blog). Instead of streaming live like a typical TV channel, your content is released as new videos (or “episodes”) every day or every week.

One of your viewers may come across a video, watch it, and find what they’re looking for. Others who subscribe to your channel will view your new videos as soon as they are released. And some people will visit and watch all of your older films.

Let’s now consider the subject of whether you should launch a blog or a YouTube channel in more detail. Which will be most beneficial to you and your company?

That’s what we’re going to look at now as we compare blogging vs. YouTube channels, outlining the main reasons why you might choose each one.

Should I Start a Blog Or a YouTube Channel

The Advantages of Starting a Blog Over a YouTube Channel

Considering launching a blog versus a vlog? Here are excellent reasons why blogging (rather than vlogging) may fit you better.

I firmly believe that the 9 reasons below are not enough and not true for everyone. However, according to my experience, these 9 reasons will most clearly represent you should start building a blog for yourself.

1. You want to appear professional but are on a limited budget.

Creating a visually appealing blog doesn’t have to be expensive; you can get many excellent WordPress themes for around $100.

Once you’ve paid for your WordPress theme and possibly a logo, you can continue to write posts with very little continuing blog spending. They will continue to appear fantastic.

You’ll need to spend a lot of money on equipment if you want to start a YouTube video channel, including a camera, microphone, and even a backdrop or even sets and props. The cost of starting a YouTube channel is more than the cost of starting a blog with comparable content.

2. You Love to Write.

It makes a lot of sense to start a blog if you enjoy writing. It should be simple (and enjoyable) for you to develop stuff there.

Even though blog entries frequently feature some visual components, such as images or illustrations, the majority of your time will be spent dealing with words.

You might develop a script for your YouTube videos, but the majority of the time will be spent recording and editing.

3. On camera, you appear to be quite self-conscious.

Even if your niche lends itself nicely to video, you might want to stay with blogging instead—at least initially—if you find it uncomfortable to be on camera.

Some folks simply don’t feel at ease in front of the camera. If it describes you, avoid making yourself do something you detest on a regular basis.

Try blogging instead and see if it feels more natural and at ease for you.

4. You want to boost the SEO of your website (Search Engine Optimization).

Adding additional blog content is a terrific strategy to increase the amount of search engine traffic to your website. You have more opportunities to rank on Google and draw in new people the more blog entries you have.

While YouTube videos can, and frequently do, rank higher on Google, this doesn’t automatically mean that they will help your website. They won’t hurt YouTube’s SEO at all.

5. You desire complete ownership of your platform.

Your audience is on YouTube when you create a YouTube channel; they are not on your own website. And you can find that you lose a significant portion of your viewership if something changes on YouTube. In the worst instance, YouTube can completely shut down your channel.

You control your website when you blog. Nobody else’s platform — it’s yours. You shouldn’t be concerned about unexpectedly losing your audience unless you’re breaking the law and your web host shuts down your site.

6. You Prefer to Maintain a Low Profile or Be Anonymous.

On a blog, it’s simpler to remain anonymous than on YouTube. People will still be able to hear your voice in your YouTube videos even if you don’t show your face.

Unlike YouTube, blogging allows you to publish content anonymously, protecting your real identity. Even if you do include your name, you might like the attention to be on your content rather than on you.

7. Blogging helps you develop your knowledge for yourself

Blogging is the expression of your own experience and knowledge, and to do that most bloggers have to learn by themselves. I personally learn every day. I personally learn every day.

And from a person who knows nothing about blogging, does not know anything about online marketing, does not know how to make money on the internet, blogging motivates me to learn and become a good writer, then I can do marketing online proficiently. And can even make money online.

Also, blogging helps me learn:

  • Perseverance
  • Work with better planning and accomplish goals
  • More refined in the words and expressions of language
  • More creative
  • Dare to accept failure and criticism
  • Blogging helps me not feel complacent with the current success

8. Blogging helps change the lives of many people

Perhaps this is the most meaningful and important reason the blog has brought, in a post in the end of 2017 I was really touched to read the comments from people who always follow and support my blog.

Through these comments I have the opportunity to know that my blog has somehow impacted and helped change the lives of so many people.

Blogging can change my life one way or another. But the more interesting thing is that when I realized that blogging helped inspire, influence and support the knowledge and change lives for many others.

This is the biggest reason for me to keep writing and continue to grow stronger blogs in 2019!

9. Blogging helps generate income

Of course, generating income from blogs is an entirely new and exciting experience that not everyone is lucky to experience.

There are many people who do not understand how blogging can generate income and I am not comfortable disclosing my own income. But blogging are certainly the main source of income and feed my family.

Of course to generate income from blog is not easy, ie you can not create a blog today and wait for generating income tomorrow. To generate income from blogging you need to go through a journey to build trust, provide value and even take some time to prove your work is serious.

I’ve been blogging for 59 days without getting any money, and then on the 60th I received the first $80 from affiliate marketing, and until then my blog has helped me generate a lot of income.

In 2022 I had income from at least 20 affiliate marketing programs, sold thousands of eBooks and created a coaching program for hundreds of members.

In addition, I also generate revenue streams from Google Adsense and other advertising networks. All of these income sources are from the BLOG and are mostly passive income!

Of course, monetizing blogs through advertising, affiliate marketing and sell digital products is just one of many ways to make money from blogging.

There are many other ways, such as you can write a blog to promote and develop the business for your own business. Or you can turn your blog into an online profile to sell your own services such as freelancers, consultants, etc.

make money with blogging

Reasons Why Starting a YouTube Channel Is Smarter Than Starting a Blog.

Consider creating a YouTube channel as the best option for you? One or more of these six reasons to start vlogging may apply to you:

1. You want to get going right now.

Starting a YouTube channel merely requires a few clicks, especially if you already have a Google account. The procedure is quick and simple.

Compare that to launching a blog, where you must pick a web server, think of a domain name that is available, select a theme that you like, and more.

A YouTube channel is most likely the greatest place to start if you’re eager to get started right away.

2. You enjoy speaking more than writing.

Maybe you could chat about your specialty all day long. But when it comes to typing, you find it difficult to construct logical sentences.

YouTube is a wonderful option for you if speaking in front of the camera comes naturally to you. You’ll generally want to have a thorough structure that you can follow to hit all your important points instead of scripting your videos, but with plenty of space for improvisation along the way.

3. You Take Pleasure in Video Editing and Recording.

If you run a YouTube channel, you’ll need to invest a lot of time in both recording and editing your videos.

Some people find this to be a laborious procedure, while others like spending hours using their preferred editing software to produce a video. A YouTube channel is the best choice for you if that describes you.

4. Videos Fit Your Topic Well.

Some markets are excellent candidates for video content. On YouTube channels, anything with a hands-on, practical component is likely to be well-liked.

This covers a wide range of topics, such as software hints, tips, and troubleshooting, photo-editing methods, auto repair, and pretty much anything else you can demonstrate to others.

You should be on YouTube if your subject lends itself to visual learning more quickly and easily than written text.

5. Videos Are Wanted by Your Target Audience.

What if you’re willing to generate either written or video material since your topic would benefit from both?

The final factor is your target market. Which would work best for them? Some viewers prefer to read, while others will always search for a video instead of a written tutorial.

Younger people will typically feel more at ease using video than older audiences, but it’s crucial to understand your precise target demographic and their preferences.

6. You want to establish a quick rapport.

Blog posts sometimes seem to be written by someone else entirely. You only have words on a screen, not much personality, unless there is a lot of personal content or a really strong authorial voice.

A video allows you to see and hear the person who made it. They’ll make an immediate impression on you, and if that impression is generally favorable, you’ll begin to bond with them as soon as you watch their first video.

YouTube might be a terrific place to be if your business works well with strong connections—perhaps you sell one-on-one services like consulting.

make money with youtube

Which is better for achieving your goals, a blog or a YouTube channel?

You should think about whether a blog or a YouTube channel (vlog) is likely a better fit for your actual objectives in addition to what suits your topic and audience.

Use this framework to compare starting a blog vs. a YouTube channel when deciding which will help you reach your objectives:

1. Which is better for your brand, a blog or a YouTube channel?

A YouTube channel is likely to do very well with a strong, personality-based brand. A blog might work best with a calm, informational brand that revolves around a corporation rather than an individual.

2. The Amount of Money You Can Put Into It Right Away.

As we have discussed, setting your shop on YouTube may be rather expensive. While you could easily become a YouTuber overnight by recording all your videos on your phone, you’ll probably want a high-quality mic and camera for more polished videos.

If money is tight, you may wish to start a blog while you save money to buy the gear you’ll need for your YouTube videos.

3. The level of polish your target audience expects (and desires) from you.

Naturally, if your target audience wants unfiltered, personal content, recording on your phone might not matter all that much.

On the other hand, blogging can be a good method to appear polished even on a very cheap budget if your audience expects a highly professional approach.

4. Whether SEO is a top priority for your company.

If improving your Google ranking is your primary business objective, then a blog will help you get there more quickly than a YouTube channel.

Any choice you choose could, in the end, be fine for your business. But you’ll advance far more quickly if you select the choice that is simpler and better for you, your audience, and your business.

Should You Launch a YouTube Channel and a Blog at the Same Time?

Numerous companies simultaneously operate a blog and a YouTube channel. This strategy is not suitable for beginners, though. Instead of starting your blog and YouTube channel at the same time, start one first, develop a practice of posting frequently, and grow your audience there.

Even just starting a blog or YouTube channel is labor-intensive. Only take on one of those initially to make your life easier.

Are You Ready to Try Something New? Create a YouTube channel or blog today. It’s time to start if you’ve been debating starting a blog and/or YouTube channel for a while.

I’m challenging you to start a blog this week or to sign up for YouTube and start your own channel.

Still unsure if starting a blog or YouTube channel is the appropriate move for you? Go through a few weeks of testing with both. Alternatively, you can leave me a remark below and I’ll offer my opinion.

Focus your efforts where you’re receiving more views and attention by deciding which platform feels more natural for you to use, such as a blog or a YouTube channel. Put the other on hold for now so you can focus just on one choice for the ensuing few weeks and months.

My Experience

The first few days of the year will usually be days for me, you and all of us to spend time preparing the plans for the coming 12 months! So… These days, I get a lot of questions like:

  • Is blogging still available in 2022?
  • If I start writing a blog now, is it late?
  • Do I have the opportunity to make blogging a full-time job?

That’s all the questions I received the first few days of the year, and when someone asked these questions, maybe they had the intention of building a blog… but they are still suspicious of something…

Maybe they are not sure blogging can be a job… or they are not sure blogging can generate enough income to cover their personal and family life. Even, they do not know how to start a blog?

I understand all these concerns and more than anyone else I know that to build a blog and gradually turn it into a job is not easy at all. But … wait a minute! If anyone is hesitant and anxious and everyone is not sure how then how to have full time bloggers?

In response to your concerns above I would like to take a few lines below to get you back on my blogging journey for almost 2 years.

Why do I become a full time blogger today?

Since I was unemployed, I decided to create a blog in the afternoon of 02/09/2016 when I felt I had to do something to get out of the depression because A lot of business failed before.

Then the journey of building a blog continues until today, and until now when people have asked me what blogging is for me? The answer would be:

  • Blogging makes it easy for me to share my own stories, share experiences and blog is the place where I can express my personal ideas in the best way.
  • Blogging helps me build my own community. Blog is where my friends interact and help each other.

That is the two most interesting things that I feel! I know that it’s not just my own feeling that because so many bloggers have been building a blog and they have also changed their lives, even their families and influenced their readers.

Blogging is growing stronger and I believe that in 2022 and in the coming years it will no longer be the usual “online diaries” as everyone knows. Blogs will be one of the fun jobs if you choose the right topic for a particular audience. And finally, the blog will definitely help you make a profit.

Just as you know how to use blogs as a platform to deliver value and build personal branding, creating credibility and trust with the target audience you can generate revenue.

blogging income

Should I start building a blog in 2022?

Surely I will not have the exact answer for you. But from a personal standpoint I can say that starting a blog and developing it is the best thing I’ve ever done to date!

Blogging has changed my life and more …

  • Blogging help me develop my knowledge and skills
  • Blogging has helped me build a real online business that generates income for the family, the income that many people dream of.
  • Through the blog I can connect, help, inspire so many people and create real relationships in life.
  • Blogging also gives me freedom of creation, freedom of time, space and become “my own boss”

Hopefully with all above I have somehow given you a motive, a belief to be ready for building a blog or a youtube channel in 2022.

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