3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in 2019

Why You Should Start a Blog

The first few days of the year will usually be days for me, you and all of us to spend time preparing the plans for the coming 12 months! So… These days, I get a lot of questions like:

  • Is blogging still available in 2019?
  • If I start writing a blog now, is it late?
  • Do I have the opportunity to make blogging a full-time job?

That’s all the questions I received the first few days of the year, and when someone asked these questions, maybe they had the intention of building a blog… but they are still suspicious of something… Maybe they are not sure blogging can be a job… or they are not sure blogging can generate enough income to cover their personal and family life. Even, they do not know how to start a blog?

I understand all these concerns and more than anyone else I know that to build a blog and gradually turn it into a job is not easy at all. But … wait a minute! If anyone is hesitant and anxious and everyone is not sure how then how to have full time bloggers?

In response to your concerns above I would like to take a few lines below to get you back on my blogging journey for almost 2 years.

Why do I become a full time blogger today?

Since I was unemployed, I decided to create a blog in the afternoon of 02/09/2016 when I felt I had to do something to get out of the depression because A lot of business failed before. Then the journey of building a blog continues until today, and until now when people have asked me what blogging is for me? The answer would be:

  • Blogging makes it easy for me to share my own stories, share experiences and blog is the place where I can express my personal ideas in the best way.
  • Blogging helps me build my own community. Blog is where my friends interact and help each other.

That is the two most interesting things that I feel! I know that it’s not just my own feeling that because so many bloggers have been building a blog and they have also changed their lives, even their families and influenced their readers.

Blogging is growing stronger and I believe that in 2019 and in the coming years it will no longer be the usual “online diaries” as everyone knows. Blogs will be one of the fun jobs if you choose the right topic for a particular audience. And finally, the blog will definitely help you make a profit.

Now look at the more specific reasons to see why you should start building a blog in 2019.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog in 2019

I firmly believe that the three reasons below are not enough and not true for everyone. However, according to my experience, these three reasons will most clearly represent you should start building a blog for yourself.

Blogging helps you develop your knowledge for yourself

Blogging is the expression of your own experience and knowledge, and to do that most bloggers have to learn by themselves. I personally learn every day. I personally learn every day. And from a person who knows nothing about blogging, does not know anything about online marketing, does not know how to make money on the internet, blogging motivates me to learn and become a good writer, then I can do marketing online proficiently. And can even make money online.

Also, blogging helps me learn:

  • Perseverance
  • Work with better planning and accomplish goals
  • More refined in the words and expressions of language
  • More creative
  • Dare to accept failure and criticism
  • Blogging helps me not feel complacent with the current success

Blogging helps change the lives of many people

Perhaps this is the most meaningful and important reason the blog has brought, in a post in the end of 2017 I was really touched to read the comments from people who always follow and support my blog. Through these comments I have the opportunity to know that my blog has somehow impacted and helped change the lives of so many people.

Blogging can change my life one way or another. But the more interesting thing is that when I realized that blogging helped inspire, influence and support the knowledge and change lives for many others. This is the biggest reason for me to keep writing and continue to grow stronger blogs in 2019!

Blogging helps generate income

Of course, generating income from blogs is an entirely new and exciting experience that not everyone is lucky to experience. There are many people who do not understand how blogging can generate income and I am not comfortable disclosing my own income. But blogging are certainly the main source of income and feed my family.

Of course to generate income from blog is not easy, ie you can not create a blog today and wait for generating income tomorrow. To generate income from blogging you need to go through a journey to build trust, provide value and even take some time to prove your work is serious.

I’ve been blogging for 59 days without getting any money, and then on the 60th I received the first $80 from affiliate marketing, and until then my blog has helped me generate a lot of income. In 2017 I had income from at least 20 affiliate marketing programs, sold thousands of eBooks and created a coaching program for hundreds of members. In addition, I also generate revenue streams from Google Adsense and other advertising networks. All of these income sources are from the BLOG and are mostly passive income!

Of course, monetizing blogs through advertising, affiliate marketing and sell digital products is just one of many ways to make money from blogging. There are many other ways, such as you can write a blog to promote and develop the business for your own business. Or you can turn your blog into an online profile to sell your own services such as freelancers, consultants, etc.

Build a blog

Just as you know how to use blogs as a platform to deliver value and build personal branding, creating credibility and trust with the target audience you can generate revenue. Here you will probably ask:

Should I start building a blog in early 2019?

Surely I will not have the exact answer for you. But from a personal standpoint I can say that starting a blog and developing it is the best thing I’ve ever done to date!

Blogging has changed my life and more …

  • Blogging help me develop my knowledge and skills
  • Blogging has helped me build a real online business that generates income for the family, the income that many people dream of.
  • Through the blog I can connect, help, inspire so many people and create real relationships in life.
  • Blogging also gives me freedom of creation, freedom of time, space and become “my own boss”

Hopefully with all above I have somehow given you a motive, a belief to be ready for building a blog in 2019.

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