What You Should Know About Using Quora And Reddit For SEO

30-second synopsis:

  • While Quora has a DR of 91, Reddit is the seventh most popular website in the US.
  • These elements present excellent chances to develop your brand’s online presence and raise your E-A-T standing.
  • Use Quora and Reddit marketing to your advantage with the aid of this thorough guide.

Prepare to utilize the resources that two-thirds of marketers and SEO experts overlook. You’re about to learn how Quora and Reddit Marketing may be incredibly beneficial to your company.

With the appropriate, unconventional strategy, increasing brand awareness, increasing traffic, and diversifying your link profile with meaningful backlinks are all more than possible.

Let’s get started by examining the advantages, disadvantages, and everything in between of promoting your website on Reddit and Quora.

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What distinguishes these two as reliable platforms for marketing and SEO?

Reddit is more popular than even Wikipedia, ranking seventh among websites in the US, according to Alexa. It’s a site with a strong sense of community with 130K+ specialized subreddits that are teeming with very active members.

Quora is similarly deserving of marketers’ attention despite having a distinct structure from Reddit. It is a Q&A platform with a DR of 91, making it a very reliable source that appears regularly in SERPs.

Because of the stringent regulation and high content requirements on both sites, spam and self-promotion are not permitted. Backlinks from either of these platforms will be beneficial for your backlink portfolio because Google is known to appreciate links from reputable, spam-free sources.

In addition, increasing your brand’s internet visibility is essential for the EAT Google algorithm. This aims to give users information that is pertinent and helpful.

This is where Reddit comments and posts as well as Quora answers come into play. Your promotion plan will succeed if you submit insightful and helpful responses, but let’s start with some theory.

Are Quora and Reddit backlinks beneficial for SEO?

Due to the nofollow nature of the backlinks from Quora and Reddit, many SEO experts do not view them as reliable sources for link-building.

Considering the misconception that nofollow links are useless, nofollow actually means no good for them.

This misunderstanding is simple to dispel:

  1. If all of your backlinks are dofollow, Google and other search engines will consider this suspicious. It can be diluted with quality nofollow links to produce a link profile that looks natural and is diverse.
  2. Because Google views nofollow links as “hints,” your marketing will still benefit from them. Take a look at the tweet below to see that John Mueller from Google has also confirmed it.

John Mueller

A step-by-step approach to using Quora to its fullest potential

1. Construct a thoughtful user profile.

For Quora, a user profile must be comprehensive and formatted correctly. To be valued and presented in the feed, your replies must appear trustworthy on your profile. The following are some things you must mention:

  • Give details about yourself and your job in the “About me” section. Don’t be afraid to get specific if doing so would help establish your authority. But bear in mind that the text displayed above your responses will only be 50 characters long, including your name. Therefore, be sure to make them matter.
  • Select your areas of knowledge from the “Knows About” list to list them. The Quora algorithm values expert responses more highly, increasing the likelihood that your responses will appear in the stream and not be collapsed.
  • In the Settings section, connect your social network accounts. Verified social media profiles provide you with more credibility and make it simpler for people to interact with you.
  • Include credentials

You may either fill them out and add more information or copy and paste them directly from your LinkedIn page. The section of your profile called “Credentials” allows you to include links to your portfolio, details about prior employers you’ve worked for, and information about your educational history, all of which can help people feel that you are a true authority in your industry.

  • Include a nice, well-lit photo of yourself.

Users are more likely to trust and relate to profiles with photos. Try to stay away from odd graphics or images.

quora profile

2. Look for pertinent, niche-relevant questions.

It’s time to get down to business and select pertinent questions to demonstrate the knowledge and talents you’ve highlighted in your profile now that it’s all set up and looks excellent.

Start by creating a list of niche-relevant keywords. You have two options: either do it yourself or use a keyword tool like SEMRush or Ahrefs.

The most popular questions are those that receive the most attention because they are displayed in the feed, but you can also choose unanswered queries to increase your chances of ranking higher.

quora questions

3. Produce insightful, useful, and answer-rich responses.

Include statistics, references, images, and other materials that can help illustrate your ideas and provide a better understanding of the topic you’re addressing in your Quora replies if you want them to be helpful and directly address the question.

The Quora algorithm collapses and filters out responses that are not relevant. Your chance of having your response displayed in the feed and avoiding collapse increases with how knowledgeable and comprehensive it is.

Regarding the duration of the response, brief responses typically lack authority and profundity. We at flashreviewz believe that your response should be between 1500 and 2000 characters in length.

4. Use attractive formatting in your responses.

Making your answer readable and professionally presented requires proper formatting. No matter how much time and effort you put into your answer and prior research, submitting a wall of text will not be accepted.

These types of responses rarely receive any upvotes, and viewers generally ignore them. Use all the formatting tools available to make your response as enticing as possible.

Bullet points, pertinent headings, and quotes can all be used to make your writing appear more organized, interesting, and understandable.

5. Be sure to credit the author of any text you utilize.

On Quora, plagiarism is strictly forbidden and can get you banned. Always cite the source if you use someone else’s content to accentuate, explain, or support your point.

6. Inherently link to your website.

Despite the fact that Quora permits self-promotion, you cannot openly misuse it. On Quora, clickbait titles are discouraged, as are posts that blatantly ask readers to visit them, such as “Check out my fantastic website!”

Your website’s link must be naturally incorporated into the text and make sense in light of the surrounding information.

You may say something like, “This extensive review of effective digital marketing strategies might prove helpful to you,” to show that it gives more in-depth information.

7. To strengthen and lend authority to your response, use reliable sources.

Answers that only contain a single link to your website are shadyly promotional and lack credibility. Consider adding additional topical, beneficial links from reliable, trustworthy sites like Wikipedia, Reddit, YouTube, or others.

It will give your response a professional edge and increase its reader appeal.

How can collapsed answers be avoided?

Even if you strictly adhered to the Quora rules, your answer might occasionally be collapsed.

The causes could be anything from an algorithmic issue that can be fixed by filing a support request to a mistake on your end. Let’s look at the most typical causes of collapsed answers:

  • Your user profile doesn’t seem credible.

The Quora algorithm may deem you ineligible to respond to specific questions owing to the untrustworthiness of your profile if you haven’t specified your area of expertise, skipped the credentials, and/or omitted the bio description.

  • The person who asked the inquiry isn’t helped by your responses.

Make sure you answer the question in full detail.

No one benefits from huge text walls full of unnecessary links and there is no clear solution.

  • You link excessively.

When using Quora for the first time, it’s usual for users to make the mistake of writing as many replies as they can and stuffing as many links as they can think of into their answers.

You must first establish your credibility as a contributor, demonstrate your subject matter knowledge, and then, in a deliberate manner, add links to your responses. Start by creating 20 or more insightful and instructive responses without using any links.

  • Other users haven’t commented on your responses.

The Quora system may decide that your answers are unworthy of viewing and collapse them if it notices that they have no comments or upvotes.

The ideal strategy would be to focus on the readers’ needs and gain this social traction naturally.

Using other Quora profiles to upvote your answer and increase the number of views would be the “grey” method.

The strategy you select is entirely up to you.

Promotion of products and services on Reddit is all about Karma and Reddiquette.

Reddit encourages you to engage the audience and add genuine value to the material you create and share because it is a community-based platform. To succeed on Reddit, you need to engage with the community.

Before uploading anything, you should “get the feel” of each community and customize your work to adhere to its norms on each individual subreddit.


Understanding Reddit’s fundamental guidelines, or Reddiquette, is a great way to launch your marketing effort there. Let’s quickly review the important ones:

  • Take your time submitting; simple does it.

Your profile’s age and authority, or Karma, are taken into account by the Reddit algorithm and moderators (more on this later). If you post right away after signing up without doing any research about the subreddit you want to post on, your post is almost certain to get deleted.

  • Don’t ever ask for likes.

On Reddit, users can express their approval or disapproval of comments or posts by giving them an upvote or downvote. The posts with the most upvotes rise to the top and may even make it to Reddit’s home page, the site’s ultimate goal. Requesting upvotes is justifiably viewed as a “huge no.”

  • Don’t depend solely on reposting.

Reposting, which entails distributing anything of any kind—pictures, gifs, and videos—that has already been published by the original poster on another subreddit, is a prevalent offense on Reddit. To put it another way, stealing to earn upvotes.

Occasionally, content gets re-posted to several subreddits if it is really vital for everyone and the more eyes on it, the better. However, it’s usually an unethical method of earning Karma points.

  • Avoid spamming with pointless remarks.

The original poster’s (OP’s) thread comments are the ideal location to offer assistance, advice, humor, and advice. Here, users share links and offer insightful commentary.

Use the comment box to your advantage by providing insightful responses that include a link to your website.

However, occasionally people may simply share the link. Such remarks are incredibly unpleasant and add nothing to the conversation. They will probably result in a shadowban and are routinely deleted by moderators (more on that in a bit).


The ratio of upvotes to downvotes in a Redditor‘s posts and comments determines their Karma score. Karma, then, is essentially a reflection of a user’s reputation and a measure of reliability.

If one’s Karma score is low, they may not be able to contribute content to certain subreddits. Spending time browsing the subreddits, learning the guidelines and the kinds of content accepted in each of your target communities, as well as creating valuable and engaging content, is essential.

New users frequently make the mistake of posting quickly with no Karma and adding links on top of that. This increases the likelihood that your post won’t make it through moderation and will be removed.

And now the previously mentioned shadowbanning appears. It means that only you can see the posts that you submit. Promotional postings and comments that are made primarily for self-promotion are filtered out using shadowban.

Guidelines for marketing on Reddit.

Remember that each subreddit is a tight-knit group of people that fiercely defends its traditions, customs, and culture. Communities everywhere share a ferocious disdain for people whose only goal in life is self-promotion.

Imagine a group of friends discussing their interests when one man begins to preach about a completely unrelated company and its advantages. Everyone will be irritated by it, and your profile will be banned.

Let’s look at the proper strategy for marketing on Reddit:

  • Increase your Karma by contributing insightful articles.

Discover the ins and outs of each subreddit and provide content that subscribers will enjoy. You’ll build up more Karma as you write more interesting, helpful stuff.

The subreddits r/aww for adorable animal pictures (no one downvotes these), r/AskReddit where you can ask literally anything, or r/explainlikeimfive/ where a helpful and pleasant community rarely downvotes even the most ridiculous inquiries are sure bets to increase your Karma.

Keep in mind that everyone can view your submission history, and some Redditors make it a point to look over someone’s full submission history to see if there are any indications that they are advertising.

  • Once more, don’t overdo it with the linking.

Not many people know this, but just one out of every ten of your submissions can include a link and yet look natural. All other posts and comments should be submitted without links.

The goal of this ratio is to encourage you to give more than you take and to put the good of the community first. If you go over this ratio, you’ll be flagged for self-promotion right away and given a shadowban.

In conclusion, act more like a neighborly friend than a salesperson.


It takes a lot of time and work to market on Quora and Reddit, but the rewards for SEO (more website traffic and a diversified backlink portfolio), brand recognition, and eventually greater sales are equally impressive.

Even seasoned marketers turn to experts like my friend Rick Nguyen, who provide a stand-alone Quora and Reddit Promotion Service, given the amount of time, expertise, and resources required for successful promotion on these sites.

Having said that, ideally you’ve just learned about two untapped marketing channels and received some advice on how to use them effectively.

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