Free Ways to Promote Your Blog and Increase Traffic

Promoting your new blog to many people and attracting audience is not an easy task. The first time you build your blog, it’s true that no one will care and nobody reads your blog. And you will be frustrated when looking at traffic with only few people every day.

But do not worry, I want to assure you that all successful blogs in the world and even the most famous bloggers have gone through the same stage as you! So you’re not the only one, you’re just starting out!

Of course, if you know the right way and choose the right strategy, you will quickly get through this start phase quickly. In this article I will share with you 7 ways to be able to promote your new blog to more people and hence increase traffic.

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1. Choose a topic that many people are interested in

You are blogging, meaning you are going to share something with so many people and because you are in need of traffic so you need to write about something that many people are interested in.

You can choose topics according to your interests, but if that topic does not have many people interested then surely no one will read it even if you tried to promote your blog hardly.

So how to know what people are interested in? Google Trend is one of the best options. Simply enter a keyword and see a chart of statistics you will see trends and interest of everyone is increasing or decreasing over a certain period of time. And if the uptrend is stable then this is definitely a topic that gets people’s attention.

Use Google Trend

Keyword testing is one way. In addition to using the tools, your personal judgment based on the community trend observation is also fairly accurate. Some suggested questions for you to find a topic that many people are interested in:

  • What do recent magazines and newspapers mention?
  • On the social network recently appeared groups in which area?
  • What topics do the community share?
  • What topics do your friends and family discuss recently?

2. Build the articles by sections


Have you ever played sand castle on the beach? This is an image that I want to take to illustrate you in creating the first article in the “drip” style.

That means after finding a good article idea, instead of writing a very long post, you can break it down and post it over time. This is a great way to make a first impression and this will help your first readers to come back to watch the sequel.

At the end of each article, do not forget to add a line like “The next part will be updated on …” or call for a specific action from the reader like “Do not forget to follow blog to update next article.”

3. Choose a catchy and attractive title

In the early days of blogging, your posts get very little attention from the readers, even if you tried to share it on social networks, tag friends … but almost no one click on it to read. Unles … you know how to write a title that they can not resist!

So if the title of the article is to attract the reader, the chances of you getting traffic are very high. To write a compelling title you need to pay attention to 3 elements:

  • Focus on the interests of the target audience
  • The title causes curiosity, evoking a sense of want to explore what the content inside?
  • Title contains keywords that need SEO in order to achieve high rankings on the search engines

In a nutshell, you need to write a title that has been created for the user, but you need to optimize the SEO (search engine friendly).

4. Guest Blogging

Posting on other blogs (guest blogging) is the best way to promote your blog. However, I find that most of us do not have this habit. We often try to create our own blog posts and we always feel wasteful when we spend time writing articles on another blog!

While there are many blogs that allow us to post, insert links to promote our blogs, but why do not we cooperate? Personally I also have a blog post program (even paid for bloggers) but the truth is that I rarely receive a collaborative article?

So instead of just creating content on your own blog, posting a quality article on other reputable blogs will be very good to promote and that will be your chance to attract new readers.

5. Promote articles on social networks

Social networking, especially Facebook, allows you to target exactly the target audience. You can introduce your blog posts in front of them by age, gender, occupation, interests,…

So if you have a good article, then why don’t spend a small budget to run a Facebook ad to reach more people? This is a great way to find new loyal readers for your blog!

6. Participate in discussions on other blogs

Following other blog posts and participating in discussions is a great way to build relationships, but you need to share your views and make valuable comments. Absolutely do not act like a Spammer and comment like: Good article, Thank you for sharing, …

comments on blog

The key for you when joining the discussion is to leave a really helpful comment on the blog or forum. Your comment should add value, on the right topic, and contribute to the discussion. Then you can insert a related link after a transition sentence as “I wrote more about this topic at… “

7. Interview with other bloggers

This is a bit difficult at the beginning of blogging because you simply do not have many relationships and have not created the reputation to set up an interview. It’s hard but not impossible. I’ve received nine rejections after sending out 10 interview suggestions when I first started blogging.

But only one person will cooperate with you, there will definitely be a second person and so on will have a third, fourth… So go boldly to search for relevant blogs and send them a sincere offer to collaborate to share their stories right on your blog in the form of interviews.

Usually, with this way you will get very quick traffic because they (the interviewee) often reshare your article in their own community.

8. Conclusion

So building a blog is very hard, promoting it to many people and attracting more  visitors is more difficult, sometimes you need a strategy, a formula and persistence.

Hopefully with this article you will find the appropriate promotion methods for your blog and quickly attract a lot of readers.

Keep in mind that anyhow, you should post regularly with a stable frequency because according to statistics, every second pass will have about 30 post posted. Each day, millions of articles will be shared on blogs. So if you are not one of those millions of posts, then you will not be able to survive and stand the job of developing a permanent blog.

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