Why Your SEO Rankings Dropped and How to Deal with Them

While doing seo, you will have a case where your keyword is not changed or up slowly. It is a good thing for your website as well as you are doing Seo by the right way. But what if one day, your keywords suddenly dropped below your competitors? So let’s find out the cause of it in this article!

1. Cause comes from yourself


Why do I say that? Cast not the first stone. Look back yourself first. First you have to review your website. If your website is stable and high in the search results, to make sure your website is sustainable, it is best not to change the site’s structure. If you change too much then Google thinks your site is in the construction phase, it will probably drop your keyword rank.

2. Changing Article URL

Why Your SEO Rankings Dropped and How to Deal with Them

Many people complained to me that why the keyword for the article suddenly lost or dropped horribly. I was also very surprised. When I checked again, it turned out that the reason was because they changed the article link. My advice: Don’t change your urls for SEO purposes if you don’t want everything that you doing Seo down the drain. You can learn more  Why changing a URL negatively affect ranking?

3. Website of your competitors is better than yours

Why Your SEO Rankings Dropped and How to Deal with Them

If you have done it all the way, created a lot of good content, created more quality backlinks, but your keyword rankings remain unchanged. So the reason is that your opponents are doing better than you. You should always learn and constantly improve your website to ensure google that my site is the best, optimal and I deserve to the first place of your ranking. Let’s do it better and better!

4. Your hosting quality is too bad

Why Your SEO Rankings Dropped and How to Deal with Them

Choosing a hosting provider can also affect your keyword rankings. If you choose the cheapest hosting that speeds up the transmission line can not guarantee that it will affect the access and experience of customers. That causes google to evaluate your website has a problem.

I have ever seen a friend of mine’s website have successfully seo to the top 1, but then a time the keyword was down for unknown reasons. After checking back, I advise that friend to switch to another hosting provider with more quality service, then now the keyword has shown signs of recovery.

5. You are being played

Why Your SEO Rankings Dropped and How to Deal with Them

The competition in the field of SEO has two aspects that are healthy and unhealthy competition. If you think you are played by your opponents when your keyword is down, check out the links for those keywords. Have you received a warning from google or your links have been placed on the scam/virus/sex websites? To avoid that situation, use the google tool to block unwanted links. You can learn more about disavow backlinks!

6. Google algorithm change

Why Your SEO Rankings Dropped and How to Deal with Them

If you have found all the causes and then your keyword is still down, then you should think about big boss google! 😀 Often google has hundreds of small changes in the algorithm to optimize and more clever to detect websites using dirty SEO tricks. Just imagine you need to clean your house every month, so you need to hire an assistant to help you clean your home. Hourly housekeepers will use tools to detect and clean,… and whatever for their job.

And if you follow the sustainable SEO process then the keyword is suddenly dropped, do not worry too much. Just relax for a few days, go to good nice places to relax and stop the impact on your website. After a few days of relaxing and enjoying the food from the good eating places then your keywords will come to the top again. I am pretty sure!

7. Your website is not mobile-friendly

Why Your SEO Rankings Dropped and How to Deal with Them

Finally, I would like to mention to you that since 21/4 the website is not friendly with mobile will be downgraded. Google considers websites that are not mobile friendly also are not optimal. If after that date your website is downgraded, perhaps this is the first reason. So to improve the situation, just make yyour site mobile-friendly, then you will be back to the top and maintain a sustainable ranking.

Many people asked me how to know their website is mobile friendly or not. That is the question I’ve received so much, so today I would like to update a link to you. You can check your site by testing your pages with the Mobile-Friendly Test tool. This tool shows how Google Search sees your pages. To get a list of mobile usability issues across your sites, log in to your Search Console account and use the Mobile Usability Report.

Because of that you need to optimize your website to make it is mobile friendly. That means you are helping your site stay on top google ranking.

8. Conclusion

Above is my small experience that in the process of doing SEO I encountered. I aggregate in this article so you can refer to the deal in case your keyword on google drops ranking. If your site has been downgraded then you have way to make you keywords back to the top, let share it here with everyone! Thank you for your attention!


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