What do you need to start writing and make money with your blog?


If you read my previous article The Benefits of Blogging, You have probably figured out why blogs can make money for you. But to be more specific, in this article I will show you the way a reader can help you make money and the skills you need to learn if you want to make money with blogs.

1. The journey to make money with blog

a. Three basic steps for readers to bring in income for you

Before going into the specific skills you need to be able to make money with blogging, I will show you 3 basic steps to earn money from your blog readers:

Step 1: The readers find your blog. Through search engines (Google, Bing, …), or through referral friends, social sharing, advertising.

Step 2: The reader reads your article and trusts you as a knowledgeable person, who gives them the knowledge they need to solve the problem they are looking for.

Step 3: Readers bring profit to you. There are many ways leading to the readers help you make money. For example

  • The readers click on adsense ads on your website
  • They buy through your affiliate link
  • Or … they use your services / products

For example the gif  image below will reflect the operation of affiliate marketing:

When customers visit your site, click on an affiliate ad or they read your product reviews and click on your affiliate link to buy the product, you will receive commissions. If you are interested, find out about affiliate marketing at this article!

b. What does Blogger need to do to make money?

Corresponding to the 3 basic steps above, there are 3 great tasks that you have to do to actually have a source of income from blogging:

  • The first task (helping you complete the second step)

Train your personal knowledge and create a great blog. Not only sharing useful knowledge, you also need to create a good writing style, good expression, create a distinction with other web pages, create a sense of friendliness to readers.

You also need a professional website. At the very least it has to have a user-friendly interface and a well-structured, streamlined layout.

  • The second task (helping you complete the first step)

How to make the article accessible to the reader? The most common way is SEO (That helps keywords in your blog rank high on search results). You will have endless sources of readers for free if you are good at SEO.

Also today I see many people use Social Media to navigate customers to the website. Especially with the popularity of facebook, this is also an effective method.

And if you have a certain amount of capital, you can use ads. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are two reasonable options.

If your content is good, you will have a very natural source of traffic that is from the reader’s share.

  • The third task (helping you complete the third step)

Place ads, introduce products that come with affiliate marketing programs or create your own products / services.

About Placing ads and introducing affiliate products, I think anyone can do. But creating your own product or service is a little harder, requiring you to have extensive knowledge and skills in the field.

However, I believe that anyone can create their own products and services if they study hard and work hard.

So I have listed three main tasks all above, but every task will be very difficult, so not everyone is successful in making money with blogs. That’s why I will write more guides so you can be more successful in this job.

But first of all, I want to let you know the five successful skills that you need to learn in this journey.

2. 5 Skills You Need to Become a successful blogger

Here I’ll show you top 5 blogging skills required to be a successful blogger

  • Website development skill

Of course, if you want to be a blogger, you must first know how to make that blog based on technology. I always encourage you to learn how to build a website with WordPress.

It’s easy, Just practice and do for half a day then you can build your own personal blog based on this source code. For example, my blog flashreviewz.com is also created on the WordPress platform.

  • Keyword research skill

This is also a technical skill. There is a reality like this when I write articles, sometimes I want to put a title in my mind, but actually that title contains very few searches every month on Google.

So I will change the title without altering the article content, the new title contains the more searched keywords on google.

Keyword research is about finding out which keywords in your chosen topic are your market’s keyword demand. Based on that, you can write articles with the main subject of that keyword.

Usually, you will find and select keywords before writing. However, sometimes when you are suddenly inspired, just keep writing articles and then research keywords for that topic later.

However, if you do this, you will lose some of the advantages, since you will not know Keyword Difficulty and how competitors are ranking for these keywords.

You can refer to this ultimate guide to learn more about this skill!

  • Writing skill

Not everyone writes well. Many people think many hours but can only write a few hundred words. In contrast, there are so many natural writers, they finish a few thousand words in a very fast time.

This is definitely related to the experience. If your knowledge is not ready to write knowledge sharing articles, write about your journey first! Write about what you’ve gone through whether you’re a newbie, writing stories about your studies, working, earning money.

This will help your blog have the initial posts, like a profile of you. In this process, you will also improve your writing skills, expressions, vocabulary, and so on.

Do not stop learning to gain advanced / in-depth knowledge, and then you will have a lot things to share. Read as much blogs as possible to see how the professional bloggers write, especially learning the knowledge from them.

One more thing, you write not only for the reader, but to make your article more search engine friendly to have better rankings on search results.

  • Marketing Skill

SEO is the first skill that you need to learn as this is a way to have endless traffic for free and quality.

If you are knowledgeable about marketing, you will not even have to rely on Google to get readers. There are many people using content marketing to make their article viral.

Or you can use advantage from social networks, use advertising at very low prices but attract a lot of traffic.

Blogging is not just for fun, take all your heart off, show all the marketing skills you have and the joy you get is a steady increase in blog traffic every month.

If you have your own products / services, then you need to have more marketing power, which will allow readers to buy your product, use your service, or make purchases through your affiliate link.

  • Product creation / product research skill

This is not a one-time job. For niche blogs that have a lot of daily traffic, do not ignore this task, because if done well it can bring you a significant passive income.

Creating products and services requires not only knowledge, but also creativity. And you have to do a lot of other things to make your product or service perfect before providing it to customers.

You can combine both product creation with affiliate marketing to create more income. For affiliate marketing, you need product research skills, because in addition to the quality products, there are also a lot of trash products that are created.

3. What can I help you?

I like to make money with blogs and I want to have more companions. In the near future I will publish articles regularly to simplify the process of making money with blogs & to help you get the best start in this journey.

And perhaps, in the future we have the opportunity to cooperate with each other?! 😀

Hope to receive positive feedback from you. See you again!

Featured image credit: MakeAWebsiteHub.com

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