Postifluence Review: the most powerful organic SEO backlinks tool in the market?

Hey there, It’s no secret that every business wants to be visible on the 1st page of Google. Especially within that elusive 3-pack, right near the top. It’s what will bring them more leads, enquiries and sales. That’s a fact!

However, 99% of these businesses struggle to achieve that because they have no clue how to do it, and they are competing against so many businesses. What if there was a way for YOU to rank their business for them, and then charge them for doing so?

SEO traffic is free, but getting to SEO traffic is one of the toughest tasks to pull off. Once you do You will never have to spend on traffic again. Watch your profit margins soar and your competition spend all their way to bankruptcy.

The only right way to make this happen? Give search engines what they need. Valid and legitimate dofollow backlinks that are from indexed sites in your niche. That’s the entire formula right there in one line. Nothing more to do.

But how to do that the right way? Let’s find out all the details in my Postifluence Review below!

Postifluence Review

What is Postifluence?

The TWO biggest ranking factors for achieving top rankings for LOCAL keywords, are backlinks and citations. If you build the RIGHT backlinks and citations, you will get great results. Period!

Google’s core formula has not changed from the day it was invented. It discovers related pages through Backlinks, and uses backlinks from other sites to decide how valuable your page is.

The formula has just gotten more complex. With things like link reputation, site speed, and even content analysis using AI. But nothing even starts without a backlink from a valid source. That’s where Postifluence comes in.

Postifluence is the herald for a new generation of SEO. It’s not about blasting your links on blog comments, sidebars and building gigantic, over-complex PBNs anymore.

Even one mention in a perfectly targeted, well-respected blog beats 1,000 links on crap-blogs (that will actually get your site deranked). With Postifluence, realistic and organic traffic growth is finally within the reach of every marketer.

Postifluence Is a Backlink & Guest-Post Automation With In-Built Marketplace

  • Find Perfect Sites To Target: Find the best Google loved sites that will guarantee rankings when you get a link.
  • Outreach Automation: Complete campaign automation for Emails & even SMS to get you the guest-post/link you need.
  • Trade In Guest Posts & Links: Got a site? Buy & Sell Guestposts & links and create another amazing revenue opportunity.

Influencer marketing lets you get your product message in front of thousands of people at once. PostInfluence gets your name associated with the names of these proven influencers.

Let’s take a minute to recap what will you get inside:

  • Find guest post opportunities on real, high-ranking and popular blogs and
  • 100% organic and effective. You only get sites that Google already loves. No obsoletePBN links.
  • Gives you full ranking data about the site including Alexa ranking, traffic estimates,and more.
  • Automated contact system sends out your reach-out campaign through email and SMS 100% handsfree.
  • Supports email account integration from high-delivery ESPs Gmail & Outlook. Also supports SMTP
  • Readymade campaign email templates has you reaching bloggers on day #1.
  • Works for every single  Ecom, pets, fashion, electronics, services,dating. You pick it, you grow it.
  • Gets you only the sites that can actually publish your content.No more wasting your time.
  • Digs out real and accurate contact information of blog owner including name, email & phone number.
  • Customized {snippets}functionality lets you tailor-make each outreach.
  • Detailed analytics, sales reporting,and progress tracking for members & students.
  • Supports email account integration from high-delivery ESPs Gmail & Outlook. Also supports SMTP

Postifluence allows you to dig into the web and find the best, most effective sites in which you can build these backlinks and citations. It can identify many different footprints, themes and styles, ensuring that your SEO efforts are organic and natural. No other software offers the diversity that this software can provide.

Postifluence is a ‘SEO’ software that will help you to rank your clients websites, and businesses within Google’s organic search results, and the elusive ‘Google My Business’ 3-pack listings, situated at the TOP of the results.

The software finds the BEST backlink and citation opportunities for ANY niche, allowing users to surge their clients to the top of Google, generating their clients additional exposure. If you LOCAL SEO for clients, or would like to, then Postifluence will be your #1 software tool.

An in-built marketplace lets Postifluence users list their guest-posting and blogging offers, letting buyers and sellers interact and give each other business.

Monetize your connections with Bloggers & local marketers using the included marketplace. Buy, sell or trade guest-posts at a worldwide level and find perfect placements for your posts easily.

Offer services to your local market and source from the marketplace, or sell guest-posts to other marketers like you and cash in, on your assets and contacts. The Postifluence marketplace is the best way to go beyond rankings just for yourself.

Don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Postifluence Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Postifluence Review Overview


Vendor Cyril Jeet
Product Postifluence
Launch Date 2021-Jun-28
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $47
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type SEO
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Cyril Jeet

The developer of Course Funnels is Cyril Jeet, by Teknik Force. There is not much to say about this man because his name is already familiar in JVZoo and other affiliate marketing platforms. Since the first days joining IM, he has been known with smart strategies.

Apart from this product, you may like to check out others one like Adplify, Add Response, etc. Keep following the next section of my Postifluence Review to learn more about it.

Key features

Here are what you will get inside:

  • Discover 100s of high-quality blogs and sites in any niche you target.
  • Build listings for free or for pennies. Way cheaper and more effective than ads.
  • Accurate information about blog ranking, traffic & backlink value.
  • In-built follow up system will work all by itself to get you that traffic and dofollow link.
  • Builds you fresh backlinks 24/7. Focus on the things you love, while your site grows.
  • Maximizes your reachout inboxing with support for SMTP, GMail, Gsuite & Office.
  • Automatically stops campaign when your prospect responds. Truly hands-free!
  • Supports Spintext. Every email and SMS you send out is 100% unique. Never get banned.
  • Create email templates perfect for your marketing and use them in campaigns over and over.
  • Detailed analytics. Get complete information about what’s happening.
  • 100% safe and white-hat. Never get penalized because every link you get it organic.
  • Includes free training on how to do SEO marketing using this software.
  • Don’t just build backlinks, but also get high quality targeted traffic from blogs.
  • Only blogs that actively accept Guest post and articles as a policy.
  • Get full contact details of owners, including Contact URL, Email address & even phone number.
  • Automatic system reaches out to bloggers through Email & SMS.
  • Marketplace lets you connect with other people with guest-posting opportunities.
  • Constantly updated records, only have the latest ranking data. You get fresh listings always.
  • Build links for your sites or for your clients with the included commercial license.
  • Supports snippets. Target influencers with content specific to them and convert them faster.
  • Keep shortlist of blogs you want to reach out to, and connect any time you want.
  • Full granular control over your campaigns, change any reachout email to any blogger.
  • Can be used to promote any business. Local businesses, ecom, products, it’s all promotable.
  • No PBNs and no shady blog networks. Your links are only from highly respect sites.
  • Easy to use interface that you master fast.
  • Free automatic upgrade for 1-year

The first 50 people will also be getting these additional modules:

  • Discover Endless Backlink Opportunities

Postifluence has a powerful, yet easy to use backlink finding feature.

You enter a niche or industry keyword (or alternatively, a location), select one of the built-in footprints, tweak a few more settings if needed, and then click the blue button. The software will then retrieve suitable sites for your target niche, where you are able to obtain quality backlinks from.

You can rinse and repeat this process many times by changing the keyword, footprint and target country, to find an almost endless number of ‘backlink’ opportunities.

  • Uncover ‘Competitors’ Citations

Citations are vital when it comes to ranking a clients business on the 1st page of Google and in the ‘Google 3-Pack’. Postifluence allows you to identify the EXACT sites where your clients competitors have their business ‘cited’. This will allow you (or your client) to get citations from those SAME sites, pushing your clients business higher up the Google rankings (and also into the elusive 3-pack).

Again, you can rinse and repeat this process for multiple competitors – giving you the perfect blueprint for pure Google domination.

  • Identify Various Metrics and Information for ANY URL

This is the really powerful part of Postifluence.

Finding a relevant website to obtain a backlink or citation from, on its own, is not enough. It would be like trying to find something in the dark. It would take you a while before you stumble across what you’re looking for. With Postifluence you are able to retrieve all the vital ‘ranking’ data for ANY website, meaning you can quickly identify the most powerful, authoritive sites in which to publish your backlinks and citations on.

A complete overview of this data is provided in the training, so you’ll fully understand what it all means. Included within this data are also the sites TOP TRAFFIC keywords. If these keywords are relevant to your clients niche – then the site will likely be a GREAT match to post a backlink or citation on.

  • Retrieve Various Metrics for Your Exported Lists of URLs

With Postifluence, after generating your list of ‘backlink sites’ or ‘citation sites’ you are able to retrieve ALL the metrics and data for EVERY site within that list, and EXPORT it to your local machine.

This data is pulled from MOZ (global SEO authority), and includes metrics such as Domain Authority, Page Authority, All Backlinks, External Equity Backlinks, MozRank URL and MozRank Subdomain data. Everything you need to instantly identify the BEST sites to use when working on your clients SEO.

  • Commercial License Upgrade

Postifluence commercial license authorizes you to run SEO link building campaigns for other businesses and charge a one-time or recurring fee from them. You get everything you need to set up amazing campaigns for local or online businesses and charge them for it.

Postifluence Review

Honest Postifluence Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

SEO is a high paying niche and people are charging 100s of dollars for just one campaign. With Postifluence helping you build affordable campaigns, you can dominate this market and rake in clients by the dozen.

Backlinks are the “missing link” in most SEO strategies yet it’s one of the most important. Anyone with a marketing agency with SEO clients would be a fool not to jump on this offer! Because This tool cover two most important marketing goals. Reduce ads investment and rank our sites.

Influencer marketing lets you get your product message in front of thousands of people at once. And it provides an implicit endorsement of your product that builds your credibility and, ultimately, your sales.

PostInfluence gets your name associated with the names of these proven influencers. Getting a guest post on these influencers’ sites could be a dream come true for your business. PostInfluence can make it happen.

Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

  • You will be able to increase the Google ranking for ANY business / client
  • You will be able to tap into an almost limitless supply of VARIED backlinks
  • You will be able to uncover where your clients competitors get their citations from
  • You will be able to retrieve and export valuable metrics and data for ANY URL
  • You will be able to carry out ‘SEO’ campaigns for clients in ANY niche or location
  • Are You Ready to Arm Yourself With the Most Valuable LOCAL SEO Software (Ready for 2018)?
  • Remember, full training on how to use the software, along with a strategy that you can follow, is available to you once you invest in Postifluence.

When it comes to ranking local businesses on the 1st page of Google, PLUS in the Google 3-Pack), the most effective ranking factors, are backlinks and citations. All the leading authorities such as MOZ, Search Engine Journal and EVEN Google themselves state this. It’s a fact!

Not only will this new software find you these sites, it will also retrieve all the vital ranking metrics such as ‘Domain Authority’, ‘Page Authority’ and even the number of backlinks that these sites have.

You can then sort and filter these results in a spreadsheet to quickly identify the most authoritive, powerful sites to use. (It’s a HUGE time-saver). Meaning it will open-up a world of opportunities for you in terms of ‘Local SEO’ and servicing clients.

Postinfluence is absolutely phenomenal and highly innovative. As online marketers, we all know that backlinks are extremely important for SEO because they provide a positive signal to Google that another resource finds your content valuable enough to link to it.

Google just simply loves this, especially if the 2 sites are related in terms of similar niche and/or fundamental messages. When a website earns additional backlinks, search engine algorithms make the connection that the website possesses valuable content that is worth ranking well for.

Postinfluence will undoubtedly assist in boosting any website on the Search Engine Result Pages, commonly known as SERP’s. It can help me with good organic site ranking that will rank all my so many websites that really need good organic feed…

This can also save all the Hussle when it comes to doing it manually and searching google for key words together with post influencers on any given Niche.. come to even think about this it helps solve all the brain storming involved with setting up a campaign and keeping up with influencers.

This just takes away all the time and stress involved by making it simple and Unique but yet very powerful with effective results that’s so Instant

I want to tell you WHY ‘Postifluence’ will help you multiply your results for your clients and prospects. The answer is ‘diversification’. You see, when you are building backlinks, adding your client’s business to OTHER websites, and citing their business on other sites… It is vital that you vary the way in which you do it.

You must tap into many different types, and styles of sites / platforms, to make it appear both natural and organic to Google. Postifluence is as diverse as it can get

With the backlink feature alone, Postifluence taps into 13 different ‘broad’ footprints. Allowing you to retrieve an almost endless number of sites where you CAN add your client’s business, to get a backlink, as well as CITE their business name, address and phone number. (This is what will get your clients to the top of Google and in the 3-pack).

It’s ALL about variety. There’s no other low-ticket software out there that does this, and provides you with an uncapped level of diversity.

After using it for about 2 weeks from beta version, Here’s my overview of what this software can do for you…

  • Uncover an almost endless number of sites where you can add your clients business and obtain a backlink from.
  • Find niche specific sites that are theme related to your clients business (golden links).
  • Uncover the sites where your clients competitors have got THEIR business cited.
  • Identify the ‘Domain Authority’, ‘Page Authority’, Backlinks and much more for ALL the retrieved sites, AND export that data into a spreadsheet that you can sort and filter later. Enabling you to pinpoint the most effective, high authority sites out there.
  • Find sites from specific ‘English Speaking’ countries. ie – UK, US, Canada, Australia etc.
  • Identify the ACTUAL pages where you ADD your clients details and backlinks.

If you do LOCAL SEO for clients, or are looking to get involved in this field, then this software will be one of your most effective assets.

What I like most about Jeet Products is that they offer real practical solutions that actually work and not just junk or theroy that you really can’t use in your business. Potifluence can help to add backlinks to my own sites, which in turn can add credibility when I offer SEO services to clients.

I am already imagining how to upgrade current clients in my agency that I have obtained with my otherJeet products like PersueApp, Pinflux, Tube Rank Jeet, Credi Response and others. Potifluence surely will add to the another solid solution that I can offer with suprme confidence to help build on the good reputation I already have with my clients.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Postifluence Review):

Potifluence Bonus

How Postifluence works

1. Get your links from blogs that Google loves

Postifluence is the only blog-outreach tool that will trawl search engines in real time to find you the perfect blogs and sites in your niche. Sites that are ranking right now! Not has-beens or shady operators.

When you know for sure that Google loves the sites you are targeting, you can get your link with confidence.

2. Find the correct blogs happy to publish your article

Getting your guest-post published shouldn’t be a matter of chance. Postifluence finds you the blogs that are accepting and open to guest posts, so you’ll know for sure that chances of success are maximum.

Using a combination of keywords, Postifluence makes it easy to find publishing opportunities. No more working all day with nothing to show.

3. Get ranking and traffic info about the blogs you target

Want to make the maximum impact? Get your articles published on the blog that will give you the maximum link-power.

Postifluence gives you complete data about the blogs you find including traffic estimates, global rankings, growth data, etc.

No more wasting your time on blogs that won’t help your rankings.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Potifluence OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Potifluence with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Potifluence ($47)

  • The correct way to build backlinks
  • Support for multiple campaigns
  • Commercial license
  • Readymade email templates
  • Agency license (5 sales)
  • Outreach personalization
  • Marketplace
  • 100% Organic linkbuilding
  • Intelligent blog & site discovery system
  • 10 readymade outreach messges
  • Niche & traffic analysis of sites to target
  • Huge collection of stock assets
  • Targeted dofollow & high-ranking sites
  • 1 Year Free Updates
  • Email & phone numbers of site owners
  • 24/6 Live chat support
  • Email blogger outreach automation
  • SEO marketing training
  • SMS outreach automation

OTO 1: PRO Edition ($97)

We want to help you do even better. Get even more backlinks and even drive traffic from popular blogs and sites themselves. How? By making you already powerful Postifluence, legendary.

Filling it with sales and profit boosting features that will help you become a legend in seo marketing and put your agency on the top in your area. 14x Powerful Upgrades That Will Make Your Postifluence Lethal For Competition. Grab The Advantage To Grow Your Sites Faster

  • UNLIMITEDSearch Campaigns
  • UNLIMITEDEmail campaigns
  • UNLIMITEDSMS Campaigns
  • UNLIMITEDMarketplace Searches
  • 2 Years of Free Upgrades
  • 12 Agency Licenses
  • UNLIMITED Email Accounts
  • Sell on the Marketplace
  • Special Bonus App
  • Powerful Social media training to help you get traffic from Facebook
  • Readymade Sales Page
  • Get 5 readymade email templates

OTO 2: Agency License ($127)

Create A Successful Business Hands-Free Sell Postifluence Yourself & Keep 100% Of The Profits! We Take Care of Everything Including Support & Delivery.

Become a Postifluence Agency account owner and you can sell Postifluence accounts with Elite or Pro level access. How much can you charge? Sell at a yearly fee, or charge every month. It’s totally up to you.

You make the sale yourself. Nothing is routed through us. Get your customers to directly pay you using Paypal, bank, Bitcoin, or anything you want. Create their account using our Reseller administrator console and they are ready to go.

Our Agency account gets your customers full access. Everything we got them. That includes

  • Access to Postifluence: You’ll be able to generate licenses to give them access to the SAAS.
  • All the bonuses with all rights: They get the bonuses, and they also get Commercial and Agency rights just like our paying buyers.
  • The training: You get the right to give them access to the training if you get the Pro Agency plan.

OTO 3: ViralReach Pro ($47)

Make Organic Reach Work Again Get success From Facebook Marketing Without Spending For Every Sale Or Lead. Powerful New Software Unleashes A Traffic Tsunami

Here’s Another Quick Look At What Viral Reach Does

  • Endless contentsources for any niche or market.
  • Post multiple content typesincluding Text, images, videos, and custom content.
  • Connect any blogs using RSS feeds to Viral Reach.
  • Find fresh article contentfrom multiple articles sources including article websites, google news and more.
  • Keep a tab on engagementand see what sort of content is working.
  • Powerful imageeditor to help you modify the image.
  • Follow YouTube channelsand post all their fresh content to Facebook automatically.
  • Post your own custom contentwhich can be of any type at all.
  • Projects work on 100% autopilotand notify you whenever they are running out of content.

OTO 4: CloudFunnels Pro ($67)

CloudFunnels Gives You Everything You Need To Create Your Dream Online Business

  • Powerful WYSIWYG page builder that churns out highly optimized responsive pages.
  • Complete membership system to create free or paid memberships.
  • Insightful sales and leads analytics to help you always keep track of your business.
  • Install anywhere including shared hosting, VPS, Servers, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Page cloner lets you duplicate any page or funnel online in one-click
  • Support for popular payment gateways & carts including Paypal, Stripe,, ClickBank, JVZoo, Warriorplus, etc.
  • Integration for SMTPs like Sendgrid, Mailgun,, SMTP2Go etc for your email marketing.
  • Integrations for Live chat, Facebook Messenger, Bots, Supportdesk, Conversion proof etc.
  • Full GDPR Support – Cookie consent & data disclosure.
  • Increased protection from ‘funnel-hackers’
  • Over a dozen readymade funnel templates that you can modify instantly.
  • Email automation. Send transactional mails, mail sequences and mail your lists.
  • Create multiple funnels & memberships on one domain or subdomain.
  • SEO Friendly features. On-page optimization, caching for fast delivery & AMP for high-speed mobile performance.
  • Has A/B testing & split testing to help you get more sales.
  • Integration with popular autoresponders like Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp, MailEngine etc.
  • Integration with Facebook Pixel, Google Pixel, Google analytics, Heat-maps or any other analytics system.
  • Zapier integration to send your data to any CRM or software.
  • Works on Google Appengine to create your funnel on highly reliable Google infrastructure.
  • Free automatic upgrade for 1-year

OTO 5: MailEngine Pro ($67)

Killer Email Marketing Features You’ve Never Seen Before In Any Autoresponder System Yet

  • Send your marketing emails using GMail or GSuite with built-in GMail’s API Integration.
  • Every mail you send out can be 100% unique with powerful in-built content spinner so Email Sites can’t recognize it as mass mail.
  • Breakthrough URL Spinner makes every URL unique without HTTP redirection so Email Sites think every email is unique.
  • Powerful list marketing features include sequencing, mailing opens & unopens, and list management.
  • Self-hosted. Runs inside WordPress. 100% in your control. Never get banned.
  • In-built spam words filter recognize spam words and warns you to remove them to improve inboxing.

Postifluence Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Postifluence Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Joint Health 101 Review

Postifluence Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Find tons of blogs and websites eager to post your articles
  • Get 100% Organic Dofollow Links
  • Only Ranking Sites. No Bad Players Or Dead Blogs
  • Automated Email & SMS Reachout
  • The Full Detail On The Sites Including Rank, Traffic & More
  • Email & Phone Number Of Bloggers & Influencers


  • Funnel is pretty deep; 5 whole upgrade options: this isn’t much of a con as the software still works perfectly without any of the upgrades.
  • You will need a good internet connection.

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