AudioCreator Review: Create Unlimited High-Quality AudioBooks

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular. Audiobooks are on the RISE… With the rise of smartphones, people spend less and less time actually reading. Many people prefer listening to an audiobook on the go instead of reading an eBook on a Kindle.

Audiobooks now beating the radio trend. Although most listen in their car (74%), others like to listen while doing less cognitively demanding tasks (ex. cleaning). According to the APA survey, 74% of audiobook consumers listen in their car, up from 69% last year.

Now, in terms of money, YOU can expect to make between $50 and $100 an hour in the beginning for creating audiobooks with AudioCreator. Once you make a name for yourself, you can easily get to make over $200 for just a one hour AudioBook.

AudioBooks Are The BEST Way To BOOST Your Passive Income. That’s why you need to check my AudioCreator Review below now!

AudioCreator Review

What is AudioCreator?

AudioCreator is Professional & Fully Cloud-Based Platform To Create Unlimited High-Quality AudioBooks In 60 Seconds Flat! AudioCreator removes all hassles & enables you to succeed without

  • Stop Spending monthly on money sucking Freelancers –
  • Save your valuable time and money by kicking out expensive Freelancers forever.
  • Wasting hours trying to do it manually?
  • AudioCreator is so fast & easy to use!

AudioCreator is a new Text To Speech audio software (Online-Application) that creates audio using just text. That means that any text you add on this app will generate a human-like voice audio file that you can listen on any device or add it to your projects and the best part is that it will sound like another human-being was reading it!

You’re getting the never seen before, World’s First A.I Based World’s Unlimited High-Quality AudioBooks In 60 Seconds Flat. We personally use this every day, and it’s a never offered before deal as you get the step-by-step tutorials & the custom bonuses that are not available anywhere else.

AudioCreator reads anything you tell it to in a human-like voice. It uses deep learning AI technology to mimic human speech and make listening easy. It can read text from whatever format you want.

In other words, this cloud-based app reads whatever text you have aloud in a human voice rather than a robotic one. Although it was developed by its dyslexic originator as a tool for readers, it may be used by anyone to increase productivity.

With their AI-generated natural-sounding voices, AudioCreator’s cloud-based text-to-speech software enables you to produce voiceover, demos, audiobooks, and other types of content.

You can select one of the languages on their landing page from which the voices are available. Users don’t need to download voice packs because everything is loaded immediately from AudioCreator servers for almost 48 languages.

You can produce a voice over with a natural tone in 7 seconds or less. AudioCreator is a program that aids in turning text into sounds.

This cloud-based text-to-speech program enables you to record voice-overs for your work. Because it is the only program of its sort that offers the speech a form, I believe this to be the best solution based on our testing and study.

You can precisely paste and convert text to audio with AudioCreator. The fact that it uses optical character recognition to convert printed books into audiobooks, however, distinguishes it from competing tools.

AudioCreator can be used in three different ways. Depending on the version you select, you can utilize it in various circumstances. For instance, you can use the textbook’s mobile app to listen to it while driving or commuting to work. AudioCreator can read your emails and whatever you write in Google Docs when using its plugin.

Due to its text-to-speech functionality, AudioCreator is also well-liked among independent authors, editors, and content producers. When I read my own writing, I’ve discovered that my mind frequently passes over faults since it reads on autopilot.

As a result, my emails and published articles occasionally have glaring spelling and readability issues. But if you have a second voice reading your work back to you, finding faults is considerably easier.

You can import a PDF, link to Google Drive docs, listen to your emails, or even scan in an entire book. So Don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this AudioCreator Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

AudioCreator Review Overview


Vendor Rudy Rudra
Product AudioCreator
Launch Date 2022-Oct-30
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Text To Speech
Support Effective Response
Operating System Web App
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Rudy Rudra

Rudy Rudra is an experienced marketer who has launched a lot of products on JVZoo and Warriorplus. Some of them you might have heard of are Blogzi, YouBott, Buzz, etc.

Rudy is an awesome man and a great marketer. Each time he launched a new product, he spent 100% of his effort and energy to make it perfect for users. This time is not an exception, though.

Later on, my AudioCreator Review is going to emphasize this tool’s outstanding features.

Key features

Here are what you will get today:

  • Cloud-based software

This works online, you just need access to the Internet and an Internet Browser like Firefox or Chrome.

  • Human-like Voices

Our new voices are designed to sound natural so you can be sure that the audios made with AudioCreator will sound great on any project!

  • Story-Mode Technology

Featuring the latest TTS technology! Now you can create dialogs using different voices so you can create conversations, discussions and much more! This new technology will allow you to create conversations or stories by just adding text and choosing the right settings for the voices.

You can use it for Background voices for your videos, Child’s Stories on Youtube or Amazon or Podcasts.

  • Easy to Use

Write your own text or just copy and paste any text you want. It’s so easy to use! if you know how to use a computer’s mouse you can use AudioCreator!

  • OCR Reader and Import for PDF

You can use AudioCreator to input web content, PDFs, clipboard-copied text, or even images of genuine book pages, and it will read them aloud in the highest-quality digital voices.

In essence, you can shoot images with your phone and read them later when the image has been converted to text. I have attempted to read literature. It works flawlessly with books but is poor with handwriting.

  • Translator

A translator is also included with AudioCreator. As a result, you can convert your native English into your English material, or the other way around.

  • Ideal for those who have reading difficulties

AudioCreator was initially created as a remedy for the founder’s dyslexia, but it now aids tens of thousands of people who struggle with reading due to dyslexia, ADHD, low visual acuity, anxiety, concussions, and other conditions.

  • Speed of 900 Words

You can increase the speaking rate using AudioCreator to up to 900 words per minute. No one comprehends this speed, but the point I’m making is that you can adapt to your speed.

  • Add text from the internet

You can access Google from within the program, go to any website, read the content, and/or copy the link. It will read for you material that it has retrieved from a web page.

  • It has a 384 Kbps bitrate.

Superior sound or audio quality that enhances the listening and reviewing experiences of customers. When compressing an audio file, the encoder extracts more information the lower the Kbps value is.

The greatest option for enhancing sound quality is a 384 Kbps bitrate. If keeping audio files of this kind is a challenge, there are several accessible storage options.

  • It is a responsive mobile application.

It contracts to a size appropriate for mobile device display. It would look like a scaled-down variation of the website. The site will still display and work normally even if there is a lot of zooming and scrolling.

  • Commercial Permit

Unlike other comparable softwares that charge an additional fee for a commercial license, you are not required to pay one.

  • 550+ Voices

The best aspect of AudioCreator software is the inclusion of numerous languages and texts. Male and female speakers are available on AudioCreator. Every speaker has an own delivery style. For your upcoming project, you could locate a selection of voices. You have the option of listening to an example before choosing a voice.

  • Top AI Voices

Our sounds are the most similar to human voice, and they have an amazing range.

  • Emotional voice management

You can alter your voice by altering the voiceovers’ emotions, such as empathy, anger, happiness, and so forth. Only a few languages—English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Chinese—are supported.

  • Alter Your Speech’s Tempo and Pitch

Speed and pitch can be readily changed depending on the voice over type you need.

  • Business Permit

You can utilize voice overs for free for advertising or other reasons if you have a full company license.

  • Accents

There are several accents for some languages, including English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and others.

  • Cross-Platform

Any device, including Mac and Android, can be used to make a Voiceover. The AudioCreator system is cloud-based (versatile responsive)

  • Save time, learn more, and do more

Users of AudioCreator quickly learn to listen at 400 words per minute or faster, which doubles their reading speed in comparison to the usual sight-reading speed of 200 words per minute.

Academic studies demonstrate that hearing and reading at the same time significantly enhances comprehension, and the reading screen on AudioCreator underlines each word as it reads.

visit the official website!

Personal Experience – Ease Of Use: How AudioCreator works

After signing up as a member, you can effortlessly navigate through AudioCreator thanks to its straightforward user interface. You can start working on various projects right away after creating them.

AudioCreator features a rather simple layout. Its user interface is simple and straightforward in both the desktop and mobile versions, which have a limited number of dashboards and menus.

The home page is the first place you can add files. Here, you can upload whole web pages as well as text and PDF files. You may use the camera on your phone to scan documents while using it.
Even though having a digital copy is preferable, it’s useful to know that you may still add physical books by scanning them.

The software will show you the text and begin reading it after you select a document. You can pause and skip sentences, alter the reading pace, choose the voice sample you’ll hear, and decide whether you want to skip a particular section of the text using the menu at the bottom.

Continue reading to learn how these extra features function.

Its reading speed is the first attribute that can increase productivity. You may increase it in any of their versions up to 4.5 times quicker than the norm (900 wpm), which they claim will result in a 405% improvement in productivity.

Even while this seems amazing on paper, it is a pointless feature. Why? Since you are unable to understand anything, the voice is reading quickly. Additionally, it doesn’t just happen at this speed; identical events also occur between 500 and 900 wpm.

However, with such high numbers, it’s unlikely that you will fully comprehend what you are reading. Of course, the fewer words per minute you select, the clearer you’ll hear it.

If you are reading a book or a text for your history class, for instance At this pace, you will quickly transition between sentences, bypassing crucial terms or details. When you’ve finished listening, you’ll realize that you don’t really remember much.

However, we discovered that a speed rate of between 200 and 400 wpm can produce this productivity improvement. The best pricing will largely depend on your qualifications and what you’re looking for.

A quicker speed rate will be a suitable option if you are at home and would like to listen to your course material while also reading it. You can hear the text more quickly and complete it more quickly by reading and listening to it.

On the other hand, if you’re traveling and can’t use your phone while you listen, you might want to choose a slower speed. By doing this, you may listen to the information more intently and comprehend it more fully without the need for visual reinforcement.

You may easily make your own voiceover using AudioCreator. Simply add text, select the voice that best suits your needs, and save it to the cloud. There is no special knowledge needed for this procedure because it is so straightforward.

A tool called AudioCreator uses the internet or the cloud to function. As a result, it is compatible with any operating system. Furthermore, you don’t need to download their voice packs because they are already on their server. As a result, you may access high-quality voices without worrying about file size or storage space.

AudioCreator employs MP3 files, a widely used and universally compatible audio file type. AudioCreator is a good option if you need voiceovers because they offer MP3 format and allow you to easily edit them to meet your needs.

Most of us like a specific voice when listening to podcasts or audiobooks. However, there are occasions when we want the same voice to sound different. This is particularly valid if you produce an audiobook without the original voice recording.

This function is provided by AudioCreator to make it simple for your listeners to change the speed, pitch, and duration of the sound.

Nobody desires a voiceover with abrupt transitions. Smoothness and naturalness should be present in the voice. To produce the greatest audio file for your audience, every vocal component—such as background noises, breathing noises, pitch, etc.—should be balanced.

Their superior and varied voice samples are another aspect that sets them apart from the competition.

In English, they have a variety of voices, both British and American. Most of them have non-robotic human voices that, when spoken at an ordinary speed, sound practically natural. You will hear your texts as if someone else were reading them to you, whether you select a male or female voice.

You can still utilize some voices that aren’t finished yet. There are voices from actors like Gwyneth Paltrow, an elderly narrator, and even a AudioCreator project named Mr. President that sounds just like Barack Obama among others.

These are extra choices that enhance the overall experience without affecting how useful the software is. Obama’s ability to read class materials to you like a professor is a wonderful bonus, but that is it.

Aside from English, they also offer voices in Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, and Indonesian. They also have voices in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Polish.

Although they may not have as many voice samples as the English language, there are still plenty of possibilities for pupils from all different backgrounds.

Where AudioCreator differs from other online tools is in this area. They have incredible voice quality that is unsurpassed by any other tools that are now available on the internet. As a result, you can rely on it if you want your customer or audience to hear your voiceovers well.

Numerous reviews that claim AudioCreator is a higher-quality tool than other ones have been submitted to us. AudioCreator is the best option for your business or personal needs if you’re seeking for a solution that can make it simple and quick for you to create audio files.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Honest AudioCreator Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

AudioCreator includes almost human-like voices. These new voices include intonation, so they sound more natural to our ears. But that’s not all, this new tool went 1 step ahead in the future and added a feature that will blow your mind.

With the aid of the tool AudioCreator, you may create voiceovers in a variety of inventive ways. AudioCreator will assist you in doing this without exerting much effort, whether you’re a YouTuber, teacher, or author who wants to produce an explanation video or audiobook.

It allows you to create stories, yes… stories or dialogs. Picture it, imagine you could create a story for a kid, with talking characters, each of them with their own special voice. Or You could create a dialog between 2 people, one asking questions and the other one replying, like on an interview.

AudioCreator is continually updated with fresh accents, voices, and emotions. Due to the upcoming addition of new features, the price will increase. Now is a wonderful time to get AudioCreator if you require high-quality voice-to-text before the price increases.

AudioCreator is a really practical program that is always helpful. There are many different text-to-speech programs on the market. However, the majority of them don’t sound plausible. Many voices sound robotic or fake. AudioCreator is an expert in this field.

The voices of the software seem human-like from the get-go, according to the program’s developers. I gave it a try, and I was intrigued. The voices in AudioCreator have amazing audio quality. They have a realistic and natural sound, which is crucial for any voiceovers or audio you produce.

Additionally, they have added new services to their website, including the ability to translate audio recordings into several languages and a cloud storage facility that enables users to conveniently save their audio files on the cloud.

The updates they provide are the finest part. They are constantly updating and adding new updates. Therefore, anytime you visit their landing page, you will always notice some updates or new features in their plans.

All of their products are reasonably priced while maintaining the highest standards of quality and fantastic features.

AudioCreator truly hits the point, although it should be mentioned that nothing is currently available that can exactly duplicate the emotions and finesse of human speaking.

That’s not all, it comes packed with several languages and different voices. Another plus is that it’s so easy to use, you just type or paste your text, choose your favourite voice and make it talk. You can download all the projects, stories or dialogs to use it with other projects.

A tool’s client assistance is the most crucial component. The best customer service in the business is without a doubt offered by AudioCreator.

You may rely on their support staff for any questions you have about their product or its quality because they are really helpful. So feel free to get in touch with them if you are new to voiceover creation and need assistance with establishing up your account, translation, etc.

They would be pleased to assist you at every level of using their platform by promptly responding to all of your inquiries!

AudioCreator is a great software, in our opinion, for anyone looking to increase productivity. Auditory learners, in particular, will read through more pages and paragraphs in less time due to their varying reading speeds, whether they are reading along or listening to it while doing something else.

I want to express my gratitude for reading my review of AudioCreator. When they want to start YouTube videos or create videos with voiceovers, many people worry about how their voice sounds.

A piece of software called AudioCreator offers assistance to folks in need. In conclusion, I think AudioCreator is the best voice-over software currently offered. with less restrictions and more features for such an affordable price. Try it out!

Just do yourself a big favor and take a look at it now, and listen to the samples on their landing page. You’ll be amazed by the Story-Mode Technology, they have a funny audio sample to get an idea of what you can do with it.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this AudioCreator Review)!

AudioCreator Bonus

AudioCreator OTOs and Pricing Options

For a limited time, you can grab AudioCreator with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: AudioCreator -$17

AudioCreator is Professional & Fully Cloud-Based Platform To Create Unlimited High-Quality AudioBooks In 60 Seconds Flat! Never Seen Before Text Extraction Feature To Convert Physical Books To Awesome AudioBooks!

OTO 1: AudioCreator Unlimited – $37

Unlock Unlimited Features To Get Max Unlimited Searches , Sales & Profits With Just The Push Of A Button

Here are some of its major features-

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Access No Limits
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Exclusive Link Shortener
  • Exclusive Training Step By Step
  • Millions of Video & Images Data
  • Easy-To-Understand Software Video Training
  • Included Step by Step Video Software guide
  • Dedicated Support & Facebook Private Group Access

OTO 2: AudioCreator Pro + Reseller $37

  • Get 300% More Traffic & Sales Faster & Easier With Zero Tech Hassles Ever
  • Get Max Audience Glued Using The Power Of Fresh Visual Content
  • Step By Step Exclusive Traffic Full Training + Case Study
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  • No Need To Invest $10K-$50K For Product Creation And Marketing Purposes
  • No Turning Your Hair Grey For Managing Customer Service And Support
  • Keep 100% Profits Yourself

OTO 3: AudioCreator DFY – $37

Done for you complete blog setup & funnel with articles included domain & Hosting with 100+ Traffic Sources

AudioCreator Alternatives


Audika is all about how to create audiobooks from your Kindle books, and sell them on a variety of different platforms including Amazon and Google Play. Over the years, audiobooks have been selling incredibly well, and now they are worth over 1.2 billion dollars, only in the US.

Audika is the World’s #1 Cloud-Based Audiobook Creator Platform That Turns Any E-book Into a Mesmerizing Audiobook With Natural Human Sounding Voices Which Means No Speaking, or Hiring Expensive Freelancers Sell Them for Big Bucks in Just 60 Seconds.

Audika is A comprehensive online tool for recording and editing high-quality audio. With Audika, you can record voiceovers from written text, record interviews, produce podcasts, edit audio, and collect voice snippets.

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Translate4Cash transcribes your audio into text and and vice versa. To edit your podcast or audio all you have to do is text editing. As easy as editing a doc. Use Translate4Cash to translate your subtitles automatically into +50 different languages. Fast and accurate translation.

With Translate4Cash video dubber you can automatically voiceover your videos to foreign languages using artificial intelligence and computer generated voices. \Translate4Cash makes “foreign language voiceover dubbing” fast and simple.

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TuneMingo is the World’s First A.I. Powered All-In-One Audio & Video Solution for every success hungry marketer…

You get UNLIMITED Access To 1-Click Music Generation & Mixing, Ad-Free Video Hosting, Stock Videos & Templates & Lots More With The RARE Opportunity To Sell Them Too – ALL for an UNBEATABLE ONE-TIME price.

TuneMingo is the World’s First A.I. Powered All-In-One Audio & Video Solution for every success hungry marketer… The #1 A.I Powered Music & Sound Creation Technology To Create Your Own Studio Level Music Tracks For ANY Marketing Video In Any Niche In Less Than 60 Seconds WITH Zero Experience Or Any Monthly Fees Ever!

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AudioCreator Review Conclusion and Incredible Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my AudioCreator Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

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Special Bonuses

AudioCreator Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Professional & Fully Cloud-Based Platform
  • Make Easy Money By Creating & Selling Audiobooks on Amazon, Fiverr etc.
  • User-Friendly Audiobook Creator Software
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  • No Special Skills or Experience Required
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Voice Styles are not available for all languages

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