VidPrime Review: Effortlessly Turn Any Old Boring Video Into Interactive Profit-Beast

As Interactive Video Is Getting Popular for both brands and customers, many brands and individuals are researching how to use this advanced technology in their business. It couldn’t be more true because people prefer watching interactive videos than traditional and static videos.

HOWEVER, We Need To Accept The Truth Creating Interactive Videos Is a Daunting Task because:

  • It requires too much complicated coding knowledge and video editing skills to make an interactive video
  • People Need To Buy Domain and Expensive Hosting To Host Interactive Videos.
  • You hesitate to burn your hard-earned money on hiring expensive freelance video editors.
  • Most of the tools available in the market come with a hefty price tag, yet provide only a limited set of features that don’t match your needs.

What if you could turn ANY boring, dull video into an exciting, engaging video that contains interactive elements built INSIDE of the video. Yes that’s right… Not outside of the video, but directly inside.

You can have interactive elements such as…

  • Call To Actions
  • Quizzes And Polls
  • Countdown Timers
  • Optin Forms
  • Buttons
  • And much much more!

My friend figured out a way to breathe new life into ANY boring video… .and turn it into an engagement and profit POWERHOUSE.

It doesn’t matter how dull or uninteresting it is, and lets you stay light years ahead of the competition with the big cost, effort, or technical know-how…

And after 1 year in the making, he is excited to present it to you. Let’s find out all the details about it in my VidPrime Review below!

VidPrime Review

What is VidPrime?

Interactive video is a customer engagement technique that helps you improve user experience. It allows you to add clickable CTA to your video to catch your audience’s attention and reduce the bounce rate.

What if there is a brand-new software using Proprietary AI Turns Any Videos Into Interactive Machine with No Video Marketing Skill required. If you haven’t started thinking about how to use interactive videos to get more leads and sales, You are leaving huge money on the table.

Presenting… VidPrime allows you to step up your video marketing game with the help of powerful interactive elements. These allow you to boost engagement, clicks, leads, and sales…

VidPrime is a video marketing cloud-based app that uses interactive video elements like questions, CTA buttons, quizzes, HTML Codes, Google Map, Videos, optin forms, clickable text+images, hotspots (and many more) for better engagement and conversions.

VidPrime is a robust cloud-based AI platform that allows users to add unlimited interactive elements like questions, CTA buttons, quizzes, HTML Codes, Google Map, Videos, opt-in forms, clickable text+images, hotspots (and many more)to skyrocket engagement & conversions.

As video marketing is growing at a rapid pace, it seems almost impossible to make your videos stand out from the crowd when there’s so much content around…

Using those interactive elements on videos people can instantly…

  • Stand-out in the crowd
  • Hook viewers’ attention
  • Captivate your audience
  • Expand your global reach
  • Boost engagement
  • Create urgency
  • Compel prospects to take action
  • And so much more…

The best part is – you don’t even need to create your own videos to start profiting from VidPrime, because it curates trending videos from the top social platform – YouTubefor you to add your magical elements &freeload traffic, leads, sales & profits.

Here is a list of everything you’re getting today:

  • Effortlessly Bring New Life To Your Old Videos…
  • Start Building Your List By Adding Optin Forms Directly Inside Your Videos
  • Process Payments Directly Inside The Video
  • Collect Feedback From Your Audience With Quizzes And Polls
  • Boost Conversions With Call To Action Buttons Inside Your Videos
  • Embed And Share Anywhere…
  • Add Text, Logos, Images, And Even Additional Video Clips
  • No Tech Skills Needed, Just Drag N’ Drop And Press Save…
  • Get Traffic Rolling In By Blasting To 2B Visitors In 1 Click
  • Build In Scarcity Inside The Videos With Customizable Countdown Timers
  • Add File Downloads Directly Inside Any Video You Want
  • Add Maps To Your Videos (Helpful For Local Marketers)
  • Unlimited Video Hosting (No Domain, Hosting Required)
  • Premium Support and Step-By-Step Video Training Include

VidPrime Is Your Chance To Stand Out And Shine From Your Competition. With the ability to add interactive elements to any video of your choice, this is your opportunity to get an edge…

VidPrime’s mission is to power any video experience. Our wide array of video solutions are deployed globally across thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers, and educational institutions, leveraging video to teach, learn, communicate, collaborate, and entertain.

As a 6 figure marketer, the key is doing everything in your power to stay one step (or more) ahead of your competition. And there’s no better way to do that than VidPrime.

VidPrime lets you instantly breathe new life into any boring video, and make it fun for your viewers to watch, and most importantly… Grow your business.

Now you can Create, embed, and share video paths in which viewers can ‘choose their own adventure’. Increase engagement, enhance learning, and boost conversion.

So don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this VidPrime Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

VidPrime Review Overview


Vendor Uddhab Pramanik
Product VidPrime
Launch Date 2021-Nov-23
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Video Marketing
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Uddhab Pramanik

VidPrime was created by Uddhab Pramanik and his partner Ganesh Saha. Uddhab is the founder and CEO at Mailersuite and USP Internet Services He is well known as one of the best software providers on Jvzoo and Warriorplus.

What I like about him is that his products always come with high quality and cheapest price. For the past few years, he sold thousands of great products such as: ProfitJam, Addictive Site Builder, News Maker Pro, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this VidPrime Review and find out its features.

Key features

Here Are Just A Few Game-Changer Features You’ll Get In VidPrime…

Convert Any Video Into Profit Powerhouse

Convert any new or old/ boring video into traffic & profit powerhouse in just 3 simple steps. Just add jaw-dropping interactive elements and watch as traffic, leads & sales come pouring in.

Blast Your Interactive Videos To Millions Of Hungry Buyers

In just one tap, you can blast your interactive video masterpiece to millions of hungry buyers of Top 5 Social Networking Platforms – Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, & Flickr and get hordes of free traffic, leads, sales, conversions & profits instantly.

Imagine how profitable it would be to get just a fraction of that hot buyer’s traffic.

Embed & Share Your Campaigns Everywhere

Embedding your highly-interactive videos has never been easier – Simply COPY & PASTE to publish on any webpage…

  • WordPress Site
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Lead Pages
  • Membership Sites
  • Ecommerce Stores
  • Sales Pages
  • Anywhere else you like

Curate High-Quality Trending Videos From YouTube

Why go through the hassle of creating videos yourself when you can curate trending videos from Video goliath YouTube with just a keyword. Pick any video you like, embed your interactive elements & start receiving life-changing profits.

Schedule Your Campaigns In Advance To Save Your Time

Schedule & Auto Publish Your Video Campaigns For Months Of Free Targeted Traffic, More Free Time & Peace Of Mind. Imagine creating 100s of interactive video campaigns and scheduling them for months in advance.

Embed Attention-Grabbing Interactive Elements

Call the viewers to action by using powerful interactive elements & tools within the video…

Interactive CTAs:

Drive your audience to take the action you want with compelling Call-To-Action buttons. Stand out and link any site/offers anywhere at any point in the video with visually-enticing buttons.

Interactive Quiz/ Polls:

Engage Your Audience & collect valuable feedback right from inside the videos using fun Quizzes & Polls. Know what your audience likes and mesmerize them to share your videos further for more traffic.

1-Click File Download:

Boost Your Credibility & Build Trust With Your Audience By Offering Them Amazing Freebies Right Inside the Videos. You can also motivate your viewers to watch the full video to claim their gifts & get your message across easily.

Drag-N-Drop Editor

Our state-of-the-art editor is easy to use & even easier to make profits! Simply drag & drop the elements inside your videos to convert them into engaging interactive videos without any creative and technical skills!

Works For All Niches

No matter what niche & market you are targeting, what form of videos you are creating, and who your target audience is – This is the proven system for complete & instant domination. It will bring you astounding results like never before.

Save Time

With everything – brainstorming new ideas, creating products, and managing services, it becomes really difficult to work on your videos. Well, with VidPrime, you can create interactive videos in just minutes & generate pro-level results without spending much time

No Need To Hire A Designer Or Unreliable Freelancers

Gone are the days of outsourcing video production to expensive designers and freelancers, who charge an arm and a leg for a few minutes of footage. When you join VidPrime, you’re in control. Create result-oriented videos completely in-house – even if you’re a one-man show!

No Technical Skills Required

If you can point and click a mouse, this is something you can do by yourself in minutes. It’s so easy, and so fast, you’re going to love using it. And watching the engagement and results becomes scarily addictive!

100% Cloud-Based

No need to download or install anything. Just log in to our cloud-based server from anywhere, at any time, from any device, and start churning out interactive videos in just a few minutes.

Honest VidPrime Review – My Opinion: Is It Worth Using?

People were watching it for 20, 22, 25 minutes, which is insane. I’ve been doing video for my online business for 5 years, and we’re lucky if people are watching it after the first minute and a half. So right then, I was like, something special is happening here.

Finally, An All-In-One Video Marketing Solution That Helps You Say Goodbye To…

  • Expensive & Complex video marketing tools that promise to help but confuse you even more
  • Money sucking freelancers/video creators who charge a fortune for poor-quality videos
  • Crazy, time-consuming manual labor to create videos that won’t convert
  • Jumping from one to another crappy & outdated DIY methods
  • Waiting for weeks, months, or even years for getting desired results with video marketing
  • Spending months struggling to master different technology, skills & tools to create stunning videos
  • Paying exorbitant amounts of money for every video footage

Difficult as it may sound, VidPrime is actually a beginner-friendly platform that offers several interactive functions and playful animations solutions. Through VidPrime, you can have an interactive brand story, buying cart hotspots to take you directly to the product page, and fun quizzes.

What’s remarkable VidPrime team consults you on the type of feature you should avail for your particular project. The company essentially does all the legwork for you.

VidPrime allows you to create and share interactive videos on your site and social media. The tool offers plenty of Interactive templates and over ten video features. You can include quizzes, add links, labels, and a table of content.

It’s a powerful platform that provides tons of actions to produce an entertaining video.

For one, VidPrime has an aesthetically pleasing dashboard and user-friendly interface that makes your experience enjoyable. Second, it offers more than one interactive action.

VidPrime provides customizable overlay templates to ease your job. It also extends analytics to track your video performance.

Rarely do interactive content experiences feel this intuitive and flow so naturally, which is thanks in part to the use of VidPrime, an interactive video platform. After this series, I expect that we’ll start to see more top-tier publishers using their technology.

Your viewers expect a personalized online experience. With powerful interactive features such as mobile play, customized social sharing, pre-roll ad network compatibility and more, the possibilities are truly endless.

If you’re already shooting video, this is a no-brainer. I think the way we’ve always done video is like a hammer and chisel and we’re carving hieroglyphics, and this is an entire toolbox of different things. It unlocks so many possibilities.

If you’re looking for a platform to take over your video project completely, go for VidPrime. The company entertains some well-known brands.

You will be getting my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this VidPrime Review!

How does VidPrime work?

Churn Out Attention Grabbing Interactive Videos In Just 3 Simple Steps…

  • Step #1: UPLOAD

Upload any video you want to use or curate trending videos from YouTube with just a keyword.

  • Step #2: INSERT

Insert interactive elements to your videos at any time interval you want.

  • Step #3: BLAST

Blast your videos to 2Billion+ viewers in just one tap & boost your traffic & conversions.

Yes, It Really Is That Simple!

  • Easily Create: Drag-and-drop content to easily create interactive video paths from within your browser, integrated into your workflows in the video portal.
  • Share Anytime, Anywhere: Easily share and embed your interactive video paths anywhere – across the web, within your video portal
  • Analyze User Choices: Track audience engagement to better understand viewer behavior and gain valuable insights through choices made.

Besides clickable CTA, VidPrime is compatible with both mobile and laptop and its player supports several networks. With VidPrime player, you can view your interactive video on any platform listed under the publishing option.

To create the interactive video, you may need to log in from VidPrime Management Console to gain access, though.

The primary site will lead you to the interactive video path and into the composer. From there, the composer will literally create a path to prepare your video.

Meaning, it has a drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy for you to pull multiple media from the template column and connect them together.

Once you’ve built a path, click on the main video, add hotspots, and save it. That’s it.

It offers link embedding, overlays, and bookmarks to transform a linear YouTube video into an interactive one. You can build multiple slides, create a drag-and-drop action, add choice action, and much more.

VidPrime also extends remediation action that allows viewers to go back and change their original choices.

Work Your Magic On Any Kind Of Video & Let The Profits Comes To You In Minutes!

  • Stand-out in the crowd
  • Get undivided attention
  • Keep your audience captivated
  • Reach global audience
  • Engage like never before
  • Compel viewers to take action

VidPrime OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab VidPrime with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: VidPrime ($17)

  • Drag & Drop Video Editor
  • YouTube Video Curator
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Add CTAs
  • Add File Download
  • Embed Quiz / Polls
  • Video Uploader
  • Campaign Scheduler
  • Step-by-step Software Training
  • 24*7 Dedicated Support

OTO 1: PRO Edition ($47)

Supercharge Your VidPrime Account By Unlocking Unlimited Campaigns, Unlimited Videos, Unlimited Interactive Elements For Unlimited Video Conversions & Profits On Complete Autopilot!

  • Create Unlimited Campaigns
  • Embed Unlimited Interactive Elements
  • Blast Your Interactive Videos To 21 Social Platforms Simultaneously
  • LOW One-Time Fee
  • Create Unlimited Interactive Videos
  • In-depth Training + Premium Support
  • Unlock More Interactive Elements – Opt-in Form, Clickable Text, Clickable Images, Google Map, Countdown Timer
  • And So Much More

OTO 2: Advanced Edition ($67)

Upgrade To VidPrime Advanced Version To Unlock Even More Stunning Features That Will Instantly Triple Or Quadruple Your Profits On Complete Autopilot…

  • Embed Custom Interactive Elements To Your Video: With VidPrime Advanced Upgrade, you can embed custom interactive elements right inside your videos and maximize your engagement.
  • Embed A Video Inside Your Video: Not only the engaging interactive elements, now you can embed full-fledged videos inside your videos to mesmerize your viewers & skyrocket conversions.
  • Add Hotspots To Your Interactive Videos: Make your interactive videos more powerful and captivating by adding hotspots inside your interactive videos.
  • Use Your Own Video URL: Upload your videos to any server of your choice and use only the video URL for your campaigns.
  • Advanced Video Analytics: With our Advanced Analytics dashboard, you will understand your viewers’ behavior & the kind of video content they are craving.

OTO 3: Done For You Upgrade ($47)

Let Us Do All The Work, Setup And Configure Your VidPrime Account & Campaigns For You Whilst You Sit Back, Chill Out & Get Paid Completely Hands-Free!

Special Opportunity To Work 1-On-1 With Our Support Team And Let Us Set-Up & Build DFY Campaigns For You So That You Make Guaranteed Profits On Complete Autopilot!

  • We Will Set-Up and Build DFY Campaigns For You
  • Remove All The Guesswork & Skip Straight To Profits
  • Save Your Precious Time With DFY Campaigns
  • Enjoy Instant Traffic, Leads, Conversions, & Profits On Complete Autopilot
  • Work 1-On-1 With Our Support Team & Receive Guaranteed Profits
  • Limited Spots – For Only 20 Lucky Customers
  • Backed By Our Iron-Clad 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

OTO 4: Agency License ($97)

Launch Your Own Fully-Fledged DFY Interactive Video Marketing Agency That Gets You 100s Of High Paying Clients In As Little As 24 Hours From Now!

  • DFY Professional Agency Dashboard: You will get a fully-fledged DFY professional agency dashboard inside your VidPrime account which you can use to manage your clients & their account in just a few clicks.
  • Charge Any Price You Want: You have full control over the pricing. You can charge anything you want, a 1-time fee of $997 or $597 Or you can charge a monthly recurring price of $97 per month or $197 per month. There won’t be any restrictions.
  • Manage Your Clients Campaigns & Videos: The agency sub-user dashboard will allow you to create individual accounts for your clients, manage their campaigns, videos & account activity – all from a single dashboard.
  • Keep 100% Of The Profits: You have full control over the pricing. You can charge anything you want, a 1-time fee of $997 or $597 Or you can charge a monthly recurring price of $97 per month or $197 per month. There won’t be any restrictions.
  • Low One-Time Price: With VidPrime Agency license, you can start your own full-blown profitable interactive video marketing agency at just a low one-time price… No additional charges & hidden monthly costs.

OTO 5: Reseller License ($67)

VidPrime Review Conclusion And Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my VidPrime Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









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VidPrime Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Effortlessly Turn Any Old Boring Video Into Interactive Profit-Beast
  • Create Interactive, Attention-Grabbing Videos In Just A Few Minutes
  • Compel Viewers To Take Action By Inserting Call To Action Buttons Inside Your Videos
  • Insert Quizzes/Polls Inside Your Videos To Boost Engagement & Conversions
  • Embed & Share Everywhere Simultaneously Or Schedule To Share Later
  • And A Lot More…
  • Magnetize Traffic, Leads, Sales, Conversions & Profits Completely Hands-Free
  • Curate Hot Trending Videos From Video Giant – YouTube To Let The Magic Unfold
  • Add 1-Click File Downloads Inside Your Videos To Magnify Conversions
  • Blast Your Interactive Videos To 2 Billion+ Audience In One-Tap To Get Massive Traffic
  • 100% Newbie Friendly – No Tech Skills or Expertise Required


  • Funnel is pretty deep; 5 whole upgrade options: this isn’t much of a con as the software still works perfectly without any of the upgrades.
  • You will need a good internet connection.

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