Viddyoze Review: The World’s Easiest Full-Auto Video Animation Software

You already know that video is the future of marketing:

  • By 2020 80% of the worlds internet traffic will be video (…that’s almost 4 out of every 5 buyers coming to you through video).
  • Using videos on your landing pages increases conversions by 80%
  • 64% of consumers say they’re more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it

But here’s the thing: everyone else knows video is the future of marketing as well. And that means the competition is HUGE. Video alone won’t give you an advantage. It’s time you got an upgrade. If you want to get any attention, your videos have to be outstanding.

That’s why today I’ll bring to you a solution! Let’s find out more details in my Viddyoze Review below!

Viddyoze Review

What is Viddyoze?

It’s almost here, and I can’t wait to share this with you. What are we talking about? The revolutionary video platform Viddyoze has been working hard behind the scenes on something super special.

And it’s almost here. I wanted you to be the first to find out and catch the inside scoop right here: In a nutshell, Viddyoze is the world’s first and only 100% automated video animation service.

For the last 5 years Viddyoze has been helping everyday marketers create videos that look (and most importantly perform) like they’ve come direct from a digital marketing agency.

Scrap that. Some of the animations you can make with this tech look like they’ve been designed by Pixar, and you get to make them in 3 clicks.

Don’t ask me how it’s done. As far as I’m concerned it’s straight up wizardry. But I know it works. And if you have any interest in video marketing, this has long been the one tool that you shouldn’t be without.

Especially, now, as they’re just launched a brand new version at a price that’s almost as jaw dropping as the videos you’ll be creating.

Now you can create your own studio-quality intros, social actions, transitions, outros and more in just a few clicks… without any previous design experience, without waiting weeks on your contractor… and without wasting money on the same marketplace designs as everyone else is using.

And with the Viddyoze live animation engine you’ll be creating stunning live effects that cost thousands of dollars to produce.

Viddyoze now comes with 220 stunning templates. 

  • Some will be Live Action templates.
  • Some will be the new square & vertical templates.
  • Some will be designed for specific niches.
  • Some will be general and can be used by anyone.

All of them guaranteed to make jaws drop so fast, they’ll bounce. And it’s so easy to use! All you need to do is choose the template and upload your logo. Then hit the button. Viddyoze does the rest.

The future of Viddyoze will never be the same — and you’re the first to find out why this is so important… FOR YOU! Viddyoze isn’t about making videos. It’s about making your videos look INCREDIBLE.

You get access to a huge set of beautiful templates. Logo stings. Social actions. Transitions. Outros. Conversion-crushing CTAs. You also get their Live Action templates, and exclusive ALPHA technology.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, so I’ll just say this: If you only do one thing today check out these Live Templates. They cost thousands of dollars to produce with real actors, models, filmsets… and you get to magically insert your brand and business right on top of the Live Video.

Like I said, WIZARDS! All you do is upload your logo or text, and Viddyoze makes an animation you can add into any video you like. And that means for pretty much any video, you’ve got instant access to more attention, better engagement and higher conversions.

Because you and I know that video is here to stay, and staying on the cutting edge may mean the difference between a ‘good’ business… and one that is at the forefront of your customer’s minds 24/7, leading to explosive growth and freedom.

Don’t hesitate to check the next parts of this Viddyoze Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Viddyoze Review Overview

Viddyoze Review

Vendor Joey Xoto
Product Viddyoze
Launch Date 2020-Nov-17
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $47
Refund YES, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Video Marketing
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creators

Joey Xoto

Viddyoze was created by Joey Xoto – an Online Entrepreneur & Marketing Strategist. Joey has worked in sales & development for more than 7 years. He now works for himself as a product creator, author and coach in the world of online business and entrepreneurship.

Alongside selling, Joey has got a strong interest & passion for video. He has been involved with several video campaigns, some of which have gone on to generate hundreds of thousands in profits online for his clients with great products such as Graphitii, Prospectrr, etc. 

Joey Xoto is a video master. He’s the guy that I turn to when I need to learn and understand video fundamentals. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Viddyoze Review and find out its features.

Key features

Viddyoze Delivers More Pure Power To Your Video Marketing Than Any Other Animation Platform…

  • Professional Grade 3D Animations In Just A Few Clicks.

No need for expensive, complex software or freelancers. Viddyoze allows you to create stunning animations, from absolutely anywhere in just a few minutes.

  • More than 800* Customizable Animated Templates!

Our front end license gives users access to over 150 templates! Including logo stingers, transitions, outros, live action animations and more! *Template club users get access to their entire back catalogue of animations, plus new animations every single month!

  • Stable. Trusted. Always Advancing.

Viddyoze has survive the test of time, now with thousands of daily users, hundreds of positive reviews online and a platform that is truly here to stay. Weekly updates and constant improvements are the norm here at Viddyoze!

  • World’s #1 Automated Video Animation Software

Create stunning live action animations, pro-quality intros, outros, logo stings, social actions, transitions CTAs, YouTube end-cards, and other miscellaneous animations with ease.

  • Designer Template Library

Chose from the professional selection of top quality templates each designed, tested and approved by a dedicate team of professional animators, marketers and designers.

  • Custom Audio Support

Many templates let you add audio with a single click meaning Camtasia can stay in its box! You can add your soundtrack straight from Viddyoze, making the process even simpler.

  • 100% Compatibility

Viddyoze renders all your animations in mp4 file format… so you can use them with any video editor, and any web platform with absolute confidence.

  • 100% Mobile Compatible

Create your animations from anywhere you like – in the café, on the beach, anywhere you can get on the net. It’s summer, and you should be out enjoying it!

  • Members Area & Training

Viddyoze is built to make your life, your videos and your business as enjoyable, and profitable as possible… Access everything you need in one user-friendly area (including simple set up videos on getting the most from Viddyoze).

  • Cloud Hosting

Every animation is ready to go, so there is no need for any previous experience in design or animation.

  • Always Available

Viddyoze is cloud based so there’s no need to wait around for your video software to render your animations. Just choose your animations… and you’ll get an email when they’re ready.

  • Click and Select

Every animation is ready to go, so there is no need for any previous experience in design or animation.

  • Easy Customization

Every animation has the option to choose a preset colour scheme… There’s no need to think about colour combos, or complex edits… Just click to the colours that match your brand and Viddyoze does the rest.

  • No Watermarks

Viddyoze is fully brandable with no watermarks, anywhere… ever. It’s your video, it’s your logo, it’s your profits.

  • Commercial Licence

Open up a lucrative second income stream by selling your animations to clients.

  • Fast Customer Service

Contact the friendly Viddyoze support team 24/7 and you’re guaranteed a response within 1 business day

  • World’s #1 Automated Video Animation Software

Create stunning live action animations, pro-quality intros, outros, logo stings, social actions, transitions CTAs, YouTube end-cards, and other miscellaneous animations with ease.

  • Ongoing Support & Updates

Viddyoze is supported by a team of designers and developers who are constantly improving the service… Whenever there is a system-wide update you’ll be the first to get it.

  • Unlimited Usage Rights

Viddyoze will never limit the amount of times you can use an animation. Once you’ve rendered it, it’s yours to use in as many videos as you like.

Along with the already existing powerful Viddyoze engine comes a host of new and exciting features never-seen-before in the Viddyoze app.

  • Square & Vertical Templates: The new version of Viddyoze features brand new templates specifically suited to square & vertical formats, perfect for all social media platforms!
  • Multi Font Support: Viddyoze expands its robust customisation features to now allow users to choose multiple fonts for their creations.
  • Multiple Audio Options: Not feeling the default audio for your Viddyoze template? No problem, you’ll now be able to select from multiple different audio tracks per template!
  • Sound FX only: You can now choose to have just sound effects in your templates, without any music… giving you full flexibility and control over your audio options!
  • Background Removal Tool: Need to quickly kill the background of your image in Viddyoze? Now you can using our 1-click background removal tool.
  • Image Editing Tools: Need to crop your images in Viddyoze before inserting it into a template? Now you can do this all inside of the template customisation options.
  • User Library: Users will now be able to upload and store images in their accounts! No more browsing around your computer to find assets. Everything is accessible from inside the Viddyoze app!
  • New Integrations: Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash… users now have access to hundreds of thousands of images to import directly from inside the Viddyoze app. Simple browse for images and edit them right inside the app.
  • Overhauled UX: The new Viddyoze has been redesigned and overhauled from the ground up, taking over 5 years of user experiences, culminating into the perfect UX journey for all users. This is truly the most complete, robust & powerful version of Viddyoze to date.

[button color=”red” size=”big” link=”http://” icon=”” target=”true”]Ready? Get Viddyoze Now![/button]

Honest Viddyoze Review: Is it worth buying?

I was lucky to have the opportunity to test Viddyoze. Here’s my honest opinion. It’s extremely simple to use and takes just 5 minutes to learn how you can quickly create ‘killer’ video intros, stringers, outros and lots more from a wide range of professionally designed and eye catching templates.

Viddyoze was already the #1 tool on the market for video marketers.

  • It was #1 BEFORE they released the Viddyoze Live Templates that effortlessly blend logos with 3D animations AND live-action actors, models, and scenery.
  • It was #1 when they revealed their exclusive transparent ALPHA technology allowing users to overlay Viddyoze animations on existing footage!
  • And Viddyoze is STILL #1 today . No other software has even come close.

Team Viddyoze have been leading the market for 5 years now. And now they’ve taken 5 years of user feedback to create the BEST version of Viddyoze yet. There’s a lot to like, including the NEW square and vertical templates that are going to let you dominate social media entirely!

What you can now do with Viddyoze is nothing short of astonishing. To put it bluntly, it’s blatantly UNFAIR.

With Viddyoze you can create different types of 3D animations that can be added to your videos. You can create video intro, outro, transitions, logo stingers and social animations.

The Viddyoze team have solved the problem of quickly, easily and affordably creating intros, outros and logo stingers that grab viewers by the eyeballs. They set out to create a low cost, simple to use, automated solution and in my opinion they knocked it out of the park.

Although it sounds complicated or time consuming to create it is in fact very easy and fast. It only takes literally three steps to create 3D animations with Viddyoze. And because it’s a Software as a Service application there’s nothing to install in your computer.

Just Log into your Viddyoze account, choose the type of animation you want to create and off you go. In three steps and three minutes you can have a rendered 3D animation.

And, they have done it with a cloud based app that does the job better, faster and with more flexibility than anything on the market today. Even better, it doesn’t create simple text animations. It creates 3D animations that look better and hold attention better than anything I have in my video creation arsenal.

At the very least you’re going to be amazed at how good this tech can make your videos look. There’s no doubt in my mind, when your videos look this good, they will eat average, dull, even ‘quite good’ videos, for breakfast.

You get access to a huge set of beautiful templates. Logo stings. Social actions. Transitions. Outros. Conversion-crushing CTAs. If you produce videos for Internet Marketers or like me, for local businesses this is a tool you can profit from. Will I be buying it when launched? “DEFINITELY.”

Lets take a look at the huge benefits come up with:

  • Get outstanding studio quality animations and next gen live action animations for any video in just 3 clicks
  • Make high-class pro-videos to sell more products and services
  • Raise your prices and establish yourself as a real professional
  • Give pre-existing videos a new lease of life (and a boost to conversions) with a single animation
  • Add a lucrative extra revenue steam by selling your animations
  • Sell your desk and take Viddyoze on the road… it’s 100% cloud based, and built from the ground up to work on your mobile devices
  • The Viddyoze point-and-click system means ANYONE can now create intros that rival the top studios – ZERO previous experience is required!

And many more:

  • Grab Attention Instantly
  • Studio-Quality Intros
  • Alpha Dynamic Intros
  • Stunning Social Actions
  • Floating Social Animations
  • Professional Lower Thirds
  • Seamless Transitions
  • Movie Filters
  • Attention-Grabbing floating animations
  • Awesome Outros
  • CTA Overlays
  • Compelling CTAs
  • Beautiful Branding
  • Subtle Watermarks
  • Awesome Audio
  • Cloud Computing

And the best parts are:

  • No need for expensive software, there’s nothing to download or install.
  • Huge variety of templates covering a wide range of niches.
  • Totally tech friendly. If you can click your mouse, you can create animations.
  • Create stunning 3D motion effects that cannot be created this fast, anywhere else.

Viddyoze is already being used by more than 150,000 people to transform dull videos into engagement magnets… But the real money being made by Viddyoze users is by people who decide to pick up the commercial licence and start selling Viddyoze as a Service.

Real money is being made by Viddyoze users. One guy is making $5,000/month, another guy landed a $20,000 client, both of them are selling Viddyoze as a Service.

And there’s nothing stopping you doing the same, because these animations sell for upwards of $80 per animation! Because these animations sell for upwards of $80 per animation! Especially with the Live Action templates and the NEW social media templates.

Especially, with the NEW square and vertical templates. They’re perfect for social media and mobile, and that gives you an IMMENSE opportunity. Best of all, for the next few days the commercial license is selling as a lifetime license at a huge discount.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the end of this Viddyoze Review):

Viddyoze Bonus

How Viddyoze works

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

  • Step 1: Choose from the extensive Viddyoze animation library!
  • Step 2: Customize your animation…
  • Step 3: Preview the animation, make any corrections!
  • Step 4: Hit render & grab a beverage!

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!


For a limited time, you can grab Viddyoze with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Viddyoze ($47)


  • Use on your own projects, cannot resell
  • Limited to 30 video creations per month
  • Great if you’re just looking for a few animations per month for your own video content


  • Create unlimited videos, zero limits
  • 230 templates
  • Access to 2 high quality training courses (YouTube Accelerator & Reverse Sales Method)
  • Use on your own projects
  • The license to resell animations to clients

OTO 1: Template Club ($37 per month)

The Viddyoze Template Club gives users access to the entire back catalogue (currently 1500+ templates) with an additional 20+ templates every single month (and often we end up releasing a lot more, because we’re cool like that)

The Template Club also features

  • Access to additional audio tracks for your animations
  • Access to a private media library where you can save your images & assets for later use
  • Access to Viddyoze GIF: Viddyoze GIF lets you render animations in GIF format to embed into your emails and websites.

OTO 2: ‘White Label’ Agency ($297 per month)

The Viddyoze Agency (WLE) is the ultimate powerhouse in video creation, and is the full Viddyoze experience. The full, mouth watering feature list:

Customer will be given the chance to enroll into the release of White Label. This is due to be released later in 2020, but users can buy in for $297 per month now, instead of $997 per month when it’s released later this year.

  • Completely white label the Viddyoze platform to your brand, i.e. Add your logo, colors etc. to the make the entire Viddyoze platform your own, on your own domain. Your clients will never see any Viddyoze branding, only yours!
  • Add 10 sub users to your account
  • Resell seats to your clients
  • Watermark your animations right inside Viddyoze!
  • Access to 15+ new templates every month
  • Send 100% white label pages to your clients that you can build inside Viddyoze
  • Access to Viddyoze Reloaded (i: Our team takes our best performing animations and recreates “Reloaded” version of these templates, giving you even more variety choice with your animations!”)
  • Save color palettes and assets to your private user account
  • Access the entire 1500+ Viddyoze template library you can save your images & assets for later use
  • Access to Viddyoze U (i: Viddyoze University gives you access to all our previously released training products & tutorials, all as a part of your plan, no additional costs!)
  • Render 10 videos at the same time
  • Access up to 5 additional audio tracks per animation for maximum choice and flexibility!
  • Access to Viddyoze GIF feature (hover on “i” says “Viddyoze GIF lets you render animations in GIF format to embed into
  • Access to a private media library where your emails and websites.)
  • Create unlimited videos per month

Viddyoze Review Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my Viddyoze Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.








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