What is Affiliate Link Cloaking And Why You Should Cloak Your Blog’s Affiliate Links

What is Affiliate Link Cloaking

If you want to build a passive income stream from the internet then the best way is to get affiliate marketing. I have always asserted to you that affiliate marketing is one of the most sustainable, most reputable and rewarding online monetization methods.

Why? You simply introduce another person’s product and when the customer makes a purchase, the commission will appear in your account.

Moreover, there are some types of products that are paid for commissions based on the recurring mechanism, so you will probably receive a lifetime commission, which means that when your customers use the product, you Also get the money.

Affiliate marketing is called passive monetization because it works like that!

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In affiliate marketing the core issue is still the affiliate link ie you can only be charged a commission if a person clicks on your affiliate link and performs a specific action like making a purchase. Or trial subscription, installation, fill out information form …

Usually the links of a product look very bad and unfriendly, look it will look like this:

  • https://jvz1.com/c/123456/123456

It looks very ugly and unfriendly! I am so sure that if someone looks at a link like this they will probably be cautious and the possibility of not dare to click on is very high. Simply look at it as a rogue link! So how to make it look friendlier, more beautiful? The answer is: Link Cloaking!


Link Cloaking is the operation we shorten and cover up an original affiliate link, which aims to make the link more beautiful. Users feel more friendly and simpler to make it easier for us to remember.

An Affiliate link is usually quite long and hard to remember:

  • https://jvz1.com/c/123456/123456

But after doing link cloaking we will get a link like this:

  • flashreviewz.com/Get-Software

Shorter, easier to remember, more recognizable brand and important to ensure that the commission will still be calculated for us when users click on the link after the shortened.


  • Increase clickthrough rates

As mentioned above, a bad affiliate link is often ugly and looks unfriendly. Users are now very wary and they are often afraid to click on links that lack trust.

By shortening the link through the form of link cloaking you will increase the clickthrough rate and your chances of receiving commissions will increase accordingly.

  • Easy to remember and manage

How many people will remember an original affiliate link with long lines of digits and characters? Certainly not, but after shortening the link with the plugin you will easily remember the link of a product.

For example, when you promote software, you will create link shortcuts like http://domain/Software-name. Too easy to remember, easy to manage right?

What is Affiliate Link Cloaking

  • Easy statistics

When doing link cloaking you will easily statistics how many click on links, articles on the website / blog get the most clicks. This will help you review and change as well as improve your article content to reach more people, receive more clicks, and ultimately more commissions.

  • Increase Your Email Inbox Rates

One of the advantages of link cloaking in affiliate marketing is that you will minimize Email Spam Rate when sending email marketing. The spam filter software is often hate affiliate link. So if you shorten the link and put it in the email content then the rate of email directly into the inbox is huge!

  • Easily add a no-follow attribute

The biggest problem when doing affiliate marketing is SEO, Google usually penalizes websites / blogs with too many hyperlinks and usually we will have to add the rel = nofollow attribute. Manually every time a link is attached.

But if you use a plugin for link cloaking, this is quite simple and you only need to do it once by selecting the no-follow item as shown below.

What is Affiliate Link Cloaking


This is a free, easy-to-use plugin that makes it easy to manage shorten urls. With this plugin, you can also automatically add the no-follow attribute, and redirect them simply.

This is a pretty new plugin of MyThemeShop, however it is extremely powerful and easy to use. There is now a free version you can install at any time.

If you need more professional, more features, you can buy paid version at MyThemeShop website for $ 29.


In summary, link cloaking is something that we who are making money with affiliate marketing should do because the benefits of it are huge.

However, in addition to the listed plugins, you can also use the shortened online link format supported by services like Bit.ly, TinyURL.com or goo.gl. The services at these websites will be best suited to the products that you are promoting not for long.

And if the product key, I think you should still use the plugin installed on your website / blog offline!

Have you implemented link cloaking methods when doing affiliate marketing? You see how important it is? And what plugin do you use to shorten the link? Please leave a comment below, do not forget to help me share this article if you like it!

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