9 Reasons Why You Will Fail At Blogging & Can’t Make Money With It

5 Reasons Why You Will Fail At Blogging

Hi there! Do you know a fact that more than 90% of those bloggers will eventually fail in the first year! In the remaining 10%, at least 5% will quit blogging again after 2 years! These bloggers pursue long-term blogging work almost very little!


There are many reasons why you will fail with blogging and will never go back to writing again. But I think there will be 5 main reasons! If you want to know what are these 5 reasons? How to recognize it? How to overcome … Let’s read my article below!

As you know, blogging is a job that requires persistence, it takes time, effort and sometimes even money. So many people have started a blog and more than 90% of them fail and the success rate of long-term blogging is very small.

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In my experience, we have five factors that often lead us to failure in blogging:

1. You do not like to write but still try to write

Blogging requires you to love writing, love the language so much, so that when you sit on the computer you can write a blog with the excitement and urge to write. If you feel like you are trying to write, then you are not interested in writing and you are embracing yourself.

So how do we like to write? In my experience, people who love to write are often the ones who like to read. They read a lot, they like to read books, newspapers, magazines, like to read whatever they meet. Usually those people are very fond of writing. 

Because in the process of reading, we will learn how to read the language, how to develop a language, how to write a sentence to make the reader feel excited. It’s a factor that I find that people who like to write are like readers and vice versa.

Secondly they enjoyed watching. People who like to observe life, like observing the problems that are happening around everyday life are those who have many ideas for writing. These are two factors to help you feel like writing.

In case if you do not like to write but still want to deploy a blog then there is another way, not necessarily you have to try to write. For example, you can deploy in the form of vlog or podcast audio format.

2. You just think about yourself and forget your readers

Most people come to your blog not because they care about who you are? What do you write about? …

They care about one thing only: Do you and your blog help them solve the problem they are having?

For example, if your blog is about health, people with health problems will come to your blog to seek help and learn how to live with their illnesses.

Or if your blog is about making money online (like this blog of mine), beginner bloggers who don’t know how to make money from their blog, will go to your blog and consult the knowledge you share.

Therefore, if you are helping your readers by providing them with the solution they are interested in, they will become more and more engaged and recommend your blog to others.

But most bloggers do not understand this, they are too focused on themselves but forget their readers. That is the type of blogging 10 years ago… that is, you write about yourself, write about what you met today, what you eat, where you go. Write about your dog, cat, etc.

It’s an online diary, not a blog. So, if you want to make money from your blog, forget about yourself, forget your dog, cat and focus on writing for your readers and write about their dog, cat!

3. You choose the wrong topic of the blog

In my experience, if you are not passionate about something you try to do about it, you will probably fail because you do not like it, you do not have many ideas and knowledge to write on that topic.

So why are there cases where we are not passionate but try to choose that topic? As I realize that normally it is because you think that topic is easy to attract users so you try to choose it.

For example: you do not like the field of making money online and you do not have the knowledge of making money online but you find that there are many needs in this field, so you create a blog to guide on making money online.

You think that this market is wide so you can reach quickly and get the attention of many people. However you are not passionate, have no background, no knowledge of the field, so in the end you will also fail, because you are following the trend rather than follow your passion. You are dependent on the market, not you create a blog according to your ability.

4. You can’t connect with your readers

Indeed, blogging requires a huge connection.

Readers need to know who is behind this blog? What is your story? Is there any reason why they need to read and hear advice from you?

You will quickly become a trusted and beloved blogger if you are willing to share your personal story. That story can be described in an about page, in your daily posts, even in the way you talk to your readers.

In short, keeping a good connection will increase your readers’ trust, and when they have trust, it’s easy to recommend or sell something for them to make money.

5. Lack of Focus

When you start with many blogs at the same time, you do not know where you are. You are allocating resources, time, resources for too much work and do not know what to spend most of your resources on. 

You should remember that we will only do a good job if we focus on it, spend the most time on it, invest the most resources for it.

So if you start at once with 2.3 blogs then I am sure that you will not be able to do well at the same time all those blogs.

In my experience, you should spend time and effort concentrating on a main blog and developing it will be better that you develop more and more blogs with different topics without any effective blogs for you.

6. You do blogging for money only

Most of the time we all set up blogs with the goal to make money!

It is absolutely not wrong, but it will fail if you are too impatient to make money when your blog is too new, not providing enough value and has not built enough trust for your target audience.

If you set a goal of making money higher than the goal of providing value to the reader, then I assert that you will be very difficult to succeed.

You only succeed when you provide so much value to the user and from that can build trust, and when there is trust then you can make money in many ways, for example: selling books, Online courses, consulting,… or whatever products or services are relevant to the topic you are blogging.

I want to emphasize once again that you should provide value and place factors that bring value higher than your monetization goals. Then you will succeed, do not do the opposite.

7. You don’t really understand what your readers are interested in

You will not earn money from your blog, if you do not really understand your readers.

To write what really matters to your readers, you need to understand them very well and here are 2 ways to understand them better:

  • If you are a blogger, listen to what readers respond to you via email, comment on the post and use it to build content ideas. You can also join groups and forums to see what they are discussing.
  • If you’re building an email list, set up an automated email chain and connect with them through your story and don’t forget to ask questions.

I sometimes ask questions like “What is the most difficult thing when you make money online?”, “What makes you unable to blogging and make money from it?”

Usually after such emails I get a lot of feedback and this is the way for me to build article content that focuses on readers’ issues.

Some of the most frequently received feedbacks are:

  • Do not know how to start building a blog
  • Do not know what to write and how to write to attract readers
  • Do not know how to make money from blogs
  • Do not know the techniques to develop a blog

From those problems, I synthesized the solutions through the articles:

All of that content comes from asking questions, understanding readers and the ultimate goal is to know what problems they are having, thus helping them solve the problem right away through the content on the blog.

8. You can not prove your results as you say

For example, you have an making money online blog, but you never make money on the Internet, never letting others see that you can make money from the internet, surely in the long run you will not build trust, because users see that you can not do it, why do they have to listen to you?

Similarly, for example, you have a blog about beauty, skin care, makeup, while your personal image shows that your makeup is not beautiful, your skin is not pretty then surely readers will not believe the guidelines you are writing on the blog.

It is very important, you have to prove to the user that the results are specific. Show them the actual results you have made.

9. You are too satisfied with the current traffic to your blog

So you don’t continue to write articles and find ways to increase traffic. Ie you feel satisfied with the current income and traffic!

The bad news is that you will slowly lose traffic and your income will be reduced if you stop updating content!

There is one most important formula in making money with blog: Good Content -> More Traffic -> Make More Money

So you need to have a regular writing plan, the goal is to let readers feel that your blog is always new and attractive.

Do not let your blog die!

Some other ways you can increase that daily traffic are:

  • Constantly learn and keep up to date with the latest SEO knowledge to get more traffic.
  • Connect with other bloggers through activities like interviews, guest post.
  • Use at least one email marketing tool like MailChimp, GetResponse or ConverKit and focus on building email lists from the early days.


Hopefully this article has somehow answered the question of why we fail with blogs. Thank you for listening!

Do you have any mistakes above, if yes, you can leave a comment and tell about yours below!

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