Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review: 7 Affiliate Secret Tactics for 10X Income

JVZoo, clickbank, warriorplus are amazing affiliate platforms and marketplaces. The only problem is there is so much information in there, it’s overwhelming to take in. Even for us experienced pros, it’s a challenge to find out:

  • What promotions performed the best?
  • What products were refunded and by whom?
  • Who is clicking my links and buying from my promotions?
  • Where are my customers coming from?
  • Who are my best customers?
  • Who are my serial refunders?
  • What are the best times to send out my promotional offers?

Fortunately, today you can find the answer of all the questions above in a comprehensive affiliate training system that’s called Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book. Let’s check all the details in my Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review below!

Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review

What is Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book?

Are you ready for adventure? I hope so because that’s exactly what is coming today. It’s called Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book, and it’s the new case study product by Matt Garrett and Raj Riyat.

Affiliate Marketing Little Black Book – It’s not just another affiliate marketing course, it’s the small ‘ninja’ hacks that you can sprinkle onto any affiliate marketing campaign, to get better results. Discover The Simple Secrets To Boost Your Affiliate Income x10

The difference between a struggling newbie and a successful ‘Super Affiliate’ isn’t just the size of their list, it’s also how the top affiliates maximise their conversions, commissions and income from every single click!

The authors will show you the secret ‘tweaks’ that make the difference between struggling to survive and pulling in enough commissions to truly thrive!

Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book a little different than a lot of the other stuff out there right now, so it’s worth being excited about. Today is going to be a day to remember. So what makes this thing so interesting?

I’ll tell you. Matt decided to run a 4 day affiliate marketing campaign. However, he decided to record the whole process. From picking the product to promote, to what kind of emails he was writing and sending, to how he was posting on facebook, to everything in between.

The marketing angles, the affiliate messages, the video formulas. The who the what, the why the where, and the when… it’s all in there in real time as he is doing it. Although he only spent about 3 and a half hours on the promotion all together, It earned him hundreds of dollars and first place in the affiliate contest for the product.

Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book is a 7 video over the shoulder case study of a 4 day affiliate campaign that the author I ran recently. It resulted in taking first place in the affiliate contest and $865.11 in affiliate commissions and prize money, all with only around 3 and a half hours of work to accomplish this.

The case study is done in real time, so as he was experiencing the campaign and reacting to what was happening, and now so will you! Matt’s going to reveal everything to you in this tell all, over the shoulder, in-depth case study on how a pro does affiliate marketing.

This system is a comprehensive super affiliate training which allows you to track your affiliate sales across the affiliate marketing marketplaces, giving you detailed, organized information about your affiliate sales, such as the name of the buyer and their email address, along with where they are from, when they purchased and if they refund…

Quick Summary:

  • #1: The Triple-Threat Stack
  • #2: Bridging the Gap
  • #3: The “One Ahead” Promotion
  • #4: Attacking From All Sides
  • #5: The “First Mover” Advantage
  • #6: The Aggressive Promotion
  • #7: Brand-Wide Integration

These are tried, tested and proven tactics that take dead, waste of clicks promotions in to profitable, prize winning, money in your pocket campaigns! They are the hacks that take you from struggling newbie to successful affiliate marketer in the shortest possible time!

Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book will let you know about that as well. Help users increase conversions, and reduce refunds. Keep a Great reputation with Paypal. Matt is a professional marketer and he has taken the time to make videos revealing exactly how he gets such effective and quick results with affiliate marketing.

On top of that you are going to get to follow along with him in real time AS he makes the decisions based on how the campaign is going. There is no better way to learn than to experience something… and this is the closest thing to being there.

There is an additional modules that teach you how to integrate with your favorite autoresponder service allowing you to build a buyers list on complete autopilot. The creators take your privacy seriously, all of your buyer emails go straight into your AR.

The information is well organized and simple to use. Plus comprehensive affiliate marketing training take people from complete newbie to pro. So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review as I’ll show you what you will learn inside?

Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review Overview


Vendor Matt Garrett
Product Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book
Launch Date 2021-Jul-01
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $12
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Affiliate Marketing
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About authors

Matt Garrett

Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book was created by Matt Garrett and his partner Raj Riyat. In fact, Matt’s career has been witnessing success after success. Some of his notable products are Easy Pro ReviewsEasy Pro FunnelsNext Generation Affiliate, etc.

Let’s read the next section of this Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review to understand what has he created in this system

What will you learn inside?

In this content-packed report, I’ve outlined the 7 revolutionary techniques that will propel your affiliate marketing campaigns forward to get:

  • More people buying through your promotions.
  • Insane conversion rates.
  • Sky-high EPCs
  • Stronger relationships with other marketers.
  • A more authoritative brand.
  • Increased response from your list.

That’s why you need to learn these: 7 Strategies To Multiply Your Affiliate Commissions By 300% Or More – Starting TODAY

  • Strategy #1: The Triple Threat Stack

A simple three-step principle to make your affiliate promotions truly irresistible. This will cause people to THROW their money at you… even if they ALREADY have the product you’re promoting.

  • Strategy #2: Bridging The Gap

Using this simple ‘hack’ to make it HARDER for your followers to click your affiliate link will actually MASSIVELY increase your conversions and profits.

  • Strategy #3: The “One-Ahead” Promotion

Add just ONE paragraph into your affiliate campaigns and you’ll be able to DOUBLE the number of upsell products that your customers buy from the product that your promoting (and THAT is where the money is).

  • Strategy #4: Attacking From All Sides

How to create an “omnipresence” and FLOOD the Internet with your affiliate campaign, to get the MAXIMUM number of views, clicks and sales.

  • Strategy #5: The “First Mover” Advantage

You’ve heard that the “early bird gets the worm”? Well the early affiliate makes the most money. Use this simple technique to beat your competition and “win the race” before it even begins.

  • Strategy #6: The Aggressive Promotion

The ONE thing that you can do today to BEAT your competition because they are too scared (or too stupid!) to do it… but it’ll 10x your results – instantly.

  • Strategy #7: Brand-Wide Integration

You can “inject” this magic process into every area of your online real-estate (blog, members areas, thank you pages) and watch your affiliate commission soar.

Every single one of these WILL ramp up your affiliate commissions from your next promotion… and when you use them ALL in combination, there is literally NO stopping you.

And that’s not all, the first 50 students will also be getting these additional training modules:

Module 1

  • Revealing why I chose the particular product I chose for this case study (this includes my exact process for choosing affiliate products)
  • My secret of finding WarriorPlus products that are exceptional yet starved for traffic so that you can use it for yourself!
  • Detailing My Points of Exposure strategy so that you too can gain maximum exposure in your affiliate marketing endeavors!

Module 2

  • Walkthrough of the “But not a bully…” email and secrets behind the blind email tactic used
  • Revealing the secret of the “famous quote” marketing angle
  • Revealing my unique dynamic delivery system for bonuses to add and take away bonuses at anytime (without a website and lightning fast)
  • The exact email font size and line spacing process I use for maximum conversions and why!
  • The exact system I use to track my affiliate links for doubling down on successful messaging.
  • My secret to leveraging work I am already doing to create unique bonuses that stand out against the competition and increase conversions with almost ZERO extra work!

Module 3

  • Results from “But not a Bully…” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Walkthrough of “The 7 Secrets of XXXX…” email and secrets behind email tactic used
  • Revealing the secret of “legend building” for maximum sales.
  • You’ll discover Simple editing tactics I use to quickly smooth out my messages without a lot of hassle.
  • Exact ways I use tracking to plan highly converting promotional strategies.
  • The secret of value stacking through multiple messages to produce insane overall conversion results.

Module 4

  • Reveals secret to inspiring more funnel sales as an affiliate
  • Special video angle I use for inspiring sales through social media
  • The exact conversational marketing tactic I used to see results on Facebook
  • Walkthrough of “[1 of 2] 3 New traffic sources for you…” and secrets behind email tactic used
  • Results from “The 7 Secrets of XXXX…” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Discover exact strategy I use to combat low open and click through rates when sending multiple emails a day

Module 5

  • Results from “[1 of 2] 3 New traffic sources for you… ” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Walkthrough of “[2 of 2] 3 New traffic sources for you…” email and secrets behind email tactic used
  • In this video you will see my exact results sending purely actionable content for promotion and how it does against it’s more story driven content alternative!

Module 6

  • Secret to easy blog syndication for maximum leverage
  • Results from “[2 of 2] 3 New traffic sources for you… ” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Walkthrough of “Shadow of the Giant” email and secrets behind email tactic used
  • This is a pivotal point in the campaign and I would consider this unique email message the crown jewel of the campaign. I’ll show you how I did it in this video!
  • The secret to sending multiple email messages a day with NO complaints!

Module 7

  • Results from “Shadow of the Giant” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Walkthrough of “End of the line?” email and secrets behind email tactic used
  • The secret to sending out simple question emails that increase deliverability AND STILL get you sales!

Module 8

  • Results from “End of the line?” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • The special way I shift my send times on the last day of promotion to increase scarcity and maximize conversions.
  • Walkthrough of “The Trouble with Time Machines…” email and secrets behind email tactic used
  • The simple secret to lowering defenses and making prospects more receptive to what you are selling. Anybody can do this!

Module 9

  • Results from “The Trouble with Time Machines…” email. Open rates, click throughs, tracking and sales.
  • Walkthrough of “Final Curtain…” email and secrets behind email tactic used.
  • I reveal why it doesn’t bother me at all to get unsubscribes and a true key to my success in email marketing.

Module 10

  • Sharing all final results and numbers that resulted in me winning the affiliate contest for promotion.
  • Revealing my most effective marketing angle for the entire promotion
  • Showing the exact point of exposure that didn’t work for me at all and most people can probably just not waste time on. What NOT to do!
  • Break down the numbers message by message from most effective to least effective so you can take advantage of all my successful tactics and avoid the ones that didn’t work as well.

Honest Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review: Is it really profitable?

Here’s the Secret: If you want to make a reliable income online these days, you MUST have a list. Not just any list though – the secret to making an average of $167,000 per year as a super affiliate is by having a BUYERS list.

How do you know who’s buying through your affiliate links? And how do you then add those people to your own list so you can promote more stuff to them and cash in like crazy? In the past, you had no way to do this. But now you can, with Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book!

Here’s why you need to get your hands on this now…

  • It’s a NO BRAINER because the feeling of actually making money online instead of losing it is a huge accomplishment!
  • It’s a NO BRAINER because there is no better feeling than knowing exactly what to say to get the sale!
  • It’s a NO BRAINER because there is no better way to learn how to do something than to actually get to watch someone else doing it!
  • It’s a NO BRAINER because having strategies that you can use for any kind of promoting in ANY niche is extremely versatile and useful!
  • It’s a NO BRAINER because having a behind the scenes, over the shoulder, shot in real-time case study for a fraction of the usual cost is an amazing value!

If you’re just grabbing the pre-made promotional email swipes and sending them out to your lists you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re not making much in affiliate commissions… doing the same as everyone else is going to get you the same results, and that’s not good!

The Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book has 7 super affiliate hacks that will change your promotions forever! You’ll discover how to 10X your income from the same campaigns, not matter how big, or small your email list is!

These are the conversion boosting income secrets the top marketers use to stand out from the crowd, dominate the leaderboards and most imoportantly max out their profits…

You know, one thing about Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book that I haven’t touched on is the fact that it’s probably quite a bit different than other trainings or products you have bought. The author do things his own way. Always have.

  • It tells you exactly WHO is buying, WHERE they are buying from, and even WHEN they are buying – so you can see the best time to run promotions and scoop up more sales than ever.
  • It tracks ALL of your JVZoo affiliate activity in one place – so you never had to go back and forth between multiple dashboards and login screens again.
  • It’s fully encrypted, installs in seconds, and works in the cloud – from anywhere in the world – to track all your sales from JVZoo giving you game – changing intel about your buyers.

I have seen and noticed lately that affiliate marketing is getting more and more competitive and it is getting harder to compete.

Raj has shown some great out-of-the-box thinking in this report that will make my affiliate campaigns stand out and also add value to someone that might purchase through my affiliate link.

I have found a great idea from Strategy #3 that I look forward to adding to my next squeeze page funnel. It is great to go through a report and find some actionable steps that can be implemented into what I am working on now.

Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book give you the method to automatically add your buyers to your list while you get paid fat affiliate commissions!

It allows you to promote other people’s products on JVZoo, get paid a fat commission, and collect the names and email addresses of everybody who buys through your affiliate links, giving you a list of hot, hungry buyers who have money, trust you, and will buy from you over and over again!

With tons of the powerful features, you’ll be able to:

  • Build a list of people who purchase through your affiliate promotions: Build a list of real email addresses, and real names that you can use in your emails to build a personal connection.
  • Track up to 31 offers inside JVZoo: Never run out of affiliate offers to promote across JVZoo – track thousands of different promotions.
  • Know what types of products your audience wants to buy: See which products are selling like crazy – so you can fine – tune your future promotions.
  • See how much money each offer is making you: See which offers make the most money overall.
  • Export your list to CSV: Export to CSV to keep your list safe and secure on your hard drive, USB stick, or even on DropBox – ready to import into your favourite autoresponder.
  • Find out who refunds and what products they refunded: A low refund rate keeps your nose clean with PayPal and other merchant accounts. Now you can blacklist serial refunders of products you’re promoting, and identify high refund rate offers to avoid in the future.

The best part is that You DON’T Need To Have A Huge List Of Subscribers To Do This… There’s a ‘myth’ that you need to have an enormous subscriber list in order to be successful as an affiliate.

​Let me tell you… It’s nonsense. You can make six figures per year with a tiny list of just a few hundred subscribers, IF you know how to market to them PROPERLY.

​In fact, the techniques in this “Little Black Book” will help you to get the very BEST out of however many (or few!) subscribers you have got… but most of it will ALSO work with paid traffic from Facebook and Google too.

​That means you can start this TODAY, even if you don’t have a list or a following at all. ​This report is NOT about “how to write better e-mails” or “build a relationship with your subscribers”.

​They are giving you the REAL, ‘insider’ work on simple affiliate marketing strategies which make a MASSIVE difference to your results. ​Of course, if you DO have a list, you may get better results, but it’s not ESSENTIAL. There’s NO Hype Or ‘Theory’ Here.

This book is chock full of killer little ACTIONABLE steps that you can take (even as a compete new marketer). In Chapter 1, pay close attention to (“Step 1”) and (“Step 3”). I have been using these together for years to earn tons of affiliate commissions… its simple, but overlooked!

Strategy 6 alone will show you WHY you are not getting sales on your promotions… this one is worth 10X the price of this report, by itself – and could stop you from losing a ton of cash.

This isn’t the stuff of “pipe dreams” or untested ideas. These are the strategies that WE have used over and over at Marketing Kickstart for MASSIVE results. I’m not prepared to give you training that hasn’t been tried, tested and proven, “in the trenches”.

​Here’s a simple fact: When you use these strategies, you will make dramatically MORE money than when you don’t. And they’ve been proven to work by our friends, students and clients too.

I would recommend this report to any affiliate marketer wanting to stand out from the crowd and take their promotions to the next level. The report is full of clever strategies, which Raj has spent a lot of time and effort learning from his mistakes and tweaking – so that you don’t have to.

Raj explains everything in great detail so that it’s all really easy to follow and implement. After reading this report your affiliate promotions will go from average to more efficient and effective promotions resulting in greater results and more profit.

So if you want to become the next affiliate marketing superstar you need this report immediately

You will be getting my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review!

Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book ($12)

You are going to be seeing:

  • The secrets that Matt used to generate countless thousands in online income over the years.
  • The strategies that have allowed Matt to produce instant income on demand without the stress of worrying about how to pay his bills.
  • The tactics that enabled Matt to NOT have to work for anyone else for the last several years, and THRIVE while he was doing it!
  • The exact places Matt put his affiliate messages for maximum results!
  • Simple yet effective methods of affiliate marketing that are easily repeatable and produce amazing results!

OTO #1: Interview Product Profits $27  

In this awesome new video training, we’re going to give you the ‘full works’ on our interview product creation process. Everything is broken down into short step by step videos, with nothing left out.

With this plan at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make profit pulling interview products in less than an hour.

In fact, when product creation becomes this simple and fast, you’ll have a LOT more time and energy to focus on doing a good job of actually SELLING your products and making the money that you want.

Best of all, this works in ANY niche. It doesn’t matter what information you want to sell (or who you want to sell it to) you can do this.

OTO #2: List Profit Sniper $67  

A Step By Step Program To Build Your Very Own, Profitable List… FAST! In this easy to follow video training series, I’ll walk you through each stage of the list building process and show you literally everything you need to know to duplicate our success.

We have made this process SO easy that literally anyone can start building their list (and making money) within days! You get to watch directly over my shoulder, see what I do and then duplicate. It’s as simple as painting by numbers, all the way to profit

OTO #3: Reseller Rights $97 

You Can Sell The Affiliate Marketers’ Little Black Book & Keep 100% Of The Profits For Yourself…

Here’s What’s In It For You:

  • Sit back, put your feet up and get paid
  • Everything is set up for you
  • NOTHING to host or worry about
  • ZERO technical worries
  • We’ll take care of accepting payments and all customer support – you just take the money
  • It’s just like selling your own digital product, without ANY of the hassles, set up or creating anything
  • Earn an unlimited income from a huge (and growing) market).

Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









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Affiliate Marketers Little Black Book Review Rating
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  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



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