Eternaleads Review: #1 Automatic Lead Generation System?

One of the biggest problem people face is not the lack of traffic… It’s the fact they lose 50% of the traffic the SECOND it hits their website. Why? Because in this ADHD world, people get distracted (I am looking at you, Mark!)

What if there was a way to bring back this 50% of your audience? What if – you could – make more sales simply by using the same secret strategy FB™ uses to recover traffic? It has pushed FB™ way past 1 Billion active users, so trust me – it works.

Interested? If you answer yes then you let’s check all the details about it in my Eternaleads Review below!

Eternaleads Review

What is Eternaleads?

I know you love good deals, and here’s one for you today. Tell me first – are you getting ANY traffic to your websites and landing pages? If yes – I have bad news – you are losing over 50% of the traffic because of no fault of your own.

See, in the modern world, people get distracted, things come up…and you NEED a way to bring them back. What’s the point of spending $2 per click, or 4 hours a day in social media groups, if people land on your site and leave in the first 3 seconds?

Introducing – Eternaleads. The FASTEST way to recover leaked traffic, and as a result make more money. This easy-to-use platform brings back visitors to your site INSTANTLY in 3 simple steps:

  • Create a campaign – takes less than 30 seconds
  • Add a Eternaleads snippet to your website (compatible with ANY page builder incl. WordPress), and
  • Sit back and make money with this returning traffic!

It’s so simple, that even an internet newbie can do it. When you click on the link above, you will actually see it in action (once you try and move away from the page!)

Eternaleads is the world’s #1 automatic lead generation and marketing software. Set-n-forget–just paste 1 line of code on any website and sit back and watch as Eternaleads generates leads for you automatically. Create and send messages and promos to your leads directly through Eternaleads dashboard.

Eternaleads cuts down on the noise online using a clever notification technology. This is the same technique used by billion dollar companies like Facebook™ and Intercom. They are using this technique to bring back people INSTANTLY with notification pops (I bet you’ve experienced it!)

  • Turn every website visitor into a targeted lead completely hands-free and automatic.
  • You turn all website visitors (cold traffic) into hot leads with stunning subscription alerts in a flash
  • You simply copy-paste a line of code on your website to generate leads without lifting a finger
  • You transform your websites & blogs into a lead generation machine
  • Create alerts asking visitors to subscribe in 1 click without filling in names and emails.
  • Send offers to your leads in the dashboard to make hands free sales and commissions.
  • You start a side hustle selling subscription alerts as a service to customers for a one-time fee, monthly fee or a certain amount per 100 leads

With Eternaleads, you too can do customizable notifications that POP, and bring back the user straight to your optin page, sales page or any other page you own. You can even overcome the no-audio limitation Chrome and other browsers have pushed upon you (more details on how to do that are on the link that follows).

This is a tested concept and product that has in some cases even DOUBLED the daily sales made from one of the sales pages. Right now – it’s available at a launch special early bird price. After the timer hits zero, the launch special offer will close and price will move up to $47.

But right now you can still get it for under $27. Plus – they have bonuses that you can use to get more traffic (who doesn’t want that, right?). So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Eternaleads Review!

Eternaleads Review Overview


Vendor Brett Ingram
Product Eternaleads
Launch Date 2022-Oct-17
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $27
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Lead Generation, push notification
Support Effective Response
Operating System Web App
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About creators

Brett Ingram

Brett Ingram is a veteran online marketer with more than a-decade-long of experience. He has also accumulated more than 25 best-selling products during his career such as Course Agency, Video Engine Pro, Socifeed, etc.

His products are always newbie-friendly and contain a lot of powerful features; therefore you can expect the same outcome from this software. So, let’s move on to next parts of this Eternaleads review to see the result of his effort.

Key Features  

Eternaleads Comes With These Profitable Features

  • Simple + Automatic – add 1 line of code and Eternaleads generates unlimited free targeted leads FOR YOU
  • Generate Targeted Leads Automatically – Add 1 line of code to any website and start adding subscribers as fast as minutes from now
  • Visitors to Subscribers in 1 Click – no forms to fill just 1 click and visitors become subscribers instantly
  • 100% REAL Targeted Subscribers – no fake signups or undeliverable email addresses to worry about
  • Open Rates Up to 80% – messages get viewed because there’s no SPAM filter, junk folder, or promotions tab
  • Conversion Rates Up to 15% – targeted messages + captive audience without competition = epic conversions
  • Real-Time Messaging – messages delivered in seconds instead of waiting hours stuck in mail queues
  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Messages – message mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops directly
  • Targeting & Segmenting – send messages to everyone or only subscribers who joined from the same website
  • Customize messages – Customize headline, text, images, links, call to action buttons and icon. Choose up to 2 CTA buttons with different text and links.
  • Create unblockable subscribe alerts – Use the HTTPS option and the subscribe alerts are unblockable so every visitor will see them and your list will grow even faster.
  • Customize subscribe alerts style and location – Use box style to stand out, bar for a more streamlined look, or native style to blend in with the user experience. Show at the top, center, or bottom of the page.
  • Customize subscribe alerts appearance – Show instantly or appear on a delay. Make it transparent or solid. Use the preloaded message or create your own. Even customize the buttons and icon.
  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Signups – add subscribers from desktop, tablet, AND mobile devices all in one
  • Works on Virtually ANY Website – get signups from self-hosted and even 3rd party platforms like Clickfunnels
  • Cloud software works on any platform

No other lead generation app comes close

  • Custom Favicon Setting

With Eternaleads, you can add your own custom favicon. People react better to visuals, so as soon as they see a DIFFERENT favicon flashing, they will be instantly attracted to it!

  • Facebook™ Style Notification Dot

We’ve done extensive research, and people are INSTANTLY attracted to the red dot. With Eternaleads, you can show a red dot on your favicon, attracting 20% MORE visitors.

  • Add Unlimited Messages

Eternaleads allows you to add multiple messages for a single campaign. Which means you can make your messages short, fun and engaging.

  • Customize Message Frequency

We totally understand if you don’t want to annoy your customers. So we give you FULL control of the message frequency, so you can show messages at any interval.

  • AutoPlay Sound and Overcome Browser Limitations

Recently, browsers have disallowed marketers from auto-playing videos on pages. Eternaleads gives you the ability to play sound on pages to bring people back. It’s really cool.

  • Unlimited Campaigns

Depending on the license you get today, you can run unlimited campaigns. This will allow you to use Eternaleads on as many domains as you want, and run as many campaigns as you need.

  • WordPress Plugin Included

We provide you your personal copy of Eternaleads WordPress plugin. So if you didn’t want to worry about adding a piece of code on your WP page, you can use your plugin.

  • Shopify Integration Included

This is really awesome…if you are an eCom seller, you can use Eternaleads even on your Shopify stores. Just enter your shop name, authenticate your shop, and you are good to go!

Super Ecovers PLR Review

Personal Experience – Ease Of Use: How Eternaleads works

Simply Point-N-Click To Create and Customize Jaw-Dropping Alerts In Seconds

Simply Point-N-Click

Create and Customize STUNNING Messages and Promos In Seconds…

Create and Customize Messages

Ditch The Competition, Spam Complaints, Junk Folders Or Promotions Tabs… and Send Messages and Promos To Your Leads Directly On Their Laptop/Mobile Screens

Send messages to leads

Generate Unlimited Free Targeted Leads In Seconds

  • Easy, Simple, Automatic and FREE Lead Generation

Simply add 1 line of code and Eternaleads generates unlimited free targeted leads FOR YOU.

You don’t need any coding knowledge. Eternaleads is 100% newbie-friendly. If you can point-n-click… you’re good to go.

Create stunning alerts, collect UNLIMITED free targeted leads, send them personalized messages/offers & make INSANE profits.

  • Generate Targeted Leads Automatically

Just copy-paste 1 line of code (auto-generated by Eternaleads) on any website and start adding subscribers as fast as in minutes from now.

Convert every visitor/casual browser (who would have left your website without converting into a paying customer) into a highly targeted free lead.

This works for desktop, tablet & mobile visitors so you can generate leads from every visitor automatically.

  • Visitors To Subscribers In 1 Click

Effortlessly generate leads without annoying your visitors… or making them do any work at all – even if it’s just filling out a form.

No need to ask for name, email or any other information.

Eternaleads makes it 1-click simple for your visitors to subscribe and become leads.  And you can send them messages and promos to make sales over and over.

So your leads are like an unlimited income stream.

  • 100% Real Targeted Subscribers

Fed up with fake signups or undeliverable email addresses? With Eternaleads you generate ONLY 100% genuine leads.

Subscribers are NOT required to fill in any of the details. Our brand new technology effortlessly turns every visitor into a highly targeted free lead.

There are absolutely NO CAPS on the number of leads you can generate.  So generate leads and send messages to make sales and commissions.

How does it work?

In this section of Eternaleads Review, I’ll show you how easy it is to get started with this software. When you log in into your Eternaleads panel, you would land up into a dashboard like this.

Eternaleads dashboard

Here what you see is a list of your campaigns that you have, along with the tab which says new tab message. To be able to create a new tab message campaign, you simply need to click on create a new tab message script for your website.

When I click over that where it takes you over is to your campaign creation page. Next you can simply give a name to your campaign. The next thing that you need to enter is where do you want to show these messages.

Eternaleads campaign

Here you have two options: you could either choose to enter the URL of the website, or you could choose to get into the Advanced Settings and do URL level targeting. With this you have advanced filters like contains, exact match, Regex and suck like these. What you could also do is exclude a URL from showing up any kind of a tab message.

The next thing that you need to do is simply enter the messages that you want to showcase in your tab. You could either type in one from your own or you could choose to use a random message.

Simply click on generate random message and it’s already done for you. Similarly you can continue to add as many messages as you want to, and it will continue to give you as my recommendations as you would want.

The next thing that you need to set up is that how much time does it take for the first message to show up, and how do you want to time the difference in between the two messages. We highly recommend the setting of two to four seconds.

The next one being enabled sound settings where if someone moves off a website, you make a sound to be able to pull their attention back to your website. You need to simply click on this notch to enable this up and you’ll be done.

As soon as you’ve done, what you can do is you can simply look at all of its settings and click on save campaign.

customize Eternaleads campaign

It would tell you the pixels that you need to add to your website. This is the one time setting and if you are done with it, you do not need to do it any more further. Or you can also download our WordPress plug-in and install it on your WordPress website. This would make it compatible for all the campaigns that you have.

You can also simply send a Eternaleads code to an email and when you enter the email address, it would send the code to them over the email address.

Eternaleads code

One of the other features of Eternaleads is that if you do not choose to upload any custom favicon or any image to change, we automatically pick this particular image from a website and customize this in a way that it brings the effectiveness back.

What you can do is simply click on continue and you would see my campaign is now created.

Now when you have a campaign you could also see is that how many people visited your website versus how many people exited from the website, and then how many was Eternaleads be able to recover back to your website.

What you can do is simply click on the report button and you would see a detailed graph. We have the options for you to edit a campaign, clone a campaign or to delete the campaign if you do not want to look at it.

Eternaleads campaign

Let’s check this demo video out to see it in action!

Honest Eternaleads Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

Did you know that every website loses 50% or more traffic instantly? That’s right! Almost as soon as a visitor hits a page, they switch their tabs to look at something else, and they bounce away.

Here’s the sad part: your website is leaking traffic – you probably already knew this but you just ignore the problem, because it happens to every website. Why this actually happens?

See… you work to build all those backlinks, you post on social media to get all the traffic you want. And people visit your site because of that. But they leave without making you any money, they leave and they forget to come back. It is as simple as that.

And, do you know what Google loves? Google wants your website to have LOW bounce rate, as well as more time spent on site. There are a few (expensive) ways of achieving that:

  • Write longer posts
  • Add multiple engaging videos, or
  • Create interactive quizzes and games on your site.

All these methods will empty your wallet. Now, what if – for a one-time payment of $20 – you could achieve the same result? All by adding ONE line of code to your website? Plus – the more people watch your videos on your pages, the higher they rank (same principles that apply to Google, also apply to YouTube).

What if you could re-engage and turn 10% more audience into buyers? What if this figure was 25%? What about 50%? That’s where Eternaleads comes into play.

With this software, Now fixing the problem actually even simpler. As site owners and marketers, it is our job to bring these people back to engage them because that is what makes money. This is precisely.

Eternaleads is created with a simple promise of helping you bring back the traffic that you losing every single day. And with that… make more money with every visitor that you get.

This is the one of easiest solutions you will use this year. It takes just one line of code to work beautifully on any landing page builder. It could be Shopify, WordPress, clickfunnels, leadpages, or anything else. As long as you can put HTML on the page, you can use Eternaleads to turn more visitors into sales.

With Eternaleads, you can capture visitor attention with proven eye catching visuals and popping sound. The same concept is used by Facebook to bring more visitors back to their website instantly.

There is a secret advantage of using Eternaleads is when you use this on your pages, you will of course make more money with the traffic that you’re getting. But also your bounce rate will be lower and you return visitor rate will be higher. All this will impact positively your ranking on Google… without paying expensive SEO outsources.

Achieve Unprecedented Results

  • Enjoy Open Rates Up To 80%

The overall average open rate for an email is 16.97%… Eternaleads helps you increase that by over 370%.

Watch your open rates skyrocket… as your messages get viewed because there’s no SPAM filter, junk folder, or promotions tab to block or divert your messages.

And you know what that means… more open rates = more people viewing your message = more conversions = more profits.

  • Boost Conversion Rates Up To 15%

With Eternaleads… you not only have your messages seen by a lot more people… it also boosts conversions.

Where normally conversion rates hover around 2-3%… with Eternaleads they shoot up to 15%.

Again that’s a 5X jump… which means your profits increase by 500%.

How does EteraLead do that? Simple… Targeted Messages + Captive Audience Without Competition = Epic Conversions

  • Full-Blown Stats Dashboard

With our pro stats dive deep into how your notifications are performing using measurable statistics like:

  1. List growth
  2. Growth by website
  3. Message views and clicks

… know exactly where your results are coming from and what’s working.

  • Zero Competition

Eternaleads eliminates ALL competition that you face with other channels of engagement.

Your emails get lost in a sea of other promotional emails & end up in junk or spam folders. Your ads on social media are missed while your audience scrolls newsfeed, photos & videos.

But a personalized message on your screen is impossible to miss or ignore. With Eternaleads your messages are delivered directly to subscribers’ devices or browsers instead of crowded inboxes.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Eternaleads Review)!

Eternaleads Review Bonus

Eternaleads OTOs and Pricing Options

For a limited time, you can grab Eternaleads with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Eternaleads ($17)

  • Eternaleads automatic lead-generating software gets leads from laptops, tablets, and mobiles
  • Generate automatic leads on self-hosted and 3rd party websites (Clickfunnels, Shopify, etc)
  • Customize subscribe alerts icons, text, position, delay timing, transparency, and style
  • Create and send text and image messages and promos to your leads including target URL
  • Promote your websites, social profiles, affiliate links, or any website URL you want to send traffic to
  • Stats dashboard to track performance shows leads per website, messages sent, opens, clicks

OTO 1: Unlimited Edition ($47)

  • Create Alerts For Unlimited Websites for yourself and your clients (including self-hosted and 3rd party sites like Clickfunnels)
  • Generate Unlimited Leads for yourself and for clients
  • ​Send Unlimited Messages to your own leads and for your clients to their leads and send clicks to any URL including affiliate links
  • Personalize Messages with device, language, location, and operating system info to hyper-target for epic results
  • Schedule Messages for up to 365 days of set-n-forget marketing automation for both you and your clients
  • Set Automatic Welcome Message to engage new leads in minutes
  • Track conversions to see what offers and products make you the most and which leads buy which types of offers
  • Full step-by-step video training included

OTO 2: Designer Upgrade ($67)

  • Message Graphic Design Studio
  • 200 DFY Graphic Message Templates
  • Huge Visual Elements Library
  • 200 Backgrounds, 400 Cutout Photos, 250 Illustrated Artwork & Icons
  • 100 Characters, 100 Shapes, 50 Overlays, 100 Callouts, Accents, & Buttons, 100 Designer Fonts
  • Stats dashboard to track performance shows leads per website, messages sent, opens, clicks

OTO 3: Agency License ($47)

  • Agency License to sell lead generation to clients for 100% profit
  • Professional DFY Agency Website to showcase and promote your lead generation agency and gain more clients
  • DFY Proposals & Agreements to attract & close clients to build a pure-profit recurring income lead generation agency
  • DFY Promo Campaigns for high-converting affiliate products to just click and send to earn fast & easy commissions (use for clients too!)
  • ​DFY Graphics to create a brand name for your new lead generation agency and even create logos for clients and charge for that too!
  • ​​DFY Website Templates to setup more lead-generating sites for yourself and sell sites to clients for another revenue stream!
  • ​​Team Member Access for your employees, outsourcers, or team members to get more done in less time and make more too
  • ​​Commercial license for the websites to sell them to clients for yet another revenue stream

OTO 4: Reseller License ($57)

  • UNLIMITED Reseller License To Make As Much As You Want
  • Keep 100% PROFIT From Every Sale You Make
  • Done-for-You PROVEN High-Converting Sales Page
  • Done-for-You Conversion-Boosting Video Sales Letter
  • Done-for-You Engaging DEMO Video
  • Done-for-You Professional Promo Emails and Graphics
  • Done-for-You Backoffice and Automatic Payments
  • Done-for-You Customer Support and App Maintenance

OTO 5: Media Creator ($277)

MULTIMEDIA STUDIO upgrade includes the complete Spinzign software bundle AND complete VidzFX software bundle. Spinzign is the World’s 1st Graphic Software that Designs FOR YOU and VidzFX is the World’s #1 Special FX and full featured Video Creator. The perfect add-on for any online business because it creates unlimited graphic design and video content.

Eternaleads Alternatives

Searching for Eternaleads alternatives? Still undecided? That’s okay; here are some alternatives and their prices.


The core software that lets people build a push list – including a DFY push website builder, training, case studies and much more. Includes LIFETIME push autoresponder software that cost the creators $10k to build… and has made them over $50k in commissions – now available at a ONE TIME LIFETIME fee (others charge $97+/per month for this)!

It lets you profit by sending “push” messages… It’s the SAME technology that Apple & Google use with their phones… But for the first time ever, we can use it on Windows, Mac… any device… So YOU can start building a list that’s 10x more profitable than email!

Now, this is different to notifications on your phone (which has been popular for over a decade) — I’m talking about BROWSER notifications, especially to DESKTOP devices (where all the buyers are!) …

And once they signup, you can send them a message (broadcast or followup), in less than 60 seconds – DIRECTLY & INSTANTLY, into their browser, with huge images & clickable buttons… And do it over-and-over, 24/7, with no deliverability issues!

Read My Pushable Review!


Notifio is an all in one tool that lets you build giant push notification lists for yourself, or for local businesses and then allows you to profit from those lists on-demand. It lets you interact one-on-one with your visitors and get to understand their needs better, so that you can assist them better.

This is The best push notification tool made for local consultants that allows them to offer a unique service to local businesses to help them get responsive leads as well as generate more sales and revenue from these leads pretty much on-demand.

Easily create lead generating widgets to collect highly interested leads then send notifications on behalf of your clients anytime you want to generate some easy sales. Not only that, to help your users get started right away, they also get access to 1000 pre-qualified business leads that aren’t using web push notifications so this is a complete package on the front end.

Read My Notifio Review!

Eternaleads Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Eternaleads Review. I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Order Now!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Special Bonuses

Eternaleads Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Breakthrough technology never released before
  • Setup in 30 seconds or less (watch the video)
  • Recover up to 50% of your lost traffic
  • Captures visitor attention whenever they move away from your site
  • Perfect for affiliate marketers, product creators, shopify store owners, and more…
  • Works with ANY landing page builder (incl. WordPress)
  • See an INSTANT increase in results – no need to wait
  • Facebook™ and Intercom use the same concept to bring back visitors
  • With 1-click subscription and no forms to fill, easily convert your visitors into subscribers.
  • Push Notifications give real-time access to your subscribers, and instant repeat traffic.
  • Interact with your mobile visitors directly by sending native notifications – no app needed.
  • With no personal details required, get higher opt-in and better conversions.
  • Target particular individuals by sending personalized offers based on their interests.
  • No fake signups or spoofed or undeliverable email addresses to worry about.
  • Get signups from self-hosted and even 3rd party platforms like Clickfunnels.
  • Messages get viewed because there’s no SPAM filter, junk folder, or promotions tab.
  • Targeted messages + captive audience without competition = epic conversions.
  • Messages delivered directly to subscribers’ devices or browsers instead of crowded inbox.
  • No technical skills required. If you can copy-paste… you’re good to go. Fully cloud-based.
  • Help businesses generate MORE leads & charge them every month for your services.


  • Could do better with customization of of its features, which could be more up to date.

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