ZendProfitz Review: 2-step apps gets leads & banks $546/day

Local Search is becoming more and more popular, and I feel like it’s my moral duty to make you aware of this… As of July 2021, officially, there are over 35 Million Local Businesses just in the United States Alone!

NEW Breaking Record even with this Global Pandemic. It’s estimated that 97% of people searched online to find a local business and 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps?

If you want to keep an UNFAIR Advantage then… You need to check my ZendProfitz Review below now!

ZendProfitz Review

What is ZendProfitz?

You know, about 63% of marketers say that generating traffic & leads is their top challenge. Yet 70% said that converting those leads was their top priority. But simply due to lack of proper system they opt out without gaining any results.

Everyone knows the biggest biz opportunity this year is selling agency services to local clients desperate to survive the crisis. However, there hasn’t been any breakthrough technology launched in a while that actually lands these clients for you in the first place… until today that is.

ZendProfitz Is The World’s 1st Fully Automated Software App That Gets Leads In Any Niche For FREE, Sends Traffic To Any Link Or Offer With A Single Click, And Uses A Powerful Conversion Loophole To Make Us $21 PER CLICK With No Hard Work Required…

ZendProfitz is a new smart app that finds & lands ‘prequalified’ clients FOR YOU, is going live soon & will be a game-changer for agencies. Small businesses from the world need local marketing services. ZendProfitz can help you find those.

ZendProfitz allows you to build email lists, set up impactful campaigns, measure results and integrate with many other services. Power up your prospecting efforts with our Chrome extension to find email addresses or import yours and we’ll verify them for you.

Reach out with our drip campaigns tool. Measure everything with our analytics interface and use our integrations with many other apps to bring your sales to the next level.

It saves you both time and money by delivering fresh sales leads, in any industry, and any city in the world, instantly. It creates business marketing lists that can be exported quickly and easily in formats such as CSV, Excel, and more. Start with cold leads, finish with warm leads.

Here’s another recap of everything you get: 1-Click ZendProfitz app, ZendProfitz Audience Builder, ZendProfitz Automated Autoresponder Conversion BoosterAccess to a VIP training call, Special Access To Fast Commissions Generator, 5 Powerful Bonuses, and 24/7 Customer Support… Everything you need for unlimited FREE traffic and easy profits is included inside.

Integrated with first-to-market proprietary local lead finding technology for 2021, now anyone can run a real agency business up & help struggling businesses regroup after the crisis.

Chances are you’ve bought software to help service agency clients that are struggling due to the lockdown. However, you can’t run an agency business without advanced software that can land these clients for you in the first place.

That’s where ZendProfitz comes in. This groundbreaking technology finds hundreds of leads from multiple platforms, shows you the quality scores of each lead with a secret algorithm, generates customized reports that are print-on-demand-ready, lands them with built-in email marketing technology, and far more!

No other local leads app comes close to this and is a must-have purchase if you want to seriously run a real agency business this year.

In just minutes ZendProfitz will find the easiest to land & most profitable clients for you w/ a secret algorithm no other app has. Then, it will land that client for you ‘push-button’ easy with breakthrough lead magnet, email marketing technology.

This software is dedicated to lead finding and local marketing. It includes all the steps to dominating local market in 2021. You can start by finding leads from multiple platforms, then you can generate a big number of reports and you can contact them to convert them to clients.

It is completely newbie friendly and enable you to get THOUSANDS of Leads, send UNLIMITED emails, as well as follow-up with all the leads automatically and manage them without any complex issues.

This is a brand new app that leverages a loophole you’ve never seen before, it’s easy to use, you don’t need any prior skills or experience, and we’re including everything you need to get going today.

So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this ZendProfitz Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

ZendProfitz Review Overview


Vendor Jason Fulton
Product ZendProfitz
Launch Date 2021-Jul-07
Launch Time 09:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Lead Generation
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creators

Jason Fulton and his partner Seun Ogundele

Jason Fulton and his partner Seun Ogundele are highly rated suppliers in the list of highest rated vendors. With experience in affiliate marketing, they have launched many products at an extremely reasonable price such as Kash Kow, Scratchz, Fast Commission Generator, etc.

These products always bring astonishing results to users. Now the following part of my ZendProfitz Review will reveal the most typical features of it.

Key features

When You Get ZendProfitz Today, You Get Everything You Need For Unlimited FREE Traffic

1-Click ZendProfitz App

Inside The ZendProfitz Easy-To-Use Dashboard, You Get Access To:

  • Audience Builder – Collect Targeted Lead In Any Niche for FREE
  • Conversion Booster – Send UNLIMITED Advertorial Emails For Results Without Monthly Fees

Step-By-Step ZendProfitz Video Training

Follow along with our video training, and we’ll show you exactly how we’re using ZendProfitz to get FREE traffic that makes us $21 per click with no hard work required

(You can do this in your spare time, so it’s perfect if you don’t have a lot of time, or you have a day job)

Cheat Sheet: $1,000 THIS WEEK With ZendProfitz

Although we planned to make this a bonus, we’re including our Cheat Sheet that reveals an insider method our beta testers are using to make an EASY $1,000+ per with ZendProfitz so you can follow along and replicate our results.

24/7 Premium Support

ZendProfitz is cloud-based and easy to use, but if you ever need help with the software, our dedicated support team is just an email away… 24/7… 365 days per year.

Just a Few Amazing Features Include:

  • Instant, Real-time Lead Searching: Just specify an industry and city and hit search, then watch the magic happen before your eyes in a matter of minutes. Our crawlers scour the web with one goal – get you fresh leads, and lots of them.
  • Cloud-based Web App: Unlike some of our competitors, we’ve chosen to build our software in the cloud so you can access it anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any of your devices. B2B leads at your fingertips. Always.
  • Get Clients from multiple sources – Find thousands of leads from website leads, FB groups, FB pages, & Google search, Instagram, yahoo search and bing search
  • View Advanced-Data About Each Lead – See advanced data about each lead no other lead finder can show
  • LeadsScore Secret Algorithm Technology – See how easy the lead will be to land and how profitable they will be with our ‘prequalification’ lead score
  • Sort leads instantly using many filter options
  • Generate FB & Google Marketing Lead Reports – automatically generate a customized print-on-demand, detailed report that shows how the business can improve their marketing
  • Organize Campaigns & Manage Leads – perfectly organize each lead into campaigns & updated them throughout the onboarding process.
  • Email Marketing Technology with Proven Swipes – reach out to qualified leads & land them w/ built-in email marketing tech. Includes proven DFY swipes in tons of local niches

In short, This breakthrough technology comes loaded with tons of features including…

  • Find 1000s of clients in seconds from website leads, FB groups, FB pages, & Google search, Instagram, yahoo search and bing search
  • View advanced data about each lead no other local lead app can provide
  • Use the proprietary LeadsScore tech. to see how easy & profitable it will be to land the client
  • Generate custom, gorgeous print-on-demand lead reports
  • Includes email technology to land the client w/ DFY proven agency swipes
  • Organize campaigns & manage your leads fast & easy
  • & so much more.

Simply put… if you’re serious about running an agency this year, there’s no excuse not to get this app as tons of beta users are already landing their first clients.

This is a must-have purchase if you want to seriously run a real agency business in 2020 & works in 3 simple steps.

  • Step 1. Find & Analyze Leads

Search for thousands of leads and see a detailed analysis of them only ZendProfitz can provide. This includes a proprietary LeadsScores that tells you how easy it is to land & make money from that lead, plus if they have claimed their GMB or FB listing yet.

  • Step 2. Generate Beautiful Print-On-Demand Optimization Lead Magnets

ZendProfitz identifies key issues with their business & turns it into a custom report/lead magnet automatically for you to give to them.

  • Step 3. Land the Client w/ Email Marketing Technology & DFY Swipes

Have the app reach out to qualified leads & land them w/ built-in email marketing tech. Use our proven DFY swipes in tons of local niches.

And many more other exclusive features

  • Fuel in the Engagement Levels: Craft in emails and newsletters that can convey your brand message and story in the most compelling fashion. Add personalization elements, segment your lists and deliver the best-of-your offers smartly and easily. This way you have endless supply of hyper-targeted, fresh and hot leads day in day out.
  • Stop being Slave to 3rd party software: No one knows your business better than you. So, without falling slaves to those money sucking 3rd party services get complete CONTROL of Your Business. Send emails when you want. No more waiting and suffering for someone’s else being spammy and non-compliant. And It’s UNLIMITED emailing without losing a SINGLE lead.
  • Super Simple to Use Completely Newbie Friendly: You must have tried hundreds of odd combinations to build your business a decent list and may have succeeded initially. But without sending the ‘Perfect’ emails you are on the edge.

With ZendProfitz it’s as simple as owing the complete email platform that automates everything without you being grind out. It’s super simple to use with no technical experience required. From day 1 you can start earning leads and make profits hands free.

Honest ZendProfitz Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

I don’t believe in fate, but this one heck of a coincidence… one week ago, a buddy of mine Skyped me. After a few minutes of casual conversation, he said he joined a SECRET FB Group where a few dozens marketers are testing a NEW way of Finding & Contacting HOT LEADS.

He Said they are all BETA testers of a new platform… And that the majority of them are have managed to find & close their first client in the first 2 days. I got curious, but I didn’t want to appear too eager. I mean, I’m the expert here… So, I put my bored face on and said: “Yeahh ok, so what’s the name of this platform?”

As soon as I heard the name, I was happy and a little jealous at the same time. I already knew the people behind this product. And I could tell this thing will be HUGE!

Anyways… The call concluded, I finished the day at the office without thinking about this again. This is where it starts to get weird… The next day: I arrive at my office and I start by checking my email box as usual.

Lo and behold (and I’m not BSing), the first email I got was from the creators of the platform that was mentioned to me just the day before! What are the odds of this happening?!

I’m still processing the whole thing. Anyways… These guys were kind enough to leave me a beta link to the platform so I can test it properly… and I’m glad I did! This is going to be GAME CHANGER for local marketing and lead generation!

Managing & generating free flow of leads is the most crucial part for any business online. But the biggest challenge that every marketer face is:

  • Generating qualified leads is still a daunting task for many marketers
  • Getting leads optimized for monetization
  • Technical Stuff that takes ages to learn

And doing everything manually is a tedious task and can take away a lot of time and energy. ZendProfitz is the complete solution for those problems.

I like the simplistic UI, the customizability, and the fact that ZendProfitz has the widest range of integrations in it’s class. I would go as far as to call it MODULAR, meaning you can add pretty much any feature you’d like via 3rd party integrations.

With this is mind, you’ll never be limited to some of the things ZendProfitz doesn’t do as well. Alternatively, if you’re looking for everything under one roof, ZendProfitz does this better as a whole than any of the competition.

It’s hands down the most powerful system that solves the biggest problem for businesses on customer acquisition and management. With practically no learning graph involved anyone can start making money by capturing leads and converting all Leads into Regular Passive Online Income and get them engaged by emails.

There is no grunt work involved as this software is fully tried and tested and will provide boatloads of dollars from your Marketing campaigns with minimum time and money invested.

This software really impressed me with its amazing features. A great option for anyone looking to make the most from local marketing. Mark my words, it’s the ultimate chance for you to automate their marketing campaigns And that’s not all.

The creators are also providing easy-to-understand training videos that will enable you to use it in a simple and convenient manner. We have had a great experience. When we first on boarded ZendProfitz, any questions we had were easily answered by the ZendProfitz team. Truly great.

You can get your hands on the same piece of software powered by a SYSTEM that does all the heavy lifting for you (regardless of your business niche). You won’t struggle with finding new leads for your business ever again!

I’m not a huge fan of how some of the very simple features are blocked off from the lowest price plan. Since I prefer the ‘modular’ setup, this is the only plan that makes sense to me, but I do miss some of the features like important fields that display certain fields first based on where the deal or person / organization is in the pipeline.

I used to run the top tier package from ZendProfitz, and I wasn’t really impressed with the automation features. They’re a bit limited and the triggers don’t always work.

ZendProfitz has almost everything that a “Customer Relationship Management” needs and it is very easy to implement this platform to work flawlessly with our current system. It has a very good tool for contact management that we use to manage our employees profile, customer ticket and contact details.

We love everything about ZendProfitz. It has so many desirable features for keeping your customer database as well as your sales ‘deals’ organized. It is a one stop shop, truly. We would love more than anything if every single department had something as easy as ZendProfitz.

Why ZendProfitz Is Better Than Other ‘Traffic Apps’  You’ve Tried Before

  • It’s ‘Bug Free’ And Actually Works
  • We’re Currently Using This To Get FREE Traffic And Make $546 Per Day
  • No One Has EVER Released A Software That Leverages The Power Of Email Embedded Advertorials To Skyrocket Profits
  • We’re Including The Exact Conversion Boosting Tool We Use To Blast Our Leads And Bank $21+ Per Click
  • There Are NO Monthly Fees (When You Get This Now)
  • You Get Video Training And Our ‘$1,000 THIS WEEK’ Cheat Sheet
  • 1 Click Gets FREE Buyer Traffic In Any Niche That You Can Send To Any Link Or Offer You Want
  • You Get Unlimited Access to FREE Traffic, So You Make As Much Money As You Want

It has never taken us more than one day to get someone trained on using ZendProfitz, it’s that easy!!! It keeps all dollar amounts, products, customer information, emails, reminders, notes, attachments, reporting, analytics, social profiles from your customers information, and more!! I highly recommend ZendProfitz.

If you want some good advice, you can trust me on this: You don’t want to stay on the fence with this one! On top of the fact that the software is rock-solid and will help you close more clients than ever before… You’ll also get it at a special early discount.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this ZendProfitz Review):

How ZendProfitz works

Step 1: Choose a Platform and Enter Any Keyword and Location

Choose whether you want to get agency clients from Facebook Pages, Facebook Places, or Google and then enter your keyword and location. ZendProfitz will quickly find tons of prospects in seconds.

Once you hit the search button, our powerful crawlers will be sent out to explore the web in search of as many relevant businesses as possible, scraping all of the data points you’re going to need to begin sales prospecting effectively. Incredibly, because of the unrivalled infrastructure we’ve built from the ground up, this entire lead finding process takes just a few short minutes.

The UI is beautiful and modern, which makes usability great in the beginning. Once we started to grow our business, we encountered many UI performance problems that hurt productivity a bit. Especially when dealing with large deals involving a lot of people or long email threads.

Step 2: Generate Beautiful Print-On-Demand Optimization Lead Magnets

You can have ZendProfitz automatically generate gorgeous print-on-demand lead magnet report to send to them that includes all the ways they need to improve their business.

All of the scraped lead data is then sorted, filtered and cross-checked on multiple levels before being served to you, ready to import into your favourite email marketing software.

Step 3: Land the Client with Email Marketing Technology

You can connect your Gmail and customize the message any way you want or use our proven-to-convert integrated messages. These are available for different types of agencies if you only want to focus on selling one type of service ie: video marketing, local marketing, digital marketing, web design and many others.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Who is it for?

See if any of these scenarios apply to you:

  • You struggle to generate enough leads.
  • You hate Cold Calling Clients
  • You hate doing 1-1 meetings with potential clients
  • You’d do well with an automated tool that will automatically identify the problems with a small business (or more).
  • You’d like a software that will show you how to fix those problems.

If you find one or more scenarios applicable to your current situation, then you need ZendProfitz in your marketing arsenal ASAP! There’s no heavy lifting at all, and the system behind it was tested for over a year. It really works!

Just think about getting your hands on a tool that will allow you to tap into an ocean of “interested” leads that need online marketing services for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a video marketer, a local consultant, provide SEO Services to clients or run a small Agency operation… The SYSTEM will work for you too! And believe me, they have an army of members to prove it to you! The wait is nearly over now… The gates will open today.

ZendProfitz OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab ZendProfitz with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

  • Front-end: ZendProfitz $17.00
  • OTO 1: ZendProfitz Unlimited $37.00
  • OTO 2: ZendProfitz Done For You $97.00
  • OTO 3: ZendProfitz Automation $27.00
  • OTO 4: ZendProfitz Advanced 500x $47.00
  • OTO 5: ZendProfitz 1K Paydays $37.00
  • OTO 6: ZendProfitz License $77.00
  • OTO 7: ZendProfitz Commission Multiplier $37.00
  • OTO 8: ZendProfitz Super Affiliate Edition $27.00
  • OTO 9: ZendProfitz MEGA Bundle $27.00
  • OTO 10: ZendProfitz + Mobile Profit Pages $24.95

ZendProfitz Review Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my ZendProfitz Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









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ZendProfitz Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Perfect For Beginners
  • Never-Before Seen Software App
  • Do This From Any Device With Internet
  • Perfect For Beginners 1-Click Gets Leads For FREE In Any Niche
  • App Automatically Sends A Surge Of Traffic To Any Link And Makes Us $21 Per Click
  • Upgrade Your Life, Travel, And Do This From Anywhere
  • 1 YEAR Money Back Guarantee
  • Get $4,485 In Bonuses For FREE


  • Too many upsells as always.
  • Price increases instantly after the launch week

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