SlideDeck5 Review – WordPress sliders plugin with lenses and animations

Over the period of time, website appearances and elements have undergone a tremendous transformation. Today, every other website owner is willing to display highly-recommended and acknowledged elements on their websites.

Similar to others, sliders have become one of the most popular features lately. Being a significant part of several websites, sliders help you showcase your brand, USPs, products, or offers elegantly and creatively.

If you don’t want to upload multiple images on your website and make the real estate dominated by pictures, you can surely use a WordPress slider plugin to organize such kind of media.

Not just images, but sliders can even be used for showcasing attractive videos, posts, GIFs, and many other things, right?

If you couldn’t find any such slider yet, SlideDeck 5 is the one you can check out for your WordPress website. So, here is a review, comprising its features and other aspects. Have a read!

What Is SlideDeck?

SlideDeck is a premium WordPress plugin that helps you create and publish responsive sliders on your website.

Furthermore, it also provides innumerable styles and integrations when it comes to displaying a slider on the website. Rich in feature and easy to use, this plugin is a perfect tool for beginners.

Not just it is versatile in terms of media but can also help you set advanced animated sliders whenever necessary. This plugin eliminates the need of writing code to create an attractive slider.

Moreover, it even supports different types of media, such as text, images, custom HTML, and video.

What’s more, SliDeck even makes it easier to outsource content from different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, NextGEN, YouTube, RSS Feeds, etc.

How to Install SlideDeck?

When it comes to installation, this plugin offers a smooth ride. There are two easy methods through which you can download this plugin and use it-

Installation of SlideDeck Manually

  • Download SlideDeck plugin from WordPress repository
  • Unzip the file and copy the plugin folder in your WordPress directory
  • Click on the tab of Plugins from the admin dashboard, and you can simply activate this plugin

Installation of SlideDeck from Admin Panel

  • Visit your admin dashboard
  • Click on Plugins
  • Click on Add New and then on Upload Plugin
  • Upload the zip file that you would have downloaded from SlideDeck

One important thing that you must note is that avoid uninstalling or reinstalling this plugin as much as you can or else it will even delete all the sliders that you would have built previously.

How to Create A Slider with SlideDeck?

As mentioned above, SlideDeck comes with an easy interface and smooth handling. So, creating a slider with this plugin wouldn’t be a tough task for you.

You can use images, text, videos, and HTML to generate high-converting sliders for your website.

SlideDeck5 Review

Once you have installed this plugin and activated it on your WordPress website, then:

  • Go to SlideDeck
  • Visit Manage section
  • Click on New Slide
  • Choose Create SlideDeck option

From here, you can choose to select a slider however you would like.

  • Text Slide Type

If you want to publish a massively large copy or some quotes on your slider, this option would be the best for you.

In terms of layout, you have three different options to select from, viz — Basic, Multi-column, and Block Quote. SlideDeck is one of the best WordPress text slider

While Basic is a standard layout that lets you add a title, and full-width text; on the other hand, Multi-column makes use of CSS columns to divide the content into two different columns right below the title.

And, the third one, which is Block Quote, lets you publish content into blockquote format with a title and centered and vertically aligned content.

You can even add URLs to the slides if you want. If you are doing so, by default, the plugin links the title with the URL, making it easier for visitors.

It even offers WYSIWYG editor to add or edit text whenever necessary.

  • HTML Slide Type

Another type of slide is HTML. If you wish to use custom HTML code, this is the one you should be using. This type of slider can manage shortcodes from different plugins.

If you are using this one, it would be best to use custom Lens along with this type to avail adequate advantages of the styling.

When it comes to configuration, this slide type lets you specify a title first, which could be only seen with a lens, like Classic, and more.

Generally, titles for this slide type are not inserted inside the content of the slide. And then, there is a text area where you can insert the HTML code.

  • Video Slide Type

If you feel images are not attracting enough visitors, you can change the type and use WordPress video slider for your slider.

This kind of slider type lets you copy and paste a URL of a video from different sources, such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.

Once done, it then extracts metadata, such as title, description, and thumbnail. And then, it lets you edit the information accordingly. When it comes to adding text to the video, either you can add an only caption or the body text.

Moreover, even if you don’t want to add text, this slide type gives you that choice as well. And, in this slide option, you can add links as well.

  • Image Slide Type

This slide type is perfect for text and image kind of a slider and makes for an alluring tour, feature highlight, and a simple slideshow.

You get an option to choose one layout from several options. One done, then you can add images and content. And, that’s it! After that, you are good to go.

Even if you are not uploading an image, you can copy paste the URL, and this slide type extracts the image accordingly.

You can even add the image content from different platforms or locations if you wish so.

You can even specify links if you want to add to the entire slideshow. While uploading pictures, this Image slider Plugin supports different variations of size.

SlideDeck automatically detects the size of the image and suggests the perfect one avoid interface from slowing down.

  • Mixed Slide Type

The last type of slider is the Mixed Slide Type. You can display this slider on your website either through Dynamic Content Sources or Custom Content Sources.

This one is made for HTML, videos, mixed images, as well as text content.

You can use this slide type if you wish to add feature highlights, slideshows, and tours on your website. All you have to do is select a layout, add content, and hit the publish button.

If you want, you can even outsource content from different platforms, such as Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, and others.

Installing Sources to SlideDeck

Since SlideDeck has made it easier to add content from external sources, you would have to link yours to the plugin. For that, follow these steps:

  • Once you have bought the plugin, you’ll receive a mail with a link to My Account
  • Click on My Account and open it
  • And then, log in to the account of SlideDeck and Download the copy of sources of the plugin
  • Save this file to your system and extract the .zip file from it
  • After that, visit the plugin setting page on your WordPress website and click on Sources option
  • Click on Upload Sources, browse the file, and upload
  • Once done, click on Install Now

You will then have an entire list of installed sources on your tab. You can then choose the accounts as per your own requirements, log into them, and upload content whenever necessary.

Options of SlideDeck

There are several features that make this plugin stand out from its competitor. However, one of the considerable aspects is the number of options that SlideDeck provides and the ease to create professional looking sliders.

With the latest update of this SlideDeck plugin, you now have the liberty to create custom as well as the dynamic slideshows.

And then, this plugin even makes changing slide transition, editing speed, turning autoplay on and off, randomizing slides, choosing the lenses, and linking URLs an easier task.


Undoubtedly, SlideDeck is one of the significant plugins available out there when it comes to finding one for the slideshow.

This high-quality plugin lets you create professional as well as casual slideshows just within a few minutes.

Furthermore, the customer support from the developers of this plugin is amazing as well. SlideDeck gets constant updates; thus, you can be sure of a bug-free journey with this plugin.

That being said, the latest version has also brought the animated slideshow into the limelight.

With this, if you want to provide a different touch to your website, even that is possible without hassles. All in all, this one plugin is equipped with almost every feature that you might be looking for in a slideshow plugin.

So, if you think you can easily woo your website visitors with a slider on the top of a homepage or landing page, don’t look any further and get your hands on SlideDeck.

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