VidMaster Review: Create Reels & Shorts Using Just One Keyword

Get ready to start experiencing your first online breakthrough… (you’ve never been this close to success!). Gone are the days of you waking up to $0 in your accounts. No more buying countless software, trying to find that one silver bullet… Today I will give you the silver bullet.

You have an opportunity to access it at crazy-low price, and put an end to your pattern of struggling… Haven’t you struggled for long enough? Isn’t it time to use something that REALLY works? If you feel interesting then you need to check my VidMaster Review below!

VidMaster Review

What is VidMaster?

How amazing would it be to pay a single, one-time, insignificant fee & be able to get paid $72 per video click without having to worry about doing complicated methods? It’s a no-brainer deal but… You have to ACT NOW.

And I know you’re currently fed up with trying to make money online and all the too complex methods of making a living online and you feel like you want something simple, proven to work, something that generates a respectable income!

Introducing… VidMaster which is the first-ever software platform which is a financial system that repeatedly generates us $72 per video click! And this is why you must take advantage of VidMaster:

  • Create unlimited daily income for you
  • Maximize your income by being able to earn up to $2016/month
  • More money from wherever you want.
  • Enjoy life in financial safety
  • Pay ONE small fee to get LIFETIME access to our dashboard
  • Get access to 24/7 support
  • ZERO-RISK opportunity ( guarantee-backed )
  • One-time Payment, Lifetime Access

VidMaster is A Push-Button Technology Creates Reels & Short Videos to Publish on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook & Snapchat using Just One Keyword and Drive Viral Traffic to Any of Your Offers

The moment you START USING VidMaster, you MAY NEVER want to go back to anything else. The world’s First System that Gets you paid per video click. Get paid over and over again for someone clicks your video link.

VidMaster allows you to create what we like to call “commission extractors”. In only a few clicks… These self driving commission extractors leverage automation & AI, getting you FREE buyer traffic & sales.

In just 60 seconds, you can create your first profitable Reels & Shorts to enjoy MASSIVE FREE Traffic, Sales & Profits coming into your bank account on autopilot. How many commission extractors will YOU create? It doesn’t get any easier than this…

  • Step 1: Claim. Claim your copy of VidMaster…
  • Step 2: Create. Create an VidMaster Commission Extractor
  • Step 3: Profit. Sit back and watch as you start getting free traffic & results

Simply enter a keyword to choose your niche, and VidMaster will pump out traffic getting content for you… And watch as the traffic floods in at roadrunner speed.

This means, there’s NO need to pay for traffic. And even better, you get to keep every penny of the profit. Sound good to you? Then that’s one more reason you need VidMaster.

So I’m going to break down all of the modules, but in a nutshell what you have to know about VidMaster is that it first of all does all the research for you. Then it creates videos for you and it allows you to extract free traffic from youtube by using the live video feature.

So why is VidMaster different?

  • VidMaster is built off of proven strategies the creators have developed with 12+ years of combined experience
  • Most products rely on spamming social media – VidMaster does not
  • There’s nothing you can mess up, as the automation & AI does the heavy lifting for you

Don’t worry, you’re receiving EVERYTHING you need to start seeing results… All you need is a copy of VidMaster, and an internet connection.

  • No extra expenses (domains, hosting, autoresponder, etc)
  • No hidden fees
  • No upsells required to make this work
  • Nothing is left out with VidMaster

After years of hard work, trial and error, and thousands of dollars invested, the creators developed VidMaster. Now, they’re handing you the keys to access it.

Take it out for a spin. Activate it… And watch as floods of free traffic & sales come your way. Imagine the feeling… Feel good, right? That’s what you have the chance to experience with VidMaster.

So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this VidMaster Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

VidMaster Review Overview


Vendor Pranshu Gupta et al
Product VidMaster
Launch Date 2023-Jan-24
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Short Video Maker
Support Effective Response
Operating System Web App
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creators

Pranshu Gupta

VidMaster was created by Pranshu Gupta and his partner Chandraprakash Kalwar. They are the founders of bizomart, a company which innovates ideas, generates strategies and give businesses a visibility to drive values.

And their 360-degree approach give each project an inimitable identity and help businesses to gratify their customers precisely with great products such as VidVee, VidBoxs, JOBiin, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this VidMaster Review and find out its features.

Key features

Inside Of VidMaster, You Get Everything You Need To Start Profiting

  • VidMaster Software: You’re getting the ability to create commission extractors that stuff your inbox with sales, as soon as within minutes…
  • VidMaster Built In Traffic: There’s no need to pay for traffic, as we included built in traffic that gets you traffic via automated content creation
  • DFY Commission Extractors: In a nutshell, these commission extractors get you free targeted traffic that turns into avalanches of sales… Simply activate and enjoy!
  • Step By Step Training: The creators don’t want you to be confused, which is why they created step-by-step training that shows how to setup your VidMaster account for maximum profits…
  • World Class Support Team: They’re more than happy to help you out if you experience any issues with VidMaster.

VidMaster Is Packed with Tons of Cool Features

  • Create Niche based short video
  • Create Video from Text
  • Create Video Using Video Clips
  • Create Video from Images
  • Create Boomerang Video
  • Create Podcasts
  • 50+ Short Video Templates
  • Add 25+ Vector Images
  • Add Sound Waves in Video
  • Add Voiceover to Any Video
  • Add Background Music to Any video
  • Create Voiceover in 150+ Voices in 30+ Languages
  • Simple Video Editor
  • Add Logo & Watermark
  • Free Stock Images & Videos
  • Multiple Video Quality (HD, 720p, 1080p, etc)
  • Inbuilt Music Library
  • Built-in Biz Drive to Store & Share Media
  • Post Videos on YouTube
  • Share Videos on Social Media
  • Drive Unlimited Viral Traffic
  • Capture Unlimited Leads
  • 100% Cloud-Based Software
  • 100% Newbie Friendly

Here Are The Ground – Breaking Features That Makes Vidmaster A Cut Above The Rest

  • Create Highly Engaging & Professional Reels & Short Videos: Create Reels & Shorts for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook & SnapChat
  • Create Shorts by One Keyword: Create Reels & short videos by entering Just one keyword and you will get number of short videos to choose or upload your own.
  • Create 9:16 Vertical Video: Create highly professional & engaging 9:16 vertical video. Perfect for mobile viewing and guaranteed to entertain your audience.
  • Create Boomerang: Create boomerang short video loops that boomerang forward & reverse through the action.
  • Create High-Quality Explanatory Whiteboard Video Shorts: Create whiteboard video shorts by just adding your text and customizing font, color, and alignment. These videos are highly effective and informative.
  • Create Videos by Images: Find images for videos by searching images with keywords inside VidMaster or upload your own images
  • 50+ Background Templates: Easily create Reels & shorts by using 50+ background templates to make your video attractive &get more & more engagement.
  • 25+ Vector Images: Create more engaging & attention grabbing Reels & Shorts by using 25+vector images.
  • 100+ Stylish Fonts: Use 100+ different Stylish fonts to make your shorts more presentable
  • Add Music Waves: Add Music Waves run with audio of different color to your Short videos to make your video engaging.
  • Build Authority by Adding Your Branding: Build your authority in the audience by adding your brand watermarks and logos in the video.
  • Share Shorts Directly to YouTube: You can easily share the video on YouTube or can download it is to use wherever you want.
  • 100+ Social Sharing Platforms: You can also share these Reels & short videos t0 100+ social media platforms directly to get free viral traffic
  • Completely Cloud-Based Software: Fully Cloud-Based Software with Zero Tech Hassles & 24*7 Customer Support
  • 100% Newbie Friendly: Easy and Intuitive to Use Software. Also comes with Step-by-Step Video Training & PDF

Zero Obstacles In Your Way… It’s Nearly Impossible To NOT See Results With VidMaster

  • Newbie Friendly

VidMaster was built for newbies, those with little experience when it comes to making money online… It’s dead simple – enter a keyword to choose a niche (e.g. Lose weight) activate the traffic, and watch as the sales come in.

  • No Expenses Involved

There’s no expenses, or extra fees involved with Oxnyyx, and that’s why it’s a total beauty… Gone are the days of wasting your money on fees on autoresponders, hosting, domains.

  • Freaky Fast Results

Some of the beta testers have reported getting traffic and even sales within MINUTES after activating the software. I can’t promise the same for you, that’s illegal. But I can show you how fast this has worked for other newbies.

  • Profit Consistently

We hate loopholes which might make you profits for a week, and stop making you income… It’s a horrible feeling. Luckily, you won’t experience that with VidMaster, as we’ve been profiting with it for years.

  • Runs On Autopilot

There’s nothing worse than products that require constant maintenance and eat into your valuable time. Time is a priceless resource, and that’s why they completely made VidMaster a self driving software. Like a Tesla.

Personal Experience – Ease Of Use: How VidMaster Works

To make a beautiful video, you don’t have to be a skilled video editor or designer. VidMaster addresses the public’s growing need for affordable, high-quality video production and enables anyone to create beautiful work with ease.

You must first register for an account in order to use VidMaster. Navigating the interface is simple because to its intuitive design. To make video editing simple for everyone, VidMaster was created. So even if you have no prior video editing skills, you can still produce wonderful videos.

The dashboard, which offers the choice of making a video from scratch or using predesigned templates, was there when I first entered the VidMaster video maker website. You can start a new project using one of the templates in the top left corner, or you can start from scratch.

You can see all of your projects in the top bar and rename them. Every time I refreshed the page, my tasks were rearranged, which I found annoying. I numbered them Test 1 through Test 7, for instance. They were neither in chronological order nor alphabetical order after refreshing the page.

Below all of that, you may look through hundreds of exquisite and expert templates, which provide a great place to start any project.

I was sent to the workspace with the storyboard, where linear video editing may be done, once I started making the video using a template. VidMaster offers a large selection of alternatives in terms of photographs, videos, and music thanks to its huge media collection.

The add media option in the storyboard allows users to add files from their computer if they do not want to use the preloaded material.

VidMaster’s editing interface is comparatively easy to use. With the use of a simple drag-and-drop method, post-production components like text, transitions, shapes, and special effects may be added.

With one-click controls, video alteration can be done. It’s quite simple to change the filters, orientation, and speed. Its controls for fast forward and slow motion were the two features I thought to be the most impressive.

The template selections are one of VidMaster’s main elements that contribute to its user-friendliness. With the assistance of preloaded video sequences, I was able to instantly create a video. The software’s template options are separated into a few areas.

VidMaster’s social media templates are made for creating videos that are targeted precisely at particular social media sites. The subcategories of creating content on social media are numerous. There are video templates for each category that include pre-built parameters and dimensions that are tailored to the specific medium.

For Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram stories and posts, I was able to find video templates. For newcomers to the realm of content creation, these templates are excellent. The social media templates include transitions, pop-up symbols, and music that are widely utilized on various platforms.

VidMaster perhaps provides the largest selection of advertising and marketing video templates out of any video producers. Numerous themes are available for promotions, product debuts, ads, and brand marketing.

With the aid of the VidMaster template library, anyone—freelancer or business owner—can produce excellent marketing videos.

Additionally, VidMaster offers a feature that enables us to publish videos directly to YouTube. The file-sharing option for web streaming can assist with this.

I just clicked the export button after finishing the video editing, and the video rendered quickly.

For making instructive videos, VidMaster includes a wonderful range of How-to and Tutorial templates. The templates were created with the intention of creating tutorials. This tool made it simple for me to alter the design and produce my own how-to video.

There are numerous additional template categories, including Sports & Fitness, Dining, Arts & Culture, Travel, Nature, Kids, and Lifestyles. A pretty outstanding array of templates is available with VidMaster.

I do wish that the filters could operate simultaneously. For instance, I can filter Facebook and business together to get a more specialized result if I require a design with a business theme for Facebook.

Overall, the VidMaster interface is quite user-friendly and closely mirrors Canva’s. I adore how quickly you can access any feature.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

Honest VidMaster Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

VidMaster is what I call outside of the box thinking! You don’t need to struggle with over-saturated traffic sources like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Once you’re in the members area, you’ll see how easy it is to generate free traffic & commissions!

This software is super exciting – and I’ve seen a lot of different apps already! This one is definitely fresh, very under-used and every single person that tries it – will see results with it. Most people get it wrong – with VidMaster you can’t fail

Software creating videos in seconds, free traffic & commissions? Sign me up! I started using VidMaster myself and I can honestly say – it absolutely works! It’s perfect for anyone new and still struggling online – no existing online assets needed!

Unlike most products, VidMaster works with not just the IM niche… But any niche of your choice.

Simply enter the keyword of the niche inside VidMaster and watch as you get traffic and sales… This means, you can profit from multiple niches and once and explode your profit potential… With no extra effort.. or knowing ANYTHING about those niches.

With VidMaster, there’s no guessing involved… That’s because they removed all the moving parts, by giving you all the materials you need to start getting traffic & sales.

  • You don’t need a domain name
  • You don’t need to pay for an autoresponder
  • No paying for traffic… ZERO expenses whatsoever
  • No technical skills required

All you need to do is enter a keyword to choose your niche… And watch as commissions start rolling in.

VidMaster is not a loophole, I’ve been using it for years & I can assure you, it’s not going away anytime soon. Our financial system it’s so profitable that we ALSO use it ourselves to make constant profits of $72/click. Our users have already reached the 5-Figures mark this month since joining our system:

This powerful financial loophole has been specifically created by us in order to get some money in our pockets without doing too much work and also see others get inside and possibly become part of our growing system and push for even bigger future payouts

Other methods like Internet Marketing or Crypto will soon improve their rates and payouts if they don’t want to be left behind by financial systems like our VidMaster.

It’s time to create stable, automated system and start earning real-life income. Discover how profitable it can be to never worry again about earning a stable income of $72/click so you can enjoy living every single day in safety and peace.

We believe SO MUCH in this Money-Making System and we want to make you feel peace of mind when purchasing. It’s not like what we charge is a lot, but WE WANT YOU TO BE SAFE.

So here’s, from our point of view, an impossible-to-refuse offer. It’s like giving a tool to generate up to $2000/month! It’s 100% RISK-FREE FOR YOU.

VidMaster is, in my opinion, the best video-editing program currently available. This video generator is your best option if you need to swiftly produce videos that appear professional.

Personally, I think VidMaster is an excellent video editing program, especially for new users. By making a tiny payment, you can get a lot of advantages. The secret is to wisely use the features it provides.

You don’t need to be an expert or take any kind of training in video editing to use VidMaster. You may simply create brief videos using the drag-and-drop tool.

The VidMaster user interface is incredibly slick, simple, and contemporary. Given that the primary options are easily accessible from the top, its workspace is fairly aesthetically pleasant.

t makes it simple for novice and experienced video editors to become familiar with the tools and capabilities. The workspace’s options are all fairly self-explanatory, so you can start making a new video project right away.

The preset video templates save you the effort of starting from scratch when making a video. For the more experienced pros, the possibility of creating a video from scratch is also highly appealing.

Videos, pictures, and music may all be easily found thanks to the enormous content library’s various categories. The top right corner has a link to your profile. You can view the tutorial or log out from this area.

VidMaster can be a very helpful tool if you frequently need to create brief video clips. The ability to produce videos in the cloud and download them is VidMaster’s most intriguing feature.

VidMaster is a top-notch program that offers great value.

365 Days Money Back Guarantee: If you feel like our VidMaster System isn’t suitable for you and doesn’t help you at all, as a result of using it, the creators will double your money back after giving it a try.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this VidMaster Review):

VidMaster Review Bonuses

VidMaster OTOs, Discount Coupons and Pricing Options

For a limited time, you can grab VidMaster with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: VidMaster ($17)

VidMaster Premium ($17) >> With $3 discount Coupon Code – “Master” on Entire Funnel

  • Create Reels & Short videos on any Niche
  • Create Reels & Short Videos Just by Using One Keyword
  • Create Boomerang Short Videos to Engage your Audience
  • Create Video by Uploading pictures from your device and adding VoiceOver
  • Create Video Using Your Own Video Clips or Stock Videos
  • Create High-Quality Explanatory Whiteboard Video Shorts
  • Add VoiceOver to any Video
  • Add Background Music to any Video
  • 50 + Short frame Templates and 25+ Vector Images
  • 100+ Stylish Fonts to make video more Presentable
  • Eye Catchy Header Text Style to grab attention
  • Add Waves with different color to your Short videos
  • 100+ social sharing platforms to share the videos for viral traffic
  • Add Your Brand Logo and/or Watermark to your Videos
  • Share Videos Directly to YouTube Shorts
  • Store up to 2 GB of Video, Audio, and other media files
  • 24*7 Customer Support
  • Commercial License Included
  • Provide High In-Demand Video Creation Services to your Clients

OTO 1: PRO Edition ($57 or $37/Mo)

  • Break Free & Go Limitless- Serve Unlimited Clients, Create Unlimited Videos, Create Unlimited Voiceover, Drive Unlimited Visitors, Collect Unlimited Leads
  • Create Unlimited Reels And Shorts Like A Pro
  • Create Unlimited Videos With No Size Restrictions
  • Create Unlimited Voiceover In Any Language From Any Script
  • Drive Unlimited Visitors Using The Power Of Reels & Shorts
  • Create Longer Whiteboard Videos
  • Entice Max Audience With 10 Million+ Royalty Free Stock Images & Videos Etc.
  • Use Content Spinner To Create Even More Effective Voice Over Scripts & Videos
  • Create Even Better Videos In 150+ UNIQUE Voices (Additional 75 Voices) And 30+ Languages
  • Get 50 EXTRA Done-For-You Background Music Or Add Custom Background Music
  • Create Multiple Type Of Marketing Videos For Any Need
  • Get All These Benefits At An Unparalleled Price

OTO 2: Biz Drive ($47)

  • Unlimited Storage
  • My Drive to Store your Videos, VoiceOver, Images, and other Media Securely
  • Add Your Own Logo
  • Share your Videos and File with Elegant and SEO Optimized Sharing Pages
  • Store and Play Videos Created on VidMaster
  • Create Video Channel to Play and Market your Videos
  • Single Dashboard to Manage all files in one place
  • Folder Management, Share Entire Folder, or any particular file
  • Secure your Video and other media with password protection
  • Capture Unlimited Leads & Unlimited Audience from the share page
  • Like, Dislike, Engagement and Branding
  • Online Backup and 30 Days File Recovery
  • Full-Text Search Filter
  • Preview & Download the Files Before Sharing
  • Advance Share Page Analytics to Have a complete inspection of your media.
  • Engage More with 3 Million Royalty Free Stock Images and Videos
  • Custom Domain to add your own brand domain and Branded Share Pages, Video Channels
  • Add up Upto 10 in-house or freelancing team members
  • Deliver Files at Lightning Fast Speed with Fast CDN

OTO 3: Agency License ($47)

  • Directly Provide Top Notch Video Creation Services and Charge Monthly or Recurring Amount For 100% Profits
  • Comes with Dedicated Dashboard to Create Accounts for the Customers in 3 Simple Clicks
  • Completely Cloud-Based Tool, so no additional domain or hosting required
  • Serve Unlimited Clients with Agency License
  • Unparallel Price with No Recurring Fee

OTO 4: Reseller Rights ($47)

  • Make Up To $498 Per Sale: Every Funnel Is Loaded With Products Worth $498+
  • Reseller License To VidMaster Funnel: Make 100% Commissions on promoting VidMaster
  • 5 Additional Reseller License: 05 Additional Proven Funnels on 100% Commissions
  • All Promo Material: It Comes With complete Complete Promo Material – Emails, Bonuses, 1-Click Bonus Page Generator etc.
  • 100 % FREE Set Up: No Set Up Is Required From Your Side. Just 1-Click Approval & Start Promoting.
  • 100% Profits: Keep 100% Profits On Promoting All 6 Proven Funnels.
  • We Look After Support: You Don’t Need To Talk To Your Buyers, We Take Care Of Complete Support.
  • Save Money on Multiple Tools: No Hosting, Domain or Payment Platform Required.

OTO 4: Premium Membership ($77/M Or $497)

  • Make Unlimited Profits – Add Unlimited Businesses
  • Create UNLIMITED Beautiful, Mobile-Friendly & Fast-Loading Landing Pages
  • Build Unlimited Sales Funnels/Customer Journey from Scratch for Any Marketing Goal
  • Host & Play HD Videos with NO Delays & Buffering
  • Create UNLIMITED Personalized Notification Campaigns with 5 Powerful Engagement Apps in 1 Solution
  • Fully Customizable, Drag and Drop WYSIWYG Editor that Requires Zero Designing or Tech Skills
  • 300+ Battle-Tested, Done-For-You Templates to Build High Converting Landing Pages, Funnels & Popups Fast & Easy.
  • Store & Share Business Files Securely with Your Clients & Team Members
  • Manage Leads, Monitor Lead Info & Timely Behaviour Data to Analyse Your Audience for Better Results

VidMaster Alternatives

I hope this VidMaster review was helpful. If you’re interested in finding out more about Short Video Maker Solutions, we’ve explored a couple of other platforms


Billy Darr’s VidAI is a cloud based viral video creation app that lets you create funny, engaging and viral videos for your followers, videos that stand out, get more attention, are funny to watch, more engaging and share-worth.

VidAI is A platform for making and editing videos online that Makes thumb-stopping social media video stories in minutes. VidAI’s drag-and-drop video maker allows you to create video stories that stand out. Over 300+ designer templates for all your social media needs. Create like a pro. No design skills needed.


StoryReel lets you create gorgeous looking animated web and video vertical stories for your social-media and Google using 100s of easy-to-edit templates, on the cloud.

In other words, StoryReel lets users create stunning looking vertical stories or shorts videos by simply choosing from 100s of professionally crafted animated video templates that they can easily customise in 3 easy steps.


InstantVidz is the First To Market, Revolutionary Vertical Video Creator App With 100+ Editable & Unlimited Searchable Vertical Marketing Templates, Built-In Video Editor, VOX Creator To Create Hundreds Of Attention Grabbing Vertical And Horizontal Videos!

In Other Words, First To Market, Revolutionary Vertical Video Creator App With Built-In Editing Tools And 100+ Vertical Marketing Templates To Create Hundreds Of Attention Grabbing Vertical And Horizontal Videos, Get Free Traffic, Build A Huge Following On Social Feeds And Bring In Huge Paychecks!


ProfitShortz Is A Video Maker Dedicated To Video Shorts SO EASY To Use… Even A 5 Year Old Can Master It! Introducing the first ever AI based video maker that’s going to pump out short videos like crazy and auto publish them to all the world’s biggest platforms…

ProfitShortz is a next generation software program for fast video creation and syndication. Designed, not just for getting videos made fast – But for getting them SEEN by more people across the world.

VidMaster Review Conclusion and Incredible Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my VidMaster Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

Order Now!

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Special Bonuses

VidMaster Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Drive Tsunami of FREE Traffic in Any Niche
  • Create Reels & Shorts Using Just One Keyword
  • Create Boomerang Video to Engage Audience
  • Get Thousands of Visitors & Sales to Any Offer or Page
  • Make Tons of Affiliate Commissions or Ad Profits
  • Create Short Videos from Any Video, Text, or Just a Keyword
  • Add Background Music and/or Voiceover to Any Video
  • Pre-designed 50+ Shorts Video templates
  • 25+ Vector Images to Choose From
  • 100+ Social Sharing Platforms For FREE Viral Traffic
  • 100% Newbie Friendly, No Prior Experience Or Tech Skills Needed
  • No Camera Recording, No Voice, Or Complex Editing Required
  • Free Commercial License To Sell Video Services For High Profits
  • Systematically generate up to $2016/month. This Makes Us $50 to $100 A Day…
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly System
  • No technical experience required
  • ​Quick income method
  • ​No hard work involved
  • ​24/7 Working system ( you can always generate money )
  • ​PLUS: get $180 back if you feel like you’ve done everything and still not happy with it.
  • ​365 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Perfect For Newbies
  • Works Within Minutes
  • Get All The Traffic You Need
  • Runs On Complete Autopilot
  • Works In Any Niche
  • No Experience Required
  • Live The “Laptop Lifestyle”
  • Web Based App


  • The export of the videos requires some time.
  • Lack of group cooperation
  • Insufficient if you’re a skilled video editor.
  • The choices for dynamic text in VidMaster are straightforward but effective because you may alter the font, alignment, size, and color. It is also restricted in that we are unable to add more than one text box to the same scenario.
  • Shorter clips are ideal for VidMaster. It is recommended to go elsewhere if you’re looking for software to create lengthier video.
  • The music cannot be layered on several tracks.

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