Money Craft Reloaded Review: Earn Massive Paychecks By Playing Video Games?

I have always been a video gamer since 1997, when I received my first Nintendo NES with Super Mario and Rastan as a gift from my parents and grandparents. Then it was the turn of the Commodore 64 and then Amiga 500 before the explosion of the video game industry since the first Sony Playstation.

When I discovered it was possible to earn a lot of money doing what I loved, I jumped on my chair (almost falling over) and wanted to do that on my own. Some testing, and I’m here to tell you it’s possible to earn a solid income simply doing what you love to do: playing video games!

And you don’t have to be a video games expert. Users follow the person on the other side of the screen, any game he plays, and in any way he does it.

You can play Fifa 2021 on your Playstation, Candy Crush on your cell phone or Call of Duty: War Zone on your computer, and have a ton of followers waiting for your videos every day of the week.

This Is Not Youtube or Facebook, It’s The Social Media Made For Video Games! It’s The Easiest Method I Have Ever Seen To Build a Following And Make Money Without Even Working!

Interested in? Let’s find out all the details in my Money Craft Reloaded Review below!

Money Craft Reloaded Review

What is Money Craft Reloaded?

There’s a new kid on the block when it comes  to generating income and it’s called MoneyCraft. And it’s one of the simplest ways to put a decent buck in your pocket. It doesn’t require any of the normal stuff that the gurus tell you that you need such as:

  • A Website
  • An Email List
  • Your Own Product
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Building An Ecommerce Store
  • (Fill In The Blank)

So what is this method and how can you get paid quickly from it? The answer?  Flipping video games for a profit!

What I’ve seen today, left me speechless. Ijlal Ahmed is back with a huge launch, Money Craft Reloaded, that is all about a new, exciting trend. In fact, after watching the videos for you, he found a new system where you can get paid for Flipping video games. Yes, you heard that right!

MoneyCraft Reloaded is a breakthrough app & blueprint for generating income from the explosive video game market … With the classic “flip for profit” model combined with cutting-edge automation!

In the details, Money Craft Reloaded is The exact 2-part system responsible for generating over a Million Dollars. Inside the MoneyCraft training guide, the creators uncover exactly how Jahanzeb and his friends made a Million Dollars selling popular video games.

​It’s a VERY easy formula that anyone, regardless of age & background can follow. The process is stupid-simple, Use the MoneyCraft app to find deals on video games that are selling for cheap, snag the keys, relist it on the secret marketplace that we uncover inside the MoneyCraft training. PROFIT!

​I know this sounds a bit too simple for something that has generated over a Million Dollars but really, this is truly how simple it is! With MoneyCraft, you’ll get in depth training and software on how to find amazing video games and flip them on a specified networkthat people are rabid buyers on.

You literally could be doing this in only an hour a day and making $3k a month like Jahanzeb did. Maybe two hours max a day.

The information is laid out perfectly for you and there’s even a software that will help cut down the research quickly when it comes to finding profitable games. You could get started with MoneyCraft today and be ready to start making profits by dinner tonight. No joke.

And that’s not all. In the last few months I heard about a new social network that has been bought by Amazon for 970 million dollars. That social network is solely about video games. For the first 50 students, the authors will show them how to earn by playing video games through that social network, in a brand-new way.

If making a living by playing video games was only a dream until a few years ago, now this chance is finally here. ou can play your favorite cellphone games, as well as PC, Mac and console games, and get paid by a lot of excited viewers, day after day.

This is a complete step by step video series built to help anyone, from newbie to expert, in discovering this new social network, and how to earn immediately with it. This course requires no previous knowledge, no abilities and nothing to purchase. So, you can be sure all you can see are profits, if you use this method the way he shows you.

The bonus course will change your life in an incredible way: it will show you how to earn by playing video games and showing what you do to other people. Those people will turn into your followers and will pay you in a lot of ways. Not only that, but the social network will give you a solid portion of their ad revenue.

This is new and never-seen-before, you have my word. I guarantee you will have a lot of ah-ha moments with Money Craft Reloaded, if you act now! So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Money Craft Reloaded Review as I’ll show you what you will learn inside!

Money Craft Reloaded Review Overview


Vendor Ijlal Ahmed
Product Money Craft Reloaded
Launch Date 2021-Jun-04
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Software and training
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About creators

Ijlal Ahmed & his partner Jahanzeb Khan

Money Craft Reloaded was created by Ijlal Ahmed & his partner Jahanzeb Khan. Ijlal is the founder at Entrepreneurs Junction. Their duty is to help fellow entrepreneurs get a head start in their life, business and/or startup.

They thrive to build a community which will create success stories. They only aim to help out as many people as they can… For the past few years, they sold thousands of great products such as: Content Gorilla, WP Contentio, etc. Now, let’s look at the next part of this Qushio Suite Review and find out its features.

Key features

Here’s What You’re Getting:

MoneyCraft Automated App With “Profit Predictor” Technology

This game changing software automates the proven money-making system.

  • It goes out and searches over 30+ websites to find you the CHEAPEST prices for in-demand video games.
  •  See up-to-the minute real time pricing of any game you want
  • Filter searches by dollar, euro or pounds

*** Revolutionary Profit Predictor Tech lets you calculate precise net profitability from any game … So you know IN ADVANCE how much any flips will make you! With the MoneyCraft app, you’ll be finding high profit potential games to flip in just minutes.

MoneyCraft Step-By-Step Blueprint

This in-depth guide lays out everything you need to start making profits quickly with this method.

  • ​No stones unturned, you get it all including:
  • How to find great deals so you can flip games fast. See how to buy low & sell high all day long
  • The secret network we use to quietly make a fortune flipping games
  • How to use Google to jumpstart your searches so the MoneyCraft app hits you homeruns when flipping
  • The #1 mistake beginners make that kills profits & how to avoid it so you cash in big time
  • How to choose an account option for the fastest payouts
  • Multiple strategies to maximize results, save time & avoid hassles
  • A step by step guide to welcome you in the world of action and adventure video games, giving you tips and tricks to finish video games, solving misteries and much more.
  • And much more!

One of the easiest methods you have ever seen to date, where you get paid to play video games. The more you play, the more you get paid by the social network, and by its users!

  • Nothing difficult to learn to activate this method.
  • The more you play, the more money you make.
  • It’s a business that grows every year.

Over The Shoulder Training Videos

These easy-to-follow & fluff-free videos help get you started ASAP. ​Discover tips & tricks for finding profitable games plus our shortcuts for best results. ​It’s like having us personally walk you through the system from start to profit.

The first video series in the market guiding you step by step to discover this new social network, and showing you all the ways in which you can earn money with it. All by playing video games in your spare time!

Inside You Will Discover:

  • What the system is and why it is so powerful.
  • How to join the social network and how to create an optimal profile.
  • How to download and install their app.
  • Acknowledge the audience using this system.
  • Learn audience interests, and what they buy.
  • How to earn through the internal system.
  • How to earn with affiliate marketing.
  • How to earn selling custom products.
  • Tips and Tricks to become an instant expert.
  • And much, much more!

There Are Countless Advantages In Joining “Money Craft Reloaded”

  • People love to support video game players, sending them instant money, and paying to sign up to follow the videos without ads. And even the platform pays you for showing their ads on your videos.
  • You can earn more by playing in your spare time.
  • You can build your business with ease, and keep it growing year by year.
  • It’s easy to pile up commissions in multiple ways, on this social network.
  • It’s pure fun, and I bet no one ever showed you a way to make money by playing video games.
  • It’s very easy and addictive like nothing else!
  • No hard work on your side, no methods to learn and try.

Real World Customer Case Study

See how William …  who is 72 years young Made $3,000 in his VERY 1ST MONTH with the MoneyCraft system. William didn’t have any video game knowledge or experience. If he can do it, why not you?

Honest Money Craft Reloaded Review: Is it worth using?

Arbitrage is inarguably one of the oldest strategies proven to make you money. But I have never seen anything like the way these guys have been arbitraging.

A bunch of 20 year olds have discovered a business model that has made them over $1M in the last 3 years. And it has something to do with Video Games (the biggest and most popular industry today.)

Bigger than Hollywood and North American sports combined, the gaming industry is hitting its PEAK. With the way 2021 unfolded, the gaming industry got a MAJOR boost.

And these guys have been putting this fact to use for their advantage. They and their students have been making an exceptional income every month – making as much as $3,000/month with literally no more than a few minutes of work.

Ijlal & Jahanzeb have created a system they call MoneyCraft that teaches you how to make money online selling video games. In all honesty, I have never seen something like this in all my time as an online marketer.

Now before you roll your eyes, what would an extra $3k or more do for your pocket book if you only work 1-2 hours per day? Also, what if you didn’t need any special marketing skills of the gods, but could get started and make profits right out the gate?

That’s what MoneyCraft shows you how to do. It’s a 2 part, software plus training system that teaches you how to make money online flipping video games. And no, you don’t need to hold any physical inventory. It’s all digital keys!

And in case you think you’re too old for this, think again because one of their most successful members is a 72 year old with close to no knowledge about video games.

“Money Craft Reloaded” is a way to jump right into a proven niche, and to start making money from day one. It’s a solid method to build passive income in a beautiful and creative way, like you have never seen before.

To create this system the author has watched countless live sessions, he studied the niche like a pro, stealing all the techniques you need to win from experienced gamers. There are a lot of things available for you inside this course, including a complete video series, and a top quality bonus.

If you only need a 10-minute gaming session to start earning, how many will you do? I would need to charge at least $497 for this same training you are seeing here on this Money Craft Reloaded Review page, but it’s absolutely not my goal. I want to help you to build a new business from scratch in these difficult times.

This system is literally impossible to saturate, thanks to your incredible creativity and the thousands of old and new video games followed by users. You are just jumping into a secret goldmine.

I know you are looking for easy methods that don’t stress you out, and only take a few minutes per day to complete, and for this reason I reviewed this “Money Craft Reloaded”. It is something that requires no previous knowledge, and that can give you a solid income month by month.

So, all you need is a free tool given to you by this special social network, and you’re all set, without the need to purchase any hosting, autoresponder service and so on. This makes you entirely free.

It’s fun to play, and you get rewarded for the time you share with others. Although, you don’t even need to be creative to use this method, or a video games pro. So, there is no risk of saturation, and this market is still growing month by month with millions of viewers.

I love the idea of making money through the ever-growing video game industry with such ease and would totally recommend it! You’ll receive all of the necessary training and software to help you achieve your goals quickly.

And it’s one of the simplest ways to put a decent buck in your pocket. It doesn’t require any of the normal stuff that the gurus tell you that you need such as:

  • A Website
  • An Email List
  • Your Own Product
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Building An Ecommerce Store
  • (Fill In The Blank)

This is not Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Instagram or one of the usual social networks you heard. This is the new way to get paid and become rich doing what you love!

This is a big new trend to follow, that allows you to finally stop working, and instead play for money without nothing anything to lose. This is an opportunity for everyone, with or without gaming experience.

This is the future, and even if you never played a video games before, I recommend you buying your copy of this gem: you can always gift it to your grandchild, nephew or son to give him the chance to get paid to play videogames.

This is very easy, doable by anyone, and the more time you dedicate to this platform, and more moolah you can take out from the big, fat videogame cow. The price is still low, and probably the dime sale is going to start in a few minutes, so be fast to grab your copy!

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and also my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Money Craft Reloaded Review):

Money Craft Reloaded Bonus

How Money Craft Reloaded works

Personally, I have always thought that you need a website, social media accounts, email list, traffic, and HUGE investment to earn money online. Guess what? Turns out I was wrong and if you think similarly, you are wrong as well.

Making money online has become absolutely simple with this new software plus training system called MoneyCraft that goes LIVE later today!  It’s a simple 3 step process, following which a 72 year old ‘newbie’ was able to make $3,000+ in his first month.

And it utilizes the age-old arbitrage strategy of buying low and selling high. But… With a MODERN DAY twist. Inside the MoneyCraft system you’re taught how you can make money selling Video Game keys.

It’s VERY simple…

  • Step 1: Follow the instructions to locate in-demand items.
  • Step 2: Find a low-cost item and relist it where they will show you to.
  • Step 3: Wait for your order (which usually comes quickly) and collect your money.

That’s it! This has to be one of the most straightforward methods for FINALLY making real money online in as less as 48 hours after signing up!

When you go to that link, you’ll see this amazing new strategy that’s been making a killing for a group of people you NEVER WOULD have thought would be cashing in. Best of all, it’s perfect for you because:

  • You Can Get Started With Very Little Money!
  • It’s Perfect For Passive Cash As A Side Hustle
  • Use It As A Way To Replace Your Full Time Income.
  • It’s A Fun Business!
  • It Works Ultra Fast – No Need To Wait Months For Results

There is nothing physical involved with MoneyCraft, what you will be getting are digital game keys. You simply have to copy and paste this key code into the secret marketplace and you’re good to go. No physical inventory or stock.

Once you list the games you don’t have to drive any traffic or do the selling yourself. The marketplace does that for you.

Let’s check the demo video below to see it in action!

So if you’re looking for something that can bring you a nice chunk of change without the need for all the normal things to succeed with IM, why not check out MoneyCraft today?

Money Craft Reloaded OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Money Craft Reloaded with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front End: MoneyCraft – Flipping Video Games For Profit ($17)

Therefore, it’s high time for you to invest in MoneyCraft for a rock-solid income model supported by a multi-billion dollar industry and effortless automation technology with countless features.

So, I’ll break down a few for you:

  • Easy To Use interface
  • No Technical Skills Required
  • Beginners friendly
  • Passive income source
  • Complete training program included
  • One Time Payment
  • No Research or study required
  • Dedicated Customer service
  • Secure 30 day money-back Guarantee

Plus with MoneyCraft you don’t need…

  • A website
  • An email list
  • Your own product or ever having to make one
  • Paying for ads on any network, ever
  • Blogging, content marketing or making videos
  • Affiliate marketing or building review sites
  • Driving traffic anywhere at any time!

It’s unlike 99.9% of what the Internet Marketing industry is used to.

OTO 1: Cheat Code Level ($47)

It Has All The Moneycraft Features That Make Game Arbitrage Fun And Easy…Plus advanced features to help you find the best deals on games without spending a minute in time-consuming research.

​But that’s not all. You’ll also receive a PDF of a simple insider method that can boost your profits by as much as 25-30% on each game sale.

CheatCode #1: MoneyCraft Pro Finds the Best Deals and Delivers Them Straight to Your App

Our MoneyCraft app allows you to search for any game, and then displays the price across over 30+ networks. All that’s left for you to do is to compare prices and find the best deal possible.

​While this is easy enough, the MoneyCraft Pro Deal Finder takes it up a level for faster, easier profits. ​The Deal Finder does all the searching and comparison for you—the best deals on games are displayed within the app.

​Forget juggling research and spreadsheets to find the best deals. That means you can flip more games in less time. More flips = more money in your pocket.

Cheat Code#2: The Arbitrage Insider’s Secret to Make More Money with Every Flip

This Easy-to-Follow PDF Keeps More Profits in Your Pocket. We’ve stumbled on a way to pay 25-30% less on the same games you’ll see listed inside our MoneyCraft Pro Deal Finder. And we’ve created an entire PDF guide that shows you exactly how to take advantage of this.

​ What you’ll discover inside: The MoneyCraft Profit Keeper PDF Guide is by far the simplest way to make extra money online you’ll see this year. And let’s put your fears to rest.

​The method we outline in the PDF to save big on the games everyone wants is fresh and unexploited. (This isn’t some rehash of a strategy everyone under the sun is already using.

In fact, you’ll be one of the very first to take advantage of it. The MoneyCraft Profit Keeper PDF Guide is valued at $197 (you’ll find that this PDF alone can more than pay for this entire upgrade.)

​While these two ‘cheat codes’ will put you far ahead of the pack, we want to pile on even more value for anyone ready to take advantage of this offer now.

OTO 2: Power Up Level ($47/m or $97 for 1 year access)

With MoneyCraft Power Up, your research time is cut down to zilch…  nada… nothing. ​All you need to do is purchase the games, and list them for sale.

Not only will the Power Up program save you hours in research time, it also:

  • Ends any guesswork involved to find the right games to flip
  • Gives you confidence that you’ll make back your investment in MoneyCraft quickly
  • Allows you to hand over your business to a VA or assistant for ‘hands-free’ profits
  • Is perfect for anyone new to running an online business (because you can’t get it wrong)
  • Helps you get your business off the ground in a fraction of the time it would take going it on your own

Not only will the Power Up program save you hours in research time, You’ll Also Get Access To A Live Monthly Q & A Session

Each month, we’ll host a Q & A session for our Power Up members. Got a question about a particular game, a strategy, or just about how to set up your account on a flipping platform?

We’ve got you covered. We’ll also share our best tips & tricks for what’s working right now

OTO 3: Boss Level ($297)

The Boss Level is built to get you paid as fast as possible, period. It’s perfect for the person who aants personal guidance to set up their flipping business for success from the very start… Without any frustration, guesswork, or hesitation.

So without further delay, here is exactly what you’ll receive with your Boss Level account:

  • Help setting up your accounts so you have zero issues getting paid
  • Our Inside Knowledge Briefs that eliminate research time and guesswork finding the best games to flip
  • 1-on-1 individual support any time you need it…for any and all issues you may face
  • Our exact earnings system that we use every day to make money

PLUS: Your purchase today is backed by our bulletproof, zero-risk guarantee. We’ve personally generated over € 1 million with the MoneyCraft system over the last 3 years.

​So what are you waiting for? There has never been a better opportunity to start a profitable business than this.

Money Craft Reloaded Review Conclusion and Ultimate Huge Bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Money Craft Reloaded Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









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Money Craft Reloaded Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • 100% beginner friendly
  • Perfect side hustle or to replace a full time income
  • Untapped & unsaturated … this isn’t like anything else you’ve seen
  • Anyone can do this right out of the
  • Do this from a laptop anywhere in the world
  • Start today … see real results in as soon as 24 hours!


  • I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.

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