Prompt Engine Pro Review: The Only ChatGPT Extension You Will Ever Need

Imagine if I were to reveal that artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged after years of struggle as a solution to generate substantial online income. The remarkable aspect is that it doesn’t stop at just one income source but opens up many avenues for you. Since the introduction of ChatGPT, the AI landscape has flourished with many innovative applications.

Today, I am thrilled to present the ultimate AI app, Prompt Engine Pro, developed by the renowned product creator and marketer, Karthik Ramani. This cutting-edge application has recently hit the market and has extraordinary potential.

By leveraging the power of ChatGPT and enhancing it by a staggering 100 times, Prompt Engine Pro is meticulously crafted to drive profits in diverse ways, including tapping into the lucrative $250 billion Creator Economy.

Are you eager to learn more about this groundbreaking tool? Join me as I delve into the intricacies of this ChatGPT extension in my comprehensive Prompt Engine Pro review below!

Prompt Engine Pro Review

What is Prompt Engine Pro?

When a new technology emerges, only a small fraction of individuals using it succeed. The majority are unable to maximize its potential and ultimately squander the opportunity.

With AI currently in the spotlight, it is the perfect moment to embrace and leverage its capabilities to grow your business. ChatGPT, a freely accessible AI tool, is available to the masses. However, if you desire to utilize ChatGPT effectively and surpass the results of others, a different approach is required.

This is precisely where Prompt Engine Pro comes into play. It serves as the missing puzzle piece in the ChatGPT ecosystem, enabling you to profit from its application in various ways.

Prompt Engine Pro is an AI-powered agency app that empowers you to amplify the power of ChatGPT by a staggering 100 times. If you want to establish multiple income streams, this is the app you need.

When ChatGPT took the internet by storm, it became evident that AI was not a fad, but a technology here to stay. We utilized ChatGPT extensively and swiftly identified its limitations, prompting us to develop strategies to overcome these hurdles and extract the maximum benefit.

Prompt Engine Pro was born from this endeavor, an agency app designed to help you profit from ChatGPT and achieve 100 times more impactful results.

To begin, Prompt Engine Pro is packed with over 10,000 pre-engineered prompts categorized according to income generation. These prompts seamlessly integrate into the ChatGPT interface, making them easily accessible.

If you have found ChatGPT overwhelming and are uncertain about leveraging its profit potential, Prompt Engine Pro is the app that will guide you.

It goes beyond being a mere collection of prompts, as it encompasses comprehensive agency features and even includes an in-built teleprompter to assist you in recording videos using AI-generated content.

Prompt Engine Pro is not just another prompt tool with a bundle of prompts. It is an app meticulously crafted to ensure your profitability. With just a few clicks, we will showcase multiple ways to profit from ChatGPT and Prompt Engine Pro.

Let’s explore how Prompt Engine Pro can provide anyone with an unfair advantage:

  • Save time by eliminating the need to write prompts from scratch.
  • Simply select a category and sub-category to access ready-to-use prompts.
  • Customize prompts by filling in the relevant information specific to your product or niche.
  • Further refine your answers with refinement options.
  • Store your answers in the workspace for easy access.
  • Utilize the in-built teleprompter for efficient video recording.

Prompt Engine Pro offers fully customizable prompts in a fill-in-the-blanks format, ensuring laser-targeted results each time you engage with ChatGPT. This app saves time and effort and eliminates trial and error, making it ideal for newcomers as well.

The best part is that Prompt Engine Pro enables you to become a creator in any niche, simplifies tasks within your own business, and empowers you to offer services to other businesses as a freelancer or agency. By opening up multiple income streams, it facilitates immense growth opportunities.

Additionally, it provides a backend system to store prompt history, create notes, obtain prompts in five popular languages, and even record videos using AI-generated content. With an extensive repository of prompts spanning numerous categories, Prompt Engine Pro is undoubtedly a powerhouse for profit generation.

One of the easiest ways to utilize Prompt Engine Pro and ChatGPT is by capitalizing on the creator economy, which currently stands at a staggering $250 billion.  Furthermore, you can offer various agency services to other businesses or utilize the app to work smarter within your enterprise.

By taking prompt action and joining now, you will also gain exclusive access to special bonuses available only during the launch period. Don’t hesitate to explore the subsequent parts of this Prompt Engine Pro review, as I will unveil its exceptional power and capabilities.

Prompt Engine Pro Review Overview


Vendor Karthik Ramani et al
Product Prompt Engine Pro
Launch Date 2023-Jun-21
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type ChatGPT Extension
Support Effective Response
Operating System Chrome
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creators

Karthik Ramani

Prompt Engine Pro was created by Karthik Ramani and his partners Madasamy Shanmugavel. In case you haven’t known, Karthik is a masterful expert in the field of digital marketing, and he has buzzed the market many times before with his forward looking inventions.

Some typical launches from Ben Murray are JusTap, AppointOMaticRewardsly, etc. Later on, my Prompt Engine Pro Review is going to emphasize this tool’s outstanding features.

Key features

Let’s take an exclusive look at the remarkable features packed inside this indispensable app:

  • Over 10,000 Done-For-You Prompts

These meticulously crafted prompts have been tested and proven to work. Customize them to suit your specific needs and witness exceptional results.

  • Prompts in 20+ Income Generating Categories

From Email Marketing to Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce to SEO, we have you covered. Choose any income generating category and generate ready-to-use prompts in minutes.

  • Laser-Targeted Content with Subcategories

Explore hundreds of subcategories to obtain prompts tailored to your precise requirements, ensuring laser-focused content for your work.

  • Fill-in-the-Blanks Format for Prompts

Select prompts that align with your objectives and simply fill in the relevant information about your product or service. This creates prompts that deliver extraordinary outcomes.

  • Choose Prompts in 5 Popular Languages

Don’t limit yourself to English. We offer prompts in Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Select your preferred language, and the entire Prompt Engine Pro interface will load in your chosen language. Choosing prompts has never been easier.

  • Refinement Options

Refine the results according to your desired length, such as 100, 200, 300 words, or more. You can also specify the type, whether it’s a letter, email, story, or more.

  • Workspace to Store Conversations

Keep your work organized by creating dedicated workspaces for different clients, ensuring easy access and efficient management of conversations.

  • Save History

Capture and save all your searches and prompts in the backend, conveniently stored within specific workspaces from ChatGPT.

  • Create Notes from Chat Response

Select the text you want from the response and add it to a workspace using the “Add to Workbook” option. Compile multiple texts, give titles, edit content, rearrange, and save everything within your workspace.

  • Quick Access to Trending Categories & Popular Niches

Easily explore prompts in trending categories and frequently used niches without extensive searching through the main prompt directory.

  • Record Videos with In-built Teleprompter

Unleash the power of the in-built teleprompter and record videos seamlessly. Utilize AI-generated content on your desktop, laptop, or even mobile device. Download and use the recorded videos wherever you desire.

  • Text Editor for Customization

Before recording your video, customize the AI-provided text using the text editor. Tailor the content to your liking and even enable right-to-left text direction.

  • Analytics

Gain comprehensive insights into the history of prompt responses with detailed analytics, empowering you to make informed decisions.

  • Prompts Localization

Receive ChatGPT responses in the language of your choice, ensuring a personalized experience and seamless communication.

  • Commercial Rights

Harness the app’s potential to serve your clients and offer professional services.

  • Agency Rights

Create client accounts and grant them access to the extension and specific workspaces, enhancing collaboration and convenience.

  • Chrome Extension

Install the simple chrome extension in seconds, and the prompts will appear as an overlay inside ChatGPT. Connect seamlessly with your backend by copying and pasting your unique API Key.

These remarkable features provide an unparalleled user experience and position Prompt Engine Pro as an indispensable tool for maximizing the potential of ChatGPT.

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Personal Experience – Ease Of Use: How Prompt Engine Pro Works

Imagine a world where you could offer any service to businesses using just ChatGPT and a single app. Believe it or not, that world is now a reality with the revolutionary AI Agency App, Prompt Engine Pro!

Packed with over 10,000 income-generating prompts across various categories, this app empowers you to supercharge your own business or provide services to other businesses effortlessly.

Within the ChatGPT interface, Prompt Engine Pro seamlessly integrates and delivers laser-targeted results. While AI has become a buzzword and ChatGPT has brought it to the masses, there’s a crucial missing piece: human input. Without knowing what to input, AI responses can be vague and unsatisfactory.

But fear not! Karthik and his team have solved this dilemma for creators, marketers, business owners, and freelancers.

With just a few clicks, you can select prompts that align with your goals and witness amazing results from ChatGPT. Even more impressive is that the app has incredible agency features, a robust backend, and an in-built teleprompter for video creation. It’s an end-to-end AI package that deserves a perfect 5-star rating.

Let’s take a closer look at what Prompt Engine Pro has to offer

  • It covers a wide range of categories, catering to diverse needs.
  • Acting as an overlay on ChatGPT, copying and pasting prompts is unnecessary. They come in a customizable fill-in-the-blanks format.
  • Finding prompts is a breeze with the search option and organized categories, sub-categories, and trending topics.
  • The entire ChatGPT conversational history can be stored in the backend and retrieved anytime.
  • Creating notes from chat responses is effortless, allowing you to organize your work effectively.
  • You can manage work for multiple clients using separate workspaces, ensuring efficiency and organization.
  • Multiple refinement options are available to optimize ChatGPT’s responses and achieve better outcomes.
  • Prompts are available in five popular languages, expanding your reach.
  • The app includes agency rights, enabling you to easily create client accounts and provide services.
  • Capture the power of AI-generated content by recording videos using the in-built teleprompter.
  • Prompt Engine Pro focuses on boosting your profits by covering all income-generating categories and facilitating your work.
  • It requires only a one-time payment with no monthly fees, offering exceptional value for money.

Initially, I was skeptical when Karthik mentioned his work on AI and ChatGPT. With numerous apps emerging in this space, I wondered what could set Prompt Engine Pro apart.

However, when Karthik showcased what he had built, it completely blew my mind. As someone who has mentored thousands of individuals in their online journeys, I firmly believe this app will profoundly impact my mentees.

It automates tasks, leveraging pre-done prompts and the power of AI. Prompt Engine Pro eliminates the deal-breaking factor even without a specific skill set. Combined with Karthik’s ready-to-use prompts, AI delivers professional-quality results, accelerating your path to success. It’s perfect for newbies struggling to get started.

The ChatGPT AI engine is undoubtedly immensely powerful, but Prompt Engine Pro is the missing piece required to utilize ChatGPT to its full potential.

Here’s why it’s the only ChatGPT extension you’ll need

  • Save all ChatGPT responses and access them at your convenience.
  • Effortlessly create notes alongside chat responses for effective organization.
  • Organize all your work in dedicated workspaces, clearly separating client tasks.
  • Access a rich collection of done-for-you prompts spanning various categories.
  • Enjoy prompts in five popular languages, catering to a global audience.
  • Utilize multiple refinement options to enhance ChatGPT’s responses.
  • Discover hundreds of ways to generate profits using ChatGPT.
  • Leverage the in-built teleprompter to record videos, perfect for content creation.
  • Boost productivity by automating tasks.
  • Eliminate trial and error with the help of prompts, obtaining accurate results from the start.
  • Gain a competitive edge in your field.
  • Built to maximize your profits, Prompt Engine Pro covers all income-generating categories and assists in your actual work.
  • Commercial and agency rights are included, allowing you to offer services and expand your revenue streams.

With its built-in categories and prompt library, Prompt Engine Pro makes it incredibly simple for anyone to use ChatGPT and start profiting. This app was designed with newbies in mind, and even if you don’t fit into the niches mentioned above, you can embark on your online journey with Prompt Engine Pro!

Let’s check my demo video below to see it in action!

Don’t miss this opportunity for the following reasons

  • Regardless of your experience level, whether you aspire to be a YouTuber, an affiliate marketer, kickstart your e-commerce business, or become a freelancer, Prompt Engine Pro empowers you to achieve it all.
  • It provides you with the opportunity to set up multiple income streams.
  • With the app, you can offer hundreds of services to clients.
  • Prompt Engine Pro is the most advanced ChatGPT extension, equipped with a backend and useful features such as a teleprompter and agency access, enabling you to record videos and organize your work effectively.
  • ChatGPT is on the rise and is expected to gain significant traction. Getting Prompt Engine Pro now’ll catapult your path to success.

Outshine your competitors and pave your unique path to success with Prompt Engine Pro!

It not only offers quick content ideas, research assistance, strategy development, and content writing across various platforms but also aids in creating product reviews, YouTube thumbnail ideas, customer support responses, cold email sequences, educational content, video scripts, SEO optimization, e-commerce product descriptions, business plans, and much more.

Don’t miss this game-changing opportunity!

Honest Prompt Engine Pro Review – My Opinion: Is It Worth Using?

In the ever-evolving landscape of internet marketing, staying ahead of the competition requires innovative tools and strategies. Recently, I had the opportunity to explore Prompt Engine Pro, an AI-powered app that claims to revolutionize how we leverage ChatGPT.

In this section of Prompt Engine Pro Review, I will share my personal experience with Prompt Engine Pro, highlighting its unique features, benefits, and drawbacks, to help you decide whether it’s the right tool for your online marketing endeavors.

When I first heard about Prompt Engine Pro, I was skeptical, like many internet marketers, given the multitude of apps flooding the market. However, upon delving deeper and witnessing the capabilities of this AI Agency App, my skepticism transformed into excitement.

Prompt Engine Pro offers an extensive library of over 10,000 prompts, spanning various income-generating categories, providing a treasure trove of resources at your fingertips.

To truly gauge Prompt Engine Pro’s effectiveness, I test it in real-life scenarios. One of my clients, a budding e-commerce entrepreneur, struggled with writing captivating product descriptions. With Prompt Engine Pro, I quickly generated compelling prompts that captured the essence of the products, resulting in increased conversions and sales.

Another case involved a YouTuber aiming to improve content creation and engagement. Using the prompt library, I effortlessly generated video scripts and thumbnail ideas resonating with the target audience. The impact was undeniable, as the YouTuber experienced a surge in views, likes, and subscribers.

The Advantages

Prompt Engine Pro offers many advantages that distinguish it from other AI-powered tools. Firstly, the app seamlessly integrates within the ChatGPT interface, providing a smooth user experience. The fill-in-the-blanks format of the prompts allows for easy customization, saving time and effort.

The ability to organize work for multiple clients using separate workspaces proved invaluable. I could efficiently manage different projects, maintaining a streamlined workflow. Additionally, the backend storage of ChatGPT responses and the option to create notes enhanced organization and collaboration with clients.

Another noteworthy feature is the inclusion of agency rights, enabling the creation of client accounts and offering services effortlessly. The built-in teleprompter for video recording provided a professional touch, facilitating content creation for various platforms.

The Drawbacks

While Prompt Engine Pro offers impressive capabilities, addressing certain drawbacks is important. Firstly, the search function within the prompt library could be more refined, as finding specific prompts can sometimes be time-consuming.

Additionally, although the app supports multiple languages, the prompt options may be limited in certain non-English languages, limiting its global reach.

Furthermore, while the prompts are a great starting point, they may not cater to every niche or industry. Customization and tailoring may be necessary in such cases to ensure the desired results.

Is It Worth It? Legit or Overhyped?

In my honest assessment, Prompt Engine Pro is a tool that lives up to its promises. Its vast library of prompts, seamless integration, and agency features set it apart from the competition. With the ability to automate tasks, save time, and generate high-quality content across various platforms, Prompt Engine Pro proves its worth.

However, it’s essential to manage expectations. Like any tool, its effectiveness depends on the user’s understanding of their target audience and ability to tailor the prompts accordingly. It is not a magical solution that replaces creativity and human input but rather an invaluable aid that enhances productivity and offers a competitive edge.

Prompt Engine Pro has undoubtedly transformed my online marketing endeavors, helping me provide exceptional client services. Its extensive prompt library, user-friendly interface, and time-saving features have propelled my productivity to new heights.

While it has its limitations, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, making it a must-have tool for any internet marketer looking to thrive in today’s AI-driven landscape.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my incredible bonuses at the last section of this Prompt Engine Pro Review)!

Prompt Engine Pro OTOs, Discount Coupons and Pricing Options

For a limited time, you can grab Prompt Engine Pro with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Prompt Engine Pro ($37)

Front end Price will be $37. Coupon will be added in the sales page “promptoff” it will give $3 off on the Commercial product.

Bundle Price will be $347. Coupon will be added in the sales page “prompt50off” it will give $50 off on the bundle product which includes front-end + All OTOs for a low one time price!


OTO 1: Advanced Edition

Upgrade to the remarkable OTO 1: Prompt Engine Advanced for an unparalleled Prompt Engine Pro experience. Access to advanced features will elevate your content creation and engagement to new heights.

Use advanced Prompt Refinement options to refine your prompts precisely, ensuring optimal responses and tailored content. Export ChatGPT responses as PDFs for convenient sharing, collaboration, and archiving.

Customize your teleprompter experience with adjustable speed, scrolling capabilities, and font customization, enhancing your delivery and readability.

Unlock unlimited workspaces, prompts, and prompt history, allowing seamless organization, endless experimentation, and comprehensive access to valuable data and insights.

OTO 2: MarketPlace Upgrade ($67)

Tap into the power of the Prompt Engine MarketPlace with this exciting upgrade. Become a seller, joining a vibrant community of ChatGPT users. Engage in discussions, share ideas, and like and comment on valuable contributions.

Take your entrepreneurial journey to the next level by creating and selling your products on the Marketplace. Activate and deactivate products at your convenience, seamlessly integrate payment gateways, and receive email notifications for purchases and sales.

Benefit from user reviews and ratings, displaying sales count and seller information for added credibility. Maximize your marketing potential with autoresponder integrations that expand your buyer list.

OTO 3: Business Upgrade ($67)

Unleash the power of the Prompt Engine Business upgrade to transform your ChatGPT experience into a lucrative success agency.

Create unlimited client accounts, assigning them to specific workspaces for streamlined management. Customize branding on client dashboards, showcasing your professionalism and expertise.

Expand your team with unlimited team member additions, assigning them to specific workspaces for efficient collaboration.

Utilize an array of done-for-you resources, including agency websites, sales videos, Facebook ads, Fiverr gigs, client presentations, cold calling scripts, email swipes, and client contracts.

Empower your agency with a complete marketing kit that prepares you for success.

OTO 4: Prompt Engine Club ($47)

Join the Prompt Engine Club and gain instant access to over 1,000 done-for-you prompts in 30+ hot niches. Unlock an additional 11,000 prompts over the next 11 months.

Explore unlimited usage and commercial rights, leveraging these prompts to boost content creation and expand your business in diverse niches and trending categories.

OTO 5: MidJourney Edition ($47)

Elevate your creative endeavors with the Prompt Engine MidJourney upgrade. Access a vast collection of image prompts that breathe life into your social media, ads, websites, graphics, videos, and more. Unleash the power of AI to generate stunning, realistic visuals that captivate your audience.

Just as Chat GPT generates content with prompts, MidJourney generates visually striking images, providing an invaluable resource to maximize engagement and impact.

OTO 6: Reseller License (197)

As a founding member, gain exclusive reseller rights with the Prompt Engine Reseller upgrade. Harness the potential of selling Prompt Engine Pro to creators, freelancers, agencies, and business owners while retaining 100% of the profits.  Create and sell access to both the front end and advanced versions, setting your price for maximum profitability.

Enjoy a separate reseller panel and comprehensive marketing materials, including sales copy, video sales letters, proven Facebook ads, and email swipes. Seize this lucrative opportunity and embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey.

Prompt Engine Pro Alternatives

I hope this Prompt Engine Pro review was helpful. If you’re interested in finding out more about ChatGPT Extension Solutions, we’ve explored a couple of other platforms.


Prepare to witness a revolutionary leap in the world of AI as GOOGPT-4 takes center stage. This groundbreaking software combines the extraordinary capabilities of Google and GPT-4, transforming text into captivating websites, stunning images, mesmerizing videos, NFTs, chatbots, and lead-generating wonders.

Driven by cutting-edge AI algorithms, GOOGPT-4 can scrutinize your text, understand your objectives and preferences, and swiftly generate all the marketing materials you need.

Say goodbye to hours spent learning prompt writing or investing in pre-written packages that often fall short. With DFY Prompt, an innovative web app, you can become an instant expert in under two minutes with just three simple steps.

DFY Prompt

Enter DFY Prompt, the revolutionary web app that unlocks the full potential of ChatGPT without the need for extensive learning or purchasing ineffective pre-written prompt packages. In under two minutes and just three simple steps, you can become an instant expert in leveraging the power of ChatGPT.

DFY Prompt empowers you to create compelling content across various categories, including content marketing, eCommerce, email marketing, local and non-local SEO, video marketing, and more.

No more wasting money on redundant “how-to” guides or similar prompt packages that lack originality and effectiveness. DFY Prompt’s unique “ChatGPT SuperCharger” combines the power of AI with automation, instantly elevating your expertise.

AI Prompt Ace

AI Prompt Ace is here to redefine your understanding of GPT technology. With the invaluable expertise of Andrew Darius, this cutting-edge AI-powered app empowers you to unleash the full potential of GPT.

Gain a competitive edge with game-changing signature prompts meticulously crafted by Andrew Darius. Imagine having access to 192 signature email prompt templates, allowing you to craft emails in the style of legendary copywriters like Gary Halbert and David Ogilvy.

Regardless of your prior experience in copywriting or marketing, AI Prompt Ace enables you to embrace your true identity as an AI Marketing Maverick. With AI Prompt Ace, you’ll elevate your marketing efforts to a whole new level, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Prompt Engine Pro Review Conclusion and Incredible Bonuses

So, if you’re ready to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT, enhance your content creation, and take your online marketing efforts to unprecedented heights, Prompt Engine Pro is the game-changing tool you’ve been waiting for.

Embrace the power of AI and leverage the limitless possibilities that Prompt Engine Pro offers. Your journey towards online marketing success begins here!

Thank you so much for reading Prompt Engine Pro Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This offer is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

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Special Bonuses

Prompt Engine Pro PROs and CONs
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • Advanced Features: Prompt Engine Pro offers access to advanced features like prompt refinement options, PDF export of ChatGPT responses, and the ability to add custom prompts, enhancing the versatility and customization options.
  • Teleprompter Enhancements: With Prompt Engine Pro, you gain advanced teleprompter features such as speed control, scroll customization, and font color and size customization, making it easier to create professional and engaging presentations.
  • Unlimited Workspaces and Prompts: The Pro version allows the creation of unlimited workspaces, prompts, and prompts history, providing ample space for organization and storage of your content.
  • Marketplace Integration: With Prompt Engine Pro, you can sell your prompts on the marketplace, connect with a community of ChatGPT users, and engage in discussions, creating opportunities for collaboration and monetization.


  • Marketplace Competition: Participating in the marketplace may mean facing competition from other prompt sellers, requiring strategic positioning and marketing efforts to stand out and generate sales.
  • Dependency on Prompt Engine: As an add-on tool, Prompt Engine Pro relies on the underlying functionality of ChatGPT, and any limitations or issues with ChatGPT may indirectly affect the user experience of Prompt Engine Pro.

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