Affiliate Hub Builder Review: Ungating Dozens Of Other Local Stores

Affiliate Hub Builder Review: How to Avoid Getting Bezoscrewed By Amazon

Affiliate Hub Builder Review

I’m sick of Amazon by this point. Well, more specifically by their affiliate approval process. The marketplace is great, it offers a ton of products and as affiliates it is great to deal with Amazon in that aspect.

But why do they bite the hand that feeds them? If we list their products in our stores and bring traffic to their website, and if Jeff Bezos owes over 90% of his success to affiliates (and he does)… Then why do over 90% of new affiliates get denied on Amazon – or get their API credentials revoked after only 180 days?

It seems like Jeff wants to “Bezoscrew” almost all of his new affiliates in 6 months or less! Luckily you don’t have to deal with the API approval process at all anymore… With the tool that I am about to share with you today. Let’s check out my Affiliate Hub Builder Review below for more details!

Value Deliver Review


Affiliate Hub Builder is a brand new Affiliate WP Plugin Store Builder that is integrated with just not only – the big ecommerce affiliate networks. Now you can fetch products from your local online stores that doesn’t have API and is not part of any affiliate network.

In other words, this wordpress plugin that will quickly create your eCommerce store and load it with products from Bestbuy, Target, Jumia, Amazon, AliExpress, Walmart, Snapdeal, eBay and several others with just a few clicks of your mouse.

It’s the ONLY store builder in the world to allow sourcing and importing from over 28 premium marketplaces. Once you get your hands on this plugin, you too will be able to start building your own ecommerce affiliate stores without the traditional API issuance or approval hassle.

If you’ve tried getting approved from marketplace like Amazon, AliExpress you’ll understand that over 90% of new affiliates are either denied or access revoked after 180 days… Why limit your earning potentials to just these regular ecommerce stores when you can now import affiliate products from dozens of marketplace without restriction.

What about the features? How it works? Let’s find out in the next parts of this Affiliate Hub Builder Review!


Affiliate Hub Builder Review

Vendor Able Chika
Product Affiliate Hub
Launch Date 2018-Dec-20
Launch Time 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price $37
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Niche WP Plugin, affiliate marketing, ecommerce
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels


Affiliate Hub Builder Review

Able Chika is an experienced product creator. He has built for himself a solid reputation for being a talented and resourceful marketer. His great competence in knowledge and technical skills can be found in his products including eMart Hub Builder, GDPR Suite,… and many other names.

Please take a look at the next part of Affiliate Hub Builder Review as I will indicate the most outstanding features of this product.


The creators have developed this WordPress plugin for fast and easy import of products from 28+ authority e-commerce stores into your website.

  • Advance Product Search Built-in

Select your data import type, select your choice category, enter keywords, filter price range to find that unique products.

  • Direct Product Imports

When you are on any of the integrated stores and you find a product you like you can always import the product to your affiliate store, via 1 click url import method.

  • Set and Forget Feature

Affiliate hub builder comes with an auto update feature that monitors your store as well as the marketplace you imported from for price changes and regular updates

  • Automated Currency Conversion

They went a step ahead here, if you’ve ever wanted a central currency for your affiliate store then we “gat” you. No matter the currency of the marketplace you imported from, you can set your own choice currency for your store.

  • Woocommerce Integration

Automatic product synchronization. Everything is perfectly integrated with WooCommerce so you can still use all of the premium WooCommerce features

  • Premium WordPress Themes

They have developed 4 premium unique wordpress themes you can plug into your store for that 2018 outstanding e-commerce store.

  • Affiliate Sales Notification Trigger

This feature displays recent sales on your storefront to other potential buyers which gives you INSTANT social proof and boosts overall sales by creating a sense of urgency, building trust, and increasing conversions.

  • Trending & Bestsellers Search

This alone will give you a thousand miles edge over your competition… With Affiliate hub builder you can now fetch top selling products, by categories, niches, brands, trends.

  • Digital Products Not Left Out

Yes you read right! You are not limited to just physical products… You can now monetize digital products from Clickbank, Envato and Udemy.

  • Automatic price Comparisons

You can now give your affiliate store visitors the choice to compare product prices by listing similar products side by side for easy redirect.

Here Are Additional Features That Set’s Affiliate Hub Apart!

  • Affiliate Hub Premium Themes

They could easily sell this as an upsell product, but if you order Affiliate Hub builder today you will get full access to their jealously guided premium themes you can use for your stores.

Yes, you will get 4 quality premium themes you can choose from… This is $69 a piece value. Available only during this launch week!

  • Fast and Easy For Even Newbies

How does a few click product import to your premium affiliate store sounds, that’s exactly what they’ve built into Affiliate hub builder where you don’t have to wait for minutes to import just a single product…

You can push several products into your store with a few click.

  • 1-Click Update When They Add New Features

You will never pay for Affiliate Hub Builder again, not even for V2, V3 etc. Once update becomes available you update from your wordpress plugin section. So never worry about new updates in the ecommerce affiliate sphere again since they will always be your eye in this area.

  • Step By Step Comprehensive Training

In as much as they’ve tried to simplify the plugin usage, they still went ahead to add comprehensive over the shoulder step by step video training for every feature so you can speedily setup your own affiliate store in no time.

Plus, they offer 24/7 lightning fast support… If you’ve bought any of their products you’ll attest to the fact that they don’t joke with the customers feedback.

Affiliate Hub Builder Review


In business it is seen as a badge of honor if you put in long hours, if you work extra hard to deserve your success. And in the affiliate world, there are so many things you could work very hard on and it would take a long time to get anywhere.

Everyone out there in affiliate-land is super competitive. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably the main reason new ecom affiliates have such a hard time breaking into the market and making their mark on the internet.

For instance…

  • Building your own ecommerce affiliate website
  • Researching and finding the best-selling products to import to your store
  • Getting approval from affiliate networks to list their products
  • And keeping up with the constant competition that is always gaining an edge…

But working harder on these things is not necessarily better. Especially when there are a lot of resources to do these things better, faster, smarter, and easier.

And there are probably a thousand or more plugins you can use to setup your affiliate store… But only one of them is, in my opinion, the absolute best. And of course it is Affiliate Hub Builder.

For instance, Affiliate Hub has gorgeous pre-built WordPress templates for you to use for your store, allows you to compare unlimited products simultaneously, auto updates prices, in built currency conversion to list products in your preferred currency type, optimized for speed conversion, and gives you a massive edge over the competition.

It literally lets you skip all of the hard parts of being an affiliate, everything all of those affiliates are working so hard to compete at gets taken away.

It lets you build a gorgeous affiliate store instantly, skip the approval process so you can work with 23 marketplaces at once instead of being a specialist and just rely on one or few marketplace for your products…

Let’s take a minute to recap some of the main benefits:

  • Affiliate Hub Allows you to automatically build your own store from its premium WordPress themes that look amazing
  • You can compare and contrast products from 23+ different marketplaces all at the same time to save a ton of time on your research
  • You can import unlimited products into your store with a single touch of a button, without waiting for a single affiliate marketplace API approval (If you have API keys all good too)
  • Everything is perfectly integrated with WooCommerce so you can still use all of the premium WooCommerce features.
  • Convert your store to any currency of your chosen and auto product price updates and synchronization
  • Affiliate Sales Notification Trigger display recent sales on your storefront to other potential buyers and give INSTANT social proof to them. Boost your overall sales by creating a sense of urgency, building trust, and increasing conversions.

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I don’t know how long you’ve been in the ecom affiliate world. Maybe you are brand new, or maybe you have been at this for a while. But either way, I think you can profit handsomely from something Thomas Edison said: “Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.”

This is even more true NOW if you own an ecommerce affiliate store or you are planning on becoming one than it was when Thomas Edison was inventing lightbulbs and the types of electronic products we now sell in our affiliate stores.

Why? Because we are all trying to build super successful affiliate businesses, and maybe we should look for ways to do things that are a little different. And not play by the “rules” so much.

Example? Getting affiliate or product API approvals from marketplaces like Amazon and AliExpress. We all know that AliExpress no longer approve APIs from their portals anymore and Amazon is now very strike with their advertising API issuance.

That’s where Affiliate Hub Builder comes into play. A few days ago, Mr. Chika sent me review access to this brand new plugin. And in this part of Affiliate Hub Builder Review, I want to give you a quick overview of it!

Here are Some Of The Things Affiliate Hub Can Do:

  • Woocommerce integration and automatic product synchronization
  • Automatic price updates and ease product imports from different affiliate marketplaces
  • Facebook Shop Integration: When people are on Facebook, they like to stay on Facebook. This add-on builds trust and gives buyers the ability to interact with your affiliate store without leaving facebook
  • Product Import Via Direct Parsing: The beauty of this plugin is the ease at which users no longer have to wait for their affiliate APIs approval. They can now fetch products from their local stores and add their deeplinks.
  • Keyword Research Builtin: You just enter your keywords and fetch results from several marketplace at once
  • Auto Price Comparison: How cool when buyers can see cheaper and better prices from other stores and have the ability to buy from their choice marketplace
  • Affiliate Sales Notification Trigger: No one likes to be first… This feature displays recent sales on your storefront to other potential buyers which gives you INSTANT social proof and boosts overall sales by creating a sense of urgency.
  • Product Review Import: This has been one of the most sort after features by our beta testers, your subscribers can now fetch reviews via API from the marketplace they are importing from.

I’ve been writing to you for the past couple of days about Affiliate Hub Builder, an exciting and revolutionary new way to build an online affiliate store.

  • It’s fast – you can set up your new premium store in less than 24 hours
  • All of the work is done for you – you can search among unlimited products and fetch products from 20+ local ecommerce stores.
  • You don’t have to wait for API approvals from affiliate marketplaces – just add your deeplink on our setting, locate the products you want and *whoosh* your new inventory is pulled right into your store.


Here is all you have to do:

Step 1: Build Your Own affiliate store with few clicks

  • Using their premium WordPress themes

Step 2: Import Hundreds of Thousands of Hot Products

  • More relying on old methods, Don’t Wait for Approvals
  • From Dozens of Affiliate Networks, Marketplaces, and even local eCommerce stores

Step 3: Conversions and Sales

  • Sales notification popup to show visitors when someone else is buying for strong social proof

Let’s check out the demo video below to see it in action!


For a limited time, you can grab Affiliate Hub Builder with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front End – Affiliate Hub ($27)

Fetch affiliate products from dozens of marketplace we support

  • Unlimited products via API import method and Parsing url import
  • 4 premium themes for your store choice styles, look and feel
  • Affiliate sales notification for maximum visitors conversion and trust
  • Price comparison, currency conversion and keyword research tool

OTO 1 – Affiliate Hub PRO ($37)

  • With few clicks you can push your whole store to Facebook
  • Seamlessly import reviews via API to your affiliate products store
  • Publish and post your imported products on 5 social media websites
  • Autoblogging – With ease you can add any affiliate product to your blog posts and contents

OTO 2 – DFY (custom Parsing) ($67/yr)

20 Affiliate Stores Integration Per Month

Though we have dozens of ecommerce stores we’ve integrated with (via API and parsing). But what if the stores you want to fetch products from are not currently integrated with or available on this plugin yet?

With this upgrade you can now add (to the pool) your choice of ecommerce affiliate stores you would want them to integrate with. Every month they will integrate with 20 different affiliate stores as suggested by the current users – how cool?

OTO 3 – Developers License ($67)

Install this on as many different sites as you wish. This is a HUGE opportunity to make a lot of money… We all know how hot and profitable ready made affiliate sites are!

With the developers license you can upload and activate unlimited stores for yourself and clients without restrictions.


In summary, I hope that all of the information in this Affiliate Hub Builder Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.

Affiliate Hub Builder Review

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Affiliate Hub Builder Review

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