Click and Bank 3 Review: Multiple Clickbank Commissions On Autopilot?

Do you find it hard to get enough clicks to your offers? Have you struggled to promote products online and not made money for your efforts? Would you like to build a list with no net cost or even at a profit? If you answered yes to those questions, keep reading.

I’ve been in your shoes and it’s a very frustrating experience. You try to make money online and nobody buys from you…. Trust me, we’ve all been there. But I’ve recently found a way to get 2X to 5X as many clicks to my offers from the SAME amount of traffic.

This is a secret method that my buddy Dan Green has been doing for years but has NEVER shared before. It has allowed us to add hundreds of extra clicks to the offers we promote and turn losing campaigns into winners. This method is so easy it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Interested? Let’s find out all the details about it in my Click and Bank 3 Review below!

Click and Bank 3 Review

What is Click and Bank 3?

To succeed with Clickbank, you used to have to be an educated, hardworking marketing guru… The days when you required a high-traffic website or a large mailing list to thrive are long gone… It feels like a lifetime ago after seeing what I’ve just witnessed…

I’ve been utilizing Click and Bank 3 App — an automatic Clickbank affiliate marketing software created by Dan Green, a top affiliate. Click and Bank 3 App manages your affiliate marketing on your behalf! Without having to work!

Click and Bank 3 App makes it just incredibly EASY for anyone to generate commissions as an affiliate on the world’s biggest affiliate network, Clickbank. All you need to do is login to the web based software, enter your Clickbank affiliate id and then choose a niche.

Click and Bank 3 App is a welcomed combination of Clickbank (great affiliate network especially for persons looking to get started) and website generating software (online no less) for building your income-generating site.

Having the ability to find your products, accompanying posts and pages within the software simplifies putting all of your assets together for your project.

You can choose from ANY of the niches on Clickbank, we have them ALL covered for you, and just like that our incredible software will build an entire Clickbank affiliate site for you around your choice.

Your site will look stunning out of the box, with ultra relevant 100% unique content, review posts and banner ads. We have custom designed banner ads for you, for top converting Clickbank offers in your chosen niche, to help EASILY monetize your site.

Not only that you also get fully done for you review posts, complete with videos, bonuses and winning copy created for you by pros.

You even get a fully integrated autoresponder service, with done for you optin forms, unlimited subscribers and campaigns. AND our super smart system can even send fully automated email campaigns promoting Clickbank offers for you too!

In other words, it is a new web app creates and hosts an entire clickbank affiliate site for you (complete with google traffic) in just one click! So you can start banking clickbank commissions with almost no work needed.

  • You get quality “original content” posted to your site (ultra relevant to your niche) every day
  • You get “fully done for you” reviews of the latest relevant clickbank products (complete with video + copy + bonuses!) every day
  • Your site even ranks itself on google so you get real search traffic every day!!

This is a complete click maximizing software. Click and Bank 3 App comes with a high converting squeeze page, lead magnet and click multiplying technology which will allow you to get 2X-5X as many clicks to the offers you promote resulting in more sales for you.

You’ll be getting access to a very simple to use software program that will get you 2X-5X as many clicks from the same traffic plus they’ll reveal EVERYTHING so you can copy their success. You’ll get over the shoulder videos and DFY software tools. Nothing is left out.

Clickbank is the biggest affiliate network in the world. Thousands of marketers just like you are making big bucks on it every day. But creating a website manually to profit from Clickbank is NOT EASY.

So that’s why Click and Bank 3 App automates the entire thing. So you can get a slice of the Clickbank pie with no boring manual work! It’s 100% Newbie friendly and is basically a PUSH BUTTON solution.

Never before you would have seen something like this. Just 3 simple steps….

  • Step 1 – Choose Your Niche
  • Step 2 – Enter Your Clickbank ID
  • Step 3 – Click a BUTTON and that’s it DONE!

Click and Bank 3 App then goes to work creates, designs and HOSTS an entire site for you. Plus because all the DAILY content Click and Bank 3 App creates is 100% original, it even ranks on Google too… getting you 24/7 search traffic!

This 100% Autopilot software is completely unique and this has never been done before. Setup once and you’re done. Content + Monetization + TRAFFIC all done every day, all created and HOSTED for you, with just ONE CLICK.

So don’t hesitate to check out the next parts of this Click and Bank 3 Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

Click and Bank 3 Review Overview


Vendor Dan Green
Product Click and Bank 3 App
Launch Date 2022-Feb-17
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Product Type Affiliate Marketing
Support Effective Response
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

Dan Green

It is not exaggerating to claim that Dan Green is a typical representative of the new talented generation who is ready to conquer the industry of internet marketing.

Besides being a masterful marketer, he is always willing to help his customers as much as possible. Furthermore, his previous products are proved to produce stable conversions such as Automation Empire, Fiverrpal, Brand Marketer, etc.

Now, let’s look at the next part of this Click and Bank 3 Review and find out its features.

Key Features

Click and Bank 3 App is the only app that has cracked the “Clickbank algorithm”, to generate passive income, day in, day out. In just 3 steps the software builds Clickbank Affiliate Pages and sends targeted traffic to them using syndication.

This means affiliate sales on complete autopilot. This pulls in passive Clickbank affiliate commissions. This is no ordinary traffic… It’s “hot” and ready to buy traffic. This is because it’s super targeted for any niche.

Just type in any keyword and the app will find the right content that buyers are actively seeking. Click and Bank 3 App is an app like no other. It’s a laser targeted way to get buyer traffic straight to your page. And the best thing? It takes no time at all to set up.

Click and Bank 3 App generates automated commissions on Clickbank. Clickbank Is The King of Affiliate Networks – You Simply Can’t Afford To Ignore It.

It has:

  • 200 million customers
  • 6 million sellers
  • 300 million dollars in annual sales
  • $4.2 Billion paid out in commissions

Click and Bank 3 App is the only app that has cracked the “Clickbank algorithm”, to generate passive income, day in, day out. This is the missing link that was required to take Click and Bank 3 App from a traffic app to a full money making machine.

It works in 3 simple steps –

  • Activate the system
  • Choose a keyword
  • Profit

Income doesn’t get more passive than this. No Website… No Experience… No Tech Skill… No Email List…

Here’s a list of features for Click and Bank 3 App:

  • 1 Click “Newbie Friendly” Setup

Literally all you need to do is enter your clickbank ID, choose your niche and click a button, and you are now the proud owner of a totally automated site, that will create content, get traffic and make you money!

  • Choose from 24 top performing niches (or any other niche you want)

We have all 24 clickbank niches for you to choose from. But if you don’t want to use these niches, maybe your site doesn’t fit them or you just want to choose something else… Well don’t worry! You can just select our “custom niche” option and setup your site to work on full autopilot with literally any niche you want.

  • Get daily high quality content for your site on total autopilot

Once you have chosen your niche you’ll get high quality content posted to your site for you. You’ll never have to make a blog post again! All the content created for you will be ultra-relevant to your chosen niche, complete with images, videos everything your visitors will love!

  • 100% automatic site monetization using Clickbank offers

All you need to do is enter your clickbank ID (don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, clickbank is free to join and you can get setup with an id in seconds… it’s easy) then Click and Bank 3 App will create review posts of top converting clickbank offers.

Each review post the software creates for you will have its own video embedded in the post, it will even have bonuses for your customers to collect if they buy from you. AND your clickbank id will be embedded in the buy button link automatically, so you get full credit for each sale!

  • 100% automated Google RANKING for TRAFFIC!

All the content created for you by the software is spun with our in built spinning engine to be 100% original to Google so your sites will rank themselves on Google for automatic free search traffic!

  • No manual work needed. It’s the simplest software to use ever.

With instant success site there is no complicated setup. No need to create an apps, no need to sign up for any other services, it really is as simple as choosing a niche and clicking a button!

  • 24/7 100% automation!

Once you click the button to setup your site, that’s it you are done! The software will work for you every single day forever creating content, posting clickbank product reviews to make you money, and getting you social followers and traffic… all on 100% AUTOPILOT!

And that’s not all. The first 50 people will also be getting an additional training which will be extremely step by step, Dan will reveal everything so you can copy his success. You’ll get over the shoulder videos and a software that makes it point and click easy.

Once you get your hands on this you’ll know exactly how to take advantage of this system to rapidly grow your clicks and earn more commissions from the offers your promote.

  • Click and Bank 3 Software promotes different offers for you AUTOMATICALLY
  • Step-By-Step video training showing you exactly how to do this, including a real CASE STUDY.
  • Done For You Squeeze Page, Thank You Page and Lead Magnet
  • Top Traffic Sources to Grow Your List FAST!
  • The Best Offers to Promote Using This Method
  • Conversion Boosting Pre-Filling Technology
  • Private Customer Only Facebook Group

Honest Click and Bank 3 Review – My Opinion: Is this worth using?

This is a real chance of making money online. And I wanted it all to be done with no hard work needed. I wanted everything… content, traffic, and monetization all done with just one click!

Yes that’s right. Great quality content that “your visitors will love” done for you and posted to your site every single day! Completely done for you google ranking for automated search traffic 24/7. And completely done for you monetization.

I’m talking top quality reviews of the best converting clickbank products in your niche, complete with video, bonuses… everything you need to make money… all done with just one click!

It is a kind of software that can do everything for an affiliate marketer. It is specially designed for Click Bank Marketplace. Click bank is a Big Affiliate marketplace in the world.

This Software will help to affiliate marketers to promote Clickbank Products within Minute with best of Reviews, Google Rankings, Content Quality, and Daily Products Updates Automatically. It Will Helps to get First Clickbank affiliate sale to a newbie.

Just insert your clickbank affiliate link, pick your niche and you are good to. I like the fact that the content, pics and overall site-look are editable, that way we wont all be walking around with the exact same looking sites, wording etc.

This is EXACTLY what I have wanted for ~a year. A direct way to benefit from Clickbank’s product library easily, quickly and without the complications of WP plugins. I totally understand Dan’s frustration with WP and move to SaSS & the cloud.

Just imagine once you implement this SIMPLE system:

  • You can PROMOTE just about anything with this method
  • You could promote other products and opportunities to them and make even more money!
  • You could be getting cold hard cash deposited in your PayPal account DAILY!
  • All this and more can be accomplished with this super simple strategy
  • Ed discovered an EASY way to get people to click and sign up for multiple offers on your thank you page.

The beauty of this system is:

  • You don’t need to create your own products
  • You don’t need to have an existing email list
  • You don’t need connections
  • You don’t need to make videos
  • You don’t need tech skills
  • You don’t need to write sales letters
  • You don’t need to do a product launch
  • You don’t need to provide customer support

I just want to say kudos for the Click and Bank 3 team, Given chance to try their product.

As a beta tester, I can say that it’s really a game changer especially for the newbie or beginners and better for the advance users wherein you can utilize the features well, who wants to start an online business in which it is easy to setup due to the features of making a blogsite that has a really good concepts with automation link to clickbank products.

The features of the products’ research is absolutely A useful tool and the RSS feed features can make your site updated with fresh content of the niche you want to establish. By this way, you can easily start an affiliate site as easy with no hassle!

You should check out this software if you want to make money as a Clickbank affiliate without all of the hard work that comes with it… Those who have already purchased Click and Bank 3 App are raving over it, and I can understand why…

Click and Bank 3 App takes care of 99.9% of your affiliate marketing on your behalf… All you have to do now is enter your affiliate link and keyword. That is why I do not want you to miss out on the software. Because this software will assist you if you aren’t already earning monthly Clickbank commissions

The software is fantastic. It not only creates affiliate marketing hubs for you at the click of a button, but it also sends traffic to them… As a result, you may earn passive affiliate earnings without doing any work at all, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The program is so easy to use that even a total novice can log in, press a few buttons, and have a fully functional Clickbank campaign up and running in minutes. I strongly advise you to look into Click and Bank 3 App right now. This program is well worth far more than Tommy Bacardi and his team are asking for it.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the last section of this Click and Bank 3 Review):

How Click and Bank 3 App works

What you’re going to see here in this section of Click and Bank 3 Review is what will be your actual user experience. There will be no BS. This is exactly what you will see and what the experience you will have as soon as you purchase. So the first thing you need to do is you login to the software.

The first thing we are going to do is giving them a site a name. We need to give it a subdomain name as well. This is just basically the address that you’re going to use to access to the site. You can use your own domain as well.

We also enter our clickbank ID and then we select the niche. For example: health and fitness. Then we create the website and that’s it. You are now done.

onboarding setup

As you can see the site is now being created for you. We’ve got 49 posts, we’ve got five reviews.

Click and Bank 3 App dashboard

Now one of the first things you might want to do is just check out the different content that’s been sourced for you. You can see what the default content sources are. For this niche the ones that we’ve set by default for you are these five different ones related to this niche. You can delete any of those.

Click and Bank 3 App content source

You can also add your own ones in so you can add literally any website. Most websites have an RSS feed… so any website that’s got an RSS feed, you can add it in here as a content source.

If you want to get started really quick, you can use our default one. But if you want to use your own, you can have this work about any topic in any niche whatsoever… you can do that.

Now let’s just have a look at the post that is created for us. You can see them all here. They’re all relevant to the niche we’ve chosen. You can go in and edit them at any point.


You can go in you can see the all of the information about them. This is all fully fully editable and you could change the title, you can change when it goes live and you can see where it’s been sourced from. You can also delete it if you want.

edit post

You can also create your own posts completely with a full visual editor… add images, videos whatever you want. It’s kind of like having basically your own completely done-for-you wordpress site.

Another thing that it does provide for you are reviews. You can see this is the review that’s been generated and posted for us already. You can also see that we’ve got four that are scheduled to come up in the future.

And as we mentioned as new Clickbank products are added in your niche. The creators will do new reviews for you and you will see them pop up in here on a regular basis. Again these are all completely fully editable.

Click and Bank 3 Reviews article

If you want to add some different banner ads or your opt-in form to your site, you can do that with this interface.

Click and Bank 3 App Menu

Simply choose the advertisement type, put in image and URL link, choose the ads place and that’s it. Same process with Opt In Javascript. You can add as many banner ads or as opt-in forms as you want. You can put them wherever you want on your site.

create advertisement

That’s not all, you can add pages to your site, you can customize the layout, the design and appearance, choose and setup the theme, etc. So I have been talking through all the different features given lots of explanations.

With just a few seconds, I’ve created a full site, planner, opt-in form, loads of great content Clickbank reviews… all these posts all designed and created for me original content. It’s really really fantastic.

Click and Bank 3 App site preview

Click and Bank 3 OTOs and Price

For a limited time, you can grab Click and Bank 3 App with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: Click and Bank 3 App ($17)

Bank 100% easy clickbank commissions 24/7. No need to do any boring manual work! Generating commissions on the biggest affiliate network there is… clickbank is really hard. So let this software do it for you!

New web based software creates fully automated 100% done for you clickbank affiliate sites that rank themselves on google! Pre-loaded sites with new daily reviews for top converting clickbank products, videos, bonuses… everything done for you to profit with no work.

And daily original content to rank your site on google for traffic.

OTO 1: Pro Upgrade ($37)

Here’s What You Get With The Click and Bank 3 App Pro Upgrade:

  • Start ranking unlimited Click and Bank 3 App sites for unlimited income streams today. With the pro version you aren’t limited to just one site you get unlimited and they are all fully hosted for you.
  • The Pro version contains a machine learning spinning engine. That means almost ZERO manual setup, and way more unique content for 10X faster ranking results.
  • With the PRO version you can see stats on what review posts are performing best on your site, with view rate, click through rate, information on visitor locations and much much more.
  • You can also get the same information on any ads you add to your site. You can select different date ranges to see what ads perform best at different times of the year.
  • With the PRO upgrade you even get the ability to turn on AUTOMATIC Split testing. So different ads + reviews can be shown at different times to different visitors and Click and Bank 3 App will automatically select the best performers to make you even more money!

OTO 2: Done for you Template ($97)

With the “done for you” upgrade you wont have to do a single thing yourself. We will do literally everything for you.

  • We will pick a niche for you we KNOW will work best.
  • We will completely setup your site for you, choosing an optimal design for maximum conversions.
  • We will configure your content spinning engine for you to ensure incredible original google ranking results.
  • We will create and deploy top performing banner ads on your site for you.
  • We will add optin forms for YOUR autoresponder to your site so you can grow your list
  • AND for anyone who upgrades to “done for you” today we will EVEN give you special one-on-one skype support throughout the whole process and for as long as you use ClickandBank.

OTO 3: Multi Commissions ($67)

  • Imagine having your Commission Creator software automatically upgraded to the “AutoPilot” edition, without you lifting a finger.
  • Imagine having daily affiliate programs for you with just one click.
  • Imagine expanding your ClickBank affiliate profits to also include JVZoo and WarriorPlus – daily!
  • Imagine how you would feel having a THREE software tools do ALL the HARD WORK for you!
  • Imagine knowing that we’re handing you 1,500 campaigns to plug right into, the second you click the upgrade button!
  • Just think how it feel putting your feet up and watching commissions from Clickbank & more hit your account with no work from you.

OTO 4: Agency License ($97)

So not only can you resell Click and Bank 3 App and keep 100% of the profits, you can actually create AGENCY accounts too .

You’ll get your own special interface where you can setup new Click and Bank 3 App accounts, you’ll essentially become an Click and Bank 3 App admin and part of the team.

With AGENCY + Reseller Rights you will be firmly in control of how you want to make money as an authorised Click and Bank 3 App representative.

OTO 5: White Label ($197)

So you’ll get your own version of the Click And Bank 3 software, but with your own name, your own branding, AND your own domain.

  • You’ll be able to create accounts, sell the software to others, giveaway accounts, and even launch your own rebranded version of the software on JvZoo, WarriorPlus or anywhere you want.
  • Not only that, we will even HOST the software for you. We will update it for you, We will handle all the support and we will even buy you a domain and set everything up for you too!
  • All you’ll need to do is choose the name you want for your new software and we will take care of the rest.
  • We will even design an all new logo for you, and help you out with setting up your sales pages and videos for your new rebrande

Click and Bank 3 Review Conclusion and ultimate huge bonuses

Thank you so much for reading my Click and Bank 3 Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.









Joint Health 101 Review

Click and Bank 3 Review Rating
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Support
  • Easy to use
  • Bonus



  • “Done for you site creation” Just 1 click to create an entire Clickbank affiliate site from scratch
  • ​“Done for you 100% original content” created and posted to your site EVERY DAY!
  • ​“Done for you monetization”, with reviews of top converting Clickbank products EVERY DAY!
  • “Done for you search traffic” rank higher and higher on Google automatically EVERY DAY!
  • ​100% Newbie friendly. No complicated setup. Just ONE CLICK and it’s all done!
  • ​It’s every marketers dream come true.


  • I have not found out any cons related effectiveness of this product yet.

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