SyndBuddy 2.0 Review: New Done-For-You Page 1 Rankings System

Hi there! How would you like to get an unlimited amount of FREE traffic from Google? Google is still the BEST source for free, targeted buyer traffic. I don’t care what anyone says… Nothing is better then someone going to Google, typing in a keyword, and them landing on your content…

A genius marketer, Josh, has simplified the process of getting traffic from Google to your websites or videos. He’s been using a brand new strategy which combines the power of social signals and ‘social exchanges’.

He’s also been able to automate the entire process inside of an easy-to-use web-based platform called SyndBuddy 2.0. The secret behind it is having an army of REAL users sharing, bookmarking and liking your content giving it the social interaction it needs to rank on page 1 of Google.

Interested in a New Done-For-You Page 1 Rankings System? If yes then you need to check my SyndBuddy 2.0 Review below for all the details!

SyndBuddy 2.0 Review

What is SyndBuddy 2.0?

Access your own ranking “ARMY”… use this “ranking ARMY” to dominate page 1 this “ranking army” will rank ANY url for you.

I know that subject line might be a little unbelievable, but it’s NOT. A new platform has just opened up that allows you to:

Get free targeted-traffic to any offer (or service) by letting their proven army of 5,000 members do all your social syndication for you so you can rank on page 1 in 48 hours or less.

It works for any niche, any location and any language… and it does not matter if you’ve tried other ranking tools and failed!

SyndBuddy 2.0 is a brand new software that’s going to simplify the way you rank your sites and videos on page 1 of Google – regardless whether you’re in the offline or online niche.

It is a web-based tool that allows you to get REAL social shares and social signals to your YouTube Videos, niche sites, clients sites, ecommerce sites, ANY url you’d like. Users benefit from:

  • YouTube Views
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Shares
  • Tweets
  • Social Bookmarks
  • Web 2.0 posts
  • Private Blog posts
  • and more!

They’ve already got hundreds of active users who have performed over 500 social shares in just the first 3 days of opening!

You will be able to add your desired URL and start getting likes, shares, social bookmarks, video views, video likes, web 2.0s and TONS of other syndication from the SyndBuddy 2.0 community almost instantly

Yup, I’m talking about:

  • TOTALLY hands-free rankings for ANY niche site or video (or ANY url)
  • ZERO Work on your part besides submitting the URL you want traffic for
  • ZERO learning curve since everything is pretty much DONE FOR YOU.
  • Heck, it doesn’t even matter if you SUCK at SEO or are new to the subject.

Short on time? See how to get your DFY rankings here

These guys have developed the easiest platform for getting traffic and generating profit without doing any of the boring, “grunt” work yourself!

SyndBuddy allows you to tap into a PRE-BUILT Army of REAL people that are ready to share YOUR content all over the internet… so you can get rankings FAST and for the long-term, which leads to MORE targeted traffic, leads and sales from Google and YouTube.

SyndBuddy 2.0 is a credit-based software, but you will also be able to earn credits by participating in the syndication community. I’ll show you more details about it in the next parts of this SyndBuddy 2.0 Review.

  • 9.5/10
    Quality - 9.5/10
  • 10/10
    Features - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Support - 9/10
  • 9.5/10
    Easy to use - 9.5/10
  • 9.5/10
    Bonus - 9.5/10



  • 100% Done-For-You Social Syndication from REAL people located ALL over the world, so you DO NOT have to do ANY of the work yourself!
  • This is the BEST way to get rankings FAST and for the LONG-TERM WITHOUT worrying about being “penalized” (100% Whitehat)
  • NO Software to Download or Learn – the ONLY thing you have to do is create your campaign and input your URL and keywords
  • NO Captchas or Proxies to Deal With, so you save even MORE money while STILL getting a ton of results
  • NEW in 2.0: Auto-Share Feature So You’re GUARANTEED To Get HUNDREDS of REAL Social Shares PER campaign – 100% hands-free
  • NEW in 2.0: Automated Content Generation So You Can Submit ANY URL to the “sharing pool” in 60 Seconds Or Less!
  • Limited Bonus: Agency License to Get Rankings For Your Clients as well!
  • Limited Bonus: SyndCreator Access So You Can Automatically Create New Social Accounts to Share Other Members Content (optional)


  • You only earn credits by watching, sharing, bookmarking and liking other people’s content. There are additional costs if you want to purchase more credits
  • Funnel is pretty deep; 5 whole upgrade options: this isn’t much of a con as the software still works perfectly without any of the upgrades.
  • You will need a good internet connection.

SyndBuddy 2.0 Review Overview

Vidkala Review

Vendor Joshua Zamora et al
Product SyndBuddy 2.0  
Launch Date 2020-Oct-15
Launch Time 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price $27
Refund YES, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Niche SEO & Traffic
Support Effective Response
Official site Click here
Recommended Highly Recommended
Skill Level Needed All Levels

About Creator

SyndBuddy 2.0 Review

Joshua Zamora is a well-known expert in online marketing and product creation. He creates the products that make people willing to spend their hard-earned budget to buy. The process of creating his products, from generating ideas to finishing the package, is always done flawlessly.

Joshua runs a personal blog named to promote his products and share his experience. You can get to know more about his previous product by searching for their names such as SyndTrioMyTrafficJackerDFY Suite, etc

Now, with all the passion and effort Joshua put in this product, what is inside the front-end version? The following part of my SyndBuddy 2.0 Review will reveal the most typical features of it.

Key features

Here are the key features that you will get inside this platform:

  • Automatic credit-based system

They’ve built SyndBuddy 2.0 on a powerful, credit-based system. This allows you to get real views from real people – which is the key to ranking on YouTube and Google. When you get real views from different locations around the world and from different IP addresses, Google takes notice, and your rankings increase!

  • Real Twitter Tweets

Sharing is key to ranking and organic growth. And we’ve all heard about the POWER of Twitter when it comes to getting social syndication and backlinks. Now you can get tons of REAL Tweets from an ARMY of people, which will affect your social presence immediately…and I think you guessed it….your rankings increase!

  • Real Facebook “Likes” and Shares

Most people don’t know about Google’s social algorithm. It places a lot of weight on social media shares when it comes to rankings. When YOU get hundreds of these shares quickly, you’ll get hordes of views with more ease than you ever imagined.

  • Real Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks is one of the most powerful types of syndication you can employ in your rankings campaigns. Bookmarking your own site on your own account is already powerful enough.

But when you have an ARMY of people bookmarking your URL’s on their accounts as well, that just puts your campaigns on Steroids. You’ll be getting bookmarks from Authority sites like Diigo, Plurk, KiwiBox, Medium, SkyRock and many many more.

  • Real Web 2.0 Syndication

If getting ALL of the above mentioned social interaction on your URL’s hasn’t excited you enough, we still have MORE!

You’ll also be able to get an ARMY of people posting your content and linking to your sites from ALL the top Web 2.0 sites like, Tumblr, Blogger, Instapaper, Joomla, AND many, many more. It’s like having access to a POWERFUL Web 2.0 private blog network!

  • Real Video Views

SyndBuddy 2.0 also comes built-in with some POWERFUL video boosting features. You’ll be able to get REAL views to your videos from people ALL over the world, logged in to MULTIPLE different accounts, ALL on different IP addresses.

You’ll have an ARMY of people just waiting to watch your videos and give them the boost they need.

  • Universal Access

With SyndBuddy 2.0’s web-based portal, you don’t need to download anything, and you don’t need any special equipment. Just login on any Internet device with your user ID and prepare for your websites and videos to get massive social interaction and shares.

  • Step-By-Step Training

Get full training on how to use SyndBuddy 2.0’s simple dashboard – even an 8 years old can run it. Training comes in step-by-step video form.

  • World Class Customer Support

They have a support team dedicated to answering your questions and helping you use SyndBuddy 2.0 to its fullest potential. Just e-mail at any time and you’ll get a fast, thoughtful response dedicated to you.

  • Limited Time: No Monthly Fees

Grab your SyndBuddy 2.0 license right now – during the grand opening period – and pay NO monthly fees. Right now, one low investment gets you lifetime access and you’ll be able to earn an unlimited about of credits. After the grand opening expires, monthly pricing will come into effect.

  • Full Reporting of Your Campaigns

Not only will you be able to get a TON of shares, likes, bookmarks and syndication, they’ve also built-in a VERY powerful reporting system so you’ll be able to see EXACTLY the kind of social signals you’re getting AND for social shares, you’ll be able to see EXACT URL’s of where your content is being posted.

What’s new in SyndBuddy 2.0 version?

  • One-Click Auto-Sharing

Can you imagine how much more powerful this is now when THOUSANDS of members have AUTO-SHARING turned on?

Imagine being able to get REAL social shares and social signals to your YouTube Videos, niche sites, clients sites, ecommerce sites or ANY url you’d like.

  • One-Click Account Creation

This is gonna make things even EASIER, FASTER and BETTER!

Within minutes you’ll be able to start having your accounts created, and have ANY url start being syndicated ALL over the world by REAL members!

  • One-Click Content Creation

They’re also going to be including their content-engine system into SyndBuddy so that submitting a campaign to be shared by memers is even EASIE!

ZERO content creation needed on your part!

[button color=”red” size=”big” link=”” icon=”” target=”true”]Get Early Bird Access NOW![/button]

Honest SyndBuddy 2.0 Review: Is it worth buying?

I have to be brutally honest today… I suck at SEO lol – there I said it.

Although I understand how POWERFUL it is to get free traffic from Google, I just never had any interest to put it to use for my business. Especially when it comes to the ONGOING syndication and ‘backlinking’ portion of it.

That’s what REALLY turned me off about it.

Always having to be constantly syndicating my content all over the web for my content to rank on the first page. If I ever did get into SEO, that’s the FIRST thing I’d get someone to do FOR ME!

That’s why – for the FIRST TIME EVER – I’m kinda EXCITED about SEO. A genius SEO marketer has created a system that does EXACTLY that.

He’s SIMPLIFIED the ENTIRE social syndication process so that ANYONE can tap into the power of Page 1 rankings – EVEN if they SUCK at SEO or are BRAND new to the subject. (LIKE me)

That’s where SyndBuddy 2.0 comes into play. It is a good chance for those who are searching for a way to advertise their business.

Running ad campaigns, Facebook ads, all did not boost my site dramatically. So I tried SyndBuddy 2.0 and the results are fantastic. The best part about SyndBuddy 2.0 is that users need not have any SEO skills or any kind of experience to rank videos.

The most impressive side of SyndBuddy 2.0 is that it utilizes the credit-based protocol to function. In other words, I can either earn or purchase extra credits via sharing, liking, bookmarking or watching content from others.

Moreover, I can in turn use my own credits to obtain more shares, likes, bookmarks and views from real visitors.

After trying this product for a week as a beta tester, The first thing I impressed with Synd Buddy is that it requires no monthly fee. Nowadays most products sold on online come with recurring fees which are a real annoyance. With SyndBuddy 2.0, you have to pay once to get access.

Secondly, customer service is also satisfying. They have provided such a professional system to help solve problems of customers in the most efficient and enthusiastic way.

Lastly, the performance of the tool is fairly acceptable. After a while, the ranking of my website really went up a little bit. Although it did not boost ranking as much as the vendor claims, what SyndBuddy 2.0 does is actually fantastic.

Let’s take a minute to recap the huge benefits come up with:

  • Gets you REAL views from REAL people from different locations around the world on different IP addresses. (this supercharges your rankings like CRAZY)
  • Gets you REAL Facebook “Likes” and Shares to your websites and videos leaving Google salivating over the social power you’re getting!
  • Gets you REAL Twitter tweets to your content from hundreds of different profiles which equates to a TON of powerful social backlinks
  • Gets you REAL social bookmark syndications from high-quality sites. Bookmarks are one of the MOST powerful syndication strategies you can use
  • Gets you REAL web 2.0 syndications. Imagine having hundreds of people posting on web 2.0 sites for you. It’s like leveraging a HUGE private web 2.0 blog network 

To ANY video or URL you’d like. ALL from THOUSANDS of people from ALL over the world, on A TON of different IP addresses.

This means a TON of social interaction on your content

  • Which means Google DROOLING over your content
  • Which means FAST page 1 rankings
  • Which means a TON of FREE, targeted traffic
  • Which means a TON of profit in your accounts

Talk about awesome, Right? It doesn’t even end here. The Beauty Of SyndBuddy 2.0, is that you can add any kind of content to the network to be syndicated.

They’ve built SyndBuddy 2.0 to work for ANYTHING you’re looking to do online. Local, Affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, eCommerce, pretty much anything that you need targeted traffic for It Doesn’t Matter If You Have:

  • An ecommerce website
  • Your clients websites
  • Your youtube videos
  • Your clients youtube videos
  • An affiliate niche site
  • An affiliate marketing blog

This is a web-based app, so as long as you have a web browser and internet connection, you can use SyndBuddy 2.0 regardless of your type of computer. And the best part? They pride themselves on building software tools that deliver results without having to use any additional proxies or captchas.

So my final conclusion in this SyndBuddy 2.0 Review is that if you are wondering how to boost your ranking, this product is not a bad choice to try.

You will be getting the vendor’s greatest bonuses for your fast action (and my ultimate huge bonuses at the end of this SyndBuddy 2.0 Review):

SyndBuddy 2.0 Bonus

How SyndBuddy 2.0 works

SyndBuddy 2.0 works on a credit-based system. That means you either purchase or earn credits by watching, sharing, bookmarking and liking other people’s content (let me tell you – you discover a ton of amazing stuff and build great relationships this way).

And you use your credits to get your own views, shares, bookmarks and likes from real people. It’s truly built on the BUDDY system. You scratch my back and I scratch yours.

This is – bar none – the best way to drive the type of traffic you ultimately want to your websites and videos. Because there are NO shady “paid views” or shady “backlinking techniques” or any other “blackhat strategies” that either fail miserably or get your video or websites stripped off of YouTube/Google.

Instead of suffering through any of complicated things, You’ll Get An Army Of People Syndicating Your Content In 3 Brain-Dead Easy Steps:

  • Step 01: Login to SyndBuddy 2.0.
  • Step 02: Decide what kind of social interaction you want for your content. Tip: It’s best to mix up real views, shares, and bookmarks.
  • Step 03: Click, “Go,” and the social interactions you need will quickly start coming your way.

Then Just Watch As All Of This Amazing And Real Social Activity Sends Your Content Skyrocketing To Page 1 Of Google. Let’s watch the demo video below to see SyndBuddy 2.0 in action!


For a limited time, you can grab SyndBuddy 2.0 with early bird discount price in these options below. Let’s pick the best suited options for you before this special offer gone!

Front-end: SyndBuddy 2.0 ($33)

Then on the 16th at 23:59:59 (i.e 17th at 00:00:00):

  • Price goes up by $10
  • Coupon code to get a $5 discount “sb5off

At 23:59 on April 17th (18th at midnight (00:00:00):

  • Price going up by $10 again
  • Coupon code to get a $7 discount “sb7off

Final day of the 19th

  • ALL Bonuses expire
  • Coupon code “FINALSB” expires
  • Price goes to $67 at midnight

OTO 1: Agency PLUS ($1 trial then $47/month)

Every month your account will be automatically replenished with fresh credits for you to go out there and get your content ranked, FAST without doing ANY of the work yourself!

Just imagine how much more profit and traffic you’ll be getting by knowing that you’ll have the syndbuddy army at your fingertips every single month?

OTO 2: DFY Indexer ($67)

Yup, once you pick up this special offer, you’ll unlock an additional option when submitting your campaigns which will allow you to “deploy our DFY Indexer” to your campaigns.

From there, our syndication army not only perform ALL the syndication to your campaign, we’ll also ensure that it passes through our indexing system as well!

With this feature, you get double, or even triple the results without ever having to do any of the work yourself besides ticking the dfy indexing box!

Once you tick on that DFY Indexing box, we’ll deploy our indexing system for each of your campaigns 100% hands-free to you.

OTO 3: MyVideoSpy ($47)

The beautiful thing about MyVideoSpy is that it completely changes the way that video marketing works. The creators have developed their own system to help them be a lot more efficient with their campaigns.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. In fact, myvideospy is a complete video marketing powerhouse!

It allows you to get page 1 video rankings in 24 hours or less by identifying untapped niches, exposing your competitors weakness and accurately determining how much traffic your videos will generate (plus a whole lot more!)

OTO 4: SyndLab ($97)

SyndLab allows you to syndicate your content to over 25 different networks in a matter of minutes

And from there, you can send it to the SyndBuddy Exchange network to get even MORE syndication from the ARMY of users that are ready to share your content on their networks.

So with SyndLab you share your content on your OWN networks to give it an initial and massive boost. And with SyndBuddy you have the exchange system, where other users are sharing YOUR content on THEIR networks

This is the ultimate social syndication system to send your content skyrocketing to the first page of google, and want to know the best part? 

Both SyndLab and SyndBuddy are already interconnected. You can automatically send your content from inside of SyndLab to the SyndBuddy exchange network… AND you can send your SyndBuddy campaigns to be syndicated to your SyndLab account.

OTO 5: Video Chief ($47)

This is one of the biggest membership sites of done-for-you niche videos in over five dozen of the hottest niches you can think of.

We have over 1200 video templates to choose from that are ALREADY ready to be downloaded and ranked with SyndBuddy.

You’ll be able to easily login to your web-based dashboard, download one of the ready-made videos, and immediately upload and rank that video on the first page of Google.

We’ve literally removed the entire video creation process from your plate and are giving you over 1200 done-for-you-video in more than FIVE dozen niches that you can rank FAST!

Heck, you can even download them and sell them to your clients for $500 or MORE and keep 100% of the profit and then upsell them on ranking their videos with SyndBuddy.

SyndBuddy 2.0 Review Conclusion

Thank you so much for reading my SyndBuddy 2.0 Review! I really hope it did help you with your buying decision. This system is coming out with many bonuses for the early bird. Take your action ASAP for the best deal.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Order the product by Clicking here.
  • Step 2: Choose 1 of my huge Bonus Packages by click the link below! Remember that you can pick one more bonuses pack for each Upgrade you purchased!
  • Step 3: After your purchase goes through, email your receipt & your chosen bonuses pack to me at [email protected] so I can confirm your purchase and email you information about how to access to your bonus material.








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